Who doesn’t like to play games? You’re probably a real gamer, so you know that there are several things that contribute to a good gaming session. From a good game to a gaming keyboard, it’s all there. That’s why hardcore gamblers invest so much money in the right equipment.

When it comes to finding the right gear, you will spend days looking for the perfect gear for a good game session. One of the most important parts of the game is the keyboard. Not many people understand this, but it takes effort to find the right thing. It takes a long time to find the right keyboard for the game.

Finding a good gaming keyboard is one thing, finding a good wireless gaming keyboard is another. And the budget is also respected. A wireless keyboard makes life easier for gamers because it can be connected to more devices and can be easily used wirelessly. There are many things that can be an advantage of a wireless keyboard for gaming.

Although wireless gaming keyboards are becoming increasingly popular, it is still a challenge to find a good wireless gaming keyboard. You have to work your way through a lot of wireless keyboards and you may or may not find the perfect wireless gaming keyboard. It is also difficult to find a wireless keyboard on a budget, as they are often expensive and if you want the best, you have to spend a hefty sum of money.

To help you out, here we’ve listed the best wireless keyboards for gaming under $100. They are one of the most popular and you don’t have to spend that much. We’ve also listed the factors to consider when buying a wireless keyboard under $100, so you can choose the best one.

Check out the following list of the best wireless keyboards under $100 and you too can find the perfect keyboard for you.

Best wireless gaming keyboards under $100

1. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer is one of the best brands in electronic gadgets. So when we had to look for the best wireless keyboard for gaming under $100, we stopped at this keyboard first. The Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards under $100. It is functional and durable enough to provide the best possible gaming experience.

This is a normal sized keyboard that comes with a good quality case and a removable palm rest to provide maximum user comfort. It has RGB backlighting, programmable macro keys, a volume button, window key lock and more. It’s not compatible with Mac OS or Linux, but it’s still a very versatile keyboard you can find.

2. keysLogitech MX

The Logitech MX Keys is also one of the best wireless gaming keyboards under $100. The keyboard is of good quality and the compact design saves space on your desk. It’s light and responsive, and the keys are also well-designed so you won’t get tired using the keyboard.

The keyboard can be easily connected either wirelessly or with a USB cable. It can be paired with three devices at once and you can easily switch between them. It’s not a mechanical keyboard, but it’s still ideal for gamers.


The Logitech Ergo K860 is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards under 100 euros. This model not only offers the best quality from Logitech, but also has some of the best features that make it popular with gamers. It doesn’t have a backlight and isn’t as versatile, but the curved design will help you. The print quality is excellent and it is easy to work with once you get used to the shape and design.

Although it lacks some customization features, it is one of the best devices because of its build quality and pleasant use of the keyboard. It’s very convenient and easy to use, so you may not need it anymore.

5. Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

Corsair is one of the leading brands of keyboards and other electronic gadgets. So it’s safe to say that this is one of the best wireless keyboards for gaming under $100.

Since many gamers play video games on their smart TVs, Corsair has designed a keyboard that is also compatible with your TV. The keyboard is of decent quality and also has a number of features that will make any customer want to buy this device forever.

It has an integrated trackpad, joystick and L/R mouse buttons directly on the board. This makes it the perfect gaming keyboard. It is made of both plastic and metal, giving you a high-quality feel. In general, this shouldn’t be a problem, especially with a flat design.

6. Wireless Gaming KeyboardClimb Chroma

Obviously, most people don’t like cheap products very much. But Clim Chrome Radio will prove you wrong. This is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards under $100 you can find. He’s not mechanical, but he can do a decent job for the players. The keyboard also has an LED backlight that can be turned on or off at will. The keyboard has a rating of 4.4 out of 200 customer reviews, so you can trust it without breaking the bank.

7. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Once again, we bring you a Corsair keyboard that meets all the criteria for the best wireless gaming keyboard under $100. The good quality and solid performance make it one of the best yet. The keyboard is mechanical, so it’s perfect for gamers who spend a lot of time gaming. It is also equipped with a backlight in different colors.

Overall, you won’t find a better wireless keyboard for gaming than the Corsair K63.

8. Redragon K596 Vishnu

The Redragon K596 Vishnu is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards under $100. It has a beautiful design and ensures that customers get the best possible gaming experience. It also includes a wrist rest, which makes the work easier.

The keyboard also includes 10 programmable G-keys, as well as a volume knob and media keys. It’s pretty easy to use and you get everything you can find on a wireless gaming keyboard for $100.

9. Knob K2

The Keychron K2 was also on our list of the best wireless gaming keyboards under $100. Its compact and efficient design will impress you. Here we also want to see the old school look, as well as good quality construction.

