Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is one of the fastest growing and most profitable games in the world, so it’s not surprising that MTG cards would be seeing some of the highest sales. In order to find the best MTG cards for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most powerful, the most innovative, and the most unique.

As a Magic: The Gathering fan, I’m always on the lookout for the best cards for making the game as challenging as possible and I’m posting the list of the best MTG Infect cards (currently in, or about to be released) for my fellow players.

There have been many different versions of Infect — first introduced in the Shards of Alara block — and this is no exception. The original version was a simple two-player game where one player was the infector and the other player was the defender. The infector would draw cards, then put a single card into play, and then each player would draw until the infector drew a land card. These basic rules are still all too familiar in today’s Infect decks, though there’s tons of ways to adjust them to suit a variety of playstyles.

In Magic: the Gathering, there are many skills that you can use to defeat your opponents. Perhaps one of the most devastating – and sometimes controversial – options is contamination.

In this article we are going to talk about some of the best infection maps in MTG. We will also discuss what an infection is and answer some basic questions about this devastating keyword.

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What is infection in magic: Assembly?

What do you think of when you hear the word infection? You’re probably imagining an infectious disease or even a poison, and that’s fine to describe the effect.

Infection is essentially another way to do harm, and it’s usually creatures that have an infection. There are exceptions – we even listed MTG artifacts with a infection.

However, the term is usually applied to living beings. A creature with infection that is blocked by a defending creature during combat receives -1/-1 combat damage against the blocker. When an infected creature walks by and touches a player, it deals damage in the form of poison pieces.

If this happens in a traditional free game, the injured player can only get 10 poison chips before losing. In games with a two-headed giant, where two players are on the same team, each team can take up to fifteen poisons before losing.

You can see why infection is such a controversial skill. Regardless of the format you play in, you only need to inflict a fraction of the damage a player would normally need to win the game. For example, with the commander, the original total lifetime is 40. However, if you use Infect, you only need to deal ten damage to each player to give them ten poison tokens and lose the game.

Upper infection cards MTG

Skeetirix, the dragon of brilliance

Skithiryx, the fire dragon, was one of those we included in our list of the best black warlords in MTG. Personally, we love Skithiryx, so we gladly included him in this list.

When this card came out, it was a nightmare to deal with. For example, Scytirix deals out four poison tokens with each attack, which is almost half of what you need to defeat another player.

However, it is very easy to improve Scytirix by using artifacts or enchantments that increase its power. Ideally, it would be increased to 10, so that it destroys the player immediately and he gets 10 poisons when he passes it.

The best part is that sometimes you can do this in one turn if you have enough mana. You can pay to give Skithiryx a Rush that allows him to attack on the same turn he was cast. If someone destroys it or it takes too much damage in combat, you can pay two to fix it.

Blightsteel Colossus

If you have a good disaster in your deck and can get it on the battlefield, Blightsteel Colossus is a must. This artifact creature is known for its ability to turn into a player.

Check its performance and robustness: 11/11. Because he is infected, he has enough power to completely finish off the opponent in one attack. Even if your opponent can block him, Blightsteel Colossus has the power of a Vagabond. If your opponent doesn’t have a blocker with power 11 or higher, or can’t gather enough creatures with a total power of 11 or higher, some of the damage will go through infestation.

It’s worse than that. If your enemies think they can destroy him, they’ll be in trouble, because Blightsteel Colossus is also indestructible. If they find a way to put it in the graveyard, reshuffle it in your library to replay it.

The only thing that could have made this monster better is its .

Inmot Nexus

This is the most interesting card on our list. Inkmoth Nexus is originally a land. This means you can put it on the battlefield for free and get mana.

But it’s about more than just land. You may pay a total of mana when you want to turn Inkmoth Nexus into a 1/1 flying creature with infection. This means you can create blocks if you need to or use it as an additional attacker if you need to.

Triumph of the Horde

Even if your cards don’t have an infection by themselves, you can give them one with Hordes Triumph. This is definitely a completion card that should end the game with your victory.

