Looking for a little more comfort in your bathroom?

If so, you may be interested in one of the best heated toilet seats. These products make going to the bathroom as pleasurable as possible and many come with some amazing additional features (like bidet function).

There are options on this list to suit all needs and budgets as well.

Let’s take a look at them now!

Toto C100

Company: TOTO

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

You’re going to see a lot of Toto products on this list and they make some of the top toilet seats and heated toilet seats on the market. Their C100 isn’t their best but it is one of their best values.

Believe it or not, you’re going to see products later on that cost $600, $700 and even more than $900. Not everyone wants to spend that type of cash for their toilet seat and if you’re one of those people, the C100 is for you – it’ll cost around $359.


  • Side control panel: All the features coming up are controlled with the panel located on the side of the seat. This panel makes life very easy and ensures you have full control over your time in the bathroom.
  • 3 heat settings: One of the things you can control on the side panel is the heat of the toilet seat. You can choose between 3 different heat settings so you always get the exact warmth you want.
  • Automatic air deodorizer: Have you ever been in a bathroom that just smelled foul? If you decide on the C100 you won’t have to worry about that happening. This product makes sure your toilet always smells nice and fresh.
  • Bidet function: This product isn’t just a toilet seat either. It has bidet function and gives you many cleansing options (this cleansing is fully automatic and gives you rear, front and an oscillating cleanse).
  • 5 different water pressures: You get full control over the water pressure that cleans you too. When you want a high amount you can have that and when you want less you can have that as well.
  • 3 water temperatures: You even get to determine the temperature of the water that cleans you.
  • Soft close function: One of the most startling noises is when the toilet seat crashes down. This toilet seat prevents that from happening with soft close function and protects your investment from breaking.
  • Self cleaning wand: You won’t even have to get your hands dirty cleaning this product. The C100 cleans itself and keeps your toilet sparkling at all times.

Now you see why I think this toilet seat is one of the best values! The C100 is well loved too and most customers are more than happy with what they get.

Brondell L60-RW (Toilet only)

Company: Brondell

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The last product you saw was compatible with a bidet (and a lot of seats on this list are) but not everyone needs that. Some people just have a normal toilet and just want a heated seat for that toilet.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with the Brondell L60-RW. This product doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive seats on the market but it’s very affordable.


  • 3 different heat settings: The temperature isn’t always the same and you’ll need different warmth settings to always be comfortable. You’ll get exactly that if you decide on this product.
  • LED nightlight: You won’t have to stumble around in the dark if you own this seat either. It has a bright and soothing nightlight installed to help when the lights aren’t on.
  • Gentle closing: This is another seat that won’t make a loud noise when it shuts. It’s designed to close gently and without crashing.
  • Very simple to use: The controls are very intuitive and any person will easily be able to figure out how to work the heating.

Like I said up top this Brondell seat is extremely affordable because it doesn’t have bidet features. If you’re on a budget and just want the warmth feature, this is the product for you!

Bio Bidet BB-600

Company: Bio Bidet

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another product that is a toilet and bidet seat cover. Not only does the Bio Bidet BB-600 give you the warmth of a heated seat you also get a spa like experience and cleansing.

One aspect that I know you’re going to love is the control panel on the side. This side panel is ultra easy to use and really makes life easier. If you want anything changed you can easily tell which button does what – there won’t be any unpleasant surprises because you hit the wrong button!


  • Multiple heat settings: This is definitely a feature that you’re going to appreciate. You get full control over the temperature of the seat.
  • Air dry: After your cleaning this seat automatically gives you an air drying. You’ll be completely dry and comfortable every time you sit down because of this.
  • Hydraulic seat: This seat won’t come crashing down or anything like that. When you spend hundreds on a toilet seat you want to make sure it’s going to last and this helps it do just that.
  • Self cleaning: Nobody likes cleaning toilets. This Bio Bidet product ensures your toilet is as clean as possible with little effort from you.
  • You control water temperature: The water that cleans you is stored in a separate tank. When you go to use the bidet function you get to pick how warm it is

How much is this product going to cost? It depends on where you buy it but it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t say it’s cheap by any means but it’s certainly not overly expensive.

Also, this is another seat that has a lot of reviews from happy customers. You can read these customer’s experiences by clicking below:

TOTO S550e

Company: TOTO

Price: $$$$$$

Our Rating: 5/5

If Ferrari made a toilet and bidet seat it would be the TOTO S550e. Earlier you saw a TOTO seat and I said it wasn’t their best one – the S550e is their best one and is the top product on this list.

