AnchorVertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review


  • ergonomic conception
  • 2.4G Wireless USB Stick
  • Different follow-up options


  • AAA batteries
  • weak keys
  • Poor follow up

Are you one of those people who never have time to relax body and mind because of all the work they do? Constantly working in the office while sitting in front of a computer screen can lead to pain or injury. You need useful peripherals to keep your computer safe.

Research of ergonomic vertical docking optical mouse is here to help you decide whether or not this mouse is right for you. Try working with more ergonomic wireless mice that can increase your productivity.

Ergonomic vertical optical anchor mouse

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review

More than eight million office workers suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome almost every year. Half a million Americans undergo surgery for long-term computer-related injuries. After all, they have to pay for not doing it right. In addition, his body needs the remaining weeks after surgery. Do you take care of your health by working for hours at the computer?

Examining the ergonomics of the optical vertical docking mouse is really a godsend to help you discover the best side of this mouse. There is no reason to look for another alternative here and there to avoid serious injury and surgery. You can rely on Anchor’s right mouse when you spend hours at a computer.

When your hands are not moving and you are in the resting position, your forearm is in the thumbs up position. On the other hand, when you are working, the natural resting position of your hand will point in the opposite direction.

When you use the mouse, your wrist is turned downward like the palm of your hand. This movement leads to a stiffening of the forearm bones around the joint space. Our review of the Anker ergonomic optical mouse suggests that this problem can be solved with the Anker vertical mouse.

A vertical mouse facilitates automatic positioning of the hand at an anatomically defined point. At the end of the work, you will not be tired and you will not feel any pain in your wrist. They are safe from stress, damage and possible carpal injuries in the tunnels.

Standard mice may cause injury

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review

If you use a normal mouse for an extended period of time, your body will undoubtedly be damaged. As explained earlier, most people have suffered injuries to the carpal tunnel that have resulted in surgery.

Try to incorporate an ergonomic mouse and leave all non-ergonomic products behind. But it’s not just the wrist that suffers, the shoulders also suffer from the stressful position of the mouse.

The resting position for the wrist and shoulders is to have both elbows at the sides and the forearms pointing upwards. Although it looks like a yoga or exercise pose, it is actually a resting pose for both joints.

If your hand works in the opposite direction of the resting position for a long time, you will definitely have problems. You can test different stretching directions by practicing moving your arms and shoulders in different ways.

You may have felt pain when holding a standard mouse in a standard position. The review of the ergonomic Anker Vertical Optical Mouse shows all the benefits of this great mouse.

Choose wisely

Just because you love your mouse or are used to it, doesn’t mean it’s the best mouse for you. The Anker vertical mouse can certainly meet all your needs. Remember that not all mice are perfect for you, and not all vertical mice offer what you want. There isn’t much competition, so there is more variety in the typical mouse.

Most mice are designed for the right hand only. A typical mouse has a standard shape, size and function. In the vertical mice you will find right- and left-handed mice.

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Technical data

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review

Anker’s review of Anker’s ergonomic optical vertical mouse presents the features of the wired and wireless mouse. Why choose a wireless mouse over a wired one? Think about it!

Radio mouse production lacks sensitivity. If you’ve ever had experience using a wireless mouse, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with its features. It is difficult to compare a wired mouse and a wireless mouse because they both have advanced technology.

Without a doubt, many people would rather have a wireless mouse than clutter their desk with cables.

A wired mouse has its own features in that it is cheaper, never needs to be charged, and responds faster than a wireless mouse. They connect directly to your system or laptop via a cable.

Research of the vertical ergonomic vertical optical anchor mouse has accurately explained the solid performance of the anchor mouse. The ergonomic design of the Anker Vertical Mouse keeps your wrist at an angle of nearly 60 degrees. Anker’s vertical mouse is also tailored to each hand.

Based on these features, you can consider Anchor vertical mouse as an average product for you. Anker’s vertical mouse also has a rubberized surface for a secure grip.

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Technical data

Anker Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Review

Anker’s ergonomic optical vertical mouse is equipped with a USB stick, and this feature allows you to get rid of your wired mouse even if it is cheaper. Sometimes the anchor is shortened in several places. An optical mouse is not as good for mouse tracking as most wireless mice.

The Anchor Mouse also has different dpi options, such as 800/1200/1600, that you can switch between. Anker’s ergonomic vertical optical mouse doesn’t have the advanced features of Logitech and Microsoft.

These advanced features can fully deal with reflections and rough wall surfaces. The scroll wheel can appear fragile or weak, making it very difficult to use.

You will see several buttons responsible for typical forward and reverse operations. The button on top of the mouse is clearly visible. It is mainly used to switch DPI settings between 800, 1200 and 1600 dpi sampling resolution. You will see two other buttons that your thumb rests on, which are used for standard web browsing.

Thumb buttons are not compatible with Apple products, otherwise you can install the mouse on your desktop or Apple device. It can be connected via a USB 2.0 receiver and is guaranteed for 18 months.

If you don’t like rechargeable batteries, keep in mind that the Anker Optical Mouse requires 2 AAA batteries to operate properly. The addition of 2 AAA batteries also adds weight and makes it difficult to operate properly. Your batteries can last up to 12-18 months depending on usage.

The Anchor vertical mouse is reasonably priced, and you’ll love the design. The overview of the Anchor Vertical Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse explains the technical features of the mouse. A vertical mouse uses optical sensors that are too good for any type of surface.

As you can see, Anker’s vertical mouse is designed for right-handed people and fits in any hand. The mouse weighs only 3.36 ounces, but gets heavier when 2 AAA batteries are added.

The Anchorage Mouse has a slim profile measuring 3.23 x 3.98 x 3.15 inches. After eight minutes, the Anchor Mouse switches to power saving mode to save battery power. You can count on the compatibility of the Anchor Mouse with all major operating systems.

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Ergonomic design : The ergonomic design of the Anker Upright mouse is suitable for all hand types. It will also help you bring your wrist into a natural resting position.

2.4G Wireless USB Dongle : Moreover, you get the Anker mouse with 2.4G wireless USB for a very good price.

Different follow-up options : The anchor mouse introduces different dpi settings to help with tracking in different situations. However, it does not have advanced laser tracking like other high-end mice, which it lacks in some respects.
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Poor follow-up: The Aker mouse does not perform as well as the mice from Logitech and Microsoft.

Weak keys: Anchor has no fixed keys and especially no secondary keys and no scroll wheel.

AAA batteries: The mouse is not equipped with AAA batteries, and new batteries must be purchased each time the batteries need to be replaced.

Bottom line

The anchor is really good in terms of price, but absolutely practical in terms of features. The positive point of the Anchor Mouse is its ergonomic design, which is suitable for everyone.


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