Reading is one of the most relaxing activities! And best of all, we have so many choices in both genres and authors. Of course, when we ask you to name one of the best authors of all time, several popular names appear. But when it comes to a certain genre, people can have different opinions about the best writers. One of these popular authors is Dean Kunz, who is known to have written some of the best books on the thriller and horror genres and a few novels and short stories.

This article is for lovers of thriller books and in particular the works of Dean Koontz. We have selected the top 15 books by Dean Koontz for you to read. So even if you haven’t read any of Dean Koontz’s books, this could be the perfect choice to start exploring his world of books!

Dean Kunz books

Books by Dean Koontz

1. Demon seed

The best books from the Dean of Koonz

If you start reading Dean Koontz’s book, you can start with his early bestsellers. After 10 years of writing this book has finally attracted attention. Deamon Seed portrays the character of Susan Harris, who is a rich and withdrawn fiancée, and the computer Proteus, an artificially intelligent computer, has locked her in her house.

It was the computer’s wish to live outside the machines and to experience what the people who put him up to it did. The computer madness doesn’t stop there, he really wants to fertilize Susan with his breed of biologically bred stallions. The plot has several twists and turns in the genres of fiction, horror, thriller and romance. So it’s interesting to see what’s happening and how it’s happening. The book also inspired the 1977 film. Usually you’ll like it, so give it a try.

2. Strange Thomas

The best books from the Dean of Koonz

The strange Thomas is certainly one of the best characters in history, and it was written by Dean Kunz. The novel followed 5 sequels and inspired both the series and the film. The character is known for talking to dead people and demons. Although he is no ordinary human being, he hid his supernatural abilities and tried to live a simple life.

But things change when the mushroom man comes! What he is and how he’s Strange is something you might be interested in. The book is written on the lines of the struggle between good and evil, and how everything happens between them.

3. Whispers

Dean of the best koonz books in order

Whispers is another popular book by Dean Koonz that you should read at least once if you are a fan of thrillers and plot based stories. The story follows a character named Hillary Thomas, a Los Angeles-based writer. It is haunted by a cruel psychopath, Bruno, who believes he has the spirit of his cruel mother.

The story continues, and Hillary even called the police and finally stabbed Bruno. But the story doesn’t end there, it starts where they find him alive, right? Nobody knows that. To learn amazing things and an incredible thriller, you need to read a book.

4. Observers

The best books by Dean Koontz

We brought another great book by Dean Koontz, called The Observers! The book also mentions elements of science fiction with a thriller plot. The story of the book is told by Travis Cornell as the protagonist. He’s a former member of Delta Force. He’s trying to find a new meaning in his life. He soon discovers a golden retriever and a baboon as living creatures in a canyon near his house.

Travis rescues the Golden Retriever from a baboon like a canyon and calls him Einstein (given his intelligence). But the problems of Einstein and Travis begin here, when the agency that created Einstein and the baboon as a creature hunts to find and kill them. Reading is a lot of fun, and of course you enjoy it!

5. Night cooling

Dean Koontz's good books

The name says it all, if you want to read something cold, it has to be your first choice. The boom is characterized by the mystery that the protagonist had to solve. An unknown evil creature wreaks havoc on innocent people. In this scenario people are forced by unknown forces to commit crimes and kill their own friends and relatives.

In the midst of this chaos, Paul Annandale arrives with his children on a walk to Black Riverside, and he has no idea what’s going on. There he decided to be strong and fight with her. There are a few incidents that will definitely scare you. So if you’re strong enough to read this book, you should try it. It will be interesting to see who’s behind all this and how Paul stops it.

6. Spirits

Books by Dean Koontz

Phantoms is a book that is literally smarter than you think, which means his writing and excitement are certainly shocking. The story begins with two sisters returning to their ski resort, only to find them all dead. Whoever killed them, how they were killed, those are some of the unanswered questions.

