The toxicity of our city

Malcolm and Marie is a film about a toxic relationship. Specifically, it is about the toxicity between two people who should not be together. For 100 minutes, the film shows a back and forth in which the two characters verbally attack each other.

If you’re done streaming and looking for alternatives, don’t worry! We’ve scoured the archives and saved you the trouble with our best selections for alternative playback.

So, without further ado, we present to you 10 movies to watch when you’re done with Malcolm and Marie.

Missing girl

“Gone Girl” is the perfect subversion of the thriller. Before the term is used to parody Game of Thrones, Gone Girl perfectly turns the script on its head midway through to deliver a devastating balance of obsession, betrayal and addiction.

The story here revolves around a missing woman named Amy Dunn and her husband Nick, who is desperate to find her. With the question marks surrounding her disappearance and Nick’s behavior raising the eyebrows of the authorities, what begins as a truth hunt soon turns into a manhunt for Nick as his true motives come to light.

Revealing much more would sell the film short, but suffice it to say that Gone Girl takes them in a shocking direction. From that point on, the film destroys everything we thought we knew and turns into a psychological thriller of the best kind.

The eternal light of an immaculate spirit.

Have you ever experienced a breakup so bad that you want to erase all memories of your time together? Well, it doesn’t go any further than that. Eternal Sunshine, perhaps Jim Carrey’s best film, is a non-linear and surreal journey into a dream world.

Here everything happens in the near future, when a medical procedure can erase all memories of the other person. What begins as an angry decision soon turns into a bitter regret when Joel Barish realizes that not all of his relationships were based on bad luck.

This heartbreaking drama reenacts key scenes from Joel and Clementine’s relationship as Joel desperately clings to what he once had.

This cautionary tale is a perfect example of how bad experiences shape us, and erasing them only destroys the essence of what makes us who we are. This is especially true in this film, which beautifully shows that even the worst relationships can have redeeming qualities.


If you need an example of a toxic relationship with anything more than 50 shades, Twilight is the perfect character study to prove it. The story revolves around a teenage girl named Bella who becomes entangled in an affair with an immortal vampire named Edward Cullen who is hiding out at the high school.

One thing led to another, Bella leaves her friends, runs away with Edward and dives into the world of vampires.

Apart from the obvious difference between death and destruction and the love triangle that follows the messy and dubious aftermath, the first film is an excellent example of how the thin line between love and obsession is crossed with great consequences. And vampire baseball, because why not?

Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Powerful, poignant and fascinating, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf is a feat of acting and perhaps the only film on this list most like Malcolm & Marie. As in this film, we follow a middle-aged couple, George and Martha, during a frightening night. However, it is the intriguing inclusion of the young couple Honey and Nick that really makes the film interesting.

As the evening progresses and the alcohol takes hold, the two couples become embroiled in an agony and emotional pain that engulfs the evening and leads to very chaotic and dramatic scenes.

Well done and with surprisingly rounded characters, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? – is an excellent marriage test and a thought-provoking film worth watching.

History of marriage

“Wedding Story” features the interpretations of Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver and focuses on a marriage that collapses at a turning point. With as many tears as laughter, this sound film shows a family struggling with their own emotions while trying to keep everything under control.

Divorce can be a mess, but it can also be sweet. The film looks between the emotions, with explosions of violent fights equal to moments of calm, reflecting on the good times spent together. For some, this film may not be of interest, but for those who have experienced a difficult relationship breakdown or divorce, “A Marriage Story” will certainly have a powerful impact.

Certified copy

At first glance, Certified Copy is a fairly simple film with a very simple premise. James Miller is a British author on tour in Tuscany, where his work is better received than in his home country. Binoche comes to hear him speak, and the two are then drawn into a discussion about his work.

The film takes place during an afternoon where the camera shoots in the picturesque Italian countryside as the two men interact with various characters along the way. Halfway through, there is a moment where everything changes, but for the fun of it, we won’t give it here.

Suffice it to say, Certified Copy does a good job of splitting the script in two and letting the two actors collide and vibrate against each other, which is part of the reason why the film works as well as it does.

The blue valentine

Blue Valentine is a film about the relationship of a modern married couple that slowly crumbles through the hustle and bustle of love into just a shell of what once was. In this respect, the story here shows how even the most loving couple can fall apart, perfectly portrayed through the eyes of Dean and Cindy.

As their relationship deteriorates, the film is at its peak when the couple bicker and argue, fueled by a high dose of alcohol (at least for Dean) to keep these unhealthy feelings strong and fluid.

Blue Valentine covers the first six years of their marriage, jumping from one period to the next to focus on the causes of the breakup of their relationship in order to start over. It is a wonderful drama that is definitely worth watching.

The cable guy.

Although Cable Guy is primarily a comedy, it is also a very dark and careful account of a toxic relationship. Although the film is sprinkled with some Carrie classics, it is the main plot that most resembles Malcolm & Marie.

The story revolves around a simple man named Steven Kovacs, whose decision to install cable in his home changed his life forever. Unfortunately, Jim Carrey, the man chosen for the job, plays the role of a mentally ill cable guy who just wants to make a new friend. But that friendship quickly turns toxic when he sabotages Stephen’s life and tries to spend every moment of his life with him.

Despite its comedic background, “Cable Guy” is an excellent example of obsession at its worst.

Sid and Nancy

Sid and Nancy is both a biopic and a story about a self-destructive relationship. The film is about real-life couple Sid Vicious, bassist of the British punk band Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Set in the heart of the 1970s, amidst a mix of drugs and alcohol, Gary Oldman puts in another impressive performance as a punk rocker.

The self-destructive and unstable relationship this couple develops over time is part of its charm, and the knowledge that the film is based on a real couple makes it even stronger. It’s really worth a look.

Revolutionary Road

In 1955, Frank and April Wheeler are seven years old and clearly not happy. April has given up her dream of becoming an actress, while Frank is becoming increasingly disillusioned with his job. One day, April offers to move them to Paris as a last-ditch effort to revitalize their lives and their marriage.

But what is especially brilliant about “Revolutionary Road” is its lifelike quality. These two unhappy characters simply live in a suburban marriage and allow themselves to be lulled to sleep by the gentle rhythms of life. But it also lets their insecurities and fears pass before it gets too hard.

Revolutionary Road is sad, depressing and full of moments that really make you think, and another good choice to watch.

So here we are, our 10 movies to keep you busy after watching Malcolm and Marie on Netflix.

What do you think of our selection? Do you agree with it? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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