If you are a fan of mystery, thriller and crime, then Alex Cross is probably the best series of novels for you. Maybe you have heard of it here or it is already on your wish list. If not, we assure you that reading the Alex Cross novel series will be an excellent reading experience for you.

The Alex Cross series of novels was written by James Patterson. The series focuses on the Metropolitan Police Department and detective Alex Cross. The series has been running since the 1990s. To date, 30 books have been published, some of which are not yet in the series.

Many films have also been adapted and have gained popularity and success. Moreover, the series is one of the most popular ever made, which makes it so popular and interesting to read.

The only difficulty you will have reading Alex Cross’s books is that you must read them in chronological order. Because there are so many books, it is easy to get confused when it comes to choosing the right book in the right order. So here is a list of all of Alex Cross’s books to help you read the series in chronological order.

Here are the best books by Alex Cross in order!

Alex Cross’s best books are, in order.

alex cross books in order

1. along the spider

Along Came a Spider was published in 1993 and is the first book in the series. The book introduces us to one of the best detectives to date: Alex Cross.

The book is about a case involving one of the worst serial killers you will ever read, and his name is Gary Soneji. The book presents a series of crimes and murders, little girls are kidnapped, a family of three is brutally murdered, an elementary school teacher suffers the same fate as the family, and yet the killer doesn’t stop there.

There is another main character in the book, Ezzie Flanagan, the first female head of the Secret Service. She and Alex Cross have a love affair, but it’s never a good time when you’re not dealing with a psychopathic serial killer.

Will they be able to stop the heinous crimes of Gary Soneji and arrest him by capturing him? How can they do that? You’ll find out when you read the book.

2. kissing girls

alex cross books in reading order

Kiss the Girl is the second book by Alex Cross to be published on order. It was published in 1995 and takes you on a new adventure of the famous detective, Alex Cross.

This time he has the case of a crime reporter who was murdered by someone. The journalist was from Los Angeles and was investigating a series of murders. On the other hand, a physician assistant in Washington is missing. Alex seems to have found a connection between the two cases. Is one person behind these two crimes, or worse, are two outstanding criminals working together and committing parallel crimes? Either way, it’s anything but simple, and these crimes have many twists and turns.

So go ahead and read the detective novel in which Alex Cross turns out to be the best detective! This book was also made into a movie of the same name.

3. Jack and Jill

best alex cross books

Jack and Jill is the third book in the Alex Cross series, and this book has also been very well received by readers. The book was published in 1996 and was the best-selling book at the time.

This case is a little more complicated than the previous ones, because it involves the assassination of a U.S. senator! The senator was controversial, and he must have had enemies as well. After killing the senator in his bed, the assassin left a clue that there would be more victims in the future. The clue is a rhyme signed by Jack and Jill. They hinted that they would attack the rich and famous and stop at nothing.

But this is not the only case open to Alex Cross. He has been called to investigate the murder of a little girl five blocks from his home.

A similar question now arises: are the two cases related? If so, then perhaps no one in Washington is safe at the moment, not the children, not the politicians, not even the presidents!

This heartbreaking story will keep you on the edge of your seat until you find out who the killer is, or maybe you can take clues from the book and guess too!

4. cat and mouse

top alex cross books

A few years ago, Alex Cross faced one of the most feared serial killers – Gary Soneji! It took a long time to catch him and put an end to his crimes. But Alex was happy to be behind bars, until he discovered he was out of prison and not for good! He had contracted the AIDS virus and was ready to take revenge on the detective before he died.

But there is another criminal on the loose whose story may overlap that of Alex Cross, and that is Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is just as dangerous as Gary, if not more so. There are other characters as well, so the story gives you a double dose of suspense and police drama. So you have another reason to read this book and find out where the Alex Cross adventure will take you next!

5. Pop makes the weasel

best alex cross books series

Alex Cross’ next book is on order – Pop Goes the Weasel! This time Alex Cross is in love and happy! But his happiness is short-lived, as a series of murders are committed in Washington, DC.

These are not simple murders, but they were committed as part of twisting plans that confuse investigators. As always, Alex Cross took it upon himself to solve these murders.

Eventually he stumbled upon a suspect, Jeffrey Shafer, a British diplomat. But in the end he is only a suspect, and proving that he committed the murders will not be easy. Alex Cross has a lot at stake, and he must find the killer before it’s too late.

6. roses in red

best alex cross books to read

Rose Red is Alex Cross’ next book in the order you should read it. It is a heartbreaking and terrifying thriller that leaves you shocked and surprised at the end.

