Best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors for games Best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors for games

8 best and cheapest 120Hz monitors forgames

Choosing the perfect 4k 120hz monitor is really a difficult task for everyone. That’s it! Are you looking for an affordable monitor to get the most out of your game? Of course, the monitor plays an important role in obtaining the best graphical results. And if you don’t have a good monitor, your gaming experience can become boring and unreliable. YEAH… You heard me right.

But the question is what the term reliably has to do with the game and the monitor. Well! Think about it: You love games, and it’s a source of creativity, but if your gaming experience isn’t very good, do you think you can recharge your batteries? Unfortunately, no, so an unreliable game is nothing but a nuisance.

Comparison table of best and cheapest 120Hz game monitors

You can buy 60 Hz monitors because they can give you great entertainment and great results, but what about buying the cheapest 120 Hz monitors? Wouldn’t that be fantastic! Think of the fun you can have if you get a good 120G monitor.

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Of course, this takes your visual experience to another level, and every time you turn on the game, you’ll be redirected to another world, a world with great graphics. It is true that there are expensive monitors with 120 Hz, but this article will inform you about some of the cheap 120 Hz monitors, so you can enjoy imaging even on a small budget.

But before we get to the most important names, it’s best to know something about 120 Hz monitors.

What does a 120 Hz monitor really look like?

For easier identification, a 120 Hz monitor has a 120 Hz refresh rate display that can provide a smooth visual result. This means that everything displayed by such a monitor gives an excellent result.


What does the term frame rate mean? Well! Simply put, this is the refresh time of the screen in one second. The only reason for this update is a new frame rate, which ultimately results in excellent image quality.

One of the best reasons to buy the cheapest 120 Hz monitors is that the monitor is fast and gives excellent results every second. For example, every scene or image displayed on a monitor is updated 120 times per second, which, if you do the math, means that the visual image is updated about 7200 times in one minute. Can you imagine the power of that vision?

Now that you know what the real purpose of 120-gigahertz monitors is, let’s move on to 120-gigahertz monitors that are economical and of excellent quality.

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Now that you know what the real purpose of 120-gigahertz monitors is, let’s move on to 120-gigahertz monitors that are economical and of excellent quality.

games The best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors for games

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Dell Alienware 1900R Overview

The Dell Alienware 1900R is one of the best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors you can buy. He is the best instructor many players around the world love. And it’s no wonder that gamers prefer this monitor over others, because it offers quality viewing and doesn’t weigh too much in your pocket.

It also makes this 120Hz monitor from Dell the best gadget to take home with you as it features the best visual IPS panel and QHD resolution of 3440 X 1440.

Many players complain that their screens are usually blurred during the game. But with this monitor you can play without fuzz and without problems. In addition, one of the best components of this monitor supports the latest NVIDIA G-Sync technology.

And if your work requires more than just looking at a screen for hours instead of looking at your bed, this model can be used for that, too. With all its features, the Dell Alienware 1900 even has the ability to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

It’s a great relief for everyone, especially for those who can’t resist the screen for hours. Whether you want to play games, watch movies or use full graphic design software, this model can be used in all directions.

Now, as far as the appearance of the monitor is concerned, there is something to be said. But to get to the point: You will love the 34-inch screen of this 21:9 aspect ratio monitor. This means it’s time to say goodbye to your old monitor, which probably won’t be big enough to provide an immersive visual experience.

It should also be noted that many monitors produce low-quality images or results, which means that you will usually see dark or obscured images or videos on these monitors. People often blame their graphics card (which can be the cause in some cases), but it is actually the monitor who gives these gloomy results. And there are no perfect results when adjusting the contrast.

But this model allows you to check and play back the contrast ratio setting because you can adjust the contrast ratio up to 1000:1. You can also use the best 30nits brightness option. It also confirms that you have a wide range of brightness settings to meet your needs.

This monitor is also equipped with a 16.7m colour support function that allows you to view all the colours of each scene displayed on the visual output. As a result, everything you see on this monitor is displayed in all true colours.

What’s more, your field of vision is improved by the high production design, because you don’t have to move your eyes from one side to the other. So keep your eyes healthy.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. There’s something else. Ever wondered what game modes are already available on your screen? I bet you don’t. Well! To shock users, especially online gamers, this monitor has six different game modes that can be adjusted without much effort.

Finally, this monitor also offers an adjustable RGB lighting effect (Alien FX). This will undoubtedly improve your gaming experience as you will notice that it will vary depending on the type of game you play.

