When it comes to crime fiction books and detective genres, Agatha Christie is one of the few names that comes to mind. Why don’t you? She was a legend, and even after her death, people still love her mysteries and detective stories. You must have heard that name if you’re interested in crime novels.

For those of you who have never read Agatha Christie’s books, this is her writing style. She wrote between the 1920s and 1970s and her books are mainly about British high society. The letter was simple and focused on history and dialogue. Your novels contain a few hints to the end.

But for newcomers who are just starting to take an interest in crime novels, they may not be aware of his legacy. So here are some of Agatha Christie’s best books worth reading.

Because she has written more than 60 novels and several small collections, it is difficult to find a book to start with. So we went through a lot of their books and found the top 15 Agatas Christie, who are too good to miss. So take a look at our list of Agatha Christie’s best books and choose one for yourself.

Remarkable row – Hercule Poirot.

Before you start listing Agatha Christie’s best books, you should learn about her famous character and the most popular novel series.

If you want more than a novel, you should start with this book. Hercule Poirot, a series of novels by Agatha Christie. In this book the stories follow the character of Poirot, a Belgian private detective and former police officer. He is also popular for his culture moustache and small grey cells for solving cases.

A lot of people compared him to the character in Holmes’ Watson. Each of his stories is beautifully presented, selecting clues and explaining how he finally solved things. In general, this could be a good book to start reading Agatha Christie’s books.

We’re going to discuss some popular novels with Hercule Poirot, and you can’t miss them!

Agatha Christie books

Books by Agatha Christie

1. And then there was no.

Agatha Christie's best books

If you want to guess who the killer or the criminal will be, you absolutely must read this. He made the best Agatha Christie books with a funny and mysterious letter that will captivate you for a very long time.

The story begins on a private island where ten strangers arrive after being invited by the mysterious Owen. But when they arrived, they couldn’t find the Master! They tried to find out who had invited them and why, only to discover that one of them was dead! This is where the story begins, and everyone is trying to find out which one of them is the killer. It would certainly be a pleasure to read such a classic and confusing drama in which you can’t leave the book until you know the perpetrator!

2. Murder on board the Orient Express

Agatha Christie's best books

It was one of Agatha Christie’s most popular books, along with the famous Poirot.  It was first published in the 1930s and has become very popular today. Because of its popularity, it has inspired many radio and television programmes, films and, to our surprise, even computer games.

The story revolves around Poirot and his travels from Istanbul to London. He’s on the Orient Express luxury train. But because of the heavy snowfall the train stopped and got stuck. The story begins when he discovers that one of the passengers was murdered by Samuel Ratchett.

Now Poirot’s challenge is to find out who the killer is among all the other passengers. It would be interesting to see how we put the pieces of the puzzle together and how we recognize the killer!

3. Murder of Roger Akroyd

good books by Agatha Christie.

It’s one of those novels in which you have to read the book over and over again until you get all the parts that justify the end. Every mysterious novel is known for its end, that’s why it’s one of our best!

In the story there is a rich widow who was murdered in a small English town. Now everyone is shocked and surprised to find out who could have killed such a beautiful woman, and here goes Poirot. And that’s where the fun begins. We advise you to give this story your full attention, because the end will certainly surprise you.

4. Death on the Nile

Agate Christie

Death on the Nile will surely please you as a reader, because the story is interwoven with many elements and shows you the side of love, envy and betrayal. The story follows the character of Lynette, who is a rich, beautiful socialist and a loving husband. She’s planning a honeymoon.

But the beautiful story of the newlyweds changes when Lynette finds the dead on the boat. To solve the case, they invite Poirot. To make matters worse, many more deaths are reported on the ship, so it is necessary to find the culprit!

5. Mystery style novel

Buy Christie's agate

Another classic with Hercule Poirot to read. In the plot is the character Emily Ingletrop, the rich heiress. She was poisoned in her room because she was licked. The less evidence, the harder it is for Poirot to find out who killed her. And he treats every relative as a suspect.

The book was Agatha Christie’s first book and it was well written for the discussion book. So you can start with this book, even if you haven’t read any of Agatha Christie’s books!

