Like K-drama and preparing for something new?

Chinese drama might be the best way to do this. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Viki, etc. have great content. – There are so many choices to be made.

Some shows fall into mediocrity, while others are fun at the moment, but less memorable in the long run. And some, well, some are just super efficient and stay with you long after you take off your glasses for the night. Some even deserve to be seen again!

A lucky number in China, of course (it’s number 4 to avoid) – here are 13 Chinese language dramas, including Taiwanese series.

We have added links to the trailers above the titles of each show. I hope you enjoy it!

Lost Romanticism (2020 – Wiki)

Lost Romance is a Taiwanese romantic comedy about a book publisher who falls in love with romance and uses his knowledge of the genre to find his way. His love at first sight in the real world turned out to be the face of the hero of the novel. In the meantime, he’s got real problems in his life. Can Xiao’s help them both?

The concept is wonderfully exaggerated, with a nod to itself and the whole romantic genre. Vivian Sun and Marcus Chung lead both worlds with fantastic comic timing and liveliness.

You can read our thoughts on Lost Romance in the reviews of the episodes here!

Triade Princess (2019 – Netflix)

Short and to the point, the six episodes of The Princess Triad beat you like a punch, without violence or language. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the series of C dramas.

What makes this story great is the speed of dialogue and chemistry between the characters. She’s a celebrity in a fake relationship. She’s the daughter of the biggest gangster in Taiwan. While her celebrity casts an unwelcome light on her and her entourage, the family business can stab him in the heart.

Jasper Liu, Eugene Liu and the cast of characters make the film easy to watch and full of fun. Be warned, it ends on a cliffhanger. – I can’t wait to see where they’re taking us now.

Read our thoughts on the Princess Triad in our full season description here!

Meteor Garden (2018 – Netflix)

I was fully absorbed from the moment Dong Shankai kicked Daoming Xi in the face. Purely brilliant nonsense full of familiar jokes and irresistible romance. Same story as Boys Over Flowers, but in a much better condition. Both stolen from the manga and the Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango.

In a corner, four rich superstars run their school and drive out anyone they don’t like. The other shows a poor and virtuous student (Shen Yue) defending her friends and herself. The leader of the quartet (Dylan Wang) starts with a certain self-confidence, but in the end you realize that he is quite childish. It’s a clash of titans fighting each other and his status-obsessed mother.

There is something in the innocent chemistry mixed with the infinite power needed to overcome obstacles that make him a winner.

Ever Night Season 1 (2018 – Viki)

Sixty episodes is a long time, but it’s worth the investment. Ever Night is a historical and fantastic adventure based on a novel. The whole village of the little boy is slaughtered and he swears to avenge his family.

Played by the American actor Arthur Chen (Chen Feiyu), he finds an abandoned little girl and raises her – he becomes more and more a warrior and they are his servant. Their stories are part of a much larger story about kingdoms trying to prevent the predicted eternal night.

A great cast of actors, a fascinating plot and magical special effects make this ride a real hell. Even my mother loved it, and she has little patience when it comes to drama. There is also a season 2 – in which Dylan Wang of Meteor Garden takes the lead. But by comparison, it feels like winding, which takes a long time to get to the right things.

Whether you continue the series or not, Ever Night S1 is beautiful in itself and therefore worthwhile. There are many funny characters, including the wise prophet Confucius. Seeing Confucius in action is expensive in itself.

Update (2016 – Netflix, wiki)

Aaron Yang directs many hilarious romantic comedies, but Refreshing Man is particularly strong. The former nerd, played by Yoanna Tseng, does what she has to do, now on the company’s autopilot – a refreshing person who seems to find no passion in her work.

The new executive director (Aaron Yan) should make things happen. But wait a minute – he was totally lazy at school, and she teased him mercilessly for his bad grades. How did he get into the position of CEO? And wait, does he remember how terrible she treated him? Oops.

Without giving anything, yeah, he remembers. It’s funny and charming and full of great romance. Bonus fact: Refreshing Man was also directed by Eri Hao van Lost Romance.

Amour 020 (2016 – Netflix)

The story, directed by Yang Yang, is about students and moves seamlessly from their real world to the game world. In the game, Yang Yang works with Shuang Zheng’s character to become a perfect partner in battle.

On campus it seems that they could be compatible in the real world. But of course there are always problems. And finally, they have to finish their studies and find a job. As an aspiring technician, she and her friends continue to fight for the prize.

