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30 rooms is absolutely weird, but it’s definitely a great TV. Horror and excitement go perfectly together to create a box of mystery that you want to look through to find out what happens next.

If you’re done searching and still want more, we’ve gone through the archives and saved you from searching with our top 10 choices.

To make it easier for the readers of scrim, we have the similarities they have added.

Of course we have also included a handy link for all the series we have reviewed, so you can read our thoughts on the series and see if it’s something you want to waste your time on.

Without further ado, we present 10 television programs that should whet your appetite when you close the show with 30 pieces.


Similitude – Horror

The television adaptation of The Exorcist has absolutely no right to be as good as it is. It is also a cancellation that to this day remains a bitter pill to swallow for many fans. The acclaimed serial adaptation of the film largely follows the same story, but goes much deeper into different characters and customs.

The Exorcist revolves around three priests (Father Thomas Ortega, Father Marcus Keene, and Father Bennett) who are faced with a particularly serious case of demonic possession that attacks a family and a foster family.

Here too there are really scary scenes, including a notorious Jenga match in the first season. With its two seasons, The Exorcist offers enough impact to watch it.

Read our thoughts on The Exorcist in our full season description here!


Agreements – Mystery Box

The Mystery Box on Apple TV+ is a festival of M Night Shyamalan sensation. Servant is a series designed to be highly animated. Apple’s decision to make drops once a week was a real disappointment.

However, with Season 2 on the horizon and Season 1 already on the set, Servant is a great series to watch. It’s cold, confusing and downright scary – like 30 coins.

The story revolves around a couple in Philadelphia who mourn the death of their child, causing a big break in their marriage. This split only gets stranger because of Dorothy’s need to channel her grief into the doll she pretends to be real. Of course, this terrifying installation paves the way for a scary spirit in the house, apparently in the form of a young girl named Leanne.

It’s the classic M. Night Shyamalan, with the perfect blend of horror and mystery to keep you hooked to the end.

Read here our reflections on The Servant in our full season description!


Matches – Mystery Box and Samples

In 2004 a small series, called Lost, was released well over budget with a trial episode. As a result, several people were fired. No one knew at the time that this debacle would help Lost become a global phenomenon that would completely change the way people watch television.

This highly entertaining series of mysteries revolves around a group of survivors of a plane crash who strand on the coast and struggle to survive on a very strange island that contains many, many secrets.

With religious themes resembling Stand and a large set of moral grey characters, Lost is at his peak when he begins to unravel all sorts of elements from the mysterious box. Although the series sometimes gets stuck, the end result is a 7 hour journey full of epic moments and unforgettable action. If you haven’t seen it yet, Lost is a must-see series.

Haunted house

Similitude – Horror

The Haunting Of Hill House is a technically solid show with a well-constructed fluidity that weaves a group of beautifully written characters with a story that never seems to go away.

In its simplest form, Haunting Of Hill House is a typical series of haunted houses, with the alternation between past and present forming the bulk of the series. The poor family at the centre of this conflict is haunted by memories of their former home and the terrible events that took place there.

Word-of-mouth helped the series take off in a big way when it came out in 2018, and credit should go to the series for keeping the suspense and chills up for 10 hours – no small feat. Haunting Of Hill House is simply the standard by which all television horror must be measured.


Conventions – supernatural elements

Faithful to the original comics, Constantine brilliantly captures the essence of what made the eponymous graphic novel so captivating.

At the center of this lie is a man named John Constantine, who struggles with his faith and is haunted by the sins of his past. As he fights his own demons, Constantine suddenly finds himself in the role of protector of mankind against the forces of darkness that are gathering.

Although the series is only aired for one season before being cancelled, the work of the characters here is strong and there is an undeniable energy that makes the 13 episodes a pleasure to watch.

Day 3

Common Ground – Religion and Mystery

The third day is a fascinating drama with a lot of symbolism in the 6 episodes. Although a bit shorter, the mystery is convincing enough to really get into the scary mood. This is really where the show is at its best.

The story revolves around a man and a woman who travel separately to a mysterious island off the British coast. Much more would be given to do this series a disservice, but it grows and develops into something special over time. The end may be a bit subjective for some, but the way it unfolds is justifiably frightening.

In fact, the tone is fantastic throughout the series, and it is ultimately the unhealthy horror that makes this series so endearing.

You can read our reflections on the third day in the recap here!


resemblance – the strange and mysterious sound

Stephen King’s television adaptations are usually very good or very bad. Although The Outsider is far from perfect and some may regret the slowness of the operation, the plot is absolutely fascinating and you will undoubtedly be fascinated to the end.

Even outsiders don’t waste time at the heart of the drama, and if you’re in the mood for a good thriller, it’s got all the ingredients to hook you up at the end and sound good.

As a Servant Outsider works much better than a straight line jump. The basic principle revolves around a group of detectives who are completely bewildered by the unspeakable crime that has been committed. We don’t end up in the spoiler area, but where this book really excels is in the characters, which are beautifully written everywhere.

Read our thoughts on The Outsider in our full season review here!


Agreements – Mystery and Sound

The withdrawal of the O.A. made a lot of noise on the Internet. This fact alone should tell you everything you need to know about the power and quality of this original Netflix.

Osteoarthritis is undeniably frightening, and its mystery makes you desperate to know what happens next. The main story revolves around a missing blind girl named Prairie returning home. Today, at the age of twenty, she suddenly regains her sight, and no one seems to know why.

From there, the series has continued to grow and evolve over time, with two exciting television seasons. Unfortunately, the last episode ends with a cliffhanger that can make or break the experience for you.

You can read our thoughts on osteoarthritis in our full season reviews here!

Balance sheets

similarities – mystery, sound and themes

If thematic depth is your forte, it’s definitely worth looking at the leftovers. The story takes place over three seasons and takes place just after a world event called Sudden Departure.

This inexplicable event leads to the disappearance of 140 million people, or 2% of the world’s population to be precise.

This led to the decline of the great religions, which paved the way for the rise of various cults. The most famous is the Guilty Remnant.

The story starts here and gets more and more exciting and interesting over time. Leftovers are a must for the show!


Equality – Religion

When it came out in 2016, Damien was rather beaten by the critics and the series was cancelled after one season. This is partly because this series is based on the 1976 film Omen.

Here, however, is the adult life of Damien Thorne, who is now a 30-year-old war photographer, unaware of his satanic past. When Anne Rutledge, the woman who has protected him all his life, goes on stage, she helps him take the Antichrist’s side.

It is fun, and although it is sometimes a bit stupid, it has a special charm and charisma that is hard to resist.

So here we are, our 10 alternative 30-part TV shows!

What do you think of our selection? Don’t you agree? Are there any conspicuous omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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