After seeing a lot of hidden cameras, microphones and other spy equipment, it is time to look at some preventive methods. Error detection devices are essential to prevent intruders from violating your privacy. Whether it is a video recording of your home, a recording of your voice or any other form of espionage, it is important that all attempts to violate your privacy fail!

The good news is that there are different ways to detect hidden spy devices of all kinds. Most spy devices use some form of wireless connection to transmit information. Even when they record on the device, they send a signal such as infrared, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile phone, etc. to the device.

The error detectors I have discussed in this manual work perfectly to detect these signals, so you can intercept any type of spy device.

best detector

Considerations for the purchase of a fault detector

The Error Detector is not limited to employees of police or military counterintelligence services. Maybe you need it, too. Especially if you expect unwanted dangers from monitoring. People can mischievously use all kinds of surveillance equipment to monitor or record or experience what you do and say in secret. We hear about the frequent use of the small hidden cameras we find in places like Airbnb rental stations, gymnasiums, or even public restrooms.

The use of a radio frequency error detector becomes a fundamental security measure to protect your privacy.

Malfunctions and devices detectable by the fault detector.

Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras, also known as spy cameras, are often discreetly placed in hotel rooms, dressing rooms and gyms to record and broadcast your activities live. These hidden devices can be cleverly integrated into harmless objects such as alarm systems, telephone chargers, smoke detectors and even shampoo bottles.

The smallest hidden camera was ever found in Phillips’ cruciform head, which is almost invisible to the naked eye.

Most hidden spy camera detectors work by detecting the pinhole lens of a spy camera. Manual detectors search for common radio frequencies by scanning in the radio frequency range. A spy camera that detects applications works by scanning suspicious devices connected to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and local networks.

Audio error

Normally the following tone errors are used. Fortunately, these devices are also detected by RF error detectors. Let’s find several audio errors we can handle.

  • GSM error : The GSM bug is a wireless listening device with a SIM card that uses a 3G/4G GSM network. An intruder can access and control the device from anywhere in the world with a simple phone call. Mobile phones can be hidden in electronic accessories, lamps, products and other commonly used devices. Because they are hidden, they are very compact and have a simple design. You can hear at a distance of 30 to 50 feet. Because they are powered by the GSM network, they can also track your position.
  • Miniature tape recorders : Miniature voice recorders are miniature recording devices disguised as ordinary objects, such as USB sticks or credit cards. They hide well and can record sound in high quality.
  • A bug: For eavesdropping on telephone calls, eavesdropping devices have been installed in the telephone switchboard. So this sound error is only activated when they are all active.
  • Mobile phones: Mobile phones also work as an audio bug. The phone is programmed not to vibrate, not to call and not to show any signs that you are being called. The spy can then call your telephone, which is equipped with an answering machine and eavesdrop on your call.

GPS tracking devices

The GPS localization system uses the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS is a global radio navigation system consisting of a constellation of 24 satellites and ground stations. The GPS tracking device can be fixed or portable. For example, your company can use a GPS tracking device to track your route and progress.

If you suspect that you or your vehicle is being tracked by a small, undetectable GPS tracking device, you will need a GPS detector. The GPSugdetector works by detecting the radio frequency signal sent by the GPS tracker to cellular networks to transmit status and location data.

Therefore, if you want to protect yourself against these errors and hidden spy devices, it makes sense to use an error detector.

Fault detector Operation

Simply put: The error detector is a radio receiver. It works on the principle that the localization system emits electromagnetic signals. The error detector detects these signals and tells you if such devices are nearby.

Usually, hidden cameras and hearing aids emit WiFi, mobile phone or Bluetooth signals. However, you can use different radio frequencies depending on the configuration of the entire site. A hearing aid, e.g. installed on a mobile phone, can emit a mobile phone signal, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose a fault detector capable of detecting signals at a wide range of frequency levels.

Comparison of best error detectors Table

Below is a brief comparison of the different error detectors that we will examine in this overview. You’ll get an idea of some of the device’s specifications and a rough idea of what it can do.

Pannovo hidden camera detector, search for cameras with radio frequency…

3 in 1 spy detector for wireless communication via radio frequency, hidden camera and GPS….