This seat, in my opinion, is a luxury, though. You’ll love what it can do for you because it has so many features but it’s extremely expensive and the most expensive you’ll find in this guide. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend a lot on your new heated seat, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


  • 5 heat settings: You’ve seen this a few times already but this product goes a step further and gives you 5 options for seat warmth. You’re guaranteed to be as comfortable as possible because of this.
  • 5 water temperatures: Another reason you’ll be so comfortable is you get to choose the exact temperature of the water that cleans you – the water will never be too cold or hot.
  • 5 water pressures: Also, you have the ability to select the perfect water pressure.
  • Remote control: The S550e comes with a remote control so you can select all your preferences. This control is very easy to use too.
  • Self cleaning wand and deodorizing: Cleaning a toilet isn’t fun work and this product ensures you’ll have to spend as little time as possible doing that. You get an automatic deodorizing after you’re done and your bathroom will always smell fresh because of this.
  • Instant drying: After the bidet function this seat has an air dry system that quickly eliminates all moisture.

Like I said up top this product is expensive. If you’re craving a spa like experience every time you go to the bathroom and have the extra to spend, I would consider the S550e.

Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-500

Company: Lotus

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have another seat that works for both toilets and bidets. Like a few of the products you’ve seen so far, the Lotus ATS-500 comes with a side control panel.

This has many benefits and the main one is it lets you choose your settings with ease. The buttons are simple to read and you’ll be able to work it right away, without any issues.


  • 3 heat settings: The seat comes with 3 heat settings, which is pretty standard.
  • Child wash: If you have a family with children, this feature is one you’ll love. It ensures they have a comfortable experience like the one you get.
  • 5 water pressures: This aspect is a must have in my opinion. Everyone has different preferences and some like a little more pressure while others like less.
  • 5 different nozzle positions: No matter what part of your bottom needs cleaning, you’ll be able to thoroughly rinse because of this.
  • 5 different air dryer levels: Want even more customization? After you get your cleaning you get 5 different drying levels.
  • Energy save mode: If you’re worried about your water bill or wasting water, this seat is for you. This product does a good job conserving water.

You know what’s really great about the Lotus ATS-500 is it’s pretty affordable and because of this it’s one of the best values. So if you don’t want to spend a ton of money on your new seat and still want quality, this is definitely one to think about.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000

Company: Bio Bidet

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Here we have another high tech and high end toilet and bidet seat. The BB2000 is the second Bio Bidet product you’ve seen so far and this one is definitely superior.

In fact, this is one of Bio Bidet’s best products and that’s saying a lot. This company is well known for their toiletry products and if you’re getting one of their top seats, you are getting quality.


  • Multiple heated seat temperatures: The BB2000 is another seat that gives you control over the temperature.
  • Oscillating nozzle: You can clean a wide cleaning area because of this. You can expect to feel nice and fresh because of this.
  • Gentle closing system: When you spend a lot of money on a seat, you don’t want it to break from closing too hard. You won’t have to worry about the lid closing hard if you purchase the BB2000.
  • Wireless control: It’s very easy to control the bidet functions and heat system with the remote. The remote is user friendly too.
  • Night light: Another aspect that makes this product worth it is it comes with a night light – no more stumbling through the dark to go to the bathroom because of this.

There’s many, many more features and most are similar to ones that I’ve listed with other seats. If you want to check the price and look more into all the features I didn’t mention, click below:

Brondell S300-EW

Company: Brondell

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

The Brondell S300-EW is a lot like the bidet seats you’ve seen so far but this one isn’t as quality as the high end seats. It performs well, just not like the TOTO 550e or the one you just saw.

One aspect that is similar to most of the seats on this list is the S300 has multiple heat settings. If it’s a very cold day you can crank it to high and if you just want a little warmth you can leave it on low.


  • Wireless remote: Not only does this remote make life easier, it’s very intuitive. This means you’ll easily be able to figure out what does what.
  • Different water temperatures: This is another standard feature with bidet seats. You get to select the water temperature that suits you best.
  • Gentle lid closing: Nobody likes the noise of a seat that crashes down and this prevents that from happening. It also prevents damage from happening.
  • Multiple water pressure settings: Some people like to be cleaned with a lot of water pressure and others less. Luckily this product caters to everyone.
  • Installs easily: Some bidet seats can be a little complicated to install but not this one. Anyone, even with little experience, should be able to set this seat up.

There is a major plus with the Brondell S300 and that would be the price. This is one of the few products on this list I would describe as affordable and overall the S300 is an excellent value.

Kohler 8298-0

Company: Kohler

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Kohler is a well known name in bathroom products and it wouldn’t be a proper list without including them. This seat is very high quality and one that people who want the very best will enjoy.