6. Endless night

List of books by Agatha Christie

The book was also one of Agatha Christie’s favorites. It is a story about greed, guilt and despair, which the reader is sure to enjoy. It’s a very different book from Agatha Christie’s other books, because she took on the role of the detector. You recognize the culprit in the middle of the book, but it’s still interesting enough to read it to the end. The book actually sheds light on Christy’s writing skills, apart from the mysterious stories. So it’s a must read for every Christy fan!

7. Murder of the Reverend

Agatha Christie's best books

This series is from the Miss Marple series (which is also a remarkable Agatha Christie series in which Miss Marple appears as the protagonist or detective!). In this book, instead of solving cases, Miss Marple was killed herself! How? Who’s that? We don’t know the answers yet. Then go read the book to see how it goes and who the criminal will be!

8. A.B.C.Assassinations

Agatha Christie's best books

A book can make a good short film. The murders are arranged alphabetically, for example Alice Asher was murdered in Andover, Elizabeth Betty in Bexhill and Sir Carmichael in Cheston! Now the killer must be looking for D.

The killer defied Poirot openly and sent him a letter stating the time and place of death. So Poirot must use his detective skills and find out who the killer is before it’s too late.

This book is a bit different from Agatha Christie’s other books, because she used first and third person perspectives in this book!

9. Five pigs

Agatha Christie's best books

If you want to read something complicated and see a case that is almost impossible to solve, you should read it. In that case, Poirot had no access to the body or the crime scene.

The story follows Caroline Crale, who was convicted of her husband’s murder. But she writes a letter to her daughter claiming her innocence. After his death, his daughter turns to Hercule Poirot to find out the truth about her father’s death. Detective just got five witnesses to find out who the killer is. So it’s going to be an interesting story to read.

10. Cold storage

Books by Agatha Christie

Our next choice for a better Agatha Christie is none other than the Curve House. The story follows a wealthy patriarchal family that has lived for three generations.  The head of the house, Aristide, was killed while posing with his own eye medicine.

The case was investigated by criminologist Charles Hayward, who is also engaged to Aristida’s granddaughter. It’s going to be an exciting journey, because the detective has to ask questions to his future loved ones. The story is full of many characters and their different murder stories, so it’s a good book to read.

11. Danger in the back housing

Books by Agatha Christie

With Poirot as a sinister guide, the story is set in Cornwall. He meets Nick’s character. Unlike other books in which Poirot investigates after a crime, this is one of the peculiarities of his concern for Nick, because he sees her in great danger. But to his surprise there has been an unexpected death and now Poirot has to find out who’s behind it.

12. Reported murder

Books by Agatha Christie

As the title of the book shows, the murder was announced in the local newspaper. And it’s time for Miss Marple to pick up the pieces and find out who’s behind this ad. Marple must now solve the riddle of this mystery!

13. 4:50 of Paddington.

Books by Agatha Christie

This is another failure in the investigation of a crime that has not been brought to the attention of anyone other than Mrs. Ahorn. Two trains running side by side at the same time, and a murder comes out of nowhere. How does it happen? Nobody knows that! To find the answers to this question, you need to read a book!

14. Evil under the sun

Agatha Christie's best book.

Another popular Agatha mystery that will surprise you! It was one of Agatha Christie’s most fascinating riddles. It shows a bride being brutally strangled. Hercules now has to solve the mystery and find out which one of the guests is the culprit!

The Book of Evil in the Sun is back as a popular book by Agatha Christie, it also contains a puzzle and a drama that allows you to finish the book at once.

15. Death comes at the end of

Agatha Christie's best book.

The book is inspired by her visit to Egypt with her husband, an archaeologist. We don’t give any reference to this story because we leave it up to you to decide whether or not you read the book. But you could say that the book presents one of Agatha Christie’s best stories. It’s entertaining, it’s incredible, and it’s definitely one of Agatha Christie’s best books.


So these are Agatha Christie’s best books to start with. These books were one of his bestsellers and we will appreciate them. So we hope you find this article useful, and now it’s your turn to take one of these books and enjoy it!

This is the end of our article on Agatha Christie’s best books, and we hope you enjoyed it. Keep coming back for those reviews!

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