Cats naturally like to be outside, and sometimes house cats can be outside all day, even in winter. It’s important that you have everything you need to make your cat feel comfortable, both indoors and outdoors. One of the best products is a heated cat house. It’s a house that warms up and stays warm. It’s ideal for keeping your cat warm outdoors or indoors.

Below you will find the best heated cat houses available on the market today. There is a wide range of features, materials and even prices that you can see below.

K&H Pets Outdoor heating Kitty House Cat House

This product is available under the brand K&H. This is a well-known brand in various sectors, and one of the areas in which they have been successful is the sector of heated cat cabins. You will find this brand several times in this article. This is one of the best heated cat houses on the market, and it will produce 20 watts of heat!

Certified and verified by MET

MET Labs has tested all products of the brand K&H. This means that this product meets all safety standards required for use. It also means that the cat house meets the electrical standards that prevent the cat house from overheating due to feeding problems.

20 Watt heat

This cat house, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors, gives off an extraordinary amount of heat. If you have feral cats or even an outdoor cat that tends to stay outdoors more often than indoors, this product is for you. The internal heating plate in the house heats up and provides your cat with a warm blanket in cold weather.

The house itself is also made of 600-denier polyester, which is actually waterproof and weatherproof. There are also two exit doors with plastic shutters that can be used to close off the house to protect it from cold wind, weather and water.  This saves the heat generated by the heating pad in the house.

Washable heating valve cover

The lid of the heating pad can be removed and machine washed. You can also dry the lid. If your cat has spilt a lot of dirt on the carpet it can be easily removed and washed this way.

The advantages of

  • In this house there is a 20 watt plush pet bed that keeps your cat warm at very low temperatures.
  • The cable is more than one meter long to connect to an external power outlet.
  • At the exit there are removable doors that can be used to protect the litter box from rain and cold air.
  • The removable heating element seal can also be washed and dried for easy cleaning.
  • Can be used for all types of cats; ideal for cats living on the street or wanting to sleep in the garage at home.
  • Affordable price, no assembly tools required.


  • In order to use the heating element, it must be connected.


It’s a very comfortable house for cats. It can be easily installed outside, in a garage or barn. Plastic door shutters provide thermal insulation for the house; on cold winter days the cat’s house must be warm. All in all it is our best choice for the best heated cat house.

PETIELLA Heated houses for cats on the street in winter

This colorful cat house comes in a cottage, a house or even in a classic American house design. If you are looking for an outdoor house for cats, this product is for you. It is a very easy to assemble construction that can be used outdoors, preferably in a garage or shed, because the house is not waterproof, only waterproof.

1 meter chew-proof cord

One of the great features of this cat house is that the first metre of rope that provides warmth to the house is resistant to chewing. This means that if you chew or scratch objects, they may not reach the wires in that part of the umbilical cord. This is an important safety measure that has been put in place. The entire line is measured in four metres to allow easy connection to a garage or stable box.


The heating field has a timer function with which you can set the heating for a certain period of time and then automatically switch it off. Or, if you don’t want to use the timer function, you can certainly have heat at any time.


Of course you can equip your cat’s house with anything you want. You can put on extra blankets to keep the house warm and give your cat an extra pillow.

The advantages of

  • Ideal for cats or even small dogs weighing up to twenty-five pounds.
  • The heating pad is designed to be rodent-resistant. This way the rope will not be damaged if a small dog or cat nibbles on it.
  • The length of the cable is 4 m for connection to any power outlet.
  • This heated cat house is extremely easy to install.
  • You can choose from three different models: American classic, cottage charm or modern house.


  • This cat house is not waterproof, so it has to be outside under some kind of protection.


The best thing about this heated outdoor cat house is its appearance. It looks so beautiful, especially because it’s supposed to look like a small house. It is suitable for both cats and small dogs weighing up to twenty-five pounds. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. Another good choice when buying a heated cat house.


This is a fully waterproof and heated Furhome cat house. This brand has found a way to ensure that the walls, floor and base of the house are made of waterproof material so that your cat feels comfortable and dry in the house even when it’s raining or snow falling from the sky.

A higher base

One of the most interesting aspects of this cat house is that it actually gets off the ground. At the foot of the house there are clamping legs with which he can climb two centimetres off the ground. This prevents the floor of the house from getting wet due to condensation on the floor or rain.


Unlike other competing heated cat houses on the market, this house is completely airtight. Furhome has always taken an extra step to provide us with a waterproof product. You will see that the roof, the walls and even the floor are waterproof. There’s even a mat in the house that’s waterproof, providing an extra layer of protection for your cat.

24-hour timer

This product also comes with a timer, which is free for you. With this timer you can set what the hob should turn on and off. You can also choose a function that simply keeps the heating on all the time, but if you want to save money and electricity, you can use a timer. In order to use a timer, it must be located where there is an electrical outlet.

The advantages of

  • The raised cat house is designed to be kept off the ground where it can get wet from the soil moisture.
  • The floor, roof and walls are completely waterproof, so you can rest easy knowing your cat will get wet from rain or snow.
  • It comes with ground anchors and keeps the house in place so it is not moved by the wind.
  • The house also has a few extra features, such as a timer, a chewcord, a soft blanket for the heating element and PVC door cloths to prevent cold and moisture from entering the house.
  • This cat house is easy to build in a few minutes, no tools are needed.


