AV receiver : Purchase advice

If you own a Plasma Display and constantly complain that the sound is too weak or not loud enough, it is time to buy an AV Receiver.

What is an AV receiver and how do I know which one is the best? This is one of the most frequently asked questions that is about to take the home audio system to the next level.

Let’s look at this in detail, step by step.

An AV (Audio/Video) receiver is an electronic device that controls the home cinema. It is a combination of an audio amplifier and a video switch. The AV receiver has two main functions: It allows you to select the video you want to watch and supports the speakers. The numerous inputs allow you to connect cables for different devices, such as CD players or TVs, and easily switch between them. It often comes with a remote control that can also work with a TV.

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Before buying an audio/video receiver, you may want to do some research and familiarize yourself with the subject. Otherwise you risk spending too much money on a device that isn’t worth it. One of the most affordable A/V receivers this year is the Yamaha RX-V383. However, there are many more options on the market. It all depends on your preferences and the factors you are looking for.



The High Definition Multimedia Interface is a widely used HD signal that transmits high-resolution audio and video data over a single cable.

A few years ago, it wasn’t decisive. I’m doing it now.

Since almost all devices currently use HDMI, the number of HDMI inputs in an AV receiver should be particularly interesting to you. Some might be satisfied with three, while seven wouldn’t be enough for others. Choose the ideal number based on the number of external devices you want to connect. Consider getting additional information about what you are currently using. In case there are technology updates and you suddenly need a new position.

This kind of convenience may eventually cost the AV receiver a little more, but consider it an investment. You can probably hold out for a few more years, right?

Bluetooth and WiFi

Via Bluetooth

Some AV receivers are equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth or AirPlay. The wireless solutions that the AV receiver can offer should be useful if you are never separated from your smartphone. Download an app like Spotify or Pandora, choose the song you want to play and wireless technology connects your devices at any time. You don’t need cable. It’s more than handy.

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Use Bluetooth to communicate with any device, be it a tablet or smartphone, within a range of about 30 meters. Don’t be surprised by the sound quality, which is not the best.

Use AirPlay if you have an Apple device. It offers excellent sound quality, but the receiver must first be connected to your home network.

The vast majority of av receivers are connected to the network via WiFi. This update is useful, but not crucial. This allows you to easily connect the receiver to your home network without the need for a cable connection.


Performance Av

What about Watts? Are they important? The answer is yes.

The power of the higher power will be better than that of the lower power. However, the task is somewhat more complicated because the performance specifications for AV receivers are not standardized.

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One of the most obvious factors in choosing the right power is the size of the room. To deliver the same sound quality, an AV receiver in a large living room needs more power than an AV receiver in a small kitchen.

Purchases of essential goods

These three factors: HDMI, Bluetooth and AirPlay inputs and power supply are very important when purchasing a new AV receiver. But they’re not the only ones. Other aspects such as sound quality, budget, weight and connectivity of the front panel also play an important role and should be important. With so many buying options it is difficult to make the right choice. Don’t be discouraged. If ordinary television is not enough for you and you are looking for theