James Baldwin was an American writer, playwright and activist. He made an important contribution to the literary field by writing some of his legendary essays and books on racial, sexual and class differences in Western society. His book essays are still very popular today. The way he described racism and how the modern world suffers from intolerance.

About James Baldwin…

James Baldwin was arrested on the 2nd. Born in August 1924 in New York City. Her mother left her father before her birth and then married a Baptist pastor, of whom she had eight children. In his books James revealed and confessed that his stepfather treated him harder than the other children. He used to spend time in the library, and maybe that’s why he became interested in writing and reading at an early age. He wrote an essay on Harlem – Then and now at the age of thirteen, which was also published in a magazine. His mentors saw him as a gifted child.

James Baldwin saw it all as a child, in poverty, abuse, racial harassment and more, but he was inspired by it and put all his energy and effort into writing.

James Baldwin’s first novel, Say it on the mountain, appeared in 1953 and two years later a collection of his essays, Notes of his own son, was published. James Baldwin soon became popular in the literary world, and he began to experiment more and more in his career, writing plays, poets, documentaries, etc..

He has written several books and career essays, and they all deserve our attention, but there are books by James Baldwin that everyone should read. Here’s a list of James Baldwin’s best books you should definitely read!

James Baldwin Books

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

1. Next fire

Next time the book Fire will undoubtedly be one of James Baldwin’s best books to read first.

The book contains two essays, My Underground Hook: A letter to my cousin on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the liberation and the descent: A letter from my mind.

The first essay in the book is devoted to Baldwin’s 14-year-old nephew, in which he talks about racism. The first essay, on the other hand, was written in the form of a letter. In the second essay, which forms a large part of the book, he explains the relationship between race and religion and talks about his experiences in the Christian church and the Islamic ideas of others in Harlem.

Both essays were first published in the American journal at the end of 1962 and were published in book form in 1963. This book has been described as one of the most influential works on race and religion. The book is also available in audio format, spoken by Jesse L. Jesse L. Martin.

2. Say it on Mount.

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

Go Tell It on the Mountain is a semi-autobiographical novel by James Baldwin, published in 1953. The book tells the story of a Harlem teenager named John Grimes. The book describes the life of John Grimes and his relationship with his family and church, as well as with his biological father and stepfather. The story of John Grimes reflects the life of James Baldwin because there are so many similarities.

The book is a great success and has also received numerous awards and distinctions, including the title of best English novel of the 20th century. Century (he won the 39th place).

3. Room Giovanni

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

Giovanni’s Room is one of the best books by James Baldwin, and is also considered a reference in American literature.

Giovanni’s room is about a man living in Paris and the difficulty of understanding his sexuality. The book is about his relationship with other men named Giovanni, an Italian bartender he met in a gay Persian bar.

The book was highly praised for its discussion of homosexuality and bisexuality, and its complex presentation was designed to make the reader feel more empathetic and understand the concept of same-sex desires.

4. The data of my own son

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

Mother Son’s Notes is another classic James Baldwin book you should read. The book is a collection of ten books and was published in 1955. The essays were first published in well-known newspapers and then in book form.

The book mainly tells the story of the difficulties that the stay of blacks in America and other European countries brings. The book highlights moments in the era of civil rights and injustice that black people had to deal with at that time. The author also showed sympathy for the oppressor and currently presented himself as an important voice.

This book received worldwide recognition and was ranked 19th in the list of the 100 best non-joking books of the 20th century. For centuries.

5. Other country

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

Another country is also one of James Baldwin’s best books to read. The book was published in 1962.

The book was published in New York’s Greenwich Village in the 1950s. The book deals with issues such as bisexuality, racial relations, extramarital relationships, love and mental health. Although the book presents so many different subjects, the author has done a phenomenal job of explaining and writing things in a very intuitive and interesting way.

The story is fiction, and it follows the story of a group of friends after their suicide. Here the book got mixed reviews, and everyone had their own opinion about the book. But people still loved the variety of subjects and the variety of characters and their lives. In general, the book is well read and you should read it from time to time.

6. . If Bill Street could talk

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

As Beale Street Could Talk is another of James Baldwin’s best books, which became very popular when it was published in 1974. It was Baldwin’s fifth general novel.  The book here follows a love story in Harlem.

They meet the characters of Tish and Fonnie, who are so in love and happy with each other. They lived a simple life until Fonnie was accused of rape. He’s going to court while Tish is pregnant. Now they’re trying so hard to get Fonnie out of jail before the baby’s born.

The book gained popularity due to its plot and theme and was made into a film in the following years. Critics also praised the book for its tragic but beautiful love story.

7. There are no names in the streets of.

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

No Name in the Streets is the fourth book by James Baldwin and was published in 1972.

The book tells about some of the most historic events in history and about some historical personalities. The events are treated from Baldwin’s perspective and include Francisco Franco, the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Bobby Power, Eldridge Cleaver and March 1963 in Washington for work and freedom.

Baldwin also talked about his youth with all these historical events. For those interested in history and some of the most tragic events in history, this book is a must!

8. Tell me how long the train was away

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

The book introduces the character of the famous black theatre actor Leo Praudhammer. He has just had a heart attack and Baldwin shows his whole life and the decisions that made him a famous actor of the time.

The book describes for the first time the youth of the Lion, which he spent in the streets of Harlem. As soon as he starts an acting career in the theatre, he knows what it’s like to be in the real world. He is in the wilderness of desire, loss, shame and anger. The book also describes his love interests and romances with a white woman and a black man, and he struggles with everything that happens in his life.

The author has done an excellent job and the book is also considered one of the best contributions to American literature.

9. Just above my head

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

The next book on James Baldwin’s best book list is a little higher than his head. It was Baldwin’s sixth novel, and it was published in 1979.

The story in this book follows a group of people in all phases of their lives and tells about their experiences with poverty, war, civil rights struggles, but also with wealth, love and glory. The book has been published in several cities, including Harlem, New York, Paris, Africa and Birmingham.

The critics also appreciated and praised the book for the different subjects and the main themes that hold the reader’s interest, as well as the knowledge of the struggles in the book at that time.

10. Entry prices

The ticket price is another collection of Baldwin’s essays that describes his commentary on racism in America. There are 52 essays in total, and the book was also edited as a biographical film in 1989.

11. Evidence of things I haven’t seen.

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

It is also a collection of essays by James Baldwin in book form that was published in 1985.

James Baldwin did a story on child murders in Atlanta. He also talks about other social problems in Atlanta, especially race, and how that relates to all the murders and how the people in Atlanta are too busy to care.

12. The devil finds work

12 Best James Baldwin Books In Order

The devil finds the work – it is an essay in book form, published in 1976. In this essay Baldwin discusses his experiences with watching films and his criticism of racial politics in American cinema.

Baldwin wrote his opinion on the first film he saw, it was Joan Crawford’s film for the last film he saw – The Exorcist! He talks about his vision on film from a black perspective.


So these are the best James Baldwin books you should read in your whole life. His books change our perception and make us aware of society’s problems. He was one of the most influential writers in history and was also a civil rights activist. James Baldwin lived in France in the last phase of his life and died in 1987.

We just hope you enjoy James Baldwin’s books and appreciate his work. Thank you for visiting our site, we are happy to help you.

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