Commander is a popular format in MTG where you play with legendary creatures as a single card. Similar to playing a single deck for a full card game of Magic: The Gathering, a Commander deck is a 100-card deck with exactly one legendary creature designated as your Commander. So what do we look for when choosing a Commander? Let’s start by looking at the 10 best MTG Commander free spells.

There is no best free spell. Indeed, there is no way to determine which ones are best. Your preferences are different than mine, and there is no objective measure that can verify which one is better. Even if you could list the best, it wouldn’t help you. I might like the one you hate, and vice versa. And if there isn’t a best, then why am I writing this article? Well, there are some great free spells, and some good ones, and some not so good ones. And in this article, I’m going to be talking about the best free spells in Magic: the Gathering.

You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”? Well, that’s rarely the case with Magic, at least not in the Commander format. While that format is designed to reward “high-end” cards, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a deck that doesn’t run at least ten free spells. There are hundreds of good free spells available in the Commander format, so narrowing it down to ten was difficult. But we did it! We’ve picked ten that we believe are the best for the Commander format, and we’ve rated them on a scale of ten, with ten being the best. The criteria we used when choosing and rating these free spells

word-image-5092 Most spells in Magic: the Gathering require a fee. This is one of the basic concepts of the game: You must trade something (usually mana) in exchange for a spell effect. But what if you didn’t have to? What if the spell is worthless? Such sayings do exist. If you play Commander, you should pay close attention, because we are now going to talk about the best free spells for Commander in MTG. Let’s take the leap…. Use these links to navigate through this manual >>.

What is a free spell and how does it work?

New players ask themselves one question above all: What is a free spell? After asking this question, they will ask how does a free spell work? We do not understand freedom in monetary terms. Developing your magic collection will almost always cost you money in one way or another. When we say free, we mean their mana costs. Some spells require no mana cost to perform. These spells can work in different ways. Some of these do not cost mana at the time of casting, but may require payment later. Others can be used for free, but you must pay to activate their capabilities. There are also spells that are completely free. For those few coins, you can put them on the battlefield and use them immediately. Some are fixed, some you may have to do without to use. Regardless of their specific mechanics, good free spells that are legal in Commander are usually mana stones or other artifacts.

MTG CommanderBest free spells

Mana Crypt

word-image-13862 When we started writing this post, our first thoughts immediately went to Mana Crypt. This is an infamous and breathtakingly powerful free spell that regularly gives you two colorless mana. The downside is that Crypt of Mana requires a draw at the beginning of the round. If you fail the coin flip, it deals 3 damage. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay, and there are many ways to get that life back. Related Articles: Top 10 Life Improvement Cards in MTG


word-image-13863 Willpower is another well-known card. It is considered by many to be one of the best counterspells in all of Magic: the Gathering. It has mana costs that you can pay extra for. But if you don’t have open mana, you can cast it for free. The deciding factor is that you have to pay a life and dispel a blue card from your hand to play that card without paying its somewhat inflated mana cost. You could say it’s not technically free. Many players agree that the ability to skip the mana price is great, and we couldn’t make this list without mentioning it.

Chromed stainless steel

word-image-13864 If you’re trying to build a solid mana base in your Commander deck, Chrome Mox can help you get it right. It doesn’t cost you mana, but you must remove a non-artifact card from your hand. No matter what color card you cast, Chrome Mox can produce mana. Much like paying with your life to cast Willpower, this is a relatively small price to pay for reliable mana production.

Lotus Flower

word-image-13865 Lotus Petal takes its name and mechanics from a much more famous card called Black Lotus. Like its much rarer predecessor, the Black Lotus, it costs zero, and you must sacrifice it to activate its ability. When the lotus leaf is sacrificed, you gain one mana of a color. It essentially gives you free mana for one turn. This may not sound very convincing to newcomers, but it is in fact extremely useful. This way you can stay ahead of your opponents in this round. It can also help you catch up and cast a spell that just isn’t available to your current mana pool.

Negative pact

word-image-13866 Blue has most of the best counterspells in Magic: the Gathering. Not surprisingly, another phenomenal antidote, Pact of Denial, is also available in blue. You don’t have to pay a mana cost upfront to cast a Refusal Pact and a counterspell. Most importantly, you still have to pay it at your next turn. It’s like taking out a loan and paying interest on it. The acquisition cost is zero – that’s what makes it so special. Even if you’re low on mana, you can protect yourself with Pact of Denial in case an opponent takes advantage of your seemingly defenseless state. Read also: 10 best MTG Commanderboard wipers

Diamond Mox

word-image-13867 Here’s a rule of thumb: If you have a manastone and it starts with the word Mox, it’s probably a good one. The same goes for Mox Diamond, another manastone that costs nothing to cast. The only price you have to pay here is to reset the card. Considering that Mox Diamond gives you one mana of each color, this is a decent trade.

Lotus Jeweller

word-image-13868 The Happy Lotus quickly became a very popular card in Commander when it came out. This manastone was designed specifically for this format, and it is powerful. First, you can put them on the battlefield without paying mana for them. When you sacrifice him, you get three mana of the same color as the Black Lotus. The downside is that you can only use this mana to cast your commander. That’s not a bad warning to work with. As commanders get more and more expensive the more you use them in the command range, the Precious Lotus is a nice little artifact that can make the need to reposition your commander less painful.

