We have written many articles about different authors and their popular books, but this book is special because we will talk about the author who gave us one of the best love novels: Tear into our stars! Yeah, we’re just talking about John Greene. He is a popular American writer and also a YouTube content maker. He’s written a lot of books like this: Fiction Youth, novels, etc. He also received an award for his first novel In Search of Alaska.

This article is about one of his books, and we have bought all his books from you, also in the order of their publication, so you can easily find all the books in chronological order and know where to start.

But before we start with the list of John Green’s books, in the order in which we want to present the introduction of a famous author.

About John Greene –

John Michael Greene was born in Indiana in 1997. His family moved to different cities and eventually settled in Florida. He then went to the Indian Spring School, where he was inspired by his first book In Search of Alaska. In 2000 he obtained a double degree in English and Religious Studies from Kenyon College. Before he became a writer, he worked as a student in a children’s hospital. And it was this experience that inspired him to become an author and write a book like The Crack in the Stars. He has also worked as an editorial assistant and product writer. At that time he also wrote his first book, In Search of Alaska, which was published in 2005.

He has also collaborated with his brother and created 11 online series, including an online education channel where literature, history, science and more are taught. His books have been nominated for numerous awards and some of them have also been awarded.

That’s all you needed to know about the author, and now it’s time to start looking for our lists of John Green books.

John Green books

John's Green Papers

1. Search for Alaska

John's best green book

In the search for Alaska you will find John Green’s first book. It was published in 2005. It comes from some kind of youthful fantasy. Despite the fact that the book is fiction, it also contains some elements inspired by the real life of the author.

The story focuses on the character of Miles Halter, who is also the narrator of this story. He studied at his school of accumulation and is currently perhaps looking for the famous last words of François Rabelais the Great. In the first part of the novel, the protagonist and his friends come closer together. Meanwhile, they are also confronted with the death of their girlfriend Alaska. Then the story continues with Miles and his friends and discovers the missing details of Alaska’s death.

There is a sense of sadness and a young friendship/relationship in the novel. This book was also awarded a prize. So it will be easy to read, and since it is the author’s first book, it has made a great impression on us.

2. Abundance of Catherine

Author John Green Book

Catherine’s Abundance is John Green’s second novel published in 2006. It also comes from the youth and adult genre of fiction and romance. The story follows the character of Colin Singleton, a child prodigy living in Chicago. He lives his life in fear that as an adult he will not be a genius.

There’s something else crazy about him, he was with a dozen girls named Catherine. And when the nineteenth girl left him, he felt like a worthless man, and he couldn’t feel whole anymore. Although he hopes to be a genius with Eureka. Then he travels with friends who can change his life.

3. Let it snow: Three holiday novels

John's green books are good.

This is another novel by John Greene, but written with Moors Johnson and Lauren Myracle. As the title suggests, the novel consists of three different romantic stories that interfere with each other. Three stories: Anniversary Express, the Christmas miracle and the boss of the pigs. The story tells the story of three different teenagers who visit Graystown during the Christmas period.

4. Paper City

John's best green books are good.

Paper Town is John Green’s next novel, published in 2008. This novel depicts the character of Quentin K. Jacobson, who is looking for his childhood sweetheart and his neighbour Margot. Quentin and his friends are looking for Margot, and they’ll soon discover some information. The book was also included in the New York Times bestseller list and was recognized as one of the best children’s books. The book will also be adapted in film form.

5. Will Grayson, Will Grayson

John Green's best books

The book was written together with John Green and David Levitan and published in 2010. The book follows the characters of two boys, both named Will Grayson. Green wrote for one Will Grayson and David for the other. Will Grayson’s stories are presented in other chapters.

The book was very well received because it is the first novel for young LGBT people to make the New York Times bestseller list. You’re going to love the book, it’s a unique concept and a unique style of writing.

6. What you want: Book for Darfur

John's green list

The book is written by four different authors, and John Green is one of them (of course!). It is a collection of stories with multiple themes and emotions. You will find them scary, powerful and sometimes even funny and inspiring.

It is a collection of short stories and poems. These stories are about two girls who never met each other and their victims, but also about unexpected life events that influence each other. The book is inspired by the Darfur refugees and their stories of hope and survival.

7. Interference from our stars

It’s probably one of John Green’s most popular books, and chances are you’ve heard of the title. This is John Green’s most popular and beloved book, published in January 2012.

There are two people in the story, one of them has cancer and the other is amputated. The two meet in a support group and fall in love. The book is about their feelings and how they should deal with the situation. The book has also been adapted into a film of the same name. In addition, the book can be used to make films in different countries and in different languages.

8. Indy writes books: Anthology of a friend of the book

John's Greens Review

It presents the works of various authors and their popular works. You will also find some remarkable works by John Green. There are many different stories in the book, and some of them sparkle. This book may be the real John Green, but you’re sure to find his particular style of writing and other breathtaking stories.

9. Turtles in all directions

John's best green book

This is John Green’s last book, and it was published in 2017. This is John Greene’s fifth solo book, and you’ll love it because it reveals John Greene’s signature writing styles.

It is also a fantasy novel for young adults, dedicated to the character of Aza Holmes, a 16-year-old girl suffering from OCD. She is often afraid of the human microorganism. Although she has two best friends besides herself, Daisy and Michal. The author talks about many different things, and mental health is one of them. So this is without a doubt one of the best John Green lectures you can do.

10. John Green Sampler

Although this isn’t a complete book by John Green, we named it because it contains popular experts on some of John Green’s early books. So you can read it and maybe you’ll like it too.


So these are the John Greene books you should be looking for. We hope you found the article useful, because we told you a book story. Now choose your favorite John Green book and enter his world to be amazed, feel all the emotions and bring a new book into your life. Thanks for the invitation, and you keep coming back for these articles.

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