Alienware 1900R 34.1, Bent…

  • A curved 34-inch 21:9 screen with a radius of 1900 maximizes your field of view. The new AW3418DW offers maximum immersion in the game.
  • A fast 120 Hz refresh rate (overclocking) in combination with a reaction time of 4 milliseconds ensures a butter-soft game. Brightness level: 300 candelas per square meter

That’s it! What’s in a Dell Alienware 1900R?

  • Resolution 3440 x 1440
  • Alien FX: Amazing light effects
  • 1001:1 contrast ratio with 30nits
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • A beautiful appearance
  • IPS panel

AG352UCG6 AOC Agon – The best 120Hz curved monitor forgames

games The best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors for games

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AG352UCG6 Revision of the AOC AgonMonitor

If you’re a fan of large displays and love big graphics and great visibility, Agon’s AOC AG352UCG6 is one of the best 120G monitors on the market. Best of all, it is one of the cheapest 120 Hz monitors you can find with such a large screen.

The specifications of this monitor are certainly remarkable because it has a 35 inch screen, which is definitely a great way to watch movies or play games. It is not surprising that the large screen is the only reason why you can stand in front of this monitor for hours without hurting your eyes.

Have you ever thought about playing on a longer monitor in terms of screen size, together with a VA panel? Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Without a doubt, an AV panel is the best way to help you have a great gaming experience. In addition, this affordable monitor has an ultra-wide screen with a resolution of approximately 3440 x 1440 and a contrast ratio of approximately 2500.1.

This feature of Agon allows the user to feel like in the movie, and to experience a gaming experience so pure that he will get lost in it. This monitor is undoubtedly one of the most important options for players around the world.

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! There’s something else about that monitor. Did you know that Agon also has a mixed response time of 4 ms? Moreover, the combination of this reaction time and a refresh rate of 120 Hz can open the door to the imagination and make it come true. It has also been found that many players complain about a very dry or hard playing experience.

They blame their computer, but in fact the opposite happens. Of course, the monitor is an essential tool for improving the game, so with this model you can always have a smooth and seamless gaming experience with a minimum of delay. Well! The delay is a serious problem, and it seems that Agon has solved it perfectly with the release of this model.

And if you’ve ever considered lighting your home with your monitor, this is the best you can do. Did you know that this monitor is equipped with 100% sRGB bleeding and 300nits brightness? This means that when you play on this monitor, your surroundings are also illuminated. True color reproduction is the specialty of this monitor. This also means that the monitor displays the actual image.

This means that any graphic or visual elements that you want to display in your game will be displayed without any changes. Most inexpensive monitors often do not have these functions. It is also the best option that NVIDIA G-Sync fully supports. So you can count on impeccable image quality.

It also features a 1800R elbow to ensure accurate and fracture-free viewing. In addition, many users complain that they cannot see an image or video from a different angle.

But not with this model. Whether you’re sitting directly in front of the monitor, or to the left, or to the right, or a little far from the monitor, you’ll always have a similar view. Many thanks to Agon for making the remote game possible. This is a great relief for users with vision problems.

What? Tired of reading about the benefits of this monitor? Well! There’s more, so hold your breath. The customization feature is another amazing thing that you will find in this monitor, because it certainly adds to the excitement of the game.

With this monitor you can easily play with the height adjustment. Tilt and swivel changes are also possible. In addition, the ATC has a USB 3.0 port, a display port and HDMI 1.4. Even better, the structure is fine and cast with an edge for a better appearance.

That’s it! What makes A.M. the best? Here’s a brief summary of the ball:

AOC AGON Curved games monitor 35…

  • 35 professional Agon gambling monitors with 1800R curvature for an immersive gaming experience
  • Ultra-wide 3440 x 1440 Quad HD resolution with VA panel (21:9 cinema format), 85% NTSC colour space for high colour fidelity
  • 300 nit
  • 2500.1 Contrast ratio
  • VA panel support
  • NVIDIA G-Sync Support
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Response time 4 ms

GS173H G-STORY is the best 120Hzportable gaming monitor.

games The best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors for games

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GS173H G-STORY 120Hz Portable monitor overview

In this world where everything goes so fast, don’t you think a monitor should be portable? Of course, portability also has major advantages. And there is now portable software and a range of other accessories around this technology. This makes the GS173H the most affordable 120Hz monitor that can amaze you with its superior performance.

