Magic the Gathering is one of the most popular card games ever. The trading card game has been around for more than two decades. It has also spawned a number of spinoffs, including the popular online game, Magic: The Gathering Online. The game revolves around building decks and battling each other.

Magic The Gathering – Magic the Gathering is a trading card game created by Richard Garfield in 1993. It is published by Wizards of the Coast, which is currently a subsidiary of Hasbro. The game was first published for the personal computer in 1994, and the first Magic set was created in the same year. It is currently played by millions of people around the world.

word-image-3618 If you’re looking for a unique tribe to build your next Magic: the Gathering deck with, look no further than the Fae. And if you think fairies are weak just because you see them as little winged creatures, you’re wrong. To help you build your Fae deck, we’ve compiled this list of the best Fae cards in MTG. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about this tribe. Let’s cut to the chase… Use these links to navigate through this manual >>.

What are the Fae like in Magic: the Gathering?

It is true that the Fae look like you would expect in a game. They really are small, winged people. Like the fae in other legends, the fae in Magic: the Gathering are known as mischievous villains. But when it comes to playstyle and strategy, Fae is a little harder to describe. Fae creatures tend to have a large number of interactions, many of which have battlefield removal effects or activatable abilities. They usually fly, and they usually don’t have great power or resistance. Plus, they often have a flash, which means you can launch them at any time. This makes them great blockers, as someone can attack you assuming you are open, when in reality you have a Fae in hand that you can drop at the last minute.

Best fairy cards in MTG

Una, Queen of the Fairies

word-image-10667 We put Una, Queen of the Fairies on our list of top blue and black warlords , and we just need to put her back on that list. As one of the best decisions of any Fae commander, it deserves a mention on any list of the greatest Fae in general. First, she’s just good with her body on the battlefield. With a flying ability and a strength and toughness of 5 each, it can do decent damage or block medium-sized creatures. But your second skill is the most important. By paying black or blue mana and any amount of additional mana, you can choose a color and force your opponent to remove cards from his or her library equal to the additional mana paid. For each exiled card of your color, create a Fae token. Basically, it’s about exhausting your opponents and earning lots of chips. Una, queen of the fairies, has no faults.

Alela, provocateur emeritus

word-image-10668 If you need a more aggressive card in a Fae deck, Alela, Artful Provocateur might be a good choice. In terms of mana, it’s much cheaper than Una, and it gives you flight, deathstroke, and lives saved. It also adds +1/+0 to all your other flying creatures, so they can hit a little harder. And when you cast an artifact or enchantment, you create a blue Fae token that flies. It literally creates Fae for you and gives them all the buffs automatically. The key is to play with lots of artifacts and enchantments to get the most out of their fairies. There are many enchantments that fit this very well, such as All that Glitters or Intangible Virtue.

Offspring of Oona

word-image-10669 Scion of Oona is so good it should be in almost every Fae game. To understand why he’s so good, we need to analyze his skills. First of all, he has lightning and flying, which is honestly quite common for fairies. It gets more interesting when you get to the third skill, which upgrades all other Fae on the battlefield. This includes fae tokens generated by creatures like Una and Alela. It also protects all your Fae by imbuing them with a veil, meaning enemies can’t attack them with destructive spells. The downside of the shroud, however, is that you can’t use spells against your Fae, and you can’t attach equipment to them or enhance them with spells.


word-image-10670 Bitterblossom is another essential element of Fae decks. This is a tribal fae enchantment that automatically creates a new fae token for you at the beginning of each turn. It’s useful to put multiple bodies on the battlefield so you have players attacking and blocking. There is a small drawback: it also subtracts a hit point per turn, but like I said, it’s a small drawback. It’s not too difficult to compensate for this with other methods, such as making a living. B. life-saving cards to use or give your fae a life-saver of their own.


word-image-10671 Aside from the weird graphics, Hushbringer is actually a great fairy card. This is a good example of a Fae card that interacts with other card types due to its extremely depressing property. A battlefield exit effect occurs when something enters the battlefield, and some cards also have a similar effect that occurs when they leave the battlefield. Many decks are built around using as many of these cards as possible, especially when cards like Panharmicon can cast these abilities multiple times. Hashbringer will put an end to that. Without it, the ability to enter and exit the battlefield doesn’t work. However, this also means that not all of your creatures will work with these abilities, so you should weigh the pros and cons carefully before using it.

Glen Elendra Archimage

word-image-10672 We have discussed this in many other articles and will probably continue to do so: Magic is a game of interactions. General Rule: You shouldn’t sit back and let your opponents do what they want. Counterspells are sometimes necessary to save you and your creatures. Glen Elendra Mage will help fill this spot in your deck. It’s both a creature and a counterspell, so you can use it as a blocker or pay blue mana to sacrifice it to automatically counter a non-existent spell. But above all, he also has tenacity. If you sacrifice it, it automatically comes back with less power and resistance. This means you still have an opportunity to use it over and over again as a counterspell. Also read : The best counterspells in MTG

Vendilion Clique

word-image-10673 This is an example of a Fae card with a battlefield exit effect, so make sure you don’t have a Hushbringer on the battlefield when you cast this card. When you cast Vendilion Clique, you look at your opponent’s hand and force him to put a card at the bottom of the library and play a replacement card. Forming your own hand is a great advantage. It is even better to form the hand of your opponent, because you can eliminate all the threats that come your way. Since you have also seen the cards this person is holding, you have an initial idea of what they are holding, which allows you to formulate a response strategy.

