Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s about people exchanging photos and loving them. Instagram was already popular, but when they added tracking features, it was a revolutionary step for Instagram! Now everyone is interested in the stories they publish, which will last 24 hours, and people will be able to see what they are doing.

Another thing that has made the characteristics of history so popular are the many ways to make it more interesting. There are stickers, smileys and many other things that can add value to your story.

Although we have so many options for stories, some people prefer extra filters or editing options when it comes to publishing their stories. And that’s where the Instagram Story Maker applications come into play.

If you’re looking for applications to create Instagram history, you’ll find many applications, but not all will save you time. To help you publish the perfect story, we offer you this great article from Instagram Story Maker Apps 2021. Look around and find your perfect partner.

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10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

1. Story Maker – Insta Story Editor for the Android Instagram.

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

Our first choice for the best Instagram Story Maker applications is this one! Story Maker has been used by millions of people and also received a high score of 4.7, which clearly shows that it is one of the best applications you can find right now.

The application has some amazing features, such as over 300 models, the simple, forest, clean, desert, travel, etc.. Models of the creator of the story included. You will also find many amazing fonts that will set the tone for your Instagram story.

The application also supports video and audio formats, so you can add what you want without having to download two different applications at the same time. The application also allows you to export medium-sized photos in high resolution. You can also share stories on different platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Finally, no registration information is requested in the application, so you do not have to worry about your privacy. All in all, it’s a great application you can trust for your perfect Instagram stories.

2. StoryArt – Story Editor for Instagram Android / iPhone

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

As for the most popular and widely used application, Instagram Story Maker, no one can work with storylines on a computer. The application was used by more than 10 million people and the high score in the Google Play Store was 4.6. The application offers a number of interesting features, including more than 1000 models. People also appreciated the ease with which they could personalize their Instagram stories.

In addition to amazing templates and configuration options, the application also offers a number of filters. You’ll also find top-of-the-line professional photo and video editing tools to make them instinctively perfect. Different borders and different color effects make your stories unique.

You’ll also love being able to make your own cute blankets. You can also submit your quotations, statutes, signatures and quizzes with a unique hype. Our best practice is that you can actually resize your photos for Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about cropping or photos that are perfect for Instagram. It’s pretty easy to use, and you can download stories in just a few clicks! So try this application and be ready to amaze people with your perfect stories.

3. StoryLab Android

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

StoryLab is another popular application for creating the Instagram history you need to know. More than 5 million people used the application, all of whom received positive feedback, resulting in a score of 4.5.

For example, application developers bring to market the Instagram History Editor and the Design Application Kit, which means you get almost all the functionality you need to make your history perfect and meet your standards. The application offers over 300 customizable collage and layout templates. It also includes different types of executives and other functions. The best part is that you can easily design and place your own layout.

The application also provides backgrounds, so you can choose high-quality backgrounds for your stories and covers for your backlighting. You’ll also find various stickers, filters, text and brushes that you can add to your Instagram history.

4. Android Mojito

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

Our next choice for a better Instagram History Maker application is Mojito. It has gained popularity thanks to the great features that ensure that the story unfolds the way you want it to. You can edit stories with static and animated story templates. The application contains more than 500 templates with different styles and frames.

There are also more than 5 fonts available. You also have over 60 customizable layout templates. You will be very impressed with the more than 50 topics you can add to the Instagram story. Users will also find many filters, stickers, text, backgrounds and many other features that are sufficient. Again, no login details are required.

5. Insta Story Artist Android

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable Instagram history builder, this should be your first choice. Millions of people are currently using this application and find it useful to link their stories to Instagram.

You’ll find everything from customizable templates, layouts, themes, stickers, fonts and different types of filters to make your Instagram story unique. What impressed us most was the ease of use of the application, allowing everyone to create their own personal stories without any problems. So download the app to show the best instagram stories and delight your fans.

6. StoryChic Android

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

StoryChic is another top-level and leading application of Instagram Story Maker that you will find very useful. You can get an idea of its popularity by the fact that it is the best choice for influential people when it comes to the history of the manufacturer of the Instagram application.

The application has a number of tools for creating stories, such as customizable templates for animated text. People love the application because of the frequent updates of functions and resources such as collage formats, templates, fonts, text, etc. In general, you will find it useful and interesting.

7. Story stars Android

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

StoryStars is for the most creative people who always want to experiment with their stories. This application is also the first choice of Instagram influencers and storytellers. Why do we say that? The application offers some great designs for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc.

Another reason for downloading the application is that it also provides some useful tools for business accounts so they can create stories to promote their products and services in a more intuitive and simple way. You can also download articles on other platforms. The paint option is also something you like to use in your Instagram stories.

8. StoryMaker Android

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

Another easy to use application that you will enjoy using as an Instagram History Creator! You can count on the application for everything you need to make your Instagram story unique and perfect. Users have access to everything from the most amazing models to those who are perfect with their photos. The application is also useful for exporting high-quality images.

9. Historical Android Editor

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

Want to play with your Instagram stories or experiment with new themes or templates? Well, we found the perfect app for you. This is a relatively unknown Instagram History Creator application, but you can fully rely on it when it comes to beautiful templates, layouts and themes.

10. Historical Android Editor

10 Best Instagram Story Maker Apps (Android & iPhone) 2021

Another Instagram History Creator application with a similar name, but with different functions. The application allows you to place photos of different shapes and sizes in your Instagram history. You can also add music. That’s not the point, you’ll also find some advanced tools that are enough to make a story the way you want it!


Here are our top 10 options for Instagram History Creator applications. We chose this application because of the good reviews, the number of downloads, the multifunctionality and the ease of use. We presented the best applications of Instagram Story Maker, now it’s your turn to choose the best ones (that have the features you want).

Okay, that was our article on the best uses of Instagram Story Maker and we hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your visit and come back regularly for these reviews!

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