One thing that you’re going to love is how comfortable this seat is to sit on. It’s ergonomically designed and a lot of thought went into it.


  • Multiple heat settings for water and seat: Having control over the heat of the water and seat is very important and improves the overall experience of your time in the bathroom. You get 5 heat settings for the seat too.
  • Night light: The toilet bowl comes with a LED light and it really makes it glow in the dark. You’ll easily be able to get to the toilet in the dark because of this.
  • Adjustable air dryer: After you’re done with the water cleaning you get an air drying. You control the air speed and temperature as well.
  • Side control panel: You’ve seen this feature a few times already and it’s one I really like. It makes life much easier and allows you to easily control everything.
  • Air deodorizer and carbon filter: These two features keep your bathroom smelling good at all times and prevents embarrassing smells from developing.

When you buy from Kohler you can rest assured you’re going to get a product that functions well and is a little pricey. This seat isn’t overly expensive, though, and is cheaper than the more costly ones listed here.


Company: TOTO

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 4.9/5

The TOTO K300 is another high end TOTO product and one that’s going to add luxury to any bathroom. It’s also going to make your time going in the bathroom better and more enjoyable.

This product can be used on a standard toilet or function as a bidet. If you’re using it for the latter you can expect all the features you’d want in a bidet seat – multiple water temperatures and pressures, different spray patterns, and air dryer.


  • Several heated seat settings: Like most of the products on this list, it gives several heat settings for the seat. This allows you to be comfortable at all times.
  • Air deodorizer: This is an aspect every person will enjoy. Imagine always having a sweet smell in your bathroom and never having to worry about foulness lingering in the air.
  • Wireless remote: When you go to make a change you won’t struggle to do so – this seat comes with an easy to use wireless remote.
  • Self cleaning wand: I personally don’t like to get on my hands and knees to scrub the toilet. If you purchase this TOTO seat you’ll be down there as little as possible to clean.
  • Auto energy saver: This is a handy little feature and keeps your water bill down. It also helps conserve water.

All TOTO products are expensive and this one is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive TOTO seats on this list. If you have a bidet, however, this seat is definitely worth thinking about. It really does make every trip to the bathroom into a spa like experience.

Smart Bidet SB-2000

Company: Smart Bidet

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Smart Bidet SB-2000 is another product that delivers in many different ways. If you’re looking for a seat that both warms your behind and has different cleaning functions, you should think about this one.

One thing I really like about the SB-2000 is the nozzle that does the cleansing can be in five different positions. This ensures you get the most thorough cleaning imaginable and it makes it perfect for both men and women.


  • 3 heated seat settings: You’ve seen a few products so far that have had 5 heat settings but this one comes with 3. That’s more than enough to always feel comfortable, though.
  • 3 temperatures for water: This is a key feature in my opinion and one that you definitely want with a bidet seat. You’ll never be shocked with cold water or hot water because of this.
  • Very easy to install: You don’t have to be a certified plumber to get this seat up and going either. Any person with a basic understanding of tools can install this seat.
  • Side control panel: The side control panel makes life more simple and it’s easy to use. The instructions on the buttons are clear as day and labeled.

The price isn’t that bad either and this seat is an excellent value. Plus, it has a ton of reviews from happy customers and if you want to read them, click below:

Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury

Company: Brondell

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

I would describe the Brondell Swash 1400 as a higher end heated bidet and it’s a seat that should be used in luxurious bathrooms – it has the functionality and look that people wanting the best will appreciate.

This seat comes in two different sizes, elongated and round, and this ensures this product will work with any bidet or toilet seat. You won’t have to worry if it’s going to fit or not.


  • Comes with a deodorizer: It can be stressful letting visitors in your home to go to the bathroom. If you decide on the Brondell 1400 you won’t have to worry about bad smells or anything like that.
  • Adjustable water temperature and pressure: Like most of the products so far, this one lets you adjust how warm the water cleaning you is and how much pressure the water has.
  • Air dryer: This is a handy little feature and one the ensures you’re as dry as possible.
  • 7 nozzle positions: Most seats so far have come with a few nozzle positions but this one comes with 7.  This makes sure you’re going to be very clean.
  • Aerated wash spray: The 1400 is another seat that self cleans and this means less time you have to be scrubbing the toilet bowl.

So how much does this seat cost? Over $500. Do I think it’s worth it? If you have a bidet it definitely is. The Brondell 1400 is very high quality and one that makes going to bathroom much more enjoyable.

