Do you have severe tension and pain in your neck and shoulders? Thanks to the best shoulder pads, you don’t have to feel that pain anymore. They provide warmth in the polluted area and make you feel better in a few minutes. Below you will find the best ratings for neck protectors and shoulder pads. All these products are exceptional and will help alleviate your pain.

Neck and shoulder warmed up by the sun

Micromink Soft PlushSunbeam is a very popular brand in the field of heating pads. I’m sure many of you have seen this brand when you bought the stove. It is a special pillow to warm the neck, shoulders and back. This heating panel has four heating settings, so you can choose the amount of heat you want. It has a super soft plush material that will be very comfortable.

The material of the teddy bear is very soft and gives you a comfortable feeling. The edge of the seal is also heavier, which helps to give a feeling of security when wearing it. This material can also be machine washed, which is also interesting when the hob is dirty.

Digital LED control

This heated neck and shoulder protector has a thermostat that turns on to tell you the temperature. This makes it easy to adjust the heating settings on the hot plate. Your settings are hot, low, medium and high. The higher you go, the hotter it gets.

Unique shape and ergonomics.

The shape of the heating pad is designed for specific areas to relieve pain during heating. This heating pad heats the neck, the shoulders and the side of the head where the filling is located. This hot plate rests so comfortably on your shoulders. The magnetic clamp is used to attach the two sides together and hold the hob in place when it is placed on you.

The advantages of

  • It is a profiled heating plate that acts directly on the neck and upper body.
  • The heating plate is placed comfortably around the neck. The edges are ballasted and there is a magnetic clamp to hold them around the neck.
  • Four different heat levels with soft and direct heating.
  • The soft microfibre fabric provides pleasant comfort.
  • It can be washed out of the car if it’s dirty.
  • There is a two-hour automatic shutdown and the thermostat control is nine feet long.


  • It can be a little big if you’re a little woman.


It’s a great brand with an incredible product. Your heating element works perfectly and gives you a lot of heat. The controller is an excellent function because you can set the temperature at the touch of a button. This is usually a very cheap option to warm the neck and shoulders.

Large neck and shoulder warmer

Another great neck and shoulder warmer comes from Sable. This stove is slightly larger than the solar version; it is slightly longer at the back. It gives off warmth in the neck, shoulders, back and part of the spine. There are six different heating settings, which is an excellent feature.

Security features

What I really like about this product is the safety function that automatically cuts off the heat generated when overheating. This is important because the electronics sometimes get really overheated, so the fault tolerance function of this product is really good.

Automatic Clock

There is also an automatic timer option that can be used. This allows you to use the hob continuously for two hours, after which it switches off automatically. If you want to turn it back on after two hours, you can do so, but this is a very useful feature if you accidentally fall asleep with the heating pad turned on.

Six heating options

This heating panel works with six different heating options. These different heating options vary from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, the lowest temperature will of course be 95 degrees, the highest 150 degrees.

The advantages of

  • The pillow helps relieve the pain caused by dry and wet heat. The heat circulates through the shoulders, neck, back and spine.
  • Excellent protection that switches off the heating elements when they start to overheat.
  • There are six different heating settings on this heating panel.
  • There is also a timer that allows continuous heating for two hours, after which it is switched off.
  • Super soft and comfortable plush material.
  • The weighted edges help you feel safe when wearing the pillow over your neck and shoulders.


  • The material is not of the same quality as some other brands.


In general, this is one of the best neck and shoulder warmers. It is offered at a very affordable price, and the characteristics of this product are amazing. It heats up a lot, and it has an automatic shutdown function, which is very important.

Neck and shoulder heating hood, Comfytemp

The heating plate developed by Comfytemp has three different heating modes. This is the traditional number of heating settings, which are low, medium and high. The hob is 22.5 cm wide and should be suitable for everyone. There is a clamp that connects the hot plate to the neck, so that it stays on the neck.

Moist heat option

This heating panel offers a moist heat variation, which means that you can gently spray water on the heating panel and as soon as it warms up, it provides deeper thermal relief for your muscles. This is another great opportunity, which you can of course just use.

