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His film Dark Materials is an imaginative epic with a strong fantasy content, edited from excellent books by Philip Pullman, and is currently aired on HBO and the BBC. If you are in the mood for parallel worlds, fantasy or a bit of both, we will guide you with our recommendations for television.

We searched the archives with a fine-mesh comb and saved you time to find something similar to our Top 10 Peaks for an alternative view.

To simplify the work of the screen readers, we have added some similarities.

Of course we’ve also added a handy link for all the shows we’ve seen, so you can see our thoughts about the show and see if you’d like to spend some time on it.

So we are definitely presenting you with 10 television programmes, which should whet your appetite when you have finished broadcasting the dark material.

Carnival series

Similarity – fantasy and mystery

Amazon Prime’s big-budget fantasies are a fairy tale of forbidden love and supernatural sensation against a backdrop of racism and glowing excitement.

The focus is on Rycroft Philostratus, who is looking for a series of terrible murders. He is also involved in politics and the issue of a work fairy called Vignette Stonemoss. Along the way, a couple reveals all sorts of unpleasant things.

The series is full of fantasy, and the puzzle elements fit well in the plot, making the clock solid.

You can read our thoughts on the carnival series in our overview of the whole season here!

Opening of witches

Similarity – drama and fantasy

The discovery of witches is a well-written drama with beautiful images. Not to mention the characters, which are both interesting and charming.

The basic package revolves around a world in which witches, vampires and demons live in peace among people. Our protagonist is Diana Bishop, who was the last living witch. From there an intoxicating mix of romance, fantasy and drama in 8 exciting episodes.

Since the show has already been revived for the second season, there are still a lot of interesting things to do.

W: Two worlds

Conventions – parallel worlds

Armed with a creative background and firmly anchored in fantastic vibrations, W is a series whose strength lies in its unpredictability. W, to which this drama refers, arose from the collision of two worlds, the real world and an alternative universe within a network of cartoons.

As the plot turns into a cobweb fantasy world, the rules of this world are explained, with each episode the characters grow, and the chapters add something new and interesting to the whole to avoid stagnation. It is an unpredictable and exciting journey from start to finish that makes you feel the whole thing.

Despite the fact that the final episodes are a bit hasty and hesitant, it’s easy to forget given these great writing qualities. If you’re looking for one of the best k-dramas in science fiction, look no further.

King: Eternal Monarch

Conventions – parallel worlds

Shows related to time travel are always difficult to perform well. From holes of intrigue and confusing legends to stories full of tricks and confusion – the king: The eternal monarch begins to get confused on the table. But soon she will confuse her own net to become something absolutely fascinating and very enjoyable.

Between parallel worlds and a love story that connects them all, this extremely popular Korean drama is supported by the return of Lee Min-ho, who plays the leading role in this fantasy series and adds a lot of charisma to it.

The story itself revolves around two parallel worlds: The Republic of Korea as we know it, and the Kingdom of Korea. This is the essence of the drama that follows, and the plot only becomes more complex and layered over time.

The king: The Eternal Monarch is a beautiful Korean drama that perfectly illuminates his love story and adds enough twists and turns along the way to make the clock very pleasant.

They can read our thoughts on the king: Eternal Monarch in our full review season here!


Similarity – fantasy and mystery

With its wretched dialogue, cheap sets and fantastic story, you’ll be forgiven for calling The Librarians a fantastic and flashy show. Instead, the librarians accept his ridiculous message and manage to strike a good balance between its stupid and serious elements.

The story begins with an introduction by a strange man known as a librarian. After avoiding certain death by absorbing the planet, we meet Colonel Yves Baird, who is on the street, invited to a famous place called the Library, which questions the laws of physics.

When a library disappears from reality, a core group of characters called librarians must find the library and at the same time prevent magic from entering our world.

It’s a beautiful piece that works perfectly thanks to the group of well-written characters at the heart of the piece.

You can read our reflections on librarians in our full season description here!

Strange things

Similarity – Parallel worlds and fantasy

The gem of Netflix, Stranger Things, is undoubtedly one of the greatest originals of the platform. It is also probably the only safe that will be kept in the near future.

The story revolves around a group of teenagers who find themselves in a world of intoxicating supernatural nightmares when a boy named Will disappears.

With few clues, apart from the strange girl named Elf, who appears with telekinetic abilities, he relies on a group of patchwork of losers to resist evil before it’s too late.

With fascinating insights into parallel worlds and the big breakthroughs of the 80’s, Stranger Things is a solid choice, and with enough stories to read, there’s enough to whet your appetite, ready for season 4.

Our thoughts on unfamiliar matters can be read here in the complete seasonal overview!


Conventions – parallel worlds

An interesting aspect of Counterpart is the standardization of the science fiction elements. There are echoes of J.J.’s science fiction film The Limit of Abraham’s Imagination, especially with the main plot revolving around a reality parallel to ours and accessible via a path protected by state authorities.

In the centre stands Harvey Silk, who is disguised and confronted with his double from a parallel reality.

However, there are problems if you drink and Harvey and his two trading posts and the conspiracy with powerful forces to disrupt the natural flow of the two worlds.

It’s a well-written thriller, and although it only lasts two seasons, it adds a slightly different flavour to the idea of parallel worlds.

You can read our thoughts on Counterpart in our full season review here!

Lock and key

Locke & Key, based on the eponymous graphic novels, combines elements of light horror with a healthy dose of mystery. If you put it all on the shoulders of the heroes of our three children, you will be forgiven for thinking this is a children’s show. I’m sure that’s not the case.

The story itself revolves around three brothers and sisters, Bode, Kenzi and Tyler, who return to their parental home. Apart from the haunting memories of the murder of her father (which took place within these four walls), there are many magical keys hidden in the house that can hold the key to the riddles hidden there.

Despite the feeling that the series is sometimes a bit longer, it does well throughout the season of 10 sets. As the second season is not yet enlightened, it’s questionable whether she’ll come back for a sequel.

Our thoughts on Locke & Key can be read here in our complete season overview!


Match – remove scenario

At first glance, this gloomy Spanish series has nothing to do with the dark material. But where he shows a certain resemblance is – at least from the first season onwards – the conspiracy of his children and the experimental procedures of the dubious higher authority that holds them.

The story takes place in the near future in Spain, where mankind is captured by tyrannical oppressors who rule the country. Hugo and his family are doing everything they can to survive in this dark new world. Not until their daughter Martha has been kidnapped, they try to find out what happened to her.

Although there are more political accusations in the race to find missing children in its darker material than one would expect if one loved the race, the obstacle may be worth investigating.

You can read our thoughts on the barrier in the reviews of the episodes here!


Similarity – imagination and action

The witch is not without flaws, but it is difficult to discredit what satisfies her, and a well written piece of high imagination. Of course, magic, monsters and sword fighting are enough to make the game dangerous and exciting – while video games are also based on justice.

For those who don’t know: The story revolves around a monster hunter named Geralt. These insensitive, white-haired witches are angry with humanity, spend their time hunting creatures and are paid for it.

He is accompanied by Kiri, a princess from a nearby town, and an educational magician named Jennefer. In this first season, the show balances the research work with killing monsters very well, which should satisfy those who want to scratch that high itchy fantasy.

You can read our thoughts on the witch in our full season overview here!

So, that’s it, our 10 TV shows go on when you’re done with the dark stuff.

What do you think of our selection? Do you agree? Are there any significant omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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