And the cool thing about this model is that it contains a portability function. Wow! Isn’t that surprising, because you won’t find that kind of convenience in a budget controller? The high quality and realism of the graphics make this game the best experience imaginable. But the credit goes to the makers of this monitor, because at such a low price this monitor has a 1080p display with the recording of the TN panel.

Speaking of details, it turns out that the HDR function is an important player in the whole scenario. However, it is difficult to find this quality in a cheap and portable monitor. But this model has everything in a reasonable price range.

So imagine being able to play your favorite games without missing graphic information. Other monitors may not be able to display high-resolution images. This is due to the lack of HDR support, but G-Story has everything needed to get the best graphical results.

Another problem that occupies people is the smooth interaction during the game. There used to be a lot of problems with low-cost monitors in terms of approximate display during play. But when this G-Story model was launched, it overcame all those fears.

With a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a response time of up to 1 ms, users can play without stuttering as the model efficiently transmits all signals. This is really an important fact to understand, because the flexibility of the monitor to display signals directly affects the output signal. With this model, the problem of the base seems to have disappeared.

Another big advantage is the support of AMD’s FreeSync technology. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Synchronization is simple and improves the quality of the frame rate, making it possible to play heavy matches with loss of quality. One of the many advantages of this monitor is the color reproduction.

Many monitors are unable to reproduce a real color scheme, although your PC will somehow help you get the best results. However, because the output signal is the main source of visibility, the monitor turns out to be the main culprit. So you can have fun with your games on this monitor because all the colors are really displayed.

And guess what! This is not only beneficial for a single user who plays online, but also for those who get the same results. For example, if you play with friends, the whole network can see the real picture. This way you can also compare your monitor with your friends’ monitors to make sure you bought a better device than the others at 178 degrees. The GS173H also has GamePlus modes, such as FPS/FTS, which ultimately provide great graphics.

As a player you think about the health of your eyes. But did you know that this monitor also has a blue light filter that protects your eyes? Besides, you’ll never get tired of playing, this model is your playmate.

You’ll be shocked to know that playing games with this monitor for a few hours will not lead to eye fatigue. This way you don’t have to cover your screen with screen protectors when using G-Story.

Playing quietly is like tea without milk. It’s called tea, but it has no flavor. Sound really is one of the most important elements that allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest. But it’s rather hectic to connect the speakers to the computer to play.

This increases the load on the motherboard and slows down the performance of the PC. But if you get this monitor, you don’t need to connect headphones or speakers to your PC. The built-in speakers ensure that the sound does not interfere with the gaming experience.

The monitor is portable and has multiple interfaces such as HDMI, dual 3.5mm connector and USB Type-C. In addition, the exterior is robust with a side bracket and the total weight is 6.8 pounds, making this monitor easy to transport from one location to another.

The 15.6-inch G-STORY portable monitor…

  • 【A9 HDR and UHD picture:: 15.6-inch UHD 4K 2160P (3840X2160), 16:9 view, HDR support (High Dynamic Range). The IPS screen offers vivid images and a great viewing experience when zooming in or playing games.
  • 【A9 Compatible withmultifunctional devices 【C9 : This monitor has USB-C and HDMI inputs and is compatible with multiple devices: Laptops, computers, phones (must have a full USB-C port), Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Switch, Raspberry Pi, etc. NOTE : Must be connected to a power source and a compatible device at the same time, otherwise it will automatically go into standby mode (black screen).

Overview for GS173H G-Story

  • The refresh rate is 120 Hz
  • FreeSync with a response time of 1 ms
  • TN panel
  • Robust housing
  • Multiple HDMI inputs
  • Fully portable

XL2420T from BenQ – The best Budget 120HzGaming Monitor

games The best and cheapest 120 Hz monitors for games

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XL2420T from BenQ 140Hzmonitor set test

BenQ has a good reputation in the world of technology. The company is known for the manufacture of many technological products such as. B. Mobile phones. However, the world is surprised to see one of the cheapest 120 Hz monitors from this company. The XL2420 is another newcomer to the list of affordable 120Hz monitors.

Some people think it’s because it’s cheap and therefore useless. But did you know that this model is used in game tournaments all over the world? If so, you’ll probably use it. What else are you waiting for? When you choose this monitor, you choose to be happy with the game.

This monitor is a high-end product because it has a TN panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This allows players to experience an incredible quality experience. Another quality improvement is the 350 slots with a contrast ratio of 1000.1 on this model. It is therefore not surprising that this monitor has the brightest display and also displays the colors very well.

