Sainte Maud is a disturbing and deep dive into the world of obsession, religion and addiction. It is a highly atmospheric and disturbing film that many critics have long called the best horror film of all time.

If you’re done streaming and looking for alternatives, don’t worry! We’ve scoured the archives and saved you the trouble with our best picks for alternative television.

So, without further ado, we present to you 10 movies you should watch when you are done watching Saint Maud.

The exorcist

Horror film par excellence, The Exorcist is one of the best and most popular horror films for a reason. When the film hit theaters in 1973, it brought a combination of stunning visual effects, shocking horror and truly harrowing moments.

For those who don’t know, the film has a fairly simple premise and revolves around a 12-year-old girl named Regan. She is at the mercy of a strange and demonic presence that takes hold of her. Regan’s distraught mother urges two priests to try to save her, while a battle begins between the demon and the priest.

Well written and with some truly disturbing scenes, The Exorcist is simply horrifying at its best.

Black Swan

Black Swan depicts the struggles of an aspiring ballet dancer consumed by addiction and jealousy. Our protagonist is Nina, a dedicated but taciturn dancer struggling to win the lead role in Tchaikovsky’s production of Swan Lake. The excitement soon turns into a perverse obsession as Nina begins to slip down a dark path from which there seems to be no hope of return.

With strong themes of betrayal, addiction and mental health, Black Swan has more than a few similarities to Saint Maud. There are also some rather disturbing scenes that make it a truly trippy and well-written psychological thriller.


Like “Sainte Maud” this year, “Mama!” was a thriller/polarizing horror of 2017. We weren’t big fans of the film, of course, but it’s certainly similar to “Sainte Maud” in terms of symbolism and ideas.

The story revolves around a woman who wakes up in a remote mansion and calls her lover, conveniently called “He.” Her quiet life and relationship are put to the test when “He” opens the door to guests, breaking her peace and intimacy forever.

The story builds toward the middle as a horde of people swarms the house, before this story jumps in time and begins a cycle of build-up to a large crowd entering the house. There is clearly a Christian symbolism at play here, with the two stories juxtaposed and forming an artistic recreation of different biblical stories.

Other than that, there’s not much to this film, but if you’re looking for a similar film in terms of Christian tone and imagery, this one might be worth a look.


However, if you are looking for a more physical portrayal of obsession and addiction, then Christian Bale’s excellent performance in The Machinist is worth a look. With a nice twist and some truly disturbing scenes, this thriller makes the most of its performance and offers a thrilling journey.

The story itself revolves around an industrial worker named Trevor Resnick who hasn’t slept in over a year. He begins to doubt his sanity and things inevitably turn for the worst.

Bale’s incredible transformation into this disturbing and grotesque character is nothing short of incredible, and his performance really lifts this thriller and makes it an intense and dizzying journey.

Jacob’s ladder

Speaking of dizzying journeys, Jacob’s Ladder is a psychological experience that is probably one of the most disturbing films on this list. The film revolves around Vietnam War ghost, vet Jacob, who struggles to discover his past while suffering from severe attachment disorder.

James delves into his own subconscious and struggles to distinguish the waking world from the dream world, resulting in a fascinating and terrifying story.

The film is a real roller coaster ride, a bit like a wild mouse corkscrew; it meanders back and forth without losing a hand. When everything finally settles down, the film repels you with a surreal finale that leaves you both confused and surprised. It’s a must-see.


One of Stephen King’s best books (his third, believe it or not!), The Shining is a terrifying psychological thriller that begins like any other horror, before peeling back layers of strange and surreal images to reveal a horrifying truth.

Our protagonist is Jack Torrance, budding author and recovering alcoholic. Determined to try to break the terrible curse of writer’s block, he drags his wife Wendy and son Danny to the remote Overlook Hotel. Only something lurks in the shadows, as the sinister room 237 remains inaccessible, and Danny seems inexplicably endowed with a psychic gift called The Shining.

With incessant voices whispering in Jack’s head and isolated sets playing with uncomfortable fears clinging to the image, Jack begins to lose his mind.

The Shining, well written and considered one of the timeless horror films of our generation, is a surprisingly scary film.

Prerequisite for dreams

From one Coney Island to another, Requim For A Dream is an exciting journey – in many ways. The film features four different people who learn the hard way that addiction can be debilitating. When it comes to the themes of addiction and obsession, Requim For A Dream has more than a few similarities to Saint Maud.

It is interesting to note that this film was also directed by Darren Aronofsky, who gave birth to Mama and Black Swan (both of which, of course, are on this list). The themes are similar, but revealing more about this film would detract from some of the film’s most shocking moments. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely go see it.

Crying and whispering

Cries and Whispers is a powerful drama about three sisters whose lives are slowly revealed in detail throughout the film. At its center, however, is Agnes, a 37-year-old single woman suffering from cancer and awaiting her impending death.

Her older sister Karin is trapped in an unhappy marriage, while her younger sister Maria is the opposite. She has a stable marriage and is surrounded by wealth. Completing the ensemble is Anna, the maid of Agnes’ house.

As Agnes’ condition begins to deteriorate, the film experiments with her timeline and delves into memories that reveal a host of secrets full of lies, deceit, insensitivity, guilt and forbidden love.

Cries and Whispers, while not a horror film or psychological thriller like the other films on this list, still manages to explore the ideas surrounding death incredibly well, and with enough intensity to maintain an aura of unease until the credits roll.


Misery, another great film about obsession, is a metaphor for the toxic culture of today’s fans and the dangers of obsession. The story centers on best-selling author Paul Sheldon, who after completing his latest book, crashes in a snowstorm on his way home.

Although seriously injured, he is luckily saved by a former nurse named Annie Wilkes, who claims to be a fan of Paul #1. However, when she discovers what he has written in his new book, Annie suddenly turns around and is beaten in the most devastating way.

Kathy Bates’ masterful portrayal elevates King’s story and makes it a highly engaging and shocking thriller.

The waves break

Breaking the Waves is an incredibly powerful and moving film that resembles Saint-Maud in the way it portrays religion.

The story itself is set in an oppressed and deeply religious community in northern Scotland. There, a naive young woman, Bess, falls in love with a Danish oil worker, Ian. Despite prayers for his safe return from work, Jan returns seriously injured, with a broken neck and unable to cope with her. Now Jan suggests to Bess that she take another lover for a while.

Bess, who believes she is guided by God, becomes more and more of a renegade, led by an impressive performance by Emily Watson, who brings the character to life with incredible depth.

Ideas about religion and the role of God in life certainly apply to Saint Maud, making it a truly impressive drama. It’s certainly not horror, but it’s a very good film.

So here they are, our 10 movies that will keep you busy after watching Saint Maud.

What do you think of our selection? Do you agree with it? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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