When you cast it, it gives all creatures a +1/+1 Tramp and Infestation buff. You cast it right before combat and then attack most (if not all) of your creatures, hoping that all your opponents do enough damage to give them 10 poison tokens each.

This is a particularly effective card in decks with a high concentration of large creatures. It can also work in token decks if you have a large number of tokens on the board that can be attacked and sent to all of them.

Phyrexian Swordsman

Phyrexian Swarmlord is good in the sense that it gets more threatening the longer you keep it. It infects itself, which scares off your enemies, but over time it gets worse.

Indeed, at the beginning of your turn, it creates a 1/1 creature with an infection for each of your opponents’ poison tokens. The number of infect tokens will increase exponentially if you can keep the Phyrexian Lord of the Armies out of play for several turns, especially if you attack repeatedly with multiple infect creatures in each of your battles.

If you can invest in something that increases the number of chips you generate, for example. B. Doubling Season, Phyrexian Swarmlord becomes an even bigger force to be reckoned with.

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Hand of the Praetorians

With the Praetor’s hand, it is no longer even necessary to successfully inflict combat damage on players to increase the number of poison tokens they have. Each time you cast a creature with an infection, you may automatically add another poison token to a specific player.

Additionally, Hand of Praetors gives all your infected creatures a nice +1/+1 counter. If you plan on building a deck of malicious infections, there’s no reason not to include this one in your list.


If you’re playing against someone who uses infestation cards, you better hope you have tons of blocking creatures to get between you and them….. Unless they use Spinebiter, which is actually unblockable.

With its second ability, Spinebiter’s controller can deal damage as if the creature were not blocked. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you block it or not. The person controlling it may choose to let you fix all the damage from the infestation.

Combined with something like Hand of the Praetors, Spinebiter becomes even more effective.

Phyrexian cross

To understand why the Phyrexian Crusader is so good, you need to understand one thing: what protection means. This tough creature has red and white protection, meaning red and white spells or sources cannot damage or target it.

It also means that red and white creatures can’t block it. If your opponents have a lot of red and white creatures, you don’t have to worry if you have Phyrexian Crusader. Even if they can’t block you, you can still block them.

Of course, there’s also an infection. His defense will only make it easier for you to pass and deal combat damage to players.

Grafted exoskeleton

Equip cards like Grafted Exoskeleton are a great idea for creature-centric decks. What makes it particularly cruel is that it gives +2/+2 to every creature it is used on and infects.

There is one drawback to using it: Each time it is removed from the creature in question, it must be sacrificed. However, this is not necessarily a deterrent, as the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Phyrexian hydra

The Phyrexian Hydra doesn’t just look scary, it really is when it appears on the battlefield. This 7/7 monster also has infection, which means that an attack that hits your opponent is almost enough to take him out of the game.

Unfortunately, Phyrexian Hydra also has almost the opposite effect. When he takes damage, it is applied to him in the form of -1/-1 tokens, meaning his power and resistance are reduced each time he takes damage.

The good news is that you can deal with these tokens by putting +1/+1 tokens on the Phyrexian Hydra. There are many artifacts and enchantments that can do this.

General questions about infection in MTG

Is the Infact good at commander/EDH?

Commander/EDH is a so-called perpetual format. This simply means that, unlike Standard, legal cards do not lose their legitimacy when new cards are released. You may use any card from the history of Magic: the Gathering, as long as it is not banned in the format.

The same goes for infection cards. But is it worth using Infect in EDH?

Infection can be a terrible strategy to play against. It can end the game quickly, especially if you’re building a deck with a lot of infestation creatures and infestation support. So we would say, yes, Infect is good in Commander, but we would also say that you should check with your playgroup to see if they are okay with you playing a deck with Infect.

The goal of Commander at normal level is to play a slow game. They communicate during the game. An infection deck can end the game very early, not to mention that some players may feel hurt. Infection is technically acceptable, but you have to make sure it fits into the meta of your group.

