Enjoy 10 more black crime dramas

The Bay is one of ITV’s best detective series on the platform and certainly has a lot to offer. With some shocking twists, plenty of drama and fun characters, the end of season 2 might just leave you feeling desperate.

Well, we searched the archives and avoided finding anything similar with our top ten picks for alternative television.

To make it easier for scrim readers, we’ve added the similarities they have.

Of course, we’ve also included a handy link for all the series we’ve reviewed, so you can read our thoughts on the series and see if it’s something you want to waste your time on.

So without further ado, here are 10 television shows that should whet your appetite after watching The Bay.


Convergence – Homicide

Based on true events, Manhunt: The Unabomber blurs the line between reality and fiction in this dramatic re-enactment of the 1995 Unabomber case. Although it suffers from an unnecessary fill-in in the middle episodes, Manhunt is a decent series filled with great actors. The show is also fast-paced and offers an exciting and engaging show about the infamous post-bomb killer.

Informative and surprisingly realistic in the way he portrays investigative work, Manhunt: The Unabomber should be a hit with true crime fans.

You can read our thoughts on manhunt: Unabomber in our full season review here!


Conformity: Puzzle

In its simplest form, Whitechapel is an ITV drama revolving around the detectives of the London borough of Whitechapel. Our protagonist is new detective Joe Chandler, assisted by Sergeant Ray Miles, who soon realizes he’s dealing with a copycat.

Over the course of four seasons, the plot unfolds around many different historical crimes, with the first season revolving around Jack the Ripper. There’s a mix of influences in this series, and like most ITV shows it’s not afraid to gather in a series of clichés and tropes of intrigue. Still, the series is undeniably engaging, and season four even ends on a relatively satisfying note.

Alien (secret forest)

Similarities – Thriller and characters

The first TV series on Saturday/Sunday night is a real firework. With great characters, lots of twists and turns and believable detective work, Stranger is a must-see Korean drama. Winner of 3 Baeksang Awards, Stranger wins this honor with a story that keeps you guessing until the end.

The catalyst for all this drama is the death of a man named Park Mu-sun. Found dead in his apartment, prosecutor Si Mok rushes to the scene and begins to understand what really happened. When the TV repairman leaves the scene, C-mok joins police detective Yo-jin in his pursuit, and together they arrest the suspect.

What appears to be a simple crime soon reveals shocking layers of corruption within the police department and prosecution. From there, the series creates an impressive mix of paranoia, drama and suspense over 2 seasons.

You can read our reflections on the Strangers in our full season review here!


Convergence – A drama about hardened crimes

The murder of a 22-year-old French boy on Twickenham Green puts Colin Sutton in a spiral. An accidental break in the case began to go over his head when the investigation team ran into the prime suspect, Levi Bellfield. As the truth becomes increasingly clear, the police are preparing to arrest Bellfield and prevent him from escaping.

While Manhunt doesn’t benefit from the big budget and explosive action that has made so many other police dramas so memorable, this series actually appreciates the simplicity of its subject matter.

Not insignificantly, Manhunt displays impressive realism on screen, showcasing the analytical and methodical way research is discovered in real time. Pairing up different teams creates tension, even if it sometimes seems a bit superficial to move things forward and make them interesting, rather than really reflect the nature of the work.

Divided into three episodes, this film is easy and charming to watch.

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Conspiracy and mystery

The BBC Capture is a fascinating drama that ends (at least at this stage) without the certainty of a return for a second season. Fortunately, the BBC has updated this document, making it much easier to recommend. The series revolves around a huge conspiracy that sometimes gets too big for the 6 episodes presented, but that keeps it going until the end.

When a British soldier named Sean Emery is arrested, CCTV footage shows him attacking a young woman he had met the day before. Only Sean Emery insists he didn’t do it. Then tenacious young detective Rachel Carey begins to investigate her case more closely and discovers a shocking multi-layered conspiracy that calls into question everything we know about security and surveillance.

If you don’t mind opening a shutter, Capture is definitely worth checking out.

