When it comes to novels, Nora Roberts has certainly earned the title of one of the best novelists. In the course of her career, Nora Roberts has written more than 220 novels, in different genres such as romanticism, fantasy and tension, which have earned her not only fame but also numerous awards. His books have been on the bestseller list of The New York Times for over 800 weeks!

Her writing career began when she was the mother of two boys and took care of them. In an interview, she said she had nothing better to do than write. And she wrote about different ideas until she finally decided to write a novel. She wrote up to six manuscripts, but was rejected by a large publisher.

His first novel, Irish Thorbred, was published in 1981. After that she never stopped and is now known as one of the best novelists. Nora Roberts has also published several books under many pseudonyms such as J.D. Robb, Jill March and Sarah Hardesty. Nora Roberts has also won several prestigious awards, such as the Gold Medal and the RITA Awards.

Because she has written many books in the course of her career, it is difficult to choose one, and it is also difficult for newcomers to start with a book by Nora Roberts. We have here a list of Nora Roberts’ best books to read or choose if you are a beginner. Take a look at the list below and find the best book by Nora Roberts.

Nora Roberts Books

Books for beginners

1. White Vision

Vision in White is one of Nora Roberts’ best books, you’ll find it. This series is part of the Brides Quartet, a four-part series that appeared in 2009.

The story revolves around four friends who have always wanted to start their own wedding planning and now have a successful wedding planning company called Vows! There are four characters: Laurel, Parker, Mac and Emma.

They all do an excellent job in planning a fantastic wedding for their clients. Although they make good plans to make D-Day especially for others, they undoubtedly face challenges related to the love aspect of their own lives. This series focuses on the characters and how they find their partners next to their work.

This may seem like a general concept for a novel, but Nora Roberts has done exceptionally well with amazing details and a plot with not so perfect characters! So this should be your first choice if you’ve never taken a Nora Roberts novel or any other novel.

2. Blue Dahlia

nora robert's book

If you don’t like cheerful, cheesy love stories with perfect dresses and hair and you want a little more drama or excitement in the story, then Blue Dahlia might be the perfect choice for you. This book is the first novel in a garden trilogy written by Nora Roberts, and the book was published in 2004.

The story revolves around Stella, a widow who has just started turning the page and found a new love in her life, Logan Kitridge. But somebody’s not very happy about it! The spirit of Harper’s bride, who has wandered around the Harper house for centuries, is unhappy with the growing love affair between the two and simply wants to separate them.

The story perfectly combines the romance, fantasy and intrigue that are Nora Roberts’ specialties. She has done a fantastic job and people have praised this book for its unique genre. So this could be Nora Roberts’ next book!

3. Birth

Nora Roberts' best book

Birthright is also considered the best work of Nora Roberts, and the story is super funny and full of excitement. The character of Callie Dunbrook may be the reason for the book’s success, because Nora Roberts made the book phenomenal.

Callie Dunbrook is a retired archaeologist, she is smart, insightful and passionate about her work. And maybe that’s why she decided to retire when she heard about the discovery of some old bones in a small town. The adventure begins when she gets to know the causes of people’s deaths and keeps digging until she is satisfied with the discovery. But the presence of her ex and a mysterious man who pretends to know everything about her makes her journey even more adventurous and unpredictable!

4. Black Hills

Nora's best books

Next on our list is Nora Roberts’ best book on Black Hills. It is a novel about love, excitement and drama that entertains readers and makes sure everyone is worth their money.

The story is about Cooper Sullivan, who always spends his summers with his grandparents in South Dakota, and there he meets a girl named Lil Chance. They have spent many years together, and when they are together, they walk and explore their surroundings in an adventurous way.

After a long time, Cooper goes back to his sick grandparents and meets Lil. When they finally meet again, they decide to take one last adventure to discover some secrets and find answers to some things they have been observing for a long time.

5. Sea Route

the best books in the cave

Sea Swept is part of another trilogy by Nora Roberts and is the first book in a series of three entitled Chesapeake Bay. The story is that of four brothers who were all adopted and rescued from a terrible childhood.

The story is that of a womanizer who grew up as a good man, who looks after his family and takes care of everyone. The story can make you cry, make you laugh, and above all make you fall in love with the characters (even their flaws!). Then read this.

6. New York to Dallas

Books for beginners

From New York to Dallas, as part of Nora Roberts’ In the Death series. The series presents the character of Lieutenant Eve Dallas. Over the course of the series she has evolved so much that she is now stronger, smarter and knows how to deal with difficult situations.