Fault Detector Automatic Alarm Detector Artificially Refreshed

Tracking and tracing

Pannovo hidden camera detector, search for cameras with radio frequency…

Pannovo hidden camera detector, search for cameras with radio frequency...

Tracking and tracing

3 in 1 spy detector for wireless communication via radio frequency, hidden camera and GPS….

3 in 1 spy detector for wireless communication via radio frequency, hidden camera and GPS....

Tracking and tracing

Fault Detector Automatic Alarm Detector Artificially Refreshed

Fault Detector Automatic Alarm Detector Artificially Refreshed

Tracking and tracing

Anti-spyware radio frequency detector Hidden camera fault detector Wireless GPS signal …

Anti-spyware detector, radio frequency detector and camera control, fault detector

Anti-spyware detector, radio frequency detector and camera viewfinder, error detector…

Anti-spyware radio frequency detector, camera tracking error detector, GPS detector, signal…

Tracking and tracing

Anti-spyware radio frequency detector Hidden camera fault detector Wireless GPS signal …

Anti-spyware radio frequency detector Hidden camera fault detector Wireless GPS signal ...

Tracking and tracing

Anti-spyware detector, radio frequency detector and camera control, fault detector

Anti-spyware detector, radio frequency detector and camera viewfinder, error detector...

Tracking and tracing

Anti-spyware detector, radio frequency detector and camera viewfinder, error detector…

Anti-spyware detector, radio frequency detector and camera control, fault detector

Tracking and tracing

Anti-spyware radio frequency detector, camera tracking error detector, GPS detector, signal…

Anti-spyware radio frequency detector, camera tracking error detector, GPS detector, signal...

Tracking and tracing

Electronic fault detectors Detailed overview

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the devices you might consider. The strengths and weaknesses of the various products are examined in more detail.

1. Fault detector KKmoon

Error detectors

We start with a device that can be described as a vacuum. This KKmoon error detector is the most minimalist device on this list. He can find most of the basic devices that can be used for presses or for faults.

However, this device mainly detects high-frequency signals. This means, among other things, that it can mainly detect the radio transmitters of devices – simple microphones, simple GPS trackers and old-fashioned hidden cameras.

If you are a little concerned about your privacy and would like to be checked more easily, this device may be best for you.


2. YlRNhe detector for secret cameras

The best insect detectors for sale

Then we have a relatively universal device from YlRNhe. At first glance, this detector may seem like a dream. It can detect radio frequency signals, GSM microphones, GPS trackers and hidden wireless devices.

However, it’s not as accurate as it sounds. He sometimes tends to skip certain devices. If you are not close enough, this effective range may not be enough to find the error you are trying to find.


3. XFHLL Espionage detector

The best hidden camera fault detectors

Here’s another device of the same class as the one we’ve seen so far. This XFHLL RF error detector is essentially your standard error detection device.

It is equipped to monitor the most basic electromagnetic signals. In particular, you can track basic microphones, radio transmitters and GSM-based microphones and cameras.

If you want to clean your house quickly or something similar, this device may be more than enough for your needs.


4. ARCELI Espionage error detector

Electronic fault detectors

The ARCELI anti-spyware error detector is a fairly versatile device. Of all the devices on the list, it detects a large number of taps and errors. It is well tested against any type of microphone, camera, smartphone, GPS tracker, etc.

The downside of the medal is that it’s easy to be fooled. Sensitivity settings are usually a bit wobbly, and it can sometimes detect a noise that causes a false alarm. Check every area that can be eavesdropped on.

This device is more than enough if you are not sure how to listen. But make sure you check it thoroughly.

5. YlRNThe RF error detector


The second place on this list is a YlRNhe device. It’s a more budget-friendly version of our best choice, and this is it. This device looks more like a normal radio frequency scanner. You can use it to find any device that uses a radio frequency connection.

For this kind of equipment, the YlRNhe RF detector is very useful to find old generation devices. It may be useful to find a device that contains a microphone or inductive element (coils, speakers, microphones, etc.).