  • It’s a little mess.


This is a very economical heated cat house, especially considering the fact that this cat house is completely waterproof. Other brands do not offer a complete seal, so it costs money. We also like the fact that this cat house is lifted from the ground to let water through when there is rainwater on the floor.

K&H ANY PRODUCTS Fashion Dream pod pet bed, cave cat for all cat sizes, heated

This is our second K&H brand product. You should know that we absolutely love this brand and the products it makes. This house can produce four watts of heat, and you can rest assured that all electrical components are safe thanks to tests carried out in TEM laboratories. Your cat would love to get into that new bed!

4 Watt heat

This heated cat house will produce up to four watts of electricity. This will keep your cat warm enough during those cold winter months. This cat house is normally not used outdoors, but you can use it in a garage or basement. Plug the cable into the wall socket and let the heating mat heat the inside of the house.

A unique view

The appearance of this cat house is very fresh and a feast for the eyes. This house has a dome-shaped view with an opening at the top through which a cat can enter the house. You can also open and use the dome with a half-open construction. You can also choose from five different colour options. This product is very beautiful and fits perfectly in any home.

The MET-lab has been tested

This product has also been tested by the MET laboratories, which check the conformity of the products with the electrical standards. This ensures that the heating element is used safely in this product. The other K&H products I checked were tested in the MET labs.

The advantages of

  • A very attractive dome design, which is also very comfortable for your cat.
  • The Polyfill pillow in the cat house is removable and also washable.
  • Tested by MET laboratories and certified as safe. This product complies with electrical safety regulations.
  • The entire interior of the house is 22 centimeters high, which is suitable for most cats and even some small dogs.
  • Available in five different colours.


  • Not in front of the street.


You can use this cat house as a heated or even unheated house. You can use it at home all year round. It has a very cool design, and the inside of the pillow can be washed if it is dirty. We love the brand K&H and that’s why it’s still on our list of the best heated catteries.

Extreme consumer goods Cat house indoor/outdoor with heated cat bed

Here we have another heating product for catteries from Extreme Consumer Products. This is a high quality, heated cat house with a very characteristic red color. It is ideal for all sizes of cats; even some really small breeds fit in the house. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use at a temperature of 102 degrees.

20 watt block

This heating panel consumes 20 watts of electricity, heating it up to 102 degrees. It’s an extraordinary amount of heat. You, a street cat or even a stray cat, will have an amazing warmth in all weathers. This keeps your cat warm, even in the coldest temperatures. You can even use your house without heating by simply unplugging it and using it during the summer months.

Meeting in four stages

The construction of this cat house is very simple and clear. There are only four simple steps to assemble this product. Follow the simple instructions when you receive the product.

The advantages of

  • Very nice cat house.
  • It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Folds compactly when not in use for easy storage.
  • Budget reference point for the price.
  • The hot plate can be heated up to 102 degrees.
  • The doors are fitted with a practical flap that shuts off the heat generated by the heating pad.


  • It’s a smaller room than some others.


It’s one of the most affordable options I’ve considered. It seems to die on a smaller scale than some other houses, so keep that in mind. It has a very impressive heating system because it is very hot. All cats living on the streets will love this house and the warmth it gives off.

K&H Pet Products Fashion Thermo Suit Heated animal shelter is ideal for outdoor cats

This is the latest K&H product we are looking at today. This is another option you can choose for your cat. It is designed in the shape of an oval dome. You can have the house in grey or light brown. The house uses 25 watts of electricity to heat the grounds. The heat is also regulated to match your cat’s normal body temperature so you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot for your cat.


The heating panel is quite long, and they have only operated half of the heating panel purposefully. The other half must be a place where the cat can lie down without heat. Your cat can then move back and forth between the heated and unheated areas.

Perfect for many places

You can put this cat house literally anywhere. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Among the many places where you can place this house, there is a barn, a veranda, a garage or even a cowshed. Because this house looks very nice, you can even put it in your house and it won’t hurt your eyes.

The advantages of

  • The outside of the cat house is made of 600-inch polyester.
  • The heating mat inside uses 25 watts of electricity to heat the house.
  • Super simple and easy to set up.
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, it can be used in a barn, barn or garage.
  • You can get this product in two different colors.


  • Not a waterproof or weatherproof house for cats.


It’s another great option for your cat. This product is very similar to the other K&H products we investigated. The only difference is that it looks slightly different and only half of the heating pad is heated, allowing your cat to move back and forth. Another durable and easy to install product.

The best heated cat houses

How to choose the best heated house for cats

Below you will find a buying guide that will help you limit your top suppliers to those who will buy from you. Don’t forget to look at each category to understand what you want in a heated cat house.

Materials used

In everything that is built or produced, it is made of a kind of material. Each cat house can be made of different materials. The material will play a major role in the appearance of the house, comfort, resistance, etc.

Above you will find cat houses of different materials. Some have waterproof technology, others have waterproof material.