Bemis H900NL (Toilet Only)

Company: Bemis

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

You’ve seen a lot of seats so far that were both made for toilets or a bidet. Not every person has a bidet, though, and some just need a heated seat for their toilet. If that’s you, the Bemis H900BL is a product you definitely need to consider.

This product doesn’t have all the extra features that the bidet seats have but it does a good job keeping your bottom nice and toasty when you sit down.


  • Night light: This is another seat that illuminates the bowl and you’ll have an easy time getting to the toilet when it’s dark.
  • Quiet close: This Bemis product also has features that prevent it from slamming down.
  • Super grip bumpers: These bumpers keep the seat in place and keeps it from shifting around when you’re sitting on it.
  • Multiple heat settings: Every high quality heated toilet seat has this and so does the Bemis H900BL

Because this seat doesn’t have all the extra aspects that come with a bidet seat, this product is actually pretty affordable. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest seats on this list.

Bio Bidet Slim Two

Company: Bio Bidet

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Here we have an affordable option for anyone looking for a high functioning bidet seat, loaded with different technologies. One thing I know you’re going to love is the remote control that comes with it.

This remote is very suave looking and easy to use. Not only is everything labeled in easy to read words, but there are also pictures to assist in your selection. You’ll always get exactly what you want because of this.


  • Night light: This is a nice feature and you’ll appreciate it when you go to the bathroom when it’s dark out.
  • Child wash: Your child will be able to use too. This bidet seat comes with a feature that’s made especially for kids.
  • Self cleaning: The Slim also cleans its self too. This makes life much easier and ensures you won’t have to clean as much.

There’s a bunch of other aspects you’ll find with this product that are standard in all bidet seats like massaging feature and more. And this is one of the few fully functioning bidet seats that cost under less too. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks, this is a seat you’ll want to consider.

Kohler K-4737

Company: Kohler

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.7/5

This seat is the second from Kohler on this list and is one that everyone should consider – it’s well made and has all the features that you’d want.

One thing that you’ve seen a few times already that’s included with this seat is a side controller. Like the last product you just saw, the buttons on the controller are very easy to read and are labeled so any person can use.


  • 3 heat settings: This is something you’re going to enjoy. You’ll always be very comfortable because of this.
  • Massage feature: One thing you’ll love is the pulsating water feature. This makes your time in the bathroom much more enjoyable.
  • Air dryer: This is a must have if you plan on using a bidet. It makes sure you’re nice and dry after you’re done cleaning.
  • Air filter: Bad smells in a bathroom are the worst. If you decide on this seat, however, you won’t have to worry about it because this seat sucks in foul air in the bowl and filters it out.

This product is in the middle in terms of price. It’s not as cheap as the more affordable products buts it’s not as expensive as the more costly seats.

Smart Bidet SB-110

Company: Smart Bidet

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 4.8/5

The Smart Bidet SB-110 is a lot like the other high end bidet seats you’ve seen so far. There’s nothing really special about it but that’s necessarily a bad thing.

It just means you’ll get good performance and a lot of spa features, just none that are especially unique to the SB-110.


  • Stainless steel nozzle: You won’t have to worry about the nozzle rusting or anything like that. The stainless steel nozzle prevents it.
  • Triple spray: You get cleaning from three different angles. This ensures you get the most thorough cleaning possible.
  • 3 heated seat settings: You get the luxury of being able to choose how warm the seat is. This is a plus in many ways.
  • Air dryer: This seat comes with an air dryer and this ensures you get the most thorough drying imaginable.

The SB-110 also gives you a side controller for easy control. How much is this product going to cost? It’s is a pretty good deal for what you’re getting and very fair.

Ultra Touch Heated Toilet Seat (Toilet Only)

Company: Ultra Touch

Price: $$

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Last on the list we have a product that caters to people only looking for a toilet seat and not a bidet seat. The Ultra Touch Heated Seat is a nice seat for anyone that just wants warmth when they go to sit down.

One thing that’s nice with this Ultra Touch product is it installs very quickly. That’s because it attaches by quick release hinges. Putting this seat on and taking it off to clean is a breeze because of this.


  • Comfortable materials: Have you ever sat down on an uncomfortable toilet seat? It’s not enjoyable. This seat is made from very comfortable materials and will always feel good to sit on.
  • Built in antimicrobial: I like this feature a lot and it prevents mildew from developing.
  • Durable: This seat is well made too. You won’t have to worry about the seat cracking or anything like that.

That great thing about this seat is this product is very affordable and much cheaper than a bidet seat. In fact, this seat costs about 1/5th as most of the products listed here.

Toilet And Bidet FAQ’S

1) Question: What are the pros and cons of a heated toilet seat?