With this product, however, it is less likely that a new generation of errors will be found. Devices transmitting on frequencies outside the radio range may not be detected. It’s not that hard. CCTV professionals use old technology in areas where people are usually looking for modern equipment.

In general, this device is very valuable and easy to use.


6. Double Espionage Detector

The best error detector

A truly first-class device, Doifck Anti Spy, has been awarded the position of best faulty detector of the year 2020. It can detect almost any electronic listening device imaginable. It has an EF detection unit for radio or wireless eavesdropping equipment. These include hidden microphones, wireless cameras, location determination and even GSM tracking.

Of the selected devices, this device is the most accurate error detector. It’s also the easiest to use. You can set it up and start searching your house or car within minutes. Moreover, you can be sure that it will find almost any kind of common errors or mistakes.


7. Spy Hawk GPS Tracker Finder

Search for a Spy Hawk Tracker GPS

If you are looking for a multi-channel error detector that, in combination with GPS trackers, can detect any GSM errors, then this Spy Hawk error detector is one of the best error detectors you can find.

It can cover a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 10 GHz and can detect all active transmission sources on your premises, including microphones, hidden cameras, phone transmitters, listening devices, GPS trackers and wireless microphones.

What’s more, the Spy Hawk is easy to use with your thumb, allowing you to use the Spy Hawk quickly and safely in critical situations.

One of the features I liked most about this Spy Hawk Sweeper was the built-in white noise generator. So if you suspect bugging devices on the other side of doors, openings and windows, set the white noise generator to maximum, and you will only hear distorted sound.


8. High frequency signal detector

High-frequency signal detector

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use error detector, this is an amazing device that allows you to tick all the boxes you need. Whether you need to look for surveillance equipment in bathrooms, entertainment rooms or hotels, dressing rooms or a GPS tracking device in your car or office, this device will not disappoint you.

The RF detector is capable of detecting hidden 1.2G/2.4G and 5.8G wireless cameras, wireless eavesdropping devices and other intrusion attempts. It can also detect GMS errors on 2G/3G and 4G cards.

The buggy detector operates in a wide frequency range from 1MHz to 12GHz with high sensitivity and accuracy.


9. Russian love class detector

Professional Video Surveillance Detector RD-10 RF Video Surveillance Detector according to law

With a wide sampling range from 20 MHz to 6 GHz, this Lawmaye RF detector is an excellent mini hidden camera detector. The best thing about this sweeper is its compact size. You can take it wherever you want and keep it confidential.

The device consists of a four-part light scale, which indicates the RF signal level of the hidden camera at a specific location. This function allows you to determine whether or not you are close to the hidden camera.

The Lawmate RF Fault Detector not only detects hidden cameras, but also acts as a wireless audio error detection system.

To help you identify the treacherous insect, the Lawmate Law RF class detector has a vibration detection mode so that the person on the other side does not know that his insect has been detected.

To avoid false positives, make sure that WiFi is turned off.


10. Wireless RF signal detector Pause

Wireless high-frequency signal detection bar

This RF radio signal detector is universally applicable. With its wide frequency range from 50 to 6000 MHz, it detects a wide variety of RF interference – from GSM interference to wireless video cameras, video transmitters, body panel transmitters and car transmitters. Some detectors may be missing modern communication signals, but not these. It will detect both analog and digital (wireless) transmissions.

I like this insect detector because it’s invisible; it fits easily in your hand and when you find an insect, you can feel it vibrate discreetly in the palm of your hand. It also has an audio mode, unless you really want to miss a bug!

It’s very handy to take with you when you’re on the move, and the size of the handle makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach places where insects are searching. This easy to use insect detector is ideal for a beginner like me, but it has some interesting features that are used by professional sweepers.


11. Hlensix Wireless Camera Detector

Wireless camera detector for a hidden anti-spy camera

Here’s another spy detector, although I’m not too impressed by it. It’s one of the most important error detectors. It is portable, compact and easy to use. The sensor vibrates as soon as it detects an observation. The laser detection camera can detect a tracking device at a distance of 10 cm to 10 m. However, the results are not very accurate.

So if you don’t have high expectations of your device, you can choose to use it.


