The exclusive purchase of bar frames has several advantages. I, if you want to use your old worktop, a frame is sufficient. And you can also save money by using your old counter top. and sslowly You want to personalise your own workplace with a different counter top brand.

5 Best electric height adjustable standing desk frames 2020

By choosing the right base for your favorite desktop, you get a more personalized workspace. And the adaptable workstation has a certain appeal for some users. However, you will need to adjust the work plan to the correct setting. Check out our recommendations for table frames from the best brands.

iMovr Studio 470 Electric fixed table frame

If you’re looking for a simple table frame, the iMovr Stuudio 470 is the right choice. It has no additional metal or crossbeam. And there’s no multiple control. That’s why iMovr Studio 470 is quite light. As this is not a frieze list display of the table frame, it can be supplied more easily.

The control consists only of up and down buttons, it is a very simple frame. It is therefore an entry-level model that is ideal for a compact and minimal workstation. Possibly a small monitor or a laptop with several stationery. It weighs 220 pounds, which is more than enough for a minimal installation with only the basic electronics and a few consumables.

Since this is a very simple meeting, it will take less than 30 minutes to set it up. Another remarkable advantage of the iMovr is that it uses a mid-range engine. It’s better than a cheap Chinese engine, but it’s not a high-end Western brand. In hindsight it is therefore slightly better than the high tables with a cheap Chinese Jiecang engine. So that’s the real value of your money.

Generally a lightweight chassis with a better engine than Chinese high tables, it is the ideal boarding table for those looking for minimal installation.

5 Best electric height adjustable standing desk frames 2020


  • No Chinese engine
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast delivery


The structure of the IKEA Idasen bar table is primarily designed to accommodate other furniture from the IKEA Idasen range. The aesthetics are unique, and not a cup of tea for everyone. For some it can be a relief, for others a strange table. However, if you want to compare it to the way you set up your home office, it can be difficult.

This table frame is grey and beige. And these look like bulky pipes. So if you want it to match your minimalist décor, it might not work.

The special thing about the IKEA Idasen stand is that the engine is not made in China. It is made in Scandinavia, so you can count on a better quality engine than Chinese engines like the Jiecang.

It is quite stable and has features that you will like. The Idasen base is equipped with a Bluetooth application and an office management phone.

In addition, this pedestal is mainly designed for smaller worktops. And he weighs 165 pounds. So it is a light frame for a high table.

In general, this is a good option if you already own IKEA Idasen furniture. It’s a much better option than other small IKEA desktops.

5 Best electric height adjustable standing desk frames 2020


  • No Chinese engine
  • Could be similar to other IKEA Idasen furniture.
  • 10-year warranty
  • Has a Bluetooth sync application


  • The leg design isn’t for everyone.

Where to buy this frame

Desk stand Electric tripod

On the basis of Stand Desk Pro Electric a Chinese made motor is installed. But it works much better than a cheap Jiecang motor, which can usually be found in other available sit/stand tables. So you can expect it to work better.

It’s a two-engine, two-stage engine. And he’s got a basic control from top to bottom. However, if you need a programmable control key, you can get it with an update.

The weight of the cargo is about 400 pounds. So you can’t use it just for the basic workstation.

In general, it is suitable for medium-sized users and is suitable for tabletops up to 60 inches. If you are taller, about 1.80 m, this table frame may be missing because it has a limited range in height.

And despite some limitations in the size and height of the desk, it remains an excellent value for money because it has a more modern Chinese engine than the Jiecang,


  • Free delivery
  • ten-year guarantee
  • Better than the other Chinese engines.


  • Limited height range.

Smart Desk DIY Kit Desktop Frame Business Edition

The Business Edition of the stand-alone Smart Desktop Computer 2 is a convenient option for the base frame of the high table. It is equipped with a two-stage twin engine, made in China. Despite some engine problems, this table frame also has some desired features that you will find useful and comfortable.

The throughput speed of the Business Edition motor is 2.2 inches per second. Today it is one of the fastest on the market. Although you have to make some noise. But if you don’t mind the noise, settle for a quick and smooth transition.

This is the main reason why users always buy a stand-alone frame for Smart Desk 2, even if the engine is made in China. But if you want to compare the family edition with the professional edition, there are several updates available.

Instead of the Jiecang engine used in their family edition, the professional edition is equipped with a better quality engine made in China.

Plus, he weighs 300 pounds. And that’s pretty decent for a mid-level team.

5 Best electric height adjustable standing desk frames 2020


  • A better engine than the wagon version
  • Medium-heavy load
  • A fast transition


iMovr Freedom to sit at the table Frame

The iMovr Freedom has a different foot design that makes the steel frame stronger than other brands in the same price range. The legs have sharp clamping angles and are coated to allow a transition with less friction. And that can make the framework longer than the competition.

The unit is supplied with the basic control buttons on the top and bottom. If you want a preset programmable controller, you can update it at any time. The basic button offers a lower price. In this way it can be made accessible to a larger number of users.

Moreover, this table frame weighs 260 pounds. It is therefore ideal for basic and medium-sized basic installations. The altitude range is something you’ll appreciate. There are two types of chassis: the standard model and the twin XT model.

The standard is sufficient if you are less than 1.5 feet 11 inches tall. But if you’re taller, it’s best to switch to the dual XT model. Most heavy users find the XT’s double frame more comfortable than the competition.

5 Best electric height adjustable standing desk frames 2020


  • American production
  • Easy to assemble
  • It works silently.
  • Solid leg frames
  • Discharge resistance
  • Free delivery
  • 10-year warranty


  • The need to upgrade for older users

High table with adjustable lifting height V2 Frame

The main advantage of the Uplift Standing V2 chassis is the possibility to install tabletops up to 80 inches wide. If you are looking for a larger workplace for a more complex installation, this is a good choice.

Moreover, it is equipped with a three-stage twin-engine chassis that runs quietly. So the transition is smooth.

One-touch programmable keyboards are another useful function. You can maintain the desired table height and simply click and play every time. And it also comes with a wire management tray. This way you can keep your cables and wires in good condition. You can use both functions without having to upgrade. It comes with a basic setting.

In addition, the frame weighs 355 pounds, which is slightly higher than other available seat-table frames.

The disadvantage is that the engine system is not the most advanced, because it is produced by JIecang Linear Motion.

If you’re not usually looking for an updated engine, Uplift V2 is a valid and affordable option. It is also guaranteed and you can equip it with a wider work table.

5 Best electric height adjustable standing desk frames 2020


  • Can be adapted to large work surfaces
  • has a cable duct
  • Higher load capacity
  • A solid guarantee
  • An affordable price
  • It works silently.


  • Outdated China has made an engine


It can be exciting to set up a do-it-yourself table. You have more freedom in the choice of options, the colour and style of the table and the functionality of the frame. Our list of the best bar frames will help you create the workplace of your dreams.

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