Process 4 is a difficult and emotionally challenging series that highlights some of the problems inherent in the American legal system. Once you have completed your transfer to Netflix, you may be looking for something similar to monitoring. So where do we start?

Don’t worry about it. We searched the archives with a fine-mesh comb and saved you time to find something similar to our Top 10 Peaks for an alternative view.

To simplify the work of the screen readers, we have added some similarities.

Of course we’ve also added a handy link for all the shows we’ve seen, so you can see our thoughts about the show and see if you’d like to spend some time on it.

We are therefore presenting 10 TV programmes, which should whet your appetite after the broadcast of Versuch 4.

When they see us

Match – racial inequality and truthfulness

Divided into four film periods, it is a cruel and sobering look at the racial inequality in the American legal system when they see us.

Forced to confess to a rape they didn’t commit, five black teenagers are charged with rape and brutally assaulting a white runner who walked through Central Park at night. Because their stories are incorrect and the police are under pressure to make an arrest, they force all young people, some of them minors, to confess a crime and go to court.

It’s a shocking and emotionally exciting mini-series, but it’s definitely a must-have watch.

You can read our thoughts when you see us in our full season overview here!

Central Park 5

Comparability – documentary

Even if it is not a show in itself, it would of course be fair to follow the recommendations of the incredible 2019 mini-series when they see us with a true story that shocked America.

Created by legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, the Central Park Five deals with a 1989 case in which five black and Spanish teenagers were convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park. After a serial rapist had spent six to thirteen years in prison, he confessed to the crime.

Shocking, stimulating and emotionally challenging is a very strong documentary.

Seven seconds

Equivalence – Varietal inequality and Protest

Culturally relevant drama presented in Seven seconds style is an interesting and fascinating crime drama. Thoughts that provoke racist connotations play a big role in the boring plot of the series, but just over 10 hours, Seven Seconds really takes the time to get to the heart of the plot.

The story begins with police officer Peter Yablonski beating up Brendan Butler, a 15-year-old black African-American teenager.

Convinced that it can lead to another racial turmoil like that of Ferguson and Charlotte, the men cover the scene and hope for the best.

By shifting the narrative axis between different groups of people, Seven Seconds explores all the angles of the case with a few exciting episodes, a length in hell and a thought-provoking finale. It’s another great show.

You can read our thoughts on Seven Seconds in our full overview of the season here!

TIME: The history of the navigator of Kaliyev

Equality – Racial Inequality and History

The story of California Browder is a shocking and heartbreaking tragedy that illustrates the corruption and failure of the American justice system. California Browder was convicted without any evidence and as an unreliable witness.

Starting with a brief overview of police work in the Bronx and California’s family history, 6 episodes tell the story of a Californian who bravely stood up against the corrupt system and paid a heavy price. From solitary confinement to repeated beatings and suicide attempts, TIME has raised more serious questions about the validity of the justice system and the need for serious reforms.

Of all the options in this list, TIME has most in common.

You can read our thoughts on TIME in our full overview of the season here!


Comparability – documentary

This authentic crime documentary sheds light on the dark side of criminal prosecution. With an open approach to each story and interviews with people on both sides of the law, each story is presented in an honest and stimulating way.

Each case is based on real images of shocking confessions obtained under duress in interrogation rooms and carefully examines how each confession was obtained.

The suitcases are packed so mysteriously that they cast doubt on the reality in which they were won, and accidental suitcases (except with a two-piece can opener) are packed in 45 clean minutes.

You can read our reflections on the confessionals in our full overview of the season here!

For Life

Equivalence – Control of the system

The story of an innocent black man who went to prison for a crime he didn’t commit is a disturbing story that is all too common in the United States. What happens when the same innocent person becomes a lawyer and fights to get rid of a corrupt decision? Step forward, ABC’s last crime drama for life.

Based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., For Life is a 13-part drama that intertwines prison politics with the crusade of one man (Aaron Wallace) against injustice, one case at a time in a court of law. With a second season of green backlighting and many unresolved issues, this is not the last time Wallace has made this series perfect for a dive.

You can read our thoughts for life in our full overview of the season here!

Murderers are

Similarity – Suspicious case and Corrupt Police

Everyone’s grandfather; Make the Killer made serious waves at the documentary’s real crime scene when he met Netflix in 2015. The emotional outburst of support and controversy surrounding this feuilleton documentary has in fact paved the way for a new series of questions to the police.

Although the documentary film clearly neglects some important details related to the case, it certainly shows the extent of corruption in some police units.

A 10-year-old film about serious corruption rests on the shoulders of Stephen Avery, a DNA volunteer who, by exposing corruption in local law enforcement, is one of the prime suspects of a horrific new crime.

City of Flint

Compliance – documentation and font

Just like last year’s documentary series Netflix Shot in the Dark, Flint is an irreplaceable glimpse into the challenges facing the police at a critical time.

This eight-part documentary, filmed in Flint, Michigan, shows the lives of police officers who have been hard hit by the austerity measures that have significantly reduced their police forces to cope with rising crime rates.

On the other hand, this documentary about the police is no less popular and certainly worth watching.

You can read our thoughts on Flint Town in our full season overview here!

Last protection

Comparability – documentary

The Last Defense is an episodic documentary series that investigates death row cases and highlights the shortcomings of the American legal system. It is shocking, incredibly wet and of course well done to ask serious questions about what happened.

The first season, where 7 episodes are in fact divided into two different hulls, so there is a lot of material to gnaw on. She is expected to have tipped off the defence most of the time, but the arguments are strong enough to look back.

American criminal history: The people of U.S. O.J. Simpson

Agreements – Real story

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. Simpson’s a killer? It is an issue that has tormented people since the infamous incident in 1994, and it is still an important topic of discussion.

The first season of American Crime Story is a theatrical reenactment of this infamous case, set as a courtroom drama with solid acting and sophisticated camera work.

The intense and dramatic way in which this case unfolds is something very fascinating, and that is part of the reason why it works so well.

You can read our thoughts on American criminal history in our full season overview here!

Okay, here we go. Our 10 TV shows will resume when you’re done with Trial 4.

What do you think of our selection? Do you agree? Are there any significant omissions? Let us know in the comments below!

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