People who run for a long time or professionally know how important good shoes are for running. In fact, good running shoes can make a big difference in your exercise.

However, if you suffer from flat feet, it can be difficult to find sports shoes that can provide sufficient support. There are many elements to consider, such as support, design, cushioning and stability of the footwear. All this is crucial to prevent injuries, muscle tension and pain, problems that flat-footed athletes know only too well.

What is the best running shoe for flat feet?.

The best shoes for flat feet are quality sneakers, specially designed for optimal comfort. But above all, you need to choose shoes that are designed for runners and that are both cushioning and flexible. Finally, the latest running shoes for flat runners will be lightweight to ensure a natural and balanced run.

What are flat feet?

Flat foot or medically called pes planus is a disease that affects almost 30% of the population. However, only one tenth of these people would be symptomatic. As the name suggests, people with flat feet usually have hanging or collapsed arches that usually affect both legs.

An X-ray of a flat foot with an explanation...

The biggest problem with flat feet is that improper handling or equipment (especially sports equipment) can cause pain, instability and even serious injury.

Reasons for a puncture

This condition can have different causes, so there are different types of punctures. Although this is mainly a genetic problem, pressure and erosion can be the main causes.

Excess weight, aging and even repeated injuries to the feet or legs can cause the arch of the foot to sag. However, flat feet are common among athletes due to years of intensive training and weakened tendons.

Two kinds of flat feet

There are generally two types of flat feet: flexible flat feet and stiff flat feet.

  1. A flexible flat foot means that the leg has a normal arch at rest, but as soon as the leg touches the ground, the arch becomes flattened.
  2. With people with stiff flat feet there is no arch, whether they are active or not.

For runners, flat feet can be a real obstacle to success. Walking with insufficient support can lead to back pain or even chronic back pain. The reason for this is that the arches of the foot must be shock absorbers, so flat feet tend to rearrange. In principle, this means that your foot is exposed and that your feet roll inward and cannot absorb the impact on the ground. Finally, it can lead to injuries to the legs, tibia, thighs, hips, in short, to a gap.

Other problems caused by overvaluation :

  • Updates
  • Ignition
  • Ankle strap
  • Arthritis
  • film
  • Hamerteen
  • Wide flat foot or narrow flat foot
  • Heel, ankle and knee pain…
  • Bunions
  • leg fatigue
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

Which type of running shoes are suitable for flat feet?.

It is true that all sneakers should be comfortable, but for people with flat feet this should be a basic requirement. In fact, you should feel comfortable with your shoes from the first moment you pass them. It is best to choose shoes that are flexible and can adapt to the shape of the foot. This guarantees maximum comfort.

In addition, damping is also crucial, especially if the plate support is good. Your running shoes should eventually be able to support your leg and absorb the impact of your foot. Flat feet are also usually stiff and inflexible, so the softer the shoes, the better.

How to choose the right flat-bottom running shoe

The key is the sneakers that hold the whole foot in position while supporting the ankle. This requires motion-controlled footwear, which is designed to restrict the movement of the foot in the shoe. As soon as the shoes enclose the leg properly, they complement the foot and alleviate the problems associated with your flat feet.

A stable shoe prevents the arch of the foot from sagging. As soon as the support or shock absorber is in the middle of the sole of the running shoe, the leg forms a natural and comfortable arch in the shoe.

Finally, choose running shoes with a straight fit. In other words: You need shoes with fewer folds in the soles, and if you hold and hold your foot in the right place, you can move more naturally;

Top 10 flat running shoes

The best running shoes on airplanes:

Nike Air Max Torch 4


Sixth Gel-Nimb 21


Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19


Adidas Lite Racer RBN


Hoka 1 Clifton 5

izuno golf inspire 15

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