Even though heated and bidet toilet seats have been around in Asian and European countries for a significantly long period of time, they are only now starting to show prominence in the American markets. American customers are now starting to realize the immense amount of benefits that they can experience with this kind of home improvement, which is why the market is suddenly seeing a positive surge.

Buying a heated toilet seat can prove to be incredible for anyone using it and something like this makes for a great improvement for your bathroom. If you are on the lookout for a heated toilet seat, you are going to first want to know about the intricacies of this product. To help you understand better, we have made a list of the pros and cons of going in for a heated toilet seat.

Pros Of A Heated Toilet Seat

The first section that we are going to start out with is all of the positive factors that make this kind of a product a good purchase:

  1. It Provides Warmth

One of the more obvious positives about a heated toilet seat is the fact that it offers warmth to the person using it. If you live in a particularly cold area or using the bathroom in the night or early in the morning, you know the sting that you can experience if you sit on a cold toilet seat. It is sure to wake you up but is not something that feels very pleasant. A heated toilet seat is always warm, so you never have to sit on something cold, no matter how cold it is around it.

  1. It Makes Sitting More Comfortable

The second pro about a heated toilet seat is correlated to the first point. Because a heated toilet seat never feels cold, it can make sitting on it a lot more comfortable. Sitting on a heated seat is a lot better than sitting on one that isn’t, and can make the entire job that you have to do a lot easier.

  1. It Can Help With Medical Conditions

Often, people who have been diagnosed with certain kinds of arthritis or any other kind of bone conditions find it hard to sit on a toilet seat. This is usually because the cold can cause them a lot more pain than usual. However, a heated toilet seat works to improve that issue and can be a huge relief to those who have been diagnosed with these kinds of medical disorders. Heat is also great for those who have problems with their muscles. It is a well-known fact that applying heat to an area with sore muscles can help relieve the pain and can loosen up the muscles in that area. Because of this, heated seats can be incredibly beneficial, even to those who experience constant muscle tenderness and stiffness.

  1. It is Not Hard To Install

One of the bigger misconceptions that people tend to have about heated toilet seats is the fact that they are hard to install and require special skills to be able to do. This is not true since heated toilet seats are just as easy to install as regular toilets. If you can install a regular toilet at home, you can do the same for one that has a heated seat. This is because most heated toilet seats come with most of their wired parts already fitted in. All you need to do is adjust the toilet in your bathroom the way you would with a regular one and you should be good to go. Even if you are still unfamiliar with installing toilets in your home, a regular plumber should be more than well equipped to do the job for you.

  1. It Can Be More Hygenic

One of the most prevalent worries that people have when it comes to toilets is the maintenance and cleanliness that they have to maintain. One of the best things about heated toilet seats is the fact that most of them tend to come with certain self-cleaning nozzles that maintain the toilet’s overall cleanliness. You still have to do regular cleaning of the toilet, but with this technology, the product maintains its hygienic conditions between each use. A lot of heated toilets also come with their own deodorizing technology that also helps to eliminate smells or odors. If you are looking for something that is an overall more hygienic option, a heated toilet seat is the way to do it.

  1. It Can Come With Additional Features

Most heated toilet seats come in the form of smart toilets. Smart toilets are those that have a certain kind of internal technology that can impact the way that the toilet functions as a whole. Since heated toilets tend to use an internal mechanism, these kinds of products do come with additional features that are linked to it. For example, a heated toilet can also come with a heated bidet and controlled temperature settings. There are several different variations of heated toilets on the market that come with their own sets of new features, which can improve the efficiency of the toilet as a whole.

Cons Of Heated Toilet Seats

Now that you are familiar with the pros of having a heated toilet seat, you are going to want to know the cons that follow. These can be deciding factors on whether or not you choose to go in for a heated toilet seat, and can largely vary depending on personal preferences and requirements.

  1. It Can Be Expensive

Toilets that have heated seats tend to use specialized technology to help them perform better. This internal technology is what increases the overall cost of the toilet, and sometimes, this can be a pretty significant increase form regular toilets. It is necessary to note that a smart toilet that has a heated toilet seat is an investment and something that can prove to be incredibly beneficial in the long run. If you want something that will last you a considerable amount of time, and which can perform smarter and more efficiently, you have to be willing to put in a little more for the right product.

  1. It Requires A Small Amount Of Upkeep

Because of the several components of a heated toilet, it becomes essential to maintain proper upkeep of it. After you have got your heated toilet, you are going to have to keep it incredibly clean and fix any kind of damage that may happen to it at the earliest. The inner wiring of the toilet may also need some changing after a few years, which is also something that you have to be ready to do.

