Books about vampires have gained popularity in recent years, especially thanks to the famous Twilight series and The Vampire Diaries. The genre is growing rapidly and people are trying to find new stories outside of these two. So far, they have succeeded, as we have come across several books about vampires and each one was worth reading.

Someone who is relatively new to this field may feel that there are too many or too few books about vampires. With the choices available to us, it is neutral to feel a little confused when it comes to choosing the best vampire book to read.

That is why we have written this article, in which we want to save you the trouble of going through all the available vampire books and choosing the best one.

To get you started in the genre of vampire books, we have selected 15 of the best vampire books to read. Check them out and pick a few that you like.

Vampire Books

vampire books

1. Dracula by Bram Stoker

The very first book that came to mind was Dracula! It is more of a classic vampire book that was published in 1897. Although the book is over a century old, it is still one of the best vampire books of all time.

The book introduces us to the character Dracula, and he is ready to spread the curse across England and show the power of his blood. However, his intentions will not come so easily. Another main character, Professor Abraham Van Helsing, is the protagonist of this story, and everything depends on a group of people fighting against Dracula.

This book may have nothing to do with contemporary vampire stories, but it certainly marks the beginning of vampire literature in history. The story revolves mainly around Transylvania and England, but other places appear as well. The characters and story are excellent and always keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a captivating vampire story that you will enjoy reading.

Because it’s a classic, you should start with it, because it’s worth it. The book became a bestseller as soon as it was published.

Two, “Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King.

best vampire books

Our next choice for the list of best vampire books is Salem’s Lot! The book was published in 1975 and was the author’s second book. The book was also very popular with people who like to read about vampires and others. The book was nominated and also won many awards. It was also adapted into a mini-series.

The book introduces us to a writer named Ben Mears. He returned to his childhood in Salem Lot, where he lived from the age of five to nine. He soon discovered that something unnatural was going on. After a while, he finds out that the villagers are becoming vampires.

He has come a long way to ensure that the people of the city remain safe. The battle between him and the bloodthirsty creatures will be long and bloody. It would be pretty cool to read this novel. Since it is a novel by Stephen King, you can set the bar very high, after all, he is called the King of Horror Literature!

3. George R.R. Martin’s “Dream of Fevre”.

vampire best books

Everything George R.R. Martin can write, when you consider that his book “Song of Fire and Ice” became one of the bestsellers and one of the most popular TV series, “Game of Thrones”! You should know that he is a well-known fantasy/science/horror author and you can expect more from him.

Fevre Dream by George R. R. Martin will be our next choice for the best books about vampires. The book is just as captivating and celebrated as his other novels, and you will be fully invested in the story until the very end.

The story of the book revolves around a ship’s captain, Abner Marsh. He is struggling, but he is lucky enough to be offered a partnership by Joshua, a wealthy aristocrat. However, he finds something unusual about Joshua, as he is pale and his eyes sometimes look ominous. But money always wins out over distrust. When he agrees to a deal with Joshua, he finds in him much more than he could have imagined.

Soon the story begins to unfold and we are faced with vampire hunters, vampires and a race of dead and supernatural against humanity.

4. the historian Elizaveta Kostova

vampire books best

The Historian is another book about vampires that came out in 2005. This book is a new version, given our other selections on the list, and also the author’s first novel.

Although the book falls into many different genres, such as gothic novel, adventure novel, detective, thriller, etc., our main focus was on the vampire genre of the book, which we found beautifully written. Part of the book is inspired by Bram Stocker’s Dracula, the narrator of the book reveals the secrets of the story. The author tried to describe Dracula more as a metaphor and show how good and evil are intertwined.

Although it is a bit different from other vampire books, it is a must read if you love the genre.

5. Interview with a vampire door Anne Rice.

best vampire books to read

Interview with a Vampire is another popular Anne Rice book about vampires that you should read at some point. This book is the author’s first novel and was published in 1970.

The story of the book is based on a vampire named Lois de Pointe du Lac. He tells his life story to a reporter. He tells the reporter how he became a vampire and how he survived all these years. The story is very interesting and for the first time it is told in such a way that vampires are not necessarily considered bad guys. A story about an empathetic vampire has captured the hearts of readers and this is where it should be read.

6. carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

vampire books to read

Carmilla is also one of the first books on the vampire genre, and was published in 1972. The book presents not only the vampire genre, but also a lesbian romance.