Although the victim erased the name in his own blood, the story begins. With his thriller and fanatic writing he takes the reader with him, so you should miss him.

7. Mask

Books by Dean Koonz

The mask is a must and offers you a great reading experience. Although the book is even less well known, it is a good Halloween book because of its scary scary writing.

This is the story of a couple who decided to adopt a child. You choose a child with amnesia who doesn’t remember his past. Innocent-looking girls have a lot of secrets. Soon she starts to sleepwalk and work carelessly. How are they going to deal with that answer and what’s going to happen to them? Well, read the book to find out more!

8. Intensity

Dean Koontz's Amazing Books

There are several books that stay in your head for a long time, and Intensity is one of them. He follows the character of Chin, who comes from a cruel and unhappy family. She visits the house of her friend Laura, who is the opposite of her family. Soon the adventures begin when a serial killer appears who tries to kill people here and there. It’s kind of a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end, and you don’t want to leave it until the end. And let me tell you, it has an incredible and intense ending you can imagine. That’s why the book was one of his best, and you should definitely read it.

9. Third party

The Dean's Best Books

The book revolves around different characters and focuses on their lives. The book has a different approach than the other books by Dean Koontz, who are generally known for their subject matter. All characters suffer from different psychological problems, which makes them unusual. What began as a case study of different characters has now become a mystery of their origins as they discover images in which they are all present. It’s too good a book to amuse you.

10. Flash

Dean Koontz's book list

It’s another example of the Dean Koontz thriller you don’t want to miss. Although it sounds like a simple story about a girl named Laura who was born during a storm. The girl is still in danger, and a stranger keeps rescuing her. What for? Nobody knows that. Eventually the secret comes out and leaves you all amazed and shocked. So if you have the time and feel the need to read something light and exciting, this is the book for you.

11. Dragon stories

Dean's List

If you read the first line of this book, it will be difficult to leave it until the end. The books will make you stick and you won’t leave the book in the middle thanks to the funny spelling. The story revolves around Harry’s week as a policeman with his partner Connie Gulliver. Many incidents will surprise you. The same goes for the man whispering in Harry’s ear: You’ll be dead in 16 hours. Why and how? These are the questions that keep popping up in the book.

12. Murder

Books by Dean Koontz

Mr. Murder is the story of the California writer Marty Stillwater. In fact, the figure is inspired by Dean Kunz himself. It’s rather strange that the author feels a mysterious connection with a man known as the killer, he also has a strange resemblance to the author himself in his appearance.

The killer is nothing more than a genetically engineered professional killer who is bribed to kill certain people and those who stand in his way. There are some things that will interest you. So if you prefer the science fiction genre and the dramatic thriller, this book is perfect for you.

13. Life expectancy

Dean Koonz's most popular books

The expectation of life concerns the birth and prophecy of the protagonist Jimmy Tok. And these prophecies will have a great impact on his life. When he was born, his grandfather predicted a lot for his future, including five dark nights in which the main character will suffer. In the wool is an interesting look at the family and the education of the main character and how everything is connected! All in all, you’re gonna love this book, too.

14. Husband

Dean Konz's popular books

As the name suggests, it’s the story of a man who is a rescue service for his abducted wife. You’ll find your wife’s slogan on the front page. You can bring it back for $2 million in cash. It certainly looks like an ordinary kidnapping thriller, but there’s a lot more to it than that. First, medical history will tell you about the journey of your husband, who found so much care without realizing it. But soon you will find a complex and exciting plot.

15. Midnight

Dean Koontz's popular books

Another kind of science fiction and thriller by Dean Kunz that you will find interesting to read. Here you have a good thriller based on a beach that is half man and half monster. We won’t talk about it much and we’ll leave it up to you to find and read the book. See if this is going to be your favorite book and enjoy yourself with heartbreaking experiences.


Well, these are Dean Koontz’s best books we recommend. These books have been well received by critics and readers. So don’t miss these gems, you will certainly thank us later for the presentation of these books.

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