Speaking of shades: You’ll be pleased to know that it offers 72% coverage of the colour range with the addition of FRC features. This allows the user to see all colour shades without loss. In other words: No matter how you play high-resolution games, this monitor can restore the original colors on your screen.

The reaction time is 2 ms, so you can play without any burr. This is one of the main reasons why this model is used in international gambling tournaments.

It also has different game modes, such as. B. FPS, which automatically adjusts the display settings so that you are always satisfied with the game. The viewing angle is 170 degrees, allowing you to play comfortably from a distance.

The new era has brought some improvements in the gambling sector. 3D games are a popular phenomenon. But a lot of people can’t enjoy 3D games the way they want because their screens aren’t compatible with this technology. But this model is compatible with Vision 2 (NVIDIA 3D), which means 3D gaming is possible.

Finally, this monitor can be placed anywhere in the room because it does not take up too much space. The physical adjustment is easy because it has a 90 degree rotation. It also features a DisplayPort, HDMI and a 3.5 mm jack.

The XL2420 from BenQ in a jiffy:

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 inch 144 Hz .

  • Ultra-fast 144 Hz refresh rate for smooth PC gaming via DisplayPort or DVI-D (compatible with PS5 and Xbox up to 60 Hz).
  • 1ms response time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and latency for an optimal gaming experience. Dimensions (HxWxD mm) – 559 (height) / 429 (bottom) x 570 x 219. Dimensions with wall bracket (HxWxD mm) (without plinth) – 347x570x59.97
  • 24 display
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Response time 2 ms
  • Compatible with VESA 100 x 100
  • The best for professional games
  • Full support for 3D games

4k 120 Hz Monitors with the best curve

In this section we look at the best 4k 120Hz curved game monitors that will make your gaming desktop more stylish and improve your overall gaming performance with a high refresh rate. .

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Well! There’s another boss here. The 34-inch Alienware is one of the cheapest 120 Hz monitors that works extremely well. Many monitors in this range usually do not have many features. Some lack quality, some lack sound.

Cheap screens also often cause problems with the display. Of course, no one likes to see pixels appear. But thanks to the manufacturers of this monitor for their great performance.

It has a screen width of 21:9, which contributes to optimal viewing. Besides, it’s good if you have uneven vision. Do you know what makes this monitor display these results? The best experience is provided by the curved screen of the 1900 R.

The sharpness of this monitor is also moderate thanks to the WQHD resolution of 3400 x 1440.  So you can expect to see every little detail through this monitor.

As far as synchronization is concerned, this 120 Hz monitor can easily be synchronized with the GPU. It is not surprising that the G-Sync technology works perfectly in this monitor. This allows all images to be displayed when the monitor is ready to display them.

This means that the risk of distortion of the entire graph is minimal. In addition, the monitor can be synchronized with NVIDIA for a better gaming experience.

Overview for AW3420DW


Strange software AW3420DW NEW curve 34…

  • Enjoy breathtaking views with a combination of compelling features
  • The 1900R’s wide, curved 21:9 widescreen display maximizes your field of view and delivers a consistent and coherent viewing experience.
  • 34 wide and curved screen
  • WQHD = 3400 x 1440
  • Superb IPS Edgelight LED
  • s-RGB colour spectrum and film standard
  • Moonlight .

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable playing games? We mean it very much because we can’t find that charm anymore. But do you know why you feel that way? It’s because of the display on your monitor.

Unfortunately, not all of the cheapest 120G monitors are able to deliver high quality. The result is that your eyes are tired and you’re just looking for a break, no matter how much you want to play the game.

But it seems that the new Asus ROG technology is great because it helps players to play their favourite games carefully without hurting their eyes or head.

What about this monitor? But the question is, what’s wrong? There is no doubt that Asus plays a major role in entertainment. So this time Asus launched a ROG with full remote control functionality. The black exterior display is remarkable because it adapts to any room and any background. On the other hand, a monitor is an expensive device that needs to be equipped with the necessary accessories.

For example, this monitor is a non-glare and super-smooth surface for gaming. It has an excellent loudspeaker that delivers 600 display certificates and excellent colour and contrast performance.

The Asus ROG can be connected to any input without affecting the outputs. You can also connect speakers to this monitor.