There are a lot of murders in Washington again, and a serial killer is a threat to everyone. Once again Alex Cross stumbles upon a mysterious and ruthless killer who calls himself “Mastermind”!

The question now is how big the fight between the Master and Alex Cross will be. Will the mind of the Master be smarter than Alex Cross? There is only one way to find out: Read the book!

7. blue violets

alex cross series

Violets Blue is the next book you’ll read after Roses Are Red in the Alex Cross series.

This time two runners were killed, and their bodies were bitten and hung upside down. If anyone who has just seen “Twilight” or “The Vampire Diaries” would think a vampire did it! But did they?

No one believes in vampires or their existence, but the way the victims were killed is certainly suspicious! The case became so big that Alex Cross had to cooperate with the FBI and Jamilla Hughes.

8. four blind mice

alex cross books list

Four blind mice will mark a turning point in the life of Alex Cross. Alex Cross is about to retire from the Washington Police Department. But he has to change his mind when an old friend asks him for help. He has been charged with murder. The case is complicated because four Army wives were murdered at a bachelor party.

The evidence against Cross’ partner is strong, and he must do his best to prove his innocence. To make matters worse, Cross has also taken the suitcase from his house! Will he prosecute both cases at once?

9. The Big Bad Wolf.

list of alex cross books

There is no shortage of ruthless and powerful killers when it comes to Alex Cross’ life! This time he’s confronted by a killer who calls himself “The Wolf.” Now that he’s working for the FBI, he’ll have to deal with even more terrifying cases.

People disappear and are kidnapped in broad daylight. But the reason for these abductions is not ransom! Alex Cross suspects human trafficking. This is a serious crime that will pose a much greater threat to the public and Alex Cross himself.

Will he be able to catch criminals by following the rules and instructions of the FBI! He must follow them, and not only when they ask him to. On the other hand, Alex must also take care of his ex-fiancée.

10. Bridges in London

best alex cross book

The next book in the Alex Cross series is London Bridges. Alex Cross is on vacation, but he can’t relax too much because, as we all know, he always has a bigger crime to solve. The city of Nevada is evacuated and minutes after the evacuation, the entire city is destroyed by a bomb.

The man behind it all is none other than the Wolf ! Yes, Alex Cross is once again facing one of the biggest criminals he’s ever seen, and it looks like he’s even stronger now. He is a threat to some of the greatest cities in the world, and now it is up to Alex to stop his evil plans.

Elf. Mary, Mary.

alex cross best book

Alex Cross is on vacation, or at least he’s trying to be. His plans to relax and take a break fly apart when the director calls him.

This time a famous actress was murdered and a reporter in Los Angeles received an email with details about the killer, known as Mary Smith.

This case will be a little different than the others, and it is anything but easy!

12th Stations of the Cross

alex cross books best

Alex Cross lost a loved one in his life and, worst of all, he never found the killer, and the case has remained cold and unsolved to this day.

When he decides to transfer one of them, he is presented with a case. The only reason Alex agrees to solve the case is because he finds a link to the killer he has been looking for all these years. Will he finally be able to catch the killer or is it just a routine case?

13. double cross

in order alex cross books

Alex has made an effort to get back into his old routine and live a healthy life, including therapy sessions. Alex has finally found a new girlfriend and the case is in his hands. Will he be able to get back on track? Or has he lost his charm?

14th border crossing

good alex cross books

Alex is sent to solve a murder case, and he finds an old friend among the victims. Now Alex is even more determined to find out who the killer is! The story may only be about one killer, but it leads Alex to a criminal link!

15. the trial of alex cross

alex cross books

Alex has written a novel titled The Trial to share the story of the survival of his family line with his children and future generations. As with other Alex Cross books, there is a catch!


We’ve done our job of giving you a list of Alex Cross books in the right order, and now it’s up to you to read them in the right order and have a good reading experience. Although some people say that you can choose any book in the series and read it alone, if you want to immerse yourself in the series, it is best to read the whole series in chronological order. This would be a good way to follow the evolution of the characters and get to know the stories of the characters that shaped them throughout the story.

We hope you found our article helpful and enjoy the story of Alex Cross, the psychologist turned detective!

Frequently asked questions

In what order should I read Alex Cross’s books?


What is Alex Cross’s next book?

On November 25, 2019, Criss Cross, the 25th novel in James Patterson’s New York Times #1 bestseller, arrives in U.S. bookstores.

Should I read James Patterson’s books in order?

Although most books can be read on their own, it is recommended that you read them in order, especially if you do not want to spoil the previous books if you have not read them.

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