You can read our thoughts on Capture in our episode reviews here!


Convergence – Shocking crime

Based on real events that took place in Korea, Signal is an incredible thrill ride. This crime series combines a series of shocking crimes with the idea that radio can communicate with the past – 1989, to be exact.

Together with Hae-young and Soo-hyun, they joined Jae-han from the past to look for the killer. With the gift of foresight and foresight, they try to prevent these heinous crimes.

It’s not a blatant science fiction offering, but the crime-drama elements work very well with the timing and make for a truly entertaining film.


Similarities – characters and drama

It was clear from the beginning that something troubling lurked in the sinner’s shadow. The first season begins as a usual mystery thriller; a brief escalation leads young mother Cora Tannetti to stab a man to death on the beach for no reason.

Since the crime has already been committed and shown in detail, there are two main questions animating the show: why did she kill him and what prompted her to commit the crime? The question hovers over the series like a black cloud, and as Detective Harry Ambrose begins to dig deeper, a slowly opening box of clues sheds more light on the motive.

As truths and lies come to light, this methodically constructed mystery allows the plot to continue until the climax is over, with the why instead of the who.

Harry Ambrose is the glue that holds the seasons together as various crimes unfold. The first season is by far the strongest of the three seasons.

You can read our thoughts on Winner in our full season review here!


Similarity – raw and realistic police work

Shocking, methodically constructed, and really well written, Incredible is a poignant and important reminder that sexual assault has a much broader psychological impact than the hateful act itself. Separated into 8 episodes and shot over two time levels, Netflix’s newest detective series juggles the two levels perfectly, slowly building tension and picking up the pace until a climactic finale that brings the story to a close.

Inspired by real events, Incredible is based on a rape case. A desperate young Marie reports a rape to the police in 2008. After being forced to repeat her story several times to different police officers, she begins to get off on the wrong foot as her fuzzy memory and conflicting history lead her to file a false report, resulting in her arrest and eventual jail sentence.

Although the series is a bit slow at times, especially in the beginning, it is very interesting to keep watching as this series dramatically ends. The Netflix Procedural Font is definitely one of the best offerings on the platform.

Read our thoughts on The Incredibles in our full season review here!


Convergence – slow-burn thriller

Based on the Swedish novel Störst av allt by Malin Persson Diolito, Quicksand is a surprisingly well-written and compelling series that perfectly translates the novel into one of the best dramas of the year. With two timelines separated by Maya’s flashbacks and a school shooter anchoring everything in place, Quicksand is a series that’s easy to drop and hard to put down.

Blood splattered on school desks and the floor set the tone for the series, which begins after the shooting. Shocked by the gunshots, 18-year-old Maya sits with the murder weapon next to her. When the police caught her and took her into custody, we learn in six episodes about the events leading up to that day, with Maya’s mentally unstable boyfriend, Sebastian, and all the drama that played out between the victims in the classroom. The slow construction around all this opens the way to a truly satisfying ending in which Maya’s fate is revealed.

Read our thoughts on quicksand in our full season review here!

Happy Valley

Convergence – Homicide

Happy Valley is another British crime drama centred on a West Yorkshire policewoman with a strong temperament, Catherine Cawood. Catherine is a woman on a mission, still alive after the suicide of her teenage daughter Becky 8 years earlier. When she learns that Tommy Lee Royce (the man responsible for Becky’s brutal rape to her suicide) has been released from prison, Catherine goes in search of him.

As Catherine’s revenge becomes an obsession, a Tommy she doesn’t know is actually involved in the kidnapping of the woman known as Anne Gallagher. What follows is a cat and mouse chase as Catherine tries to find and arrest the suspects before it’s too late.

In the second season, 18 months after these events, a new crime begins, but along the way Happy Valley excels in engaging characters and drama. It’s really worth checking this one out.

So we’ve got ten TV shows for you to watch when you’ve finished watching The Bay on ITV.

What do you think of our selection? Don’t you agree? Are there any glaring omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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