Magazine for Asus ROG :

ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ 43 4K HDR…

  • 43 4-channel, reflection-free, 4-channel game displays with 120Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth gaming graphics | Includes : (1) display port, (3) HDMI, (1) headphone jack, (2) USB ports | VESA compatible (100X100mm)
  • Product dimensions | Without tripod – 38.3 L x 2.93 L x 22.46 Volt | With tripod – 38.3 L x 9.53 L x 24.85 Volt | Weight – 31.3 lbs. | Voltage – 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz | Aspect ratio – 16:9 | Actual resolution – 3840 x 216
  • 43-inch display
  • Fast game display technology
  • The best brightness
  • Low latency .

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Take the king of all brands of electronics, Samsung, who brings the game home to enjoy. Don’t you think that would make you happy? Of course, happiness will be felt on all four sides of your room, because this Samsung CJ89 is one of the most affordable 120 Hz monitors you can buy for an exceptional gaming experience.

One of the best aspects of this huge game screen is the screen. It is not wide, in fact it is ultra wide, which immerses you in the game in a way that you will never feel, leaving you with unfinished levels of the game.

A monitor 43 is a normal screen, but has an aspect ratio of about 32:10, which is almost equivalent to 24 monitors. This determines that the screen is powerful enough to show every detail clearly.

The frame-by-frame option allows the interaction of multiple inputs. For example, if you have two PCs, you can connect both to this monitor to view the screen on a single monitor. So now you can play a lot of multiplayer games with your friends on the same platform. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! No more long-distance games.

Speaking of framerates: This monitor has a very smooth refresh rate that ensures flawless performance when displaying high color intensity images. You can also use the USB port to view content on the big screen while charging a USB device.

Review for Samsung CJ89 :


Samsung CJ89 43 Curved UltraWide…

  • With a screen diagonal of 43 and an aspect ratio of 32:10, the CJ89 is the size of 24 monitors together. This makes it a reasonable alternative to two-monitor installations, with no blind spots at the edges, perfectly adapted image quality and less cabling.
  • The frame-by-frame function enables the simultaneous display of input data from two PCs to facilitate collaboration with colleagues or customers. Simply connect a second device, such as a laptop, to display the screen directly next to the PC’s main screen.
  • High performance
  • Curved monitor
  • 43 flowing display
  • Multitasking
  • A mouse and keyboard can be connected

MSI Optix – 34-inch 4k 120hzmonitor .

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If you miss all the traditional monitors and are looking for something new and exciting, you should get the MSI Optix for your home. Not only will it improve the gaming experience, but it will also make your space more welcoming and modern. So let’s start with the internal magic in addition to the outer features.

This monitor is designed for gaming with adjustable backlight height, making it one of the best and cheapest 120G monitors for gaming. It delivers realistic images with a dynamic aspect ratio and contrast.

Buying this monitor is like saying goodbye to all previous delay and playback problems, because it offers excellent response time and fast reflexes, as well as anti-homing gameplay. No more stuttering or tearing, everything’s fine with the MSI Optix.

On the outside of the screen there are RGB lights synchronized with the computer that light up according to the intensity of the game. But don’t worry, you can always play with the settings to adjust them. In addition, this monitor has an internal webcam with facial recognition.

MSI Optix in the test:

MSI Optix MPG341CQRV 34-inch…

  • ULTRAWIDE CURVE – MSI’s 34-inch curved immersive gaming monitor with UWQHD resolution (3440 x 1440p) and a realistic HDR 400 with a dynamic contrast ratio of 3000 1 and a 21 9 format.
  • QUICK AND FAST VISION – The 120 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time of the VA-LED panel ensures smooth operation from frame to frame for fast, reflection-free playback.
  • Freesycn technology
  • intelligent RGB
  • USB port type C
  • Hamsens Steel Series
  • Frameless design
  • Antiklikker
  • Internal adapter

As a player you have to look for cheap 120 Hz monitors, but they are quite hard to find. However, all of the above names can help you improve your gaming experience.

Whether you’re a professional gamer or a noob, you can always get a cheap 120 Hz game monitor so the fun never stops.


Is there a 4k 120Hz monitor?

Yes, there are many 120 Hz gaming monitors available, but the MSI Optix is the recommended 4K 120 Hz gaming monitor for high gaming performance.

What type of HDMI cable do I need for 4k 120hz?

You need a cable with a high frequency per second (FPS) playback connection to make optimal use of the 120Hz monitor (4kB 120Hz), as an HDMI cable can only operate on 60 FPS.

Is a 120 Hz monitor good for gaming?

Yes, of course. A 120 Hz monitor ensures that your gaming performance is smoother than your previous monitor. You need a good graphics card to get high FPS on your gaming monitor.

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