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In this article I present the five best Disney+ remote controls. I also take a look at the list of popular streaming devices that support Disney+ – and reveal some of the ignorance I had about Disney.

The best remote controls for Disney+ :

    1. The best of the best: The Logitech Harmony Elite
    2. Better for Roku: Harmony 950
    3. Best for Fire TV: Intelligent harmonica control
    4. The best for Apple TV: Kaavo Control Centre
    5. The best for Xbox and PlayStation : PDP heel

You can click any link in the list above to access my mini-source for this remote control.

Unless you want to read my embarrassing Disney revelation first….

Is Star Wars from Disney?

My 22-year-old son recently announced that he has enrolled at Disney+. I looked at him weirdly and said.

Chris, why on earth would you spend your hard-earned money on a children’s cable channel?

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock.

Chris immediately reminded me that Disney Classics not only owns the rights to the Disney classics, but also to all Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars franchises.

Does Disney own Star Wars?

Yeah, Daddy, everybody knows about that damn thing.

I’m probably the biggest Star Wars fan this side of the Dagobah system, but I missed the Disney logo at the beginning of the last three Star Wars films.

That’s when we started watching all eight episodes of Mandalore. If you like Star Wars, I highly recommend it. It may be a bit cruel for the little ones, but otherwise great!

Here’s the trailer:

Disney+ also includes all the Star Wars trilogies, almost every Pixar movie ever made, a series of Pixar shorts and Marvel Entertainment’s extensive library of superhero movies. And this is just the beginning.

At a time when the world needs a little entertainment and escape, Disney+ seems like a good idea.

Well done, Chris.

Streaming Devices and Televisions supported by Disney+

How to access content with one of Disney+’s best remote controls depends on the type of streaming device you have.

Tom’s guide has a more extensive list below than mine, but Disney+ is already available on all major streaming devices. Here’s a short list:

It is also available on most popular TV brands, including Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs with Android and many more.

That’s what it looks like: How to watch Mandalorian [Step by Step] for free

Best recordings for Disney+ Streaming

The strange thing is that all the above devices need a separate remote control to work.

In most cases, these remote controls are a bit lame, and they won’t do much more than operate a specific device. Join the family of Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes!

Three of the best remotes for Disney + are made by Harmony. Harmony will help you get the most out of Disney+ IMHO.

All Harmony remotes work with any streaming media player except Chromecast.  You can read about the Chromecast dilemma here [although there are rumours that this may change soon].

For example, when using the Harmony remote control. For example, if you want to use it with a Fire TV, Roku or Apple TV, it will work perfectly.

All Harmony remotes require a small adjustment. Hint] Use the computer and the Harmony setup wizard, not the mobile version. But once you’re gone, they’ll give you a better overall experience.

I have Harmony Elite and use it to control Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, my Samsung Smart TV, a Samsung soundbar and a lot of smart home appliances. I like her.

And my Harmony Elite mini-review contains an excellent excerpt if I ever get a…. I’ve ever seen.

#1. The best of the best: Logitech Harmony Elite

The best remotes for Disney+ If you didn’t jump through the link at the beginning of this article, you may have just read my little introduction to Harmony remotes in the previous section.  I have no problem recommending Harmony because I have studied and tested almost all of their remotes over the years. The Logitech Harmony Elite is the one I use to control my devices, and it’s the best of the best.

Of course, it’s expensive.  But if you look at the amount of time we actually spend in front of the television and checking our media devices, I think it’s worth it. It has a cool LCD touch screen where you can set activities and custom buttons such as Watch Disney+.

When you press Watch Disney+, the activity can be set to automatically turn on the TV, start the sound bar, turn on the smart light on the red Iron Man and call up the Disney+ home screen. You can also program such actions with other Harmony remotes, but none of them do it with the same skill as the Elite.

You’re not convinced? Read my full evaluation of Harmony Elite here.

Or check out Amazon here.

HTG MJ has a good video demo of the Harmony Elite application and his companion Harmony. I’ll stick it below:

I love the Stormtrooper T-shirt!

#2. Best for Roku: Harmony 950

best remotes for Disney+ The Logitech Harmony 950 comes second on my list of best remotes for Disney+. The 950 is very similar to the Harmony Elite remote control. In fact, the remote control itself is identical. The most important thing he can’t do is keep your smart household appliances under control.

