Video games are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of distractions after a long day or when we get bored. Fortunately, we have so many genres of video games that we can play them on multiple platforms. So it’s easy to find the perfect game for yourself. We also have many kinds of video games, and one of them is cycling!

For those who love speed and cycling, there is nothing better than to find the perfect bike racing game! But how do we find him? That’s the question you’re looking for in our article. Fortunately, we can find many cycling games for different platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC and even smartphones.

Here we explicitly mention some of the best PC games! If you’re looking for the best bike game for your PC, you’ll find a long list of bike games that may or may not be worthwhile. And choosing the best game among them can be a painstaking task, which is why we are here to make it easy for you! We have selected the 15 most popular computer bike games of all time. So start with our list of the best video games on your bike and find the perfect pair of bikes!

PC bikes

PC bike games

1. MotoGP 19

PC bike games

MotoGP 19 is one of the best races for cyclists. It is also one of the last races for cyclists to be released in 2019. You will find other games in the series, making it one of the most popular series games of all time.

The game has one of the most challenging and passionate motorcycle championships, and it certainly has the ability to give you an adrenaline rush during the game. The game is most popular because of its historical challenge modes. You will find more than 50 legendary racers, 35 bikes and 3 additional historical routes.

You can play against the AI in single-player mode, but make no mistake, the AI is smarter, more accurate and better able to determine your actions and react accordingly! You will also find a number of options to adjust and improve the performance of your bike.

This is definitely one of the best PC wheel games, and it’s nothing more than a really crazy tournament where you have to develop your own strategy and plan your next step! You will also feel the rivalry you will see in this tournament!

2. TT Islander: Driving at limit value

Computer games

The island of T.T. the Man: Ride On The Edge is also very popular and is one of the best PC cycling games. You will love this game if you want to participate in dangerous motorcycle races and not be the first to take the lead in a simple game. Here the player has to prove that he is worthy of the most dangerous race on the Snaefall Mountain Course. This 60 km long track has curves and straights that will test your driving skills.

This game also includes 17 circuits, 18 different motorcycles and some official drivers. So you can ride the best bike and be the best rider you can imagine! The most impressive thing about this game is the realism that gives you the best driving experience. You can keep track of your performance data, improve your bikes by testing their settings, and most importantly, get an open world where you can ride around without feeling like you’re racing.

3. Pipe 3

the best bike games for the PC

There are people who are simply obsessed with their bike and would like to play bike games so that they can ride the best bikes. What if we say that you can really change your bike technically and aesthetically! We are convinced that this dream will come true! And that’s why we chose Ride 3 as the best cycling game for the PC!

There are more than 230 bikes in the game, again with more than 30 different routes. You can also customize the tab and play in different modes for maximum fun. In general, the game has everything you could wish for, so it has been added to our list of the best games for cyclists.

4. Pipe 2

High quality PC bike games

We know we just discussed the rest of the game, but it would be a mistake not to talk about it. The game is as good as the rest, and for some even better! The game consists of the best bikes, the best riders and the best circuits. People also appreciate the game for its great graphics, but also for the graphics that enhance your racing experience!

You will also have the opportunity to ride on the best tracks in the world. In general: If you liked driving 3, then it’s worth playing 2 for you.

5. Traffic rescue

Computer games

Despite the fact that a lot of time has passed since the game was released, it remains one of the best gum-like games. Road Redemption is a must for every fan of a cycling video game. The most interesting thing about this game is that you will also find a weapon that will give you even more spice and allow you to add activity to your races.

In our opinion, the best part of this game is to be able to play on a separate screen, because there’s nothing better than competing against a friend next to you to see his face when you win! It’s a new adrenaline rush, and you should definitely play this game, you can also play it in single player mode against the AI.

6. Process development

best bike race

How would you feel if you had a bunch of bikes and had to test some obstacles? Sounds like the perfect track for motorcyclists! You may not get this exciting job in real life, but you get it virtually!