The story revolves around a young woman who is wanted by a vampire named Carmilla. The story of obsession and love keeps you on the edge of your seat and you always look forward to turning the next page and seeing what happens. Will they be together and live happily ever after or is this just the beginning of the end for them?

7. “Vampire” tapestry by Susie McKee Charnas.

vampire books list

The Vampire Tapestry is one of the other great vampire novels that will interest you. The book was published in 1980.

The book is about a vampire-like creature, Edward Weyland. In this book, his condition is characterized by biological flaws rather than supernatural causes. As mentioned, this is a vampire-like creature, but there are few similarities. It must survive and feed on human blood, but it refuses to kill or try to steal in the laboratory.

In this vampire story, you feel both empathy and anger for the character who struggles with himself to figure out who he is and what he wants in life.

8. “Vampire” by John William Polidori.

list of vampire books

The Vampire was published in 1819. Even as a bicentennial, the book remains on the list of the best books about vampires. There is something about the books written at that time in history, and if you pay enough to read them, you will enjoy them too.

People loved the way the book presented the elements of vampirism. The story is very intriguing and you will definitely enjoy it. It’s a fairly short book that you can easily read in a short amount of time, so if you have to fly or something, it’s a book to have with you.

9th Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

best vampire book

Vampire Academy is one of the most popular vampire series. The series is written by American author Richelle Mead and the first book of the series was published in 2007.

The book revolves around the character of Rose Hathaway, she is half Moorish and half human, and she lives with vampires and humans. She only takes blood from donors and wants to become a guardian at the Academy of Saint Vladimir. In this story there is both good and evil, and it is people’s choices that make them good or bad, not the natural way of life.

The series is divided into six parts. You should choose them if you have a long line of vampires.

10. some dark things by Silvia Moreno Garcia

top vampire book

Certain Dark Things is another one of our favorite books about vampires that you should read at some point. The book was published in 2016, so it is relatively current and young readers are more likely to be interested in it.

The story is set in Mexico and vampires are not uncommon in this country. The story is about a street boy named Domingo. His life changes when he meets the warm, brave, dangerous and beautiful vampire Atl. The course of his life changes once she comes into his life. But with her, a lot of mystery, danger and action invades his life.

11. The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith.

vampire book

The book needs little introduction thanks to the television adaptation of the same name. The book revolves around the characters, Elena, Damon and Stefan.

Two vampire brothers and a girl whose chemistry leads to a love triangle. As the story progresses, Elena learns more about Stefan and Damon’s past lives and somehow becomes part of their dark lives. The story is divided into several books, so if you want to immerse yourself in a vampire love story, the choice is yours.

If you have already seen the series, don’t worry, the book is very different from the series.

12. “Dead Before Dark” by Charlene Harris.

best vampire book

“Dead to Dark” is the first book of the Southern Vampire Mysteries. The book was written by Charlene Harris and published in 2001.

The book was written by Stoky Stackhouse, a telepathic writer from tiny Louisiana. The book is written in a world where vampires are very real, just like other creatures. The writer, though human, falls in love with a vampire named Bill Compton. The story is about love and the vampire community as a whole.

13. Let in the judge Adjvid Lindqvist.

vampire book to read

Next on our list of best vampire books is Let the Right One In! The story of the book is set in Stockholm in the 1980s and revolves around the relationship between a 12-year-old boy, Oscar, and an ancient child vampire, Eli. Although the book focuses on vampires, it deals with basic human issues such as fear, social isolation, divorce, fearlessness, bullying in school, etc. Unlike other books, this book brings to light the darkest side of humanity.

14. The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

vampire books

Discovering Witches is also one of the best vampire books to read. The book revolves around the character of Diana Bishop, who is a witch. She is involved in a forbidden romance with a vampire, Matthew Clairmont.

This book is the first in the Whole Soul series. It is a series of three books that is very fascinating.

15. Sunset by Stephenie Meyer

best of vampire books

Last but not least, we must include Twilight in our list of best vampire books. This book, which popularized the vampire genre and the movie, has also become a worldwide success. It is a love story with vampires and other supernatural creatures.

If you haven’t read or seen the movies yet, it’s worth a look, as it’s one of the most popular books about vampires.


So these are some of the best vampire books you can find. You may have heard about them and even seen the movies, but the book is worth reading. The books we listed above are among the best-selling books about vampires, and both readers and critics have enjoyed them.

All in all, choose any of the above vampire books and you will have a lot of fun reading about these deadly, mysterious, and seductive vampires!

Our work here is done, and we hope you enjoyed our article and got what you were looking for.

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