12. Detector for hidden security cameras

SPYFINDER PRO spy camera detector

Like most other error detectors in this list, Spyfinder Pro can be used as a photo detector.

If you are looking for a compact error detector with a reasonable range, then you have come to the right place. The battery lasts longer than other detectors in the same area. Although it is a fairly simple and affordable option, it will not disappoint given the price at which it is offered. You can wear it very comfortably and use it to detect cameras wherever you are during the day.


13. Anti-spyware detector Wattsna

Wattne spy detector

This Wattne Spyware Detector is an improved version of their previous offering. The device is able to register any danger signal, thanks to its integration with the AI. The device uses highly sensitive chips to detect eavesdropping and snapshots. It can accurately locate microphones, hidden cameras and GPS tracking devices in minutes.

The detector can detect a wide range of signals, including radio waves, wireless signals from 1.2G to 5.8G, SIM card interference in 2G/3G/4G mobile phones, and wired hidden camera equipment.

It’s one of the most reliable counter sensors I’ve ever come across. It may be necessary to configure it correctly to prevent false alarms.


14. Espionage detector

Innoo Tech Spy Detector and Camera Finder

This anti-spyware detector can detect the slightest signal fluctuations due to the presence of tracking devices. It is an enhanced version of the previous version of the company, which features a more powerful battery, improved chip technology, an optimized key and high quality. When fully charged, the detector can operate for at least 15 hours.

The detector is suitable for private meetings, houses, cars, hotels, dressing rooms, etc.

However, as with other detectors on this list, the detector may not give accurate readings when your WiFi is switched on.


15. HohoProvEspionage detector

HohoProva Espionage Detector

This is the latest error detector on this list that will help protect your privacy. The device allows you to adjust the sensitivity according to your needs. You can filter the frequency as desired.

It is small, light and easy to use. But in order for the detector to deliver the correct measurement values, the settings have to be adjusted.


Fault Detector User Manual

Here are some important elements to choose the defective detector best suited to your needs.

Good properties of the detector

You need to think carefully about what you need. Are you trying to find flaws in your microphone at home? Are you afraid someone’s gonna listen to you with a camera? Or maybe your phone’s bugged. Of course, the first thing to think about is how you can be spied on and what you might suspect in the area where you are. In addition, the following aspects can be considered as the most important aspects to be taken into account when purchasing a fault detector.

the detection of professional misconduct

Battery life

The battery life of the fault detector is very important. You don’t want to die a few hours after you’ve recharged. Look for a detector that can operate for at least 12 hours without recharging. This is useful if you travel a lot or are on the road a lot, and you need to remove any concerns about your privacy.

Frequency band

As I said, choose an error detector that covers a large part of the frequency spectrum. Most GPS listening equipment operates in the 824 – 846 MHz and 880 – 920 MHz bands. Bluetooth devices use a frequency of 2400 – 2480 MHz and WiFi transmission is at 2400 – 2480 MHz. Select the error detector for which you want to search for the error.


Durability is another important factor when choosing a defective detector. You probably carry the device in your pockets and bags. Make sure that the construction is solid so that it does not break easily.


Most insect detectors don’t come with a lot of frills. They have a simple interface and support several basic functions. For example, they light up when they find a signal in space. This requires a physical check to identify the installed monitoring device.

Some more advanced versions even include power meters to give you an idea of the strength of these signals. These detectors with basic functions are easy to find on the market for less than $300.

If you extend the range, you can find more advanced error detectors that not only help you find the plotter, but also block the signals. They can also give you a better picture of the signals and help you judge whether you are looking in the right direction.

Easy to use

It is important to know how much effort you are willing to invest in error detection and spyware protection. Many fault detectors are very advanced devices. Often you have to figure out how to use the most modern equipment. The smartphone application can be easy to use. However, they are not a good substitute for an adequate error detection device.


You can find fault detectors for as little as $30, and the range can be unlimited. On average, most insect detectors cost between $50 and $500, depending on the type of function, their frequency range and the accuracy they offer.

Frequently asked questions about fault detectors

If you have any questions about this, there are a few that you have answered. If you have any further questions on this subject, please contact the comment section below and I will do my best to answer them.

What is a Radio Frequency Fault Detector?