The keyboard has both Mac and Windows-oriented keys, making it easier to use. However, if you need RGB lighting, you may have to spend more money. Overall, the keyboard is worth the price and you will definitely enjoy it.

10. Cold Master SK621

Cooler Master is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards under $100 you’ll find so far. It is very compact and small in size, which will save you space. It is also very light, so you can easily take it with you. RGB lighting is also included, so you can play in the dark. The keyboard is equipped with both wired and wireless functions.

Overall, this keyboard has everything you could want in a wireless gaming keyboard under $100. So you get the best value for your money.

11. Logitech K380

If you’re looking for the best wireless gaming keyboard under $100 that you can connect to your smartphone or tablet, the Logitech K380 should be your first choice.

Not all people play games on a tablet or smartphone, especially with a keyboard attached, but if you’re one of those people, you need a keyboard to match. Logitech has always impressed us with their innovative and high-tech gadgets, and they didn’t disappoint us this time either.

The keyboard is very compact and portable and can be easily connected to a device using Bluetooth. That’s why he ended up on our list. The keyboard has a compact design and is also very comfortable while typing. The keyboard is also very responsive.

It can be connected to three devices at once and you can easily switch between them. The keyboard does not come with an RGB backlight, which can be a drawback. It also lacks customization options.

Overall, for the price you pay for it, the keyboard is well worth it and offers value for money.

Wireless Gaming Keyboards Under $100 Buy Guide

1. Comfort

The first and most important thing you need in a keyboard is comfort! You need to make sure you can write or issue commands easily for long hours without tormenting your fingers with an uncomfortable keyboard.

You need to know what a comfortable keyboard is, that is, pay attention to the keys (how hard or soft they are under your fingertips), key spacing, key size, wrist cushioning, tilt angle, etc. You should check the keyboard itself, you can get a comfortable keyboard.

There are also different types of keyboards, so see which one you like best.

2. Link

Even if you choose a wireless keyboard, you should consider other connectivity options. Some keyboards are equipped with both wired and wireless connections. This gives the user more options for connectivity.

You can easily connect the keyboard with a USB cable or use it wirelessly, the choice is yours. In general, it would be helpful to have more options for connecting to the keyboard.

3. RGB lighting

Illuminated keyboards are very popular right now, and they are useful too. And it’s not just a trend, it’s an absolute necessity. The concept is simple: If you like to play at night, you should use a backlit keyboard so you can only see the keys and have no trouble typing. Overall, it would be a wise decision to switch to a keyboard with lighting.

4. Battery

Battery power is also an important feature of the keyboard. There are several ways to activate the keyboard. Some keyboards charge wirelessly, some never have a USB cable, and some can be charged by solar power. In general, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. Again, you have a keyboard with three battery charging options.

5. Compatibility

When it comes to wireless gaming keyboards under $100, you want to know if the keyboard is compatible with the device you want to play on. Some keyboards are only compatible with one free device, while others are compatible with multiple devices. So make sure the keyboard you buy is compatible with the device you have.

6. Reviews

It is very important that you consider customer reviews before buying a keyboard. Here’s the thing: The features may seem impressive, but getting a second opinion from someone who has also used the products seems like a good idea. Check out customer reviews on the keyboard you choose, this will also help you make the right decision. After all, who better to judge this than the customer using the keyboard!

7. Price and value for money

Before you start looking for the best wireless keyboard for gaming, you should always set a budget. The problem is that you don’t want to spend too much money and end up with a keyboard that isn’t worth it. Moreover, wireless gaming keyboards come in different price ranges so that you can get the best within your budget. It is wise to compare keyboards and see which one offers the most value for money.

8. Appearance and design

Appearance and design are also important, and these are factors you should consider before buying. You should know that wireless gaming keyboards come in different models, so you can always find the one that you like best. Most gamers prefer a keyboard that gives them the feel of the game, while others may be satisfied with something simple.

9. Starch

You don’t want to buy a wireless gaming keyboard that can be easily damaged. Therefore, you should look for a keyboard with a high-quality finish. After all, you don’t want to keep reaching into your pocket for a keyboard. So choose wisely and make it last longer.


Here are some of the features to look for when it comes to choosing the best wireless gaming keyboard under $100.

Here we have listed the 11 best wireless keyboards under $100 that you need to know about. These keyboards have some great features and customers have also given them good reviews. We’ve done our best to bring you the best wireless gaming keyboards, and now it’s up to you to choose which one suits you best.

That’s it for now, and we hope you enjoyed our article and found what you were looking for. Thank you for visiting our site and we are happy to have been able to help you.

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The Logitech G915 TKL keyboard is definitely one of the best gaming keyboards you can get wirelessly. The keyboard offered excellent wireless performance during our test. You can connect to Logitech Lightspeed technology via Bluetooth or a USB dongle.

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