Washable equipment

The flannel plush from which this hob is made can be machine washed. To wash it, all you have to do is unplug the cord and run it through the washing machine. Make sure you have not placed the heater in the dryer.

The advantages of

  • Aimed at the neck, shoulders and upper back to relieve muscle pain and stress.
  • A tie is put around your neck to keep the warm plate on your shoulders.
  • The weighted edges of the heating mat help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Three temperature settings to choose from: low, medium and high.
  • There is a two-hour timer to save energy.
  • The plush material consists of flannel with a very soft and cuddly touch.
  • A guarantee of five years is included in the delivery.
  • There are also two different size options.


  • It doesn’t get as hot as some other brands.


This is also a very affordable neck and shoulder heating plate. It works exceptionally well and can be machine washed, which is an excellent feature. They have a moist version of heat, which is excellent for bringing heat deeper into the muscles. This product is available in two sizes; one is longer and can also be used to heat most of your back.

Sunbeam Neck and Shoulder Heat plate

Here we have another excellent product from Sunbeam. As you know, we love the quality that this brand invests in all its products. This heating panel measures 14 x 22 inches, so it fits everyone’s neck and shoulders perfectly. There is a magnetic clamp that can be attached to hold the heating panel in place.

Super soft micro plush

This hot plate is made of a very soft and practical micro-push. This hug will be very pleasant on and against your skin. The heat can easily penetrate through the plush to soothe the pain. You can also wash the hob in the washing machine, which is very good.

Wet or dry heat

The heating element can be used in two ways. The first possibility is to just use them in a standardized way. So you can turn it on and let the heat cool down. Another way to use the heating element is damp heat. Just slightly wet the hob. So if you had a bottle of spray on the hot plate, it would work fine. You can then penetrate deeper into the damp heat.

Four different colour options

This is the first product in this report that offers different colour options. You can choose between green, brown, burgundy or sapphire.

The advantages of

  • A perfectly coordinated design that fits your shoulders perfectly.
  • It creates warmth in the neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • It has a magnetic clasp that keeps the hob in place so it doesn’t fall off your shoulders.
  • Made of ultra-soft microplush, which is very soft, just like when you wash it in a car.
  • It comes with a convenient controller for LED backlighting, making it easy to set different heating parameters.
  • It can be used with humid heat, which makes the heating pad softer, and can also be used as standard dry heat.
  • Four different color options to choose from.


  • This heating panel does not cover most of the back, so it is mainly intended for the neck and shoulder area.


In general, it is a very economical and user-friendly hob that everyone should be able to afford. I like the fact that you can choose a colour that better suits your personality. The LED controller makes it easy to switch from one heating mode to another. It is a very comfortable heating panel that focuses on specific areas.

LTLKY Neck and shoulder heating platform

This LTLKY designed hot plate is very unique. It is an absolutely flat, rectangular heating pad that works all over the body. A rapid warm-up starts producing heat within 30 seconds. With nine different heating settings, you can really customize this heating panel to your own needs.

Thermostat control

The thermostat controller for this heating location offers nine different heating settings. All these settings vary from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to over 158 degrees Fahrenheit. It is clear that the lower the temperature, the lower the temperature will be. The higher the setting, the higher the temperature.

4 Setting the timer

The timer can be set to four different positions. Thirty minutes to 120 minutes. After being turned on for a while, the hob goes off. Four different sets – thirty, sixty, ninety and one hundred and twenty minutes.

Can be used anywhere

This heating panel is absolutely flat, and thanks to its shape you can use it almost anywhere on your body. It works on the neck and shoulders and on any other heating element in this ratio.

The advantages of

  • It is a flat shaped hot plate that can be used in many different ways.
  • Warm up within 30 seconds after switching on.
  • Nine different temperature settings from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic two-hour shutdown for safety and energy saving reasons.
  • It can be used as a wet or dry variant of heat for better pain relief.
  • This hot plate can also be easily washed out of the machine as it comes with a storage bag to store it when not in use.
  • The cord that comes with this hot plate is extra long and has a length of nine meters.


