Do you have a new top quality washing machine? We hope you enjoy the way you wash your clothes and that you smell fresh! Of course the machine does a pretty big job of cleaning your dirty clothes, but what about cleaning the machine! Yes, of course you’ve heard that the washing machine needs to be cleaned now and then. A clean car stays fresh and has no unpleasant smell (just like your clothes when your car is clean!).

This requires a good cleaning machine, and finding such a machine can be tiring! But we did a good job finding the best car cleaner! We have passed a series of washing machine tests and found the 10 best detergents for your washing machine.

But before we tell you what the best washing machines are, let’s explain the advantages of detergents and how to use them properly!

Advantages of detergents!

Soap, mineral and chemical residues from your laundry detergents remain in the washing machine during each wash and form a thin layer that can attract and retain bacteria. These bacteria can prevent the washing machine from running at full power. For example, bacteria can block the internal mechanism, slowing down water heating, and your detergent will no longer work as effectively as before.

All these bacteria can also cause the smell in the washing machine, which can make clothes stink a little. All these things can disappear if you keep the washing machine clean!

The detergent penetrates your machine and removes dirt and residues. It dissolves in the whole washing machine and cleans it thoroughly! Your car looks brand new and fresh!

People also ask how often they have to clean the car. According to experts, once or twice a month is sufficient. But if you see a brown film (mostly embryonic remains) on your car, you might want to clean it!

How do I machine wash my laundry?

Cleaning the washing machine is an easy task! Just empty the washing machine, insert the washing machine cleaner (one tablet is enough) and start the clean water cycle with the hot water circuit! At the end of the cycle you can simply wipe the machine clean! And your car is now clean and fresh!

Best washing machine cleaner

Liquid carrier for a washing machine

1. Cleaning tablet for Calgon 2 inwashing machine

Liquid carrier for a washing machine

Our first choice for the best Calgon 2 in 1 washing machine. This is the best way to keep the inner drum and plastic parts clean and prevent dirt and rust! This washing machine cleaner also prevents the destruction of rubber hoses.

A vacuum cleaner also perfectly protects the machine parts against calcification and helps your machine in the long term! The other advantage of a vacuum cleaner is that it can be used to soften hard water, which means that if you live in an area where the water is hard, it can be a good choice for you!

In general, the washing machine cleaner does a pretty good job while protecting your washing machine.

2. Washing machine cleaner Dettol

better detergent

Who can doubt the purification capacity of Dettol! So we bought you Dettol, our best washing machine cleaner. What we like most about the cleaner is its reasonable price and its ability to get rid of 99.9% of bacteria and germs (as it claims).

After use, you will get the best performance from the machine because it can easily eliminate hidden bacteria and time windows that can disrupt the operation of the machine in the first place. Detergent is also known to prevent odours in the washing machine, so you will have fresh, smelly laundry every time you wash it.

3. Amazon white vinegar

Washing machines

Vinegar is a popular detergent and Amazon has bought the benefits of white vinegar in its laundry, making it one of the best detergents available! The cleaner is best suited for removing mold in the washing machine.

If you want a basic cleaner for your washing machine, it is best suited for the task and you can do many other wonders with this white vinegar.

4. Pro-Kleen Washing machine cleaner

Liquid carrier for a washing machine

Pro Kleen Washing Machine Cleaner can be your next washing machine cleaner that can clean with power and efficiency. The best thing about this washing machine is the incredible smell it leaves behind after cleaning your washing machine. It is also very suitable for combating limescale that can affect the overall performance of your machine.

The detergent easily removes limescale and makes your washing machine bacteria-free. This is also an idea for areas where the water is hard. You will also be impressed by the fact that you only need 50 ml of liquid to clean the machine.

5. Descaling cloths and cleaning products

We all know that removing limescale is one of the important tasks any detergent has to perform, and Wipro is very good at that. But whatever he does, he also cleans the inside of the machine from the detergent stacks and disinfects them effectively.

The cleaner will also clean the bath, the drum, the element, the drum and the pipe well! This makes it one of the best washing machines. The cleaner comes with 10 bags, which are sufficient for the next ten months, as one bag is sufficient for a single wash (once a month). The smell caused by the bacteria is also removed from the washing machine.

6. Principal decalcifying and cleaning products for decalcification

The Home Master also turned out to be a washing machine worthy of the name. The detergent is suitable for every washing machine and every brand. The cleaner removes the dirt well and leaves the machine as clean and shiny as a new one.

Its ability to remove lime scale is also effective and it cleans all types of lime in the washing machine. The package will last a year, because there are 12 packages included (one for each month!) You can also use it in the dishwasher!

7. Maintenance mechanic HG

What could be better than a machine cleaner developed with the help of professional washing machine engineers? This is one of the best washing machines known for thoroughly cleaning your washing machine and keeping it running at its original potential.

You get the cleaner for a decent price and it will last for a while, so buy this cleaner and say goodbye to the germs and bacteria that build up and smell in your washing machine.

8. 3 in 1 Nylon Washing Machine Cleaner.

If you are disappointed by the traces of paint in your washing machine, Dylon Cleaner 3-in-1 is the best choice for you. Customers are also very satisfied with the smell it leaves behind. It is also a good washing machine cleaner, which comes at a very low price, but does an impressive job of cleaning your machine and making it look like new!

9. Washing machine and dishwasher detergent Ecoson

Ecozone is already a popular brand and meets your expectations of a good washing machine. The best thing about this washing machine is that it is environmentally friendly and cleans your washing machine without strong and harmful chemical odours.

People love this detergent mainly because of the pleasant lime scent it leaves behind. It is also suitable for thorough cleaning of your washing machine and will clean all parts as good as new. In general, you will like it if you are looking for a vegan washing machine and dishwasher!

10. Washing machine maintenance cleaner

Discover another wide range of detergents you can count on. These are specially designed pills that completely penetrate the washing machine and clean every part of the washing machine and eliminate the smell caused by bacteria. The cleaner is most suitable for heavy-duty washing machines. You can also get it for a reasonable price and it will certainly impress you.


So here we have listed the best washing machines we could find! All cleaning products are really popular and effective, and you’ll love them if you want to keep your car clean and fresh!

We hope you found our article useful and that you found the best washing solution in your washing machine!

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