The player controls the engine because of physics and has to drive the whole course in the shortest possible time with several faults (accidents). You can play the game in single or multiplayer mode. And the higher you are, the higher your difficulty level will be, and you will also be able to adjust the riders and bikes. There are 50 titles. The graphics and visual effects are also very good.

7. MotoGP 17

The showcase bike

Earlier, we discussed how we could move forward with this game, and now we’ve bought MotoGP 17 as the second best motorcycle game on the PC. Moreover, this top class bike racing game you can count on will certainly surprise you with its many possibilities and excellent features. What you will appreciate most is the smooth operation, the great visual and sound effects, not to mention the best graphics. It was published in 2017, so you can expect to have modern technology. Finally, you can play the game in single and multiplayer mode.

There will be championships where you will have strategies to move around the track to beat other players, and you will also take on the responsibility of the manager. So bring your best game and manage the race like a runner, and manage your activities like a manager!

8. Asphalt 8: Air transport

We couldn’t finish the list of the best bike PC games without mentioning Asphalt 8: Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! Air! The game is available on many platforms, including smartphones. So chances are you’ve played it before, but if you haven’t, you should definitely try it, because it’s one of the classic cycling games you’ll find.

Speaking of functions: You will find many control options and interesting functions, such as tilt and tilt icons, on-screen controls and touches. In the beginning these controls may be overloaded, but after a while you will master them. This is one of the best racing games you can find and you will also love the variety of motorcycles and other vehicles. You will also be able to play in different modes and options.


the best bike games for the PC

If you like cycling, you’ll definitely love the MXGP PC cycling game. Here the players enjoyed the tournaments and matches that can be found in the game. There are also several bikes available, so you’re sure to find the bike of your dreams. You will also enjoy the 18 different tracks where you can run and win. Moreover, these areas may not be the best for cycling races, but it is a challenge. The game also features single-player and multiplayer modes.

10. Summary of tests

Computer bike game

Because it’s the 5th. In the test series, the game has quite high expectations of the fans, and it has met them. The game is appreciated by both critics and players for its futuristic sets, level of design, graphics and controls.

The game gives you a real experience where you have to ride a physics-based motorcycle and overcome all kinds of obstacles, all with a minimum of damage.

11. Motocross madness 2

PC bike game

Motocross Madness 2 is another popular game that you will find on the PC. The most exciting part of the game consists of six types of races, namely laps, enduro, baja, super-cross, national championships and the Pro-Circuit mode.

Each type of race is just as exciting and you’ll enjoy each and every one of them. Configuration options are also available and you will certainly like the soundtrack of the game!

12. Pipe

best cycling game for PC

We said that these are two sequels, so it would be wrong not to mention the first game in the series. Although this is the first game in the series, you’ll be amazed by the best features and the best racing experience!

13. Joe danger

Cycle race

Joe Danger is probably the most underestimated PC game you’ll find, so it was important for us to mention it. Despite the childlike aspect, this game is very fun and you can stick to the screen for hours.

14. Motorcyclists 4

Bicycle race window

Our next choice for the best PC engine game is Moto Racer 4. It is also available for a number of platforms. It gives you a sense of adventure when you play a game and cycle through obstacles.

15. Court relationship

free PC games

Trial Rising is one of the newest games in the PC Bike series. Here you drive in unusual places like Everest. The game allows players to create their own obstacles! You’ll definitely enjoy the game.

16. Road rage

bike kits for pc mac

How about playing an exciting bike game on your computer? It’s the best choice for you. This is a car fighting game where you ride a bike and try to beat your opponent in different ways. It is too beautiful to miss and a real cycling enthusiast will definitely play this game.


Here are our 15 best bike kits for the best PC games. We are sure you will find a good cycling game in our list. So thank us later and download your favorite game.

We hope you found our article useful and thank you for visiting our site!

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