Mr. Swimmer (2018 – Wiki)

After enjoying the Thai version of Full House and Kiss Me, I enjoyed watching Mike Angelo in Chinese. He has played in several C-dramas, but Mr. Swimmer seems to be his best story, after an Olympic level swimmer who has to work his way back to the top.

He joins the team and trains with his best friend while they walk in the pool, and for a girl they both admire. With 40 slightly longer episodes, it’s a soft, competitive romantic triangle with the added benefit of water.

Bromance (2015 – Netflix, wiki)

Bromance plays with a stupid plot about a young woman, played by Megan Lai, who has to pretend to be a man until she turns 25. Under these circumstances (and of course with her beautiful face) she had to take on the martial arts. This, in combination with the distance (to cover it), makes it irresistible for women.

She helps Baron Chen’s character win the battle and they become brothers while her sister, played by Katie Chen, falls in love with her. Can she be two months away from her 25th birthday? Will the anniversary allow her to keep her wild face while she stays with her husband? Besides the male and female nonsense and jokes, there is a beautiful alchemy here, because the guides help to find each other.

Meteor garden 2001 Season 1

For me it’s not as close as the 2018 version, but the characters are surprisingly endearing. And you have to admire the physical violence that that girl can endure. See the scenario above – here the trailer compares the parallel scenes. There is even a Season 2, but I do not recommend it – it is slow, slow, slow regarding the fact that Daoming Xi has amnesia for much of the plot.

But don’t worry, you don’t need it. The first season itself is excellent, even with a slightly more ambiguous ending than the next version. If you like the MG2018, you should check out the original Taiwanese interpretation.

Fall Concert (2009 – Netflix, Wiki)

If you switch from Meteor Garden 2018 to Meteor Garden 2001, you’ll see Meizuo become one of your favourite characters, played by Vanness Wu. So I found my way to another classic, the Fall Concert.

Although 34 episodes could have been made in 24, it is still a heavy drama about a man who loses his memory and his girlfriend who is chased away by the angry mother by default. The girl has a child, and this is where it becomes convincing, because that child is 100% awesome. And if he and his father happen to meet, there’s a direct connection.

Royal Avatar (2019 – Netflix)

The King’s Avatar is completely game-oriented – much more than the aforementioned Love 020, also directed by Yang Yang – and based on a manga about the world of professional gaming. Nice cut throat. It is not the usual rate, but there is a nice story mixed with strategy and strong relationships, even if it is a little too much game. If you like things like that, it’s safe.

Happy days (2010 – Netflix)

Happy Days is inventive and eccentric, but undeniably charming. A man about to get divorced finds a computer program that turns back time. It was his way of trying to fix the things his wife drove away. As the story unfolds, he falls in love again and eventually learns what it means to be a good husband.

Unfortunately, every mod seems to hit something else in time, which makes it even harder to find a way out if it gets stuck in the money.

The Devil’s Punisher (2020 – Netflix).

Honestly, we’re still working on it, but it gets better with time. The story is about the Phantom King trying to save his girlfriend who has been torn from the underworld by an evil apparition. The king finds her on earth, but hasn’t figured out how to save her yet. As he works on the great mystery, there are other distracting spirits who need a little guidance.

You can read our thoughts on the Devil’s Punisher in the episode reviews here!

Bonus: Next on our watch list

As a bonus, there are a few who have aroused our interest in the coming months!

For the wedding (2019 – Wiki) – with Jasper Liu of Princess Triad and Puff Kuo. Two connected people are attracted to each other as their wedding date approaches. Thirteen intense episodes can’t be enough!

In 1989 (2016 – Netflix, Wiki), with Marcus Chang of Lost Romance and Ivy Shao of The Devil’s Punisher. Our hero has never known his father and is thrown back in time, where he meets his young father and mother candidates. He discovers that he has to choose between his mother’s future and his own existence. I went to Marcus Chang’s house.

Untamed (2019 – Netflix, Viki) – could be my new Ever Night, with a creative plot and strong characters. Based on a novel with a rather complex story, the 50 episodes follow the education and career of two young farmers who learn to master their powers and run towards their destination.

Are there any other people we should add to the list? Do you agree with our list above? Or are there conspicuous omissions? Let us know in the comments below! Xie-xie!

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