Fat borrower

word-image-10674 At first glance, Shameless Borrower can seem a little confusing, so this case may be a little harder to explain. The reason the card is split in two is the adventure mechanism that appeared in the game Throne of Eldraine. You can pay the adventure cost to send the Bold Borrower on an adventure, making it an instant spell. He then bounces a permanent card from your opponent that is not on the ground to his hand. You may also pay a creature cost above to get the creature aspect of that card. Because it has flash, you can still cast Shameless Borrower as a creature. In short, the reason it is so useful is that it gives you many options.

Knacksaw Clique

word-image-10675 Your opponents will hate Knacksaw Clique as soon as he enters the battlefield. Basically, it’s like a little ball on a stick that can be played over and over again, except that it moves cards from the top of your opponents’ libraries. Additionally, you can play the exiled card until the end of the turn. Not only do you remove a card from your opponent’s library, but you can also steal it. Knacksaw Clique is proof that the Fae can be very bad.

Fairy craftsman

word-image-10676 The Faerie Artisans card is essentially a chameleon. Each time your opponent casts a creature spell, Faerie Artisans creates a token for you that is a copy of that creature, allowing you to benefit from each creature that enters the battlefield. The disadvantage is that you can only have one such token at a time. If another player casts a creature, you are forced to remove all other counters from Faerie Crafters. In the end, you still get a free creature. And depending on what your opponents are playing, this being the deciding factor could be for you.

General questions about Fae in MTG

Are there any Fae lords in MTG?

The term Lord in Magic: the Gathering is obsolete. When someone says that, you can tell they’ve been playing this game for a long time, because it’s a term that isn’t used anymore. A feudal lord is a card that favors an entire tribe of creatures in some way. For example, it can give all creatures of a certain type a +1/+1 counter. Lords are usually creatures themselves, but that’s not necessary. It can be any spell, as long as it benefits a particular tribe of beings in some way. If you’re planning on building a tribal type deck, Fairy Lords are definitely the way to go. We even included one in this list: Heir of Una. You might like it too: Top 10 Goblin cards in MTG

Why is the bitter flower so good?

Bitterflower is good for a number of reasons. First, it’s a very affordable spell – for a low converted mana cost of just two, you can put it on the battlefield relatively quickly. Once it is released, it will automatically create Fae coins for you. Even if you’re not specifically playing a Fae deck, this is a useful effect because it populates your battlefield. They are capable of attacking and blocking.

Is the bitter flower good in modern times?

Modern is a timeless format that allows you to create decks from any series after 8th edition. This gives you a lot of variety to work with and means that old cards like Bitterblossom are still legit. We think Bitterblossom is a great card for any format in which it is legitimate, including Modern. It is particularly synergistic in games with a fairy tale theme. Related Articles: Best booster for modern MTG

ending in

If you’re looking for a fun, unique and challenging tribe of creatures to work with, you should definitely give the Fae a shot. They are extremely powerful creatures with interesting magical themes that add a special touch to any card game. One of the biggest problems with Fae is that many of them can be quite expensive to buy, but this is true of most powerful cards in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best MTG challenger deck 2021?

Magic: The Gathering is a wonderful game, but it’s not perfect. There are some issues with its rules and its format, which may be too complicated for some players to understand. For these reasons, many people choose to play the “Commander” format instead of the “Standard” format. In Commander, the players build a deck which can be played against their opponents in matches. You can choose almost any card from Magic’s vast library in your deck, as long as you have a legal commander to use the card with. In the world of Magic: The Gathering, each set of cards is called a “set”, which is the collection of all cards released in a calendar year. While there are many well-known sets that are loved by players, there are many that remain hidden and unknown to the wider population. In the coming years, several sets of cards will be produced which will excel in their class, making them the best for the next two or three years at least.

Will there be challenger decks 2021?

The best part about Magic Finance is that it gives me a chance to play with the best cards from the upcoming sets before they are printed. Now that the body of the 20-year metagame is well established and Magic’s cards have been printed for 20 years, we can see that the cards we’ll see in 2021 are likely to be far more powerful than the cards we use today. Got a cool card idea for the Magic: The Gathering Standard format? Well, have you considered making it into a deck? If you already have a deck that’s doing well or just want to try something new, consider making a challenger deck, which is a deck built to win the Magic competition in your area.

What MTG sets have faeries?

Faeries are the most controversial and divisive new addition to the Magic the Gathering card set—so much that there are even some players who aren’t on board with the whole faerie concept. But, there’s no denying that faeries are good. They can provide an edge in almost any deck, and it’s a misconception to think they’re only useful in control strategies. In fact, there are many different styles of deck that can draw and use them effectively. The ultimate goal of this article is to show you which of the 2021 foils are worth buying, and which ones are not worth your time. For this reason, I have tried to keep the cards as “neutral” as possible. That means that, as far as I can see, every single card has at least one positive effect, making it perfect for EDH or casual play, and at least one negative effect, making it perfect for Commander, or rather not worth your time at all.

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