Water resistance means that it can withstand water to a certain extent, such as condensation, moisture or light fog caused by rain or snow. Heavy rain or snow can’t withstand it. With a waterproof fabric, you should always place your home in an enclosed space such as a veranda, barn or garage.

A waterproof material is exactly what it looks like. The material of the house is covered with a material that does not absorb water. The water will essentially roll from the cat’s house to the ground. This is preferred for year-round use of the outdoor elements. You always want to keep the cat’s house covered to prolong its life, but you will do well if you leave it outside in the rain.


The size of the house of the cat will be another factor to consider. You don’t want us to do anything just for kittens, but you have a big adult cat. You need to buy a cat house the right size to house your cat.

You need a house where your cat can easily get in and out and turn around to lie down and adopt a comfortable position. The most important thing is that the houses I researched above can house both small and large cats and even small dogs.

In some houses you can only keep one cat, not several. So remember, if you have more than one cat in the house for which you buy this product.

Heat production

You will also want to see how warm it is in the cat’s house, especially if you live in a place where it is very cold in winter.  Some products heat much better than others, and some simply use the heat generated by your cat’s body to heat it up to a certain level.


The length of the cord can also be an important factor in the choice of the product. I was sure I would mention the length of the rope for each product. Some can be about five meters long, others are slightly shorter. Make sure you have enough space between the socket and the place where you want to place your cat house.


Some products are also equipped with a timer option that allows you to choose how long the stoves will run. You can choose between several hours or simply leave the device on the mains to heat continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a very good property that will also save electricity and money.


The doors of the cat’s house are another item you might want. Some companies have gone further and further and have equipped houses with shutters or real doors that help to catch cold air and weather. It will also help maintain the heat generated in the cat’s home, which will help keep your cat or feral cat warm.

The Meeting

Are you good at putting things together? Well, a lot of people have trouble packing, so for a lot of people the ease of assembly is very important. Some of the above products come with very detailed and easy to use step-by-step instructions to help you decorate your cat’s home.


The last thing to consider, and one of the most important, when buying an item is the price. The price determines almost everything, and you’ll want to budget based on your preferences about how much you’re willing to spend. When it comes to heated cat houses, prices are on three levels: cheap, average and expensive.

You will find that the cheapest options can be purchased for less than $45. Sometimes it can be a small cat house with only one cat at a time. It is very likely that the material is not completely waterproof.

Average range prices can cost between $50 and $70. These are usually electrically heated models with longer drawers. Some companies may have used sealing materials. Sometimes this option can work for several cats at the same time.

More expensive options can cost up to $70. They generally have all the features available on the market. It will be a softer house for cats with exceptional heating possibilities. It’s going to be a big cat house with lots of rooms.

House with a heated cat

Heated cat house Frequently asked questions

1) Question: What is a warm home for cats?

Answer me this: A heated house is a house your cat can go to. A heating element is installed at the bottom of the house to keep the house warm and to keep your cat warm on cold days. This house can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

You can choose from a wide variety of looks, sizes and even features. To help you refine your style and determine the options you want in your cat house, check out our buying guide above!

2) Question: How does a heated cat house work?

Answer me this: The heated cat house uses a heating element located inside the house. It is usually covered with a plush pillow that can be put in the washing machine. The heater is connected to a cable, usually two to five metres long, which is plugged into a wall socket.

Plug the cable into the wall socket and the heater should turn on automatically if there is no switch to turn it on so that it can start working.

3) Question: How can cats be cold?

Answer me this: There are two answers to that question. The first thing I want to explain to you is if you have a house cat that goes out, but a house cat, not a wildcat.

A house cat can stay outside at temperatures above 45 degrees. Any drop in temperature can be dangerous for cats who are not used to living on the streets all the time. Especially if you have a kitten or an older cat, they should stay indoors at temperatures below 45 degrees.

A cat that is too big usually adapts to its environment, so its coat and hair can be much thicker or longer than that of a pet. They are used to cold outside temperatures, so their bodies adapt to them. So a wild cat can survive up to 32 degrees. If you come home to eat a feral cat, this is an ideal product to buy so he can walk around on those very cold days.

The best heated house for cats

4) Question: Is a heated house safe for cats?

Answer me this: Yeah, heated cat pens are perfectly safe. Most of the above products have been tested by a company called MET Labs. This company ensures that all products meet the electrical standards. They are tested and do not overheat during the test. You can rest assured that the food to be heated has been tested for safety.

5) Question: Is an outdoor heated cat house safe for predators?

Answer me this: It depends on the type of cattery you have. Not all cat houses can prevent predators or other animals from entering the house. If you live in the wilderness or in the countryside and there are many wild animals or predators on your property, you can invest in a different type of cat house.

Some people even build their own cat house in wood and high-rise buildings to protect the cat from predators. There are many ways to protect your animals from predators, but the products I have discussed in this article are not technically predators.


I hope this has helped you find a product that suits your plush friend. Even if you have a stray or feral cat on your property, this heated cat house can be connected to the mains and enjoy the heat. I hope you can find one of the best heated cat houses on our list above. If you have any questions about any of the products we have reviewed, please let us know.

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