Elf Commander is a legendary rarity that has won legions of fans over the years, and the best decks with the card frequently win tournaments. In this article, we’ll highlight the best Elf Commanders available in the core set as well as the most dominant decks they are currently used in.

The release of the next edition of Magic: The Gathering is right around the corner, and it is killing me! Is there any way to predict the best commanders to pick up in the new set? Will it be better than Dominaria because it’s not like the good commanders from Dominaria are very good? Should I just buy all the expensive cards so I can play some of the best commanders as soon as the set releases?

word-image-9729 When you build a deck with commanders in Magic: the Gathering, you have a wide variety of commanders to choose from. When it comes to certain types of creatures, elves are one of the most viable and popular tribes. Elf commanders have different strategies. There are those that create token armies, there are those that help create absurdly large manapools, and there are those that interact with the graveyard. In this guide, we look at the best eleven commanders in MTG. We’ve taken care to select those that cover a variety of strategies, so you can find something in this list that suits almost any style of play….. Use these links to navigate through this manual >>.

What are the elves in MTG?

When most people think of an elf, they probably imagine two different images: Christmas elves or elves from high fantasy franchises like The Lord of the Rings. The elves in Magic: the Gathering are a unique entity, but they are inspired by the elves of High Fantasy. Elves are present on many different levels in the MTG story. This means that they can be very different on different levels, whether they look like a stereotypical beautiful fantasy elf or a creep. In terms of gameplay, their abilities differ as much as their looks. However, they tend to turn green or black. They are also susceptible to one of two strategies: generating tons of mana or generating tons of other elves. That’s not to say that there aren’t elf cards with other abilities, as you’ll see in this list. Also read : Top 10 MTG Green Black Commandos

Top MTG Eleven Commanders

Ayara, First of Loctave

word-image-9731 If you’re looking for a single-black Commander deck with an emphasis on death and draw cards, Ayara, First of Locthwain is the Elf for you. She is not an elven tribal leader that benefits the elves as a whole, but she is still a strong elven commander that we should have included. Your goal is to get as many black creatures on the battlefield as possible. When they each enter the battlefield, you gain one health and your opponents lose one health. Later, you can use it to sacrifice your creatures and play a card. This is ideal if you have been driven into a corner and are hoping to find an imminent solution.

Jarad, Dutch gentleman

word-image-9733 The best thing about Jarad, the Golgari Lich Lord, is that in many ways he is a victory condition himself. First, it gets a +1/+1 counter for every creature card in your graveyard, so the more dead creatures you have, the stronger it is. This means that with a large enough graveyard, you can only use a Jarad to inflict lethal damage on other players. But that’s not all he does. You may pay three mana and sacrifice another creature to deal damage equal to that creature’s power to another player. If you have something else that has a lot of +1/+1 counters on it, you can sacrifice that to potentially take out another player.

Ezuri, renegade leader

word-image-9735 In the case of Ezuri, the renegade leader, the strategy is very simple. You want to put as many elves on the battlefield as possible, and then use his second ability to give them all +3/+3 and Tramp. This turns your elf army into a horde of deadly elves with which your opponents will desperately try to wipe out the board. Of course, his first skill is also very good. You can use it to prevent the imp from being sent to the graveyard. It’s the perfect counterpoint if someone casts a death spell on one of your many elves – just something else to fall back on if needed. We would say that one of the biggest problems with Ezuri is that it is mono-green. It’s usually best to build multi-colored decks when it comes to Commander to have more options, but if you want to build a single-color deck, green is a good choice. You won’t have a problem with mana accumulation.

Rice solution

word-image-9736 Rice Redeemed is a classic elf commander that used to cost a lot more than it does now. A recent reissue has brought the price down, so now is a good time to buy it if you want to make an Elf deck. It’s great for generating chips. Not only can you use it to create an Elf token, but you can also double any tokens you have on the battlefield. If you have a lot of mana to put in and cards that allow you to use it, you can easily increase the number of sprites you have exponentially. It’s also great because it only costs one green or white mana. You can run it multiple times from a command, and it still costs less than many other commands.

Rishkar, Pima Renegade

word-image-9737 When Rishkar, the renegade of Pima, enters the battlefield, he upgrades two of your creatures with +1/+1 counters. If you can bounce it back – that is, play it again and again – some of your most destructive creatures become even more threatening. It has the added benefit of turning creatures with +1/+1 counters into mana dorks. You can use them all to get green mana. If you don’t use it as a commander, it at least deserves to be in other eleven commander decks. For example, he fits particularly well with Jarad, the Golgari Lich Lord.

Latril, Elf Sword

word-image-9738 Lathril, Blade of the Elves is another Elf card designed to help you build a huge army of Elf tokens. Each time he manages to break through another player’s defense and inflicts combat damage, you create a 1/1 Elf token for each point of combat damage he inflicts. The more elf tokens you get, the better, as you can use ten of your elves to gain ten life and deal ten damage to your opponents. To make the elf even faster, it’s a good idea to increase her stats so she can do more damage. You can use Rishkar, Peema Renegade to improve it. If you’re using a tri-color deck with green, white, and black, you might suggest adding both these and Redeemed Rice. The rice effectively doubles the number of elf tokens you get from Lathril.