  1. You May Need To Match The Rest Of Your Bathroom

While upgrading your entire bathroom while changing out your toilet may seem a bit excessive, it is something that people do while they are doing complete renovations of their bathrooms. If you are just changing up the toilet of your bathroom, you are going to want something that fits with the rest of the decor. Finding something that fits right can be hard, and sometimes even more expensive than usual. This might not be a problem for many, but it is definitely something that can impact one’s decision on the kind of toilet that they are choosing to go in for.

2) Question: What are common features of a bidet?


Adjustable Bidet Nozzle

An adjustable bidet nozzle can be a useful feature to have when more than one person is using the bidet. The adjustable bidet nozzle can ensure each user’s comfort as well as overall bathroom hygiene.

For anyone who has had the uncomfortable experience of having to move about on the toilet seat to use a bidet or having the bidet nozzle spray your back or knees or the floor instead, an adjustable nozzle for your bidet is a must!

Heated Air Dryer

Not everyone loves leaving the toilet seat with a dripping rear end! With a heated air dryer, there is no need to use any type of paper products for post-use drying.

This is not only an eco-friendly bidet option but is also considered more sanitary by many users, since it offers a completely hands-free bathroom experience.

Heated Bidet Toilet Seat

The heated bidet toilet seat may sound like the ultimate in bathroom luxury, but there are also some quite practical health reasons why this feature makes smart sense. For seniors, in particular, a heated bidet toilet seat can increase comfort for aching muscles and hips while using the facilities.

A heated bidet seat area can also improve relaxation, making going to the bathroom easier. And of course having a heated seat in wintertime can fight back against the icy shock of those midnight bathroom runs!

Air Conditioned Bidet Toilet Seat

Just as it can feel oh-so-nice to have a warm, heated bidet seat in winter, think of how nice it might feel to have a cool current of air greet you in the summer when it is time to go.

Water Temperature Control

Having control over the water temperature that comes spurting out of the bidet nozzle can help you adjust to different seasons. For example, you may want to have cooler water in summer and warmer water in winter.

Having more control over your bidet water temperature is also a good way to save money on hot water. And if you are dealing with any special skin issues, being able to have more control over the bidet water temperature can aid in healing.

Water Pressure Control

Another useful feature to look for in a bidet is individual control over water pressure. Some users like to have more intense bidet water pressure while others prefer a gentler experience. Your preferences and personal cleaning needs may be quite different from another family member!

The best way to make sure everyone is able to get the full benefits out of a bidet is to choose a model with individual water pressure control.

Bidet Deodorizer

Today air quality science has proven that many air freshening products do nothing more than attempt to mask odor by covering it up with an even stronger scent. These scents are frequently created through a complex cocktail of chemicals that can be harmful to breathe, especially for the very young and elderly in your family.

A bidet deodorizer works differently. By using a carbon filter to pull odor-producing molecules out of the air and thus purify the air itself, the bidet deodorizer actually removes the odor from the air without using any masking chemicals, leaving the bathroom air smelling fresh for the next user.

Remote Control Operation

The last thing you want to do when you are in the bathroom on the toilet is to have to turn around and manually fiddle with the bidet operation! This is where a remote control can transform your bidet experience from being a pain in the butt to being a joy to experience.

With a bidet remote control, you can make adjustments to everything from water temperature and pressure to the use of special features like the heated seat. These types of adjustments can be especially important for users with issues related to mobility or for seniors.

Stainless Steel Bidet Nozzle Material

The type of material used for the bidet nozzle itself can impact how sanitary and hygienic your bidet is to use. This is a concern even if you are the only one using your bidet, and becomes even more important if there are several users.

Stainless steel may sound like a luxury choice at first until you learn that stainless steel is a material that is naturally better at keeping bacteria in the toilet from growing and spreading. A treated stainless steel nozzle can further impair the growth of bacteria, providing for a more consistently hygienic experience with fewer cleaning duties.

Self-Cleaning Stainless Steel Bidet Nozzle

If there is one chore no one enjoys, it is cleaning the toilet! But when you choose a bidet that includes a self-cleaning nozzle feature, your cleaning duties are reduced and your enjoyment is maximized.

The self-cleaning feature will use water to clean out the bidet nozzle between uses. For the most hygienic experience, look for a feature that allows you to connect your bidet to your home hot water supply for a hot water clean between uses.

Self-Sterilizing Retractable Nozzle

Some bidet models go the extra mile and feature a self-cleaning, self-sterilizing retractable bidet nozzle. This offers an extra level of hygiene and protection, keeping the nozzle out of sight in its own enclosed compartment until it is needed.

