Video games are one of the best things that ever happened, whether it’s after a long day or just boredom, there’s always a relaxing moment in the game. So many games were represented on different types of game consoles. We have PlayStation, Steam, Nintendo and Microsoft windows.

Luckily for us, video games are designed for everyone, in proportion to their age! And everyone will find their favourite genre to play with. There are no genres such as action, adventure, survival, sports, etc. All genres are good, but in this article we will talk about the sports genre. In fact, you can find almost any sports match, from cricket to tennis.

In this article we will talk about PC tennis games. There are many tennis games, but not all of them are the best. And you won’t find any of the famous tennis games, unlike other video games of the genre. And that’s why you need our article to find out what the best tennis is. We have selected the 11 best PC 2021 tennis games that you can play and have a good time with.

Tennis courts for PC

Tennis courts for PC

1. Tennis virtuoso 4

Computer games

We start our list of the best PC tennis games with Virtua Tennis 4! That’s the third. Continuation of Saga’s popular tennis franchise, so you can meet your expectations of the game. The game has many popular game modes and some great features, making it one of the best.

Up to 4 players can easily play the game in multiplayer mode. So now it’s easy to call your friends and invite them to play tennis. The physical characteristics of the game are impressive and you’ll love both the technology and the style of play. It also has good graphics and great visual and sound effects. In general it would be nice to play this tennis game for the PC.

2. AO International Tennis

Tennis courts

Our second choice for the best PC tennis games is AO International Tennis. It is the most authentic and social game of tennis. There are so many great things, from stadiums to match physics. The game also has a lot of amazing setup features that make it one of the best tennis games.

You can also play against legendary tennis players and compete with them in the best possible way. This is a game where you need to have real tennis skills and where you also have the opportunity to improve your tennis skills. You can also make your own court. Play both in career mode and online.

3. Topspin

best tennis game for PC

Top Spin is a great tennis game for your PC that you can play whenever you want. It’s amazing that you can enjoy the game without getting out of bed or off the couch! The game features numerous game modes, including singles, doubles, demo tournaments, career mode and quick games.

The game also includes a number of licensed players and dummy players. It’s about starting your career as an amateur and working hard to find your way in the world of tennis and improve your ranking in every match. The game also supports the multiplayer mode of the 2 vs 2 player game.

It is also equipped with various controls and swings. It’s a risk mode, it also makes things a little nicer. Another unique thing: the character can express both positive and negative reactions.

4. First Person Tennis –Real Tennis Simulator

First person tennis is also a popular PC tennis game that you can play. You can play the game with the joypad or keyboard. It’s the closest thing to tennis you can find on the internet. It is not only about simple swings, but also about skillful techniques and tactics.

There are 13 different tournaments in the game, so you’ll be able to play it for a long time. The game has 4 camera modes and 3D male players. You can play the game on 7 different surfaces, including clay, grass, plastic and more. The evaluation system is also phenomenal. The advantage of this game is that you can play it in split-screen mode, allowing you to enjoy the game with a real player. Online multiplayer mode is also available!

5. Tennis elbow 2013

The game is real tennis, made by tennis fans for real tennis fans! Use your best skills and work hard to succeed in the game. Quick reflexes are an essential condition for survival against talented opponents.

The game has 9 different play areas. That’s not the point, you can also participate in 300 different tournaments. In addition, there are 6 levels of difficulty, which makes this game complex and interesting. Single and double tournaments are also available. Mode 7 cameras are also available for easy viewing. It can be played online and in split-screen mode.

6. Complete Tennis Simulator

Our next choice for the best PC tennis game is the Full Ace Tennis Simulator. The game contains a lot of technical aspects for a tennis game and is made using a detailed version of the game.

The game is known for its beautiful graphics and intuitive gameplay, which makes it the best tennis game because it offers you the best tennis experience. The game can be played online and offline. Another important feature is the amazing adaptability.

This allows players to customize their characters.

Players also appreciate the concept of an online gaming community, where online games can be played together. It is also equipped with controller support. Finally, you will also like the physics of the ball.

7. High pressure explosion

If you want to play something fun next to classic tennis, you should turn to Super Tennis Blast. Like all the best tennis matches on the list, it will impress you, and the best thing is that you don’t have to go to all that much trouble. But that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake. With intuitive controls and stunning graphics, it’s easy to play.

The game features the single, dual and multiplayer modes. The World Tour mode is also available, and you will surely enjoy this game.

8. Softens up the Tennis World Cup

If your goal is to play with the best tennis players, then the Smoots Tennis World Cup should be your best option. What you will appreciate is the game design and graphics that will take your tennis experience to the next level. The game is also known for the development of his career. Where you can shape your career from beginner to professional player. In addition, you can enjoy visual and acoustic effects. It may not be the most popular game, but it’s worth a try!

9. Elbow Tennis Manager

Do you want to play a big part in the tennis world? How would it be possible to coach and manage tennis players? That sounds really great, and in this game you can play both the role of manager and coach. It’s something else, but you’ll love it!

10. Hot Tennis

Hot tennis is also a good option for the best tennis game on the PC! It is a lively game, but not only for children, but also for adults. It is colorful and also has amazing properties. Play the game and surprise yourself. I bet you’ll like it!

11. World tennis tournament

It would be a mistake not to include Tennis World Tour in our list of the best tennis matches for the PC.  It has gained popularity among tennis fans and allows you to stick to your computer for a few hours. It was developed by Breakpoint Studio and released in 2018 for various platforms.

Despite the fact that the game made a lot of noise before its release, it didn’t live up to the expectations of the fans, as it came out at a hasty pace. Although the game has not been the best, it is still one of the best tennis games you can find on the internet. You’ll like the game for little things like career mode. Just give the game a chance if you’re in the mood for tennis. It has good stadiums and popular players that they can choose and play as such.


So these are the best PC tennis games you should know. These games should be your top priority when choosing a game for yourself. We selected them based on their evaluation and feedback. So take these tennis matches if you have any doubts! This was our article about the best tennis games for the PC, and we hope you found it useful.

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