Is an infection a battlefield wound?

Yes, contamination can count as battle damage. You can treat combat damage as damage inflicted during a combat damage step in the combat phase.

This does not mean that all impairments are considered battle damage, as it can also apply to damage inflicted outside of a battle. After all, infection is just a way of modifying the damage of a particular resource.

Can you reproduce the poison counters?


For the new players consulting this list: Proliferate is an ability that allows you to choose as many players or permanents with tokens on them as you want and place another token of that type on them.

And yes, you can grow poison coins. In fact, this is a very popular strategy in infection decks with cards like Contagion Engine.

By multiplying, you can quickly increase the number of giffiches available to players. This makes the infection even more effective.

Whether an infection deck is legal or not depends on the format you play in. At the time of writing (summer 2021) they are not necessarily legal in the standard, as there are no current supporting maps for the imperfect.

In formats where most MTG cards can be used, like B. Modern, Vintage or Commander, but infection decks are technically legal. But then you can make sure your playgroup is ready to play against an infection deck.

ending in

If you’re looking for a strategy or theme that allows you to win quickly and frustrate your opponents time and time again, check out Infection. This terrifying skill essentially reduces the amount of damage players must inflict to a minuscule fraction before losing the game.

And with Proliferate on your side, the infection gets worse. Even in Commander games, which can usually take hours, players can quickly lose to an organized infection deck.MTG alters the game in a big way, adding a lot of new cards to the already large card pool. Of course, there are some cards that are inherently bad for the game, but there are also some cards that are amazingly powerful and will drive the game in a new direction. In fact, there are cards that will dominate the meta for the next two years. In order to ensure you are not behind, here are my picks for the best infect cards at the moment.. Read more about best infect deck mtg and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best card in Magic The Gathering 2021?

Magic: The Gathering, first released in 1993, is a strategy card game known to be played by many. It usually involves 2 to 4 players drafting cards from a common pool and using those cards to build a deck and then use them to battle other players’ decks and win. The ultimate goal is for each player to have a 40 card deck made up of 10 cards from their own deck and 30 cards from the deck of another player. A set of rules and a format for this game is called “Limited”, which is a restriction on the number of cards that players can take from the common pool. Drafting your deck is the most exciting part of Magic: The Gathering, but it can also be the most expensive. Here Magic The Gathering has a lot of fans around the world, and this year it had a lot of new cards to focus on. While it is hard to choose which card to include in this list, I will give you some of the best ones that I think will help you in your decks. Write a short blog post about one of these cards, talking about why it is a good card, and some of the strategies you can use with it.

Is Magic Core 2021 Good?

For the past year I’ve been testing Magic: The Gathering’s core set 2021 card pool, and I’ve been having a blast. In testing, I’ve found a lot of fun, strong cards to build around and it’s been so interesting to see which cards are the best for the current format. I’ll be looking at the famous 2021 core set cards in the next few weeks. Until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the cards I’ve been testing. In a recent blog post, we analyzed the best MTG Infect cards for a general audience. We chose these cards because they are popular, have strong play value, and are generally good. However, the analysis ignores a card’s value in the competitive environment, and this is where the core idea of Magic Core 2021 comes in. Magic Core 2021 is a set of half-power cards for a unified format, where all cards in the format have the same power and toughness.

What is the best MTG card ever?

In MTG (Magic the Gathering) there are many different cards. Some of these cards help you in some way, while others simply look good. Infect is one of those cards that looks great. It is a common card that is played in almost every deck. It is a perfect card because of the reason that has already been stated. It looks cool. Magic: the Gathering is a game that has been around for almost twenty years now, and it is still going strong. What started out as a game for kids in 1993 has become a real-life obsession for millions of Magic players. It’s not uncommon for MTG players to spend hundreds of dollars on new cards, often spending more on a single deck than they would on a house, not to mention the man hours they put into perfecting the strategy. The cards are powerful, and older cards can be worth thousands of dollars if you are lucky enough to find them in good condition.

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