Have you finished spilling Zeus’ blood? I wonder what’s next.

Don’t worry about it. We searched the archives with a fine-mesh comb and saved you time to find something similar to our Top 10 Peaks for an alternative view.

To simplify the work of the screen readers, we have added some similarities.

Of course we’ve also added a handy link for all the shows we’ve seen, so you can see our thoughts about the show and see if you’d like to spend some time on it.

So without further ado we present 10 television programs that should whet your appetite when you have completed the program Le sang de Zeus.

Knights of the Zodiac (Saint Sey)

Saint Seya (the original, not the terrible new edition of KGI) follows a group of young warriors guarded by another constellation and sent to protect the goddess Athena (and humanity) from evil.

The main character is Seya, who grew up in an orphanage in Athens before joining the business. All anime drips into Greek mythology, while the plot unfolds at a furious pace.

This animation from 1986 has been preserved to the present day, has made a fascinating clock and offers more than 100 episodes you can miss.

Attack of the Titan

Simplicity – Giant Sample and Action

Attack On Titan is an anime with a nightmarish post-apocalyptic vision of the future. Mankind finds itself in the small pockets of shelters all over the world, clinging to the last remnants of its existence before being completely wiped off the face of the earth. Behind these small walls there are many hippos, called Titans, that threaten to destroy people any moment.

Central to this conflict is the young Eren Jaegar, who hopes to join the army and help in this ongoing struggle. What begins as a simple fairy tale soon turns into an incredibly exciting, tightly written series that changes the game in the middle of the first season for the duration of its existence.

Well written, beautifully animated and with lots of content to gnaw on, this anime is really worth seeing.

You can read our thoughts on Attack on the Titan in the reviews for the whole season here!

Guy’s Sword

Equality – Lavra and Building of the World

Swordgai is an interesting but imperfect anime based on the manga of the same name. The concept and building of peace is certainly the most important event here, and if this is your dilemma, you can’t go wrong with the gay sword. However, except for a few characters, most are largely forgotten, including the protagonist Gaius, who is full of love.

The action masks this lack of depth to a certain extent, but somewhat overshadows the view.

Although it is not a brilliant recommendation, Sword Gai does have a number of strengths that make the watch relatively enjoyable.

You can read our thoughts on Sword Gai in our full season description here!

Cribabi’s devil

Matchs- Clay and demons

The devil: Heulsuse, perhaps one of the most controversial and interesting anime to come out in 2018. The unique combination of violence, images with strong sexual connotations and breathtaking hedonistic art makes it a fascinating but largely divided animated title.

The story begins as in the other anime. An ordinary boy, Akira, changes forever when he goes to a strange party with his friend Ryo and joins forces with the devil to fight the forces of evil. As a devil/man hybrid, Akira spends his time outside the school chasing demons to protect humanity from the scourge that threatens to destroy the world.

It’s a simple story, but it’s very well told because it bears a certain resemblance to the blood of Zeus and his other creatures.

You can read our thoughts on Devilman Crybaby in our full season review here!


Similarity – History and construction of the deep world

Based on the popular game of the same name, Castlevania is one of the few exceptions to the rule that all video game modifications are inherently bad.

In fact, Castlevania is not only a well-written story about U.S. human vampires, it’s an incredibly charming anime that improves with the seasons. Especially season 3 will be one of the best shows of the year 2020.

The main package revolves around the furious Dracula, who has unleashed hordes of demonic and bloodthirsty creatures on the city of Wallachia. If he does, it will be Belmont’s antihero who will stop them. This is the essence of the first season (which includes the 4 disappointing episodes), before it branches out and becomes much more fascinating as the seasons go by.

If you’re in the mood for a little Mirror Zeus blood and building a fascinating world, it’s definitely worth a try.

You can read our thoughts on Castelvania in our full season description here!

Sirius Jaegar

Equality – Combating demons and human history

At first glance, Sirius Jaegar has nothing to do with Zeus’ blood. However, the growing conflict between vampires and humans shows similarities with the main plot of Netflix’s ancient Greek anime.

The basis of this conflict is the ferocious Julius, a young man with mysterious werewolf-like powers. It soon turns out that he has the key to the artifact that vampires hunt tirelessly, the Ark of Sirius.

Then comes the race against time, in which Julius wants to stop the vampires, solve a personal vendetta with his brother and save the world.

This is a fairly normal anime, but it’s a well-written series, and it’s definitely worth watching.

You can read our thoughts on Sirius Jaegar in our full season description here!

Hercules: Animated series

Equality – Ancient Greece

If you fancy something a little more Greek, look no further than Hercules: Cartoon. The Disney series is the sequel to many of Hercules’ works, which he trained as heroes over the years under Phil. The film contains various episodic appearances of familiar faces, but also a lot of drama.

There are some funny moments here, and even if the episodes are a bit predictable, the voice on board lends itself well to it. This is probably the closest thing to an animated film that combines the Greek influences of Zeus’ blood.

Kamigami No Asobi (transgression of the gods)

Equality – Gods and Ancient Greece

Kamigami No Asobi is an interesting series based on the themes of romance and revolves around five gods, each of whom has their own problem to solve. The help comes in the form of a third-year high school student, Yui Kusanagi, who is suddenly transported to another world.

As she explores her new surroundings, she finally comes face to face with Zeus, the king of the gods. That’s all I want to say, but in 12 episodes this anime drips into a beautiful hand-drawn animation and takes a refreshing look at the romance. As far as mythology and the indulgence of the deeds of the gods are concerned, it is certainly worth checking.

Nineteen Campione!

Equality – Ancient Greece and Action

Caspione is an interesting little anime that doesn’t waste time getting to the core of the plot. The story is confusing from the start, but over time more and more pieces of the puzzle seem to turn into an exciting animated film.

The main character here is Gogu Kusanagi, 16 years old. After defeating the war god to death, he takes the coveted title of Campione (see: The Butcher God) and gives himself the duty to fight against heretic gods as soon as they appear.

The characters are funny, and the story appeals to the eye, making him an action-packed hobo worthy of attention.


Equality – Ancient Greece

If you are looking for something that will immerse you in the Greek people and Greek mythology, then this docu-mini series is definitely worth seeing. It’s not an animation like the other options on this list, but if you have a more factual story about the Greek people, it might be worth watching.

Divided into 3-hour episodes, the Greeks delve into every aspect of Greek life, including the Olympics, art, architecture and more. It’s incredibly informative and keeps you busy all the time.

Okay, so we have 10 episodes to choose from when you’re done watching Blood of Zeus.

What do you think of our selection? Do you agree? Are there any significant omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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