Marvin, educator

word-image-9739 This is the perfect card if you want to get as much mana as possible. Each time another Elf enters your battlefield (this also applies to Elf tokens, by the way), Marvin, the Nanny gets a +1/+1 counter. You can also tap to get a green mana for each power point it has. In other words, if he gets more tokens, you get more mana to add to your mana pool. Like many of the other elves on this list, she doesn’t have to be a commander. If not, consider adding it to another Elf-themed deck to take advantage of its ridiculous mana generation ability. Also read : Top 10 Mana Stones MTG Commander

Llanowar Abomination

word-image-9740 Want to make an Elf Commander deck with a little spice? Choose the Abomination of Llanowar, an ominously rendered elven creature of terror that grows larger the more elves you have on the battlefield or in the graveyard. There is also an element of vigilance and threat. Strength means you can attack with it without hitting it afterwards, and threat means your opponents can only block it with two or more creatures. It’s pretty easy to use. You need as many goblins as possible – whether they’re in the graveyard or on the battlefield. You’ll also want to add a lot of artifacts to the Llanowar Abomination to give it even more abilities.

Gold leaf wet

word-image-9741 Nath of the Gilt-Leaf is not only one of the oldest Golgari (green and black) elf commanders in the game, but he also offers the player a unique elf strategy. He makes elven tokens, which is pretty common for elves, but the way he does it is different: It only generates tokens when its opponents discard cards. This means you should use Nath of the Gilt-Leaf in a discard deck. You can force your opponents to play so many cards that they have to discard, or you can play tons of cards that force your opponents to discard. Either way, the more you manage to get this effect, the larger your army of elf tokens will be.

Selvala, dos chercheur

word-image-9742 If we wanted to create a truly unique deck with elven warlords, Selvala, the returned explorer, would be one of the first warlords we would consider. This is kind of a political card, as every time you touch it, it causes players to unlock higher rows of their library, potentially gaining you mana and life. But once this is done, each player may also draw a card. Drawing cards is a powerful thing, and your opponents will probably thank you for letting them do it – meaning they might not attack Selvala’s removal early. She’s the kind of commander that goes unnoticed for a while, but as the game progresses, her mana generation and life gain abilities will make her more and more useful. Related Articles: Top 10 Life Improvement Cards in MTG

MTG Elf Commander Questions

How many lands should an elf commander have in his deck?

Building a mana base is sometimes one of the hardest parts of a Commander deck to set up. With elves, this can be even more difficult, as there are many elves that can get mana on their own. As a rule of thumb, a good amount of land to start with can be around 35-40. The only way to determine if you need more or less is to test your deck several times. Does your deck constantly struggle to get enough mana for spells? Then maybe you should add something. What if you have the opposite problem and keep taking land you don’t need? In that case, you can remove a few and trade them for synergy spells. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of mana-consuming elf cards, so you can get away with fewer lands than normal if you have a lot of elves generating mana for you.

Lathril, the elf sword, is it good?

We think Lathril, Blade of the Elves is a great commander – that’s why we included him in this list! It’s a versatile card that generates tokens, gives you life, and makes your enemies lose life. With a converted mana cost of four, Lathril is a surprisingly good value for all the options he gives you.

Who is the best elf commander?

It is very difficult to pick an elf commander and call him the best. In addition to the sprites listed here, there are many others that offer a range of strategies. Depending on your playing style and preferences, one elf on this list may suit you better than the others. On the other hand, a completely different person may find that a different sprite on this list is better suited to their needs. However, one of the strongest elves on this list is Ezuri, the leader of the Renegades. It can protect your elves from destruction and give them a powerful boost in addition to roaming. It is ideal for managing a large elf army and can often be used to end a game.

ending in

Elves are without a doubt one of the most powerful and productive tribes in the game. As far as tribal decks go, you have a lot of options when it comes to building with elves. However, they are certainly not the only tribe in MTG. If you want to try a different strain in similar colors, check out our guide to the best cat cards in MTG.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best commander MTG?

The way to find out who the best commander is is by taking a look at their best cards. These are cards that either have a high casting cost or some other condition that makes them hard to cast. You may not always want the best commander, but the best commanders do have a lot of value in the Commander format. “Who is the best commander MTG?” is a question that has been asked countless times over the years. There have been many commanders who have made a name for themselves in the meta game, however, which commander is the best? To answer this question, I have created a list of the top 10 Commanders in the current meta game, as well as a list of other commanders that are currently topping the list.

What are the best commanders?

Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is the greatest collectible card game on planet earth. The game has several different versions where players compete to be the first to get rid of all their cards. It is popular among players, who often play for hours and hours on end. It is also a great hobby for investors, as many collectible cards (Cards such as Wizards of the Coast cards, and even cards from other companies) are sold for huge sums of money. Today we are going to introduce you to the best Elf Commanders in the game. Before we start, it is important to note that the list of top commanders for each color is determined by the following criteria: 1. Deck Building Power 2. Ability Power 3. Archetype Power 4. Popularity 5. Mechanics That Make It a Good Commander

Is Lathril blade of the elves good?

For years now, I have been lazy when buying MTG cards. I always go for the cheapest card on the market, even if it means that the card on the market has almost zero power. But I have changed my mind this year. I will now be investing in a Lathril blade of the elves commander deck, and I will be testing it for as long as I can. This will be a self-planned test and will not be run by anyone else. Lathril is a rare elf from the plane of Azor, the Eternal, and is one of the 10 most powerful and deadly elves in all of the Multiverse. His power is unmatched, but most of all, he is the creator of the Demon Blade. The Demon Blade is a legendary weapon, almost as powerful as a myth. He is also the inventor of the elf blade, which is the second best weapon in all of the Multiverse.

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