Eco-Friendly Energy Saving Bidet

A bidet with an energy-saving feature is not just good for the planet. It is good for your household utility bills too! When the bidet is not needed, it will self power-down into “sleep” mode.

The pressure of someone sitting down on the seat will awaken the bidet and it will go to work. Then it will shut down into “sleep” mode again until the next user arrives.

Front Bidet Wash

Once relegated to the traditional Japanese bidet-equipped toilet, today the front wash is a standard feature for many bidet models. This one is specifically designed to offer lady users the same benefits as the rear wash.

White Noise Generator

It is a rare user who hasn’t wondered or worried a bit from time to time about the sounds coming from the bathroom! With this extra bidet feature, a white noise generator issues its own sounds to drown out any other sounds going on while the toilet is in use.

There are typically two ways to generate the sound: either by pressing a button or simply with the pressure of someone sitting on the toilet seat.

Pulsing Bidet Spray

Sometimes this feature is also called a “massaging spray.” There may be two or more different options for spray intensity or pulsation.

Soap Infused Bidet Spray

This extra feature adds some soap to the first few moments of the bidet spray for extra hygiene. This can also ease worries about not using paper products.

Programmable Functions

Imagine how nice it might be to wake up in the morning and seat yourself on a nice warm toilet seat! It would be even better if you knew you didn’t waste energy keeping the seat hot all night long while you were asleep. A programmable bidet will allow you to customize your bidet’s operating times and features to your unique use.

Bidet Night Illumination

While many features of today’s common bidet are geared towards providing a bit of extra personalized luxury, this feature is truly all about safety. Luxury aside, the bathroom is still considered to be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for slips and falls. This can be particularly true at night when it is much harder to see.

With a bidet night illumination feature (or “night light”), the light automatically comes on when the light conditions get low so users can see where to sit down easily in the dark.

Hydraulic Lid Operation

Anyone who has ever been awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of the toilet seat slamming shut will appreciate a bidet with hydraulic operation, either for the nozzle itself or integrated into the toilet design for the seat and lid.

“Smart” Sanitation

Some of the newest bidet models feature inbuilt wash and sterilization cycles intended not just for the bidet nozzle but for the toilet itself. These models can be programmed to spray the whole bowl with water post-use and also after a period of time has elapsed without use.

Pre-Use Bidet Mist

As a different way of “priming the pump” so to speak, some bidet models feature a pre-wash spray that mists out as the user sits down on the seat. Then the real bidet springs into action after use.

Bidet Comfort Seat

Last but not least, one feature all users seem to love is the bidet that comes with a special comfort seat that contoured for maximum comfort while using the facilities as well as during cleanup.

3) Question: How to install a bidet seat? 


Tools Needed
If you have the right bidet for your toilet bowl and a few basic household tools, your seat should take about 20 minutes to install.

Before you buy the seat, refer to the next two sections of this article, ‘The Right Seat’ and ‘Measurements’ to avoid any unpleasant toilet surprises. Make sure you have a measuring tape on hand.

Most bidet seats come with a 7/8 inch t-valve or a ½ inch t-valve. Make sure you have the right wrench size for your t-valve or use an adjustable wrench.

The bolts that connect your toilet seat to the bowl will need to be removed. This usually requires either a Phillips or flat-head screwdriver.

If your bidet seat comes with a water filter, check the size of the bolt that is used to connect its hose to the bidet’s t-valve, and make sure you have the appropriate size of wrench.

Many bidet seats need to be connected to a power source. If you are installing an electronic bidet seat, check that there is a properly-grounded GFI outlet in the vicinity of your toilet. If none are available, you will need an extension cord.

The Right Seat
While it’s true that most bidet seats will probably fit most toilets, the ease of installation depends a lot on the size and shape of your toilet bowl.

There are two basic kinds of residential toilets. Most residences have a standard two-piece toilet composed of a toilet bowl and a separate water tank. Two-piece toilets generally have plenty of space around the toilet seat area and can easily accommodate most types of bidet seats.

The second most common kind of residential toilet is the more modern sculpted one-piece unit. If you have a one-piece toilet, where the bowl and tank are joined at the hip, you may need to buy a specific kind of bidet. This depends on the amount of curvature that is present where the toilet tank meets the bowl. If your toilet bowl is more or less flat and connects to the tank at about a 90-degree angle, you should have no problem installing your bidet seat.

If your one-piece unit slopes gently where the tank connects to the bowl, this can cause problems in the installation process. Known as the “French curve,” this sloping design prohibits the use of many of the larger, bulkier bidet seats. The Kohler Rialto toilet, for instance, is designed with an extreme French curve, and it is almost impossible to find a bidet seat that fits it properly. If your toilet comes with a French curve, make sure you order a bidet seat that errs on the slim side or try to find one that is made specifically for this kind of toilet.