So in my example above with the Disney+ ☝️ everything works except your smart lights. Intelligent integration is achieved with the Harmony Hub. The elite comes with the hub, but not with the 950.

You get a cool LCD touch screen with haptic feedback and the ability to control up to 15 entertainment devices. You don’t have intelligent control over the house, the ability to control devices behind the cabinets, or integration with Alexa or Google Assistant. All this requires a hub, which, contrary to popular belief, can be added to the 950 later.

You can read my full comparison between Harmony Elite and 950 here if you are interested in this option.

Or check out Amazon here.

#3. Best for Fire TV:  Intelligent Harmony Control

best remote controls for Disney+ Harmony Elite and 950 also let you control Amazon Fire TV, gorgeous. However, both are a bit expensive, and I understand that you might not want to invest as much in a remote control for Disney+ if you are looking for a more economical option. Maybe that’s what Harmony Smart Control is all about.

Functionally, it will do most of what Harmony Elite and 950 do. This also includes supporting events such as Watch Disney+. Simply control the activity with a button on the remote control instead of the LCD menu screen. You can also configure the same Watch Disney+ activity in the Companion smartphone application.

As with the Elite and 950 channels, you can set up to 50 favorite stations, and Alexa and Google Assistant allow you to use basic voice commands. Yes, you can control the Harmony Elite and Harmony Smart Control with your voice. And they all understand something I almost forgot!

You can read my review of Smart Harmony Control here.

Or watch SmartControl on Amazon.

#4. Best for Apple TV: Kaavo Control centre

Best Disney+ Remote Controls The next on my list of best Disney+ Remote Controls is the Caavo Control Center. Control Center offers a slightly different approach to the universal remote control and has a number of strengths and weaknesses compared to Harmony.  You can read my report here comparing Kaavo to Harmony. Industry gurus like iMore like Caavo for Apple TV management because it works well when you have multiple streaming services in the mix.  This of course applies to many Apple TV owners.

Where Kaavo shines in his research skills. For example, if you are looking for a TV series or a movie. B. Finding Dory, a list of all streaming services offered by this movie will be shown.  You can choose between Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.  This can be especially useful if you want to determine which service is paid for a film or series and which is free. The control center also supports restricted voice commands.

Oh, by the way: You can also control your Apple TV with Harmony remotes.

Although I don’t own an Apple TV and haven’t tested Caavo with it, I trust the opinion of these renowned testers and what I’ve read on forums like AVS Forum, Quora and Reddit.

Look here on Amazon.

#5. Best for Xbox and PlayStation 4: DA

Players had the opportunity to use two PDP remote controls to control media, including Disney+.

For Xbox One: PDP Talon Media Remote

best Disney remote control + For the Xbox, the Talon Media PDP remote control is the most economical option. This remote control is currently Amazon’s first choice for controlling Xbox One, Blue-Ray and media streaming services such as Disney+.

Cam Shand is doing a good job with his video review of the Talon remote control:

Nice home theater.

If you want to control more devices, integrate smart home appliances, or control things with your voice, use the Harmony remote.

You can read Amazon reviews here.

for Playstation 4:  PlayStation media remote control

Best Remote Controls for Disney + My Choice, and Amazon’s current choice for the Playstation Media Remote is the Bluetooth Enabled Media Remote Control PDP. It is a solid budget choice to keep Disney+ with the PS4 under control.

Cord Cutters News offers a good video demonstration of the remote control:

PlayStation players who have this remote like to stream. However, there are some complaints about battery life, so take rechargeable batteries if you plan to purchase this remote control.

Buy it on Amazon.

Best remote controls for Disney+ – What do you think?

What do you think of my choices for the best Disney+ remotes?

Are you already a Disney+ subscriber or do you intend to become one? There is really a lot of interesting content for young and old.

Although a universal remote control is not mandatory, it can help you bring all your entertainment together in a more enjoyable way.

I would like to know what you think of Disney+ and/or one of these remote controls! Send me an e-mail in the comment field below and let me know.

Besides, if you have kids watching Disney, your remotes can get dirty. Don’t miss the mail I just wrote about how to clean and purify your remotes. Oh, and here’s another one about small streaming media services. And learn more about great remote apps for your Android device.

In the meantime, enjoy the Mandalorian – and little Yoda [so cute]!

Photo credits : Creative Communities

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