  • Due to the size of this website it can be difficult to wrap it around your neck.


I really like that this hob is very versatile. I also like the fact that it heats up to a higher temperature than any other heating pad in this neck and shoulder heating pad that is better. It is very economical and affordable.

Head and shoulder heating

How to choose the best neck and shoulder heating pillow

Below are a number of topics that will help you select our best brokers for neck and shoulder heating cushions. Take the time to learn about each of the features, as this will help you choose the one that is best for you.

Heating parameters

The heat setting function is extremely important when choosing the product to purchase. Some products simply have a traditional three-step temperature setting, which is usually low, medium and high. Other companies offer more temperature-dependent temperature settings. The warmer the heating element, the easier it is to adapt it perfectly to your needs.

Automatic shutdown

The automatic shutdown is another great feature that should be included in your heating element for safety reasons. It is essentially a safety device that automatically stops when the product starts to overheat. This is an exceptional safety measure that actually works and prevents fire.


Most heating plates have a kind of time function. The most important, which do not have many extra functions, are usually equipped with a two-hour timer that switches off after two hours of use. This is the most important function you will see. Some products have different timing options, such as the hour or even thirty minutes.

Heating time

The warm-up time is certainly an important point, because you want a hob that heats up quickly. Some stoves heat faster than others. So pay attention to the speed at which the product warms up when you read the reviews.

A nice cut

Shoulder and neck heating pads should fit snugly and securely around the neck. If you need a large heating element, it won’t fit on your shoulders. Most of the best neck and shoulder heating pad options I’ve considered have a magnetic closure that holds the heating pad firmly around the neck. When you’re little, I suggest you buy it with a clasp so it’s securely attached to you.

Easy to clean

Another important feature is the easy cleaning of the hob. Most of the heating elements in my report can be washed out of the machine, as long as they are disconnected from the power cord. Do not place the warming plate in the dryer as this will damage the heating elements. Put it to dry and then you can use it as usual.

Cable length

The length of the electric cable is another characteristic that people consider. Most people like to relax using a heating pad. So you need a cable long enough to connect it to an electrical outlet near your resting place.

The best heating pads for neck and shoulders.

Frequently asked questions about cervical spine and shoulder heating

Below you will find some general questions and answers about heated neck and shoulder cushions.

1) Question : How does the heating element work?

Answer me this: The inside of the warming plate is wrapped with small coils which are heated when connected to an electrical source. It then heats the entire pillow and penetrates the upper skin layer to heat it. As the skin heats up, the brain blocks the pain sensors and just focuses on the way the heat is felt.

2) Question : How long does it take to heat the stove?

Answer me this: Some heating elements require less time than others. I’d say as soon as you plug it in, it starts to heat up. Some of the heating elements examined above only take about 30 seconds to start heating.

3) Question : What is the best neck and shoulder warmth?

Answer me this: In my personal opinion Sunbeam is the best brand when it comes to heating pads, and our favorite product we looked at was the Sunbeam neck and shoulder warmer, the first product I looked at. Read the overview above to find out why we love this product so much!

4) Question : Are neck and shoulder pads safe?

Answer me this: Yes, you may be surprised to hear that, but the heating panel is actually very safe to use. Many of them are equipped with safety boxes, which means that if they start to overheat, they are in fact switched off automatically, preventing the heating elements from burning and causing a fire.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of the neck and shoulder warmers mentioned above, because they all have exceptional properties and safety features.

5) Question : Can you use neck and shoulder warmers when you’re pregnant?

Answer me this: Yes, you can use a heated joint if you are pregnant; but be careful not to put the joint directly on your abdomen. Because it is a neck and shoulder warming pillow, it is more than safe for a pregnant woman.


A neck and shoulder warming cushion is a good way to relieve neck and shoulder pain. People who spend a lot of time at the desk can have a heavy burden on their necks. Heat is a natural pain reliever, so I hope my best comments about neck and shoulders have helped you find the perfect product for you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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