Crypt of Tormoda

word-image-13869 In our list of the best black cards in MTG Commander, we discussed how easy it is to get something out of the graveyard. It’s not unusual to build decks around this strategy, with the graveyard being nothing more than an additional library for the player. If you have an opponent playing the same strategy, Tormod’s Crypt is the card for you. This card is the hatred of the graveyard in all its power. You can cast it for free and then sacrifice it to remove all the cards from your opponent’s graveyard. For an extra burn, use it when your opponent’s graveyard is full of cards.


word-image-13870 We wanted to make sure we included all the free types of spells in this list. It would be too easy to limit ourselves to free manastones, but that would be boring. That’s why we decided to use ornithopters. Of course it costs you nothing, and for that modest price you get a flying creature with 0/2 on the battlefield. This may seem unnecessary to you, because at first it can’t hurt anyone. But it does give you an escape blocker that is available early in the game. If your deck uses equipment artifacts, you can load it with equipment to make it a creature to be reckoned with.

Spelling book

word-image-13871 We’ve said it many times, and we’ll probably say it many more: Drawing cards is almost always a good thing. It starts to become a problem when you have too many cards and you have to turn them over to get the maximum size of your hand. If your deck is focused on playing as many cards as possible, you need something like a spellbook. This allows you to have an infinite number of cards in your hand, so you never have to discard them unless you are forced to do so in some other way.

Free letter questions

Do countries count as spells?

Countries cost nothing, so if we only included free maps, the rankings would probably be dominated by countries. The reason we didn’t is that land doesn’t count as spells. Earth is a special kind of map. It can’t be parried and doesn’t go on the stack.

What is considered a spell?

If lands don’t count as spells, you might be wondering what cards do count as spells. To explain this, a very precise definition would have to be developed. If you want to keep it simple, you could say that anything that is not a country is a spell. To be precise, you can define a spell as any card that is cast and then placed on the stack. It can be difficult to define what a battery is. The best way to express this is to say that the stack is a line. The cards are placed in a pile, and the order in which they are solved depends on the speed. The card is officially played as soon as it goes into the deck.

If a spell is cast, is it still effective?

Yes, the spell is still considered cast even when parried. That’s because you technically can’t resist the spell before it’s cast. It’s like interrupting the person you’re talking to during a conversation. The man has already started talking, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to interrupt him. In fact, that’s why instances used to be called interrupts.

ending in

Are you constantly running low on mana for your spells? In that case, using the free spells in this guide can help you get on the right track. You might also consider changing the ratio in your deck. If you need our advice, we’ve created a guide on the ratio of to in MTG Commander decks to help you build your mana base efficiently.Commander is a Magic: The Gathering format which allows players to use powerful cards from throughout the game’s history. No other format allows for the use of cards that sometimes cost more than $100. The format also allows for the creation of powerful decks that are not done in any other format, and can create some really powerful decks that are extremely fun to play.. Read more about mtg commander 2021 release date and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in core 2021?

What is the best MTG core card in 2021? This was a question that we attempted to answer for the core set 2020 review and we wanted to do it again for the latest core set. If you have any experience with the format, you probably noticed that it was a lot harder to build a deck with your old cards. This is because the format shifted to a Grixis (Blue / Black / Red) control type deck that sought to out value and out resource you. As a result, this review will focus on the best cards in the format that are likely to be reprinted in future core sets with the hope of helping you decide what is the best card you can add to your Grixis deck. There are hundreds of cards in the Magic: The Gathering Core 2021 expansion set, and even more in the various supplemental sets and magazine-released cards, but we still have to make the tough choices. When it comes to what card is the best, it’s all about context. In competitive play, some cards are unplayable. In limited, they might be great.

Can Planeswalkers be commanders 2021?

Planeswalkers have been impacting the (Magic: the Gathering) (MTG) game in a big way since they were introduced. Whether you’re a fan of these legendary magic-wielders or not, you have to admit that they add an extra layer of deep strategy to the game. That said, there’s always room for improvement, and the (MTG) game has been around for a long time. Magic the Gathering is a beautiful game with many facets to it, and one of the most important is the ability to customize your deck to fit your playstyle. One mechanic from the game that still intrigues many people is the ability to become a commander, which is a special kind of creature that can be used for more than just attacking. (The original commander, Urza, was the inspiration for the title of this blog.) We take a look at the ten best options for commanders from this year, and what we think about what could make the list next year.

What is the best MTG set for Commander?

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game first released in 1993, and since then, it has evolved into a much better game. The vast number of cards and the variety of different decks to choose from as well as the new game modes make MTG more fun than ever. One of the best formats to play in MTG is Commander, which is meant to represent a battle between two generals. With your general as your main focus, you choose 99 other cards to complete your deck, and you are able to choose any cards you want to play with. If you’re looking to build your first MTG Commander deck, the first thing you have to decide is whether to use a preconstructed deck or if you want to build your own. Preconstructed decks are great because they come with the cards you need all in one place and with consistent deckbuilding rules. However, they’re not always the best for deckbuilding purposes. They may not give you the best value for your money or may be missing some cards you want. If you want to build your own deck, you have to pick out the cards you want from the stacks of hundreds of cards available.

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