But when a dangerous criminal, Issac McQueen, goes free, she worries more than ever. A rogue criminal can hurt young girls as he believes, and now it is more important than ever that Eva Issac stops once and for all and gets justice for his victims.

A strong story, with lots of content and good characters. This book is one of Nora Robertson’s best novels and is definitely a book not to be missed!

7. Born in Flames

Nora Kleinhirn's books are fine.

Born on Fire is another of Nora Roberts’ best books to read. This is where the action of the book takes place in Ireland, one of Nora Roberts’ favourite places.

She described Ireland beautifully, where people are imbued with both the beauty of the country and the arts. The character of Margret Mary is well written, because she is fierce, a great person and a great artist. She falls in love with the gallery owner and their love story is so pure and passionate that one falls in love with both the characters and the writing style of Nora Roberts.

8. Indicator

nora robert book in order of reading

Witness the involvement of the Russian mafia, the irresistible heroine and the breathtaking hero! The characters seek revenge by conspiring against them, but will that be enough? Or are they going to hurt each other?

This novel has all the elements that make it one of Nora Roberts’ best works, and as it is the 200th anniversary of her death, it is one of her best works. The author’s book is, she made it unforgettable! If you’re looking for the perfect romantic thriller, The Witness should be at the top of the list.

9. Villa

list of norin robertz's books

Villa is a story between two people who are professional rivals, but who feel strongly connected to each other.

The story is that of Sophia, who is the pride of the Giambelli family and runs the family winery. Her family has announced a surprise merger with the McMillan family, where she’s going out with Tyler McMillan. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to set up the merger funding, but she’s not ready for the chemistry between her and Tyler.

Writing a story is simple, but beautiful, with the perfect choice of characters. It is always interesting to see how the characters balance their professional and personal relationships at the same time. It’s an independent novel, so you can take it and read it without the text!

10. Angel traps

List of Norin books

Angel’s case is a perfect mix of love, mystery, sensation, excitement, murder and madness. As with the other books, Nora Roberts has done an excellent job in presenting readers with the best plot.

Rhys Gilmore survives, and she’s on the run from her old life. She’s moved into her new apartment, Angel Mist. Even though she’s still having panic attacks and nightmares, she’s trying to move on. But her past seems to touch her again when she sees that a man hurts a woman, but can’t prove it to anyone. She knows there’s a killer, but how can she prove it before it’s too late?

11. Research

nora robert's book series

Search is another famous book by Nora Roberts you should read. The protagonist of the story is Fiona Bristow, the only survivor of a serial killer who has murdered several women. Today she has rebuilt her life and moved to a new place, leaving traces of her past.

Her life seems to change again when new people come into her life and she has to decide whether she wants to keep them or not. At the same time another serial killer comes into her life and she is appalled at the thought of meeting him!

It would be interesting to see where her life takes her and what role new people play in it. Does she have to look out for people?

12. Aurora borealis

nora robert's book

Northern Lights looks like a perfect novel by Nora Roberts with all the characteristic elements of the author.

Nate Burke is a cop who saw his partner die on the street, and he’s full of guilt. To put this horrible incident behind him, he decided to take a job as police chief in a small town in Alaska. There he meets pilot Meg Galloway, who seems to influence him forever.

Just when he thinks everything’s okay, a killer shows up in town and kills several people. Nate has to do everything in his power to stop it!

13. Always continue

Books for beginners

Next Always is part of the Inn Boonsboro trilogy. The book tells the story of an inn that has survived many wars over the years, as well as peace.

An extraordinary adventure in a book – a love story that will make you cry! The characters move away from each other and find their way back.

14. Montana Sky

norin roberts' books

Montanne Sky has three sisters who want to buy a farm. Although they’re not close, they still have to get together now that the money is at stake. The book contains three different stories about three different women. And it would be interesting to read their individual stories.

15. Dancing on the waves

Books for beginners

Dance Upon the Air is the story of a woman who decides to leave her abusive husband and start a new life by moving to a new city and finding a new job. The heroine overcomes all her fears and falls in love with herself to live her life the way she wants!


So these are the best Nora Roberts books you should read. They’re all very much appreciated by critics and readers, so we’re sure you’ll like them too. So choose one of Nora Roberts’ books above and we’re sure you’ll have a great reading experience.

We thank you for visiting our site and come back regularly to read more articles about other authors and book series.

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