An average bidet seat will need one and a half to two inches of space between the toilet tank and the bolt holes where the seat is attached. It’s also a good idea to measure the space between the bolt holes. Most bidet seats require between five and eight inches of space between bolts.

Next, measure the size of your toilet bowl from front to back to make sure the bidet seat you want to install will fit your bowl. If your toilet bowl is round, it will generally measure around 16 to 18 inches and require a round bidet seat. If your bowl is elongated, it will usually measure more than 18 inches, and you will need an elongated bidet.

Water Off
Before you unscrew anything, make sure your toilet’s water supply valve is closed. This valve is usually located on the wall or floor behind and slightly to the left of your toilet. Remember, right is tight, and left is loose. Turn this valve all the way to the off position to prevent a watery bathroom disaster.

You should also be sure to flush your toilet to get rid of the water remaining in the tank. This will prevent any leaks during the installation process as well as make sure your work environment is clean and sanitary.

Remove Toilet Seat
You will install your bidet seat in the same place where your toilet seat is currently located, so you will need to remove the existing toilet seat. If you close both the seat and lid, you will see the two caps that cover the bolt holes that hold your current toilet seat in place. These caps should snap open easily if you apply pressure to the opening slot with your flat-head screwdriver.

Once the caps are open, you will see the bolts that hold your toilet seat in place. Unscrew both bolts with your Phillips or flat-head screwdriver. You may need to reach underneath the bowl to where the bolts extend on the other side and secure the nut with your fingers to keep it from moving.

When you have completely unscrewed both bolts, you should be able to lift your toilet seat and lid right off the bowl. Put the old seat and lid to one side. If the mounting area around the bolt holes is dirty, now would be a great time to uncork some detergent and clean this oft-neglected location.

Mounting Plate
Now you should be staring at your naked toilet bowl, shiny and clean, with the two exposed bolt holes directly behind the bowl.

Your bidet seat should come with two main parts, the mounting bracket and the seat itself. We’re going to screw in the mounting bracket first, then slide the bidet seat into the mounting bracket to fasten it securely to the toilet.

If your bidet seat comes with rubber pads to protect the surface of the ceramic toilet bowl, begin by placing these pads over the left and right bolt holes. Place the mounting plate on top of the rubber pads, directly over the bolt holes. Make sure the holes in the plate line up with the holes in the bowl. Next, insert the guide rails on the left and right sides of the mounting plate. These are usually black and rectangular and are used to connect the mounting plate to the toilet bowl with the bolts.

You should now be able to pop the bolts that came with your bidet seat into the holes. They should drop straight through the guide rails, through the mounting plate and through the bolt holes in the toilet bowl. Reach underneath the bowl area and place a nut on the end of each bolt. You should be able to fasten these with your fingers. Make sure they are tight enough but not too tight.

Now that your mounting plate is securely in place, installing the bidet seat is easy. Line the seat up so it is centered over the middle of the mounting plate a few inches to the front. Slide the seat slowly backward over the plate until you hear a click. The click means that your seat is locked securely into place.

Connect Water Supply
Now we need to hook up your water supply to your bidet seat. Remember the water valve you turned off earlier? Follow it up from the wall behind your toilet to where it connects to the tank. Unscrew the hose from your tank’s fill valve.

Locate the t-valve that came with your bidet seat. If it’s the same size as the fill valve on your tank, screw it right into the tank, where you just disconnected the hose. If it is a different size, you will need to screw in the adapter first. Next, screw the water hose that comes out of the wall into the bottom of the t-valve.

Find the hose that came with your bidet and screw it into the remaining opening in the t-valve and then directly to the opening at the back of the bidet seat. Make sure all the connections are as tight as possible before turning the water back on. The t-valve connections should be tightened with your wrench, but you can connect the hose to your bidet by hand to make sure it isn’t too tight. You may want to secure each opening with plumber’s tape to avoid leaks.

Electronic Bidets
If your bidet seat is electronic, plug it into a nearby outlet or use your extension cord. Electronic bidets come with a seat sensor that keeps them from spraying water all over your bathroom. You can test it by either sitting down or placing your hand near the bottom right corner of the bidet seat to make sure it turns on.

Water On
Finally, turn the water valve on the wall all the way back to the left to restore your toilet’s water supply. Check all the valve openings for leaks, and make sure your toilet tank fills up with water. You may also want to check the wash button on your bidet to make sure it sprays water and the dryer button if your seat has a dryer option.

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