You must know this name, because it is a popular Game of Thrones series. If you don’t know what they tell you, he’s the guy behind one of the most watched shows. Although he is often only considered the author of the song of fire and ice, he is much more than that.

George PP Martin is an American writer who has been writing since the 1970s! In 1977 he made his debut with his book Sterben im Licht. He also wrote several plays and short stories for television series, which were not enough to pay the bills. George PP Martin is known for his fantasy, horror and science fiction genres. His writing style is characterized by a complex story, great characters and excellent communication at a perfect pace.

As a short story writer, screenwriter and novelist, he has mastered the art of writing, and only ideal compositions can be expected of him. So it’s pretty easy to become a fan. Since you are familiar with his popular book series Feuerlied und Eis, we have decided to present his other remarkable works to you.

This article is intended for those who study his work and want to read more and more of George R. R. Martin’s books. We have arranged his books in chronological order (per year of publication) so that you can get an idea of the type of book he has written. And it will be easy for you to take one of his books and read it. Have a look at the following list of George PP Martin books and see what they have to offer.

George Martin Books in order

George Martin's books in order

1. False autumnComes in the morning

With the arrival of manure in the morning, it’s a science fiction story by George R. R. Martin. It was first published in 1973 in the journal Analogue Science Fiction and Facts.

The story revolves around the barren, almost inhabited Wraith planet. There are unusual weather conditions on the planet, including a constant fog that covers most of the planet.

The minimal world population is due to the widespread belief that the nebula contains Wraith. And this myth is also the reason for the planet’s tourist appeal. Some reporters scour the planet and think they’ll either find the Wraith or prove they’re nothing but a myth!

The story was told in the first person and generally characterizes the conflict between two beliefs. This mysterious science fiction novel will certainly give you a good reading experience.


The Free Trade Agreement is the story of a scientist who believes that hyperspace will be needed to transport the growing world population. But the problem is that he can’t convince anyone that he’s opened up hyperspace and he can’t get funding because no one believes him. This story, published in 1974, was made popular and George R.R. Martin became famous for his fantastic works. In general, it would be interesting to read if you like science fiction.

3. Song for La

George Martin's books in order

Het Lied is a science fiction novel that not only impressed its readers, but also won the prize for best newspaper in 1975. There are two telepaths, Robb and Lianne. They often travel to extraterrestrial planets where people worship fungal parasitic organisms. Their curiosity about the ritual is growing and this has prompted them to take radical action. All in all, the story is pretty impressive and you’ll find it funny, so if you have time, read it!

4. In the Wormhouse

read the books of George Martin

It’s another short story about an underground city on a dying planet. There are several elements in the story that make you jump out of a chair. And sometimes it can be more than you can imagine. The story explores some terrible truths about this place and the mythical white worm. Martin’s writing is reflected in both war scenarios and faceless enemies.

5. Death of light

George Martin's books

It’s the first complete novel written by George R.R. Martin. The dying of light is a science fiction taking place on the planet Vorlorn (which is a dying world!). The plot shows the character of Dirk, who is called to despair, and the love he thinks he has lost.

As soon as he arrived on the planet, he realized that the Vorlorn was not what he had imagined and that the love of his life was now a different person. She’s stuck. She needs Dirk’s protection. The dying planet tested him at every turn, and he couldn’t even distinguish his allies from his enemies. Clearly something big is going to happen, but will he survive and protect his love?

6. Star and shadow songs

Dear George R.P. Martin

The Songs of Stars and Shadows is another novel by George R. Martin, published in 1977. The book contains a total of nine news items, namely

  •  Tower and shaft
  • Patrick, Henry, Jupiter and the little Red Brick spaceship.
  • Station People with grey water
  • Lonely songs by Lauren Dorr.
  • Vampire Night
  • Runner
  • The night shift
  • …for last night’s loneliness.
  • And seven times, they’ll never kill a human being.

This is a great idea from the incredible writer George PP Martin!

7. Sandy beaches

George Martin's books in order

In the book of George PP Martin the sand bowls are as follows. This time you travel to the planet Baldur, where the protagonist Simon Cress has returned to his home planet. He had fun watching the Piranhae land float die out. He searches for new lifestyles to satisfy his sudden desire for entertainment. In summary, we can only say that you get to know a number of unimaginable life forms and see what they are capable of. You’ll find something new, too.

8. Hunting trip

List of books by George Martin

Hunter’s Run is George PP Martin’s next book. He co-authored Daniel Abraham and Gardner Dozois. It’s another science fiction, depicting an extraterrestrial installation in the north.

The story revolves around the character of Ramon Espejo, who killed a man and now runs away to hide. Then he discovers aliens. The plot uses advanced technology, tells about the betrayal of the character and strategic planning. All in all you get the classic writing style of George PP Martin.

9. Songs of the Dying Earth

Read books by George Martin

Songs from the Dying Earth, written in collaboration with George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. It is in fact a collection of short fiction films and short essays written in honour of Jack Vance, the author of popular science fiction and science fiction.

If you’re a fan of Jack Vance’s The Dying Earth series, this book should be your choice. You will undoubtedly appreciate the creativity of the different authors and their different approaches. In general, it is nice to read a book for fantasy fans.

10, high bait

Aces High is another famous book by George PP Martin that is too beautiful to miss. The genre of science fiction and fantasy is so good that it is able to maintain your interest in the book from the first page to the end of the book.

The story of this book began in 1946, when a genetically modified virus spread in New York City. The virus has produced several malformed and weird jokers and super aces with superpowers. They often fight each other, but they must unite for the power that will destroy them. The story reveals various aspects of betrayal, allies and of course war!


So these are the books of George PP Martin, so you can easily understand how he has developed as a writer and which book you want to read to him. We have described some of his books, so you can get an idea of the book’s history. This will give you a better understanding of George PP Martin’s writing style.

Thank you for visiting this site and we will be happy to help you. You can also read other articles about some of the best authors and their popular books.

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