Permanent offices are simply absurd at the moment. Suddenly these adjustable tables sell like hot pancakes on the grill. And now that everyone wants to ride the wellness train, these bridges have become the norm.

More and more companies are arguing in favour of permanent offices. They eliminated their proven offices and encouraged their employees to behave at work.

But is it really better to get up than sit down? And can it really help you lose weight? It’s also one of the main reasons why everyone went to the office standing up: the promise of a slimmer waist. Let’s see if these claims are true. And we’ll try to find a justification for each of them.

Are standing tables healthy or not?

Attachment No 1 You can have the Permanent Office removed

You burn about 100-200 calories per hour when you’re standing, compared to 60-130 calories when you’re sitting. But it must also depend on your height, weight and age.

In hindsight, you burn more calories standing up than sitting down. We all know that already, but how?

As you stand, you activate the muscles of your body, especially your leg muscles. And when your muscles are activated, it helps you to build more. The more muscles you have in your body, the more calories you can burn if your metabolism accelerates.

Moreover, you are more likely to move and shake when you are standing than when you are sitting.

Keep in mind, however, that the caloric fire between standing and sitting is not so high. So, if you can take more exercise while standing, it will help to increase the number of calories you burn. Make a few jumps or pick up a calf while you’re at it.

Lightning # 2 Bar tables can help reduce back pain

Prolonged sitting can strain your back and cause back and shoulder pain. You can even feel all the pain and weakness in your body. Why is that? That could be one of the reasons.

Prolonged sitting contributes to bending and excessive strain on the spine.  If you sit for a long time, it is inevitable that your posture starts to slip. As a result, if you sit for a long time, you may feel stiffness and pain in your spine. This can lead to a hernia due to too much pressure on the back.

And if you sit down, the blood flow to the gluteal muscles is restricted. Because your buttocks rest comfortably on the chair, blood circulation is hindered. This could have serious consequences for your spine, such as?

That’s because your gluteal muscles support your spine. Therefore, if the blood circulation in the buttocks is restricted, this will strongly affect the spine. This also causes tension in the thigh muscle, because the blood circulation is also limited.

Therefore, prolonged sitting can cause back pain in two ways: It helps to bend and limit traffic.

Item #3 High tables can help reduce neck pain

You’ve all had a stiff neck if you’ve worked all day on a deadline, which means you have to sit all the time. You tend to tilt your head forward towards the monitor when you sit down. This is called the forward main position. And most nannies are guilty of that. That’s why you often feel a stabbing pain in your neck after a hard day’s work.

Item No 4 Permanent offices reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Yeah, it’s true. But let’s see how standing desks can help you prevent cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases.

We talked about the traffic in number 2. It is also the main reason why prolonged sitting can lead to heart disease.

Sitting for long periods of time restricts blood circulation. And if there’s not enough blood flowing to the heart and brain, it means there’s not enough oxygen either. Since blood contains oxygen, this is inevitable.

And with a lack of oxygen and blood circulation, among other things, the risk of heart disease increases.  The Sidentari is a silent killer. And prolonged sitting is sitting.

High tables can also help reduce the risk of diabetes. How? Remember in the first song we talked about how you can burn more calories by standing up?

Exercise is one of the ways to prevent blood sugar levels from rising. You need to burn this excess sugar so that your body can reach a healthy insulin level.

And the more muscles you have, the more efficiently you can burn sugar and fat in general. Don’t forget to give up coca-cola and drink tea instead, it can help you a lot.

The same applies to the effect of desks on cholesterol levels, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Bar table

Affirmation #5 Standing desks can make you more energetic and cheerful

If your body is rich in oxygen, you are indeed more energetic and dynamic. You don’t have to yawn so much you have to take a nap. Because your brain is constantly supplied with blood and oxygen, you feel more alert. Especially if you’re moving as much and not in the same position.

By sitting for a long time, the oxygen supply to the brain is limited, which makes you want to sleep. You will also feel tired because your body does not have a good exchange of carbon monoxide and oxygen and your lungs are also overloaded. That’s why you always have to yawn.

Other adverse effects of prolonged sitting

In addition to the well-known disadvantages of prolonged sitting, there are other symptoms that you cannot attribute to laziness. But that could be the main reason. And here are a few examples.

Fuel consumption

How can laziness cause constipation? A posture in which the back is bent and the knees are under the hips can lead to weakening of the abdominal muscles. This position closes off the anus as it were, so that you can only move with difficulty.

Exercise or just standing can help relieve constipation.  Exercise or movement can help to strengthen the internal muscles so that they can pass through the stool more easily.


Yeah, you can pee all of a sudden when you’ve laughed like that. Prolonged sitting causes too much pressure on the abdominal muscles. And the abdominal muscle transfers that pressure to the bladder.

The pelvic muscle also becomes weak because the pelvic muscle is not active because you don’t move.  And it makes it harder for you to hold your urine, because your pelvic muscles help you.

Acid run-off

Sitting too long puts too much pressure on your stomach, which can cause heartburn to leak, especially if you have just eaten. And it can cause acid reflux or heartburn.

So it’s true if your mother tells you not to lie down or sit down after eating a snack.

additional tips with a standing desk

Additional rod table points

It’s true that sitting is the next smoke, and all the claims about standing desks are actually true. But while standing desks can help you live a healthier life, there are some things you should consider.

  1. Nothing beats a healthy diet and regular exercise. You can burn more calories standing up than sitting down. That’s no excuse to avoid junk food and skip workouts. Instead of snacking on crisps and soft drinks, why not enjoy fruit, healthy sandwiches and tea?
  2. This is an intervention. And with all the interventions, you have to go through phases. If you’re used to sitting all day, you can take one step at a time. Switch between sitting and standing until your body is used to using a high table.
  3. Bring it up. To get the most out of your standing desk, make jumps or squat. It can help to pump more blood to your body.
  4. It can be painful at first. Prolonged standing can also cause pain in the feet and legs. That’s why you can’t stay in one position. Moving from one side of the table to the other helps a lot.  It can also be useful to complement your desk with a seat to support seats or floor mats, especially if you have foot problems.

Last word

So, yeah, the standing desk is great! But you should also take into account the factors I mentioned above.

Although standing desks are more beneficial to your health than sitting desks, you can’t suddenly step into them. Remember, it takes time to get used to it. Your body needs to get used to this new way of life. So you can’t force it, but you have to do it step by step.

And above all, let our bodies move! Using a standing desk is a bit of a kick in the ass to get into the wellness routine.

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