The RF error detector works by detecting the RF signal everywhere. Most monitoring and tracking equipment transmits high-frequency signals. The RF Error Detector identifies these signals and helps detect installed spyware, also known as bugs.

What does an error detector do?

The Error Detector can help you detect covert surveillance equipment that can be installed secretly in your home, hotel room, cars, public places, changing rooms, etc. and can register or spy on your activities.

How does the fault detector work?

The interference detector works by detecting electromagnetic waves emitted by most tracking and monitoring devices. If someone has installed a bug or spy camera in your home, the bug detector picks up the radiation it emits to detect its presence.

How do I use an error detector?

Just scan the area with an error detector and if it detects such signals, it will warn you, usually with a flashing light, sound or both.

What is the cost of the fault detector?

The price of the buggy detector is between 30 and 500 dollars, although there are several alternatives in this range that are always cheaper.

What is the best error detector?

The best error detectors are used by government and military experts. They are precise, accurate and meet the requirements of spies used by secret agents.

How do I know my phone is being eavesdropped on?

Usually you hear strange noises in a microphone. It’s a sign that he’s active, which could mean he’s being eavesdropped on. The other option is the camera. There are ways to make the camera work, but you have to camouflage it as if it wasn’t working. Use another phone camera and look through it at your phone. If the camera emits a violet light, it is active and can spy.

How do I block the tracking of my phone?

There’s no way to keep your phone from being traced. The only way to do this is by not using a smartphone. The best way is to stay alert and look for errors in your phone.

Can I sue someone for registering me without my permission?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Under most laws, registration without permission is illegal. If you know that someone is taking you hostage in any way without your permission, you have the right to sue the person who is doing so.

Can anyone read my messages from my phone?

It’s possible. It’s not about knocking or making a mistake as we see it. But it’s just as important. Software piracy is common. If you suspect a break-in, you should take the phone to an expert for inspection. All your data may be compromised without your knowledge.

better recognition of the camera

Bonus: Best error detectors App

If you don’t have the time or patience to invest and work with an error detection device, some applications can do most of the work on your smartphone. Keep in mind, however, that this is no worse than dedicated devices. After all, they are specialised in this field.

This is one of the best error detection applications I have on my short list:

Scanner AppError Detection

One of the best applications your smartphone can use as an error detector is the Error Scanner application from Tech Arena Apps. This application has many functions that make it possible to detect a wide range of devices that deal with errors.

This application uses an infrared sensor in the phone’s camera to detect hidden cameras. Smartphones are also equipped with magnetometers. This allows them to detect electromagnetic signals. These kinds of signals are used for Wi-Fi and 4G connections. They can also detect Bluetooth signals.

Candidate camera detector

If you want to detect the presence of a hidden camera in a hotel room, lodge or unfamiliar environment, this application can help you. The application has two characteristics: radiation and infrared. Open the camera and scan the area. The application then detects signals in the room and flashes a light when it detects something.

Without speed cameras

If you want to stay away from radar detectors, Radarbot Free is the best application. It keeps you away from potential mobile cameras, ANPR cameras, traffic light cameras and others. This way you can avoid getting a ticket.

the best error detectors

Recent investigation of fault detectors

If you had studied our website, you would know that we have dealt with different types of spy devices and hidden cameras that allow you to keep an eye on yourself. However, it is also important to know how to resist these espionage devices.

Spying can be fun and playful. However, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a serious problem for you or someone else. Knowing how to find the smallest cameras that can spy on you can be very useful. It can at least help you get rid of the feeling of being watched, if that’s all you’re interested in.

After all, you may not be the only one interested in espionage and surveillance. So it’s always good to be prepared for anything. What I’m really interested in is what situations you use your error detector in. If you don’t mind sharing with me, please leave a comment below!

SAY IT SHIT! My name is Mike and I love technology, software and cryptography. I grew up close to my parents, who were in botanical engineering and worked for high-tech start-ups and aerospace companies. They taught me everything I know, from destroying the last phones to playing with drones, writing lines of code and investing in crypto money. I take things apart, put them back together and add them (code). I breathe, I live with the technique, and I can’t wait to teach you more!

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