Sports? Then you should know how important stopwatches are, right? Although our phones, like everything else, have a built-in timer! But when it comes to intensive exercise and physical training, you may need a little more than a stopwatch! And that’s why you need interval timers.

Interval timers help you to have an organized workout and manage it easily with the ability to use the timers according to your preferences. However, if you are looking for the request interval timer, you will find many requests. And the decision for one of them can be overwhelming, so we’ve come to save you the trouble.

We have reviewed a number of different Android Interval Timer apps and found the top 11 2021 Interval Timer apps for iOS and Android for you. Let’s take a look at our list so you can find the interval timing application that suits you best.

Best applications of the interval timer

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1. Android Interval Timer

interval timer application for iphone

Our first choice for the best interval timing application for Android and iPhone is the Interval Timer! The application is currently used and appreciated by more than a million people, for which it received a high rating of 4.8. What made them our first choice for the list is an easy to use interface and simple options to set the timer.

The application is suitable for almost all types of training and is intended to facilitate organized training and intensive exercises in the gym. You can use it as a stopwatch for lap boxes, lap training, HIIT training, etc.

The application has numerous settings for high and low intensity training, adjustable rest intervals, multitasking support and a start screen mode. You can also play music from a playlist of your choice. You can also publish your trainings on Facebook or Twitter. You can also save your preferences to quickly switch from one activity to another. In general, this is a good interval timer application that you should have on your phone.

2. Android trainer

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The exercise timer is also an excellent application you can rely on if you need an interval timer for intensive training. The application has been used by more than a million people worldwide for various fitness sessions and also received a score of 4.6 points.

The application is very adaptable and helps you to follow different types of trainings such as HIIT training, tabata and even yoga. And you can configure the application for training, warm-up, group exercises, interval period, etc. People appreciated the possibilities of this application. For example, you can easily define rest periods and intervals between two different exercises and then start the next exercise.

It also works as a stopwatch for emotional training, it also works perfectly as a timing board. It also has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use customizable options, making it one of the best interval timing applications for androids.

3. Tabata timer: Android HIIT interval timer / Iphone


The Tabata timer is also a popular Android timer you should know. Millions of people around the world use this application for their taba training and have left positive feedback. The application has a rating of 4.9 in the Google Play Store, which means it is reliable.

It is ideal for those who have never used an interval timer because it has a user-friendly interface for beginners. And also perfect for high-intensity workouts. And his characteristics will undoubtedly surprise you with the richness of his experience. There are several configurable functions, such as adjusting the color of the screen, adding your own sounds and music, and adding images.

He also works in the background.  You can also write a description of the course and add intervals according to your wishes. In general you will find many interesting features, making it one of the best timers for Android!

4. Tobacco Interval HIIT Timer Android

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It’s also an incredible interval timer, and you’d like to use it too. It is very light and offers you a great experience during an intensive training. You can also create a timer with different phases such as warm-up, workout, break, rest, cool down and much more.

The application also works as a workout scheduler, where you can easily schedule your workouts, and it gives you real-time notifications for the lock screen. You can create your own timer and use it over and over again. Finally, the application also offers an excellent user experience. All in all, it is an excellent application that you can trust for your rigorous training.

5. seconds – Interval timer for HIIT and Tabata Android / Iphone

the best apps for the iphone timer

The second is one of the most important timing applications, and it is also one of the most popular. The application has simple settings and customizable features to easily create an organized training plan.

The application has a larger screen so you can easily read the time. It also has a color screen for easy remote reading. The application contains templates for Tabata, HIIT and training programs. You can also create a custom template with intervals and a composite editor that allows you to combine multiple interval timers into one. It also pronounces the names of the intervals, making it easier to observe the training. Calls and beeps are also available!

Finally, you can also add music to enjoy your workout. You can also share the timer with your friends and disciples.

6. Android HIIT TimerAndroid HIIT Training Interval

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If you are looking for the best interval timer for HIIT training, this may be your best choice. This simple and effective timer will always be your best companion during an intensive workout.

You can easily download presets you have previously made. Saving preselections is also an option. It is also equipped with 3-second warning clicks. The pedometer is also included in the training screen. It’s easy to use and has all the features you need to help you with your high-intensity interval training, so yes, you should try it!

7. Timeout Interval – HIIT Training Android

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The internal timer was also on our list of the best interval timers for Android because of its ease of use. Hundreds of thousands of people now use this application and find it very useful for their training.

The application can be adapted to your needs according to your high and low intensity training and rest period. The customizable functions include a number of settings, countdown timer, set time, low interval time, high interval time, automatic locking, etc. All in all, that’s all you need for your HIIT training!

8. Fetal android interval timer

Top Android applications with interval timer

Impetus Interval Timer is also at the top of the list of the best interval timing applications for Android. For starters, this is a preset interval timer that provides everything you need during an intensive workout. You can also use it for tabatatatatraining, crossfiti, running, breathing and training, martial arts, yoga, etc.

You can draw up your training plans and get used to them quickly. You can also use your presets multiple times, so you don’t have to set new presets each time you use the application. You can also set beeps and get help from the beeps.

9. Timing Interval – Fitness Timer for Tabata HIIT Gym Android

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It is also a popular and reliable interval timer application. And the best part is that it is suitable for all kinds of exercises, from HIIT to yoga! It is also ideal for cardio training. The other strength of the application is its simple but beautiful design and intuitive user interface. People loved the app, and you can try it.

10. HIIT interval timer learning Android

the best apps with the free Android timer

Another timer with the same name but with slightly different functions. What you like most about this application is the large screen where you can easily read the timer remotely, so you can fully monitor your intervals and time periods. The timer can be used for strength training and even for workouts.

11. Android Timer Interval Box

Applications with longer time intervals

Finally, the boxing interval is also a good option for the Android Timer Interval application. As the name suggests, the application is ideal for boxing training and other intensive exercises. Looks like a stopwatch.


So these are the best 2021 interval timing applications for Android and iPhone you need to know! We have included them in our list based on their popularity, effective performance and good reviews. We hope you found the article useful. So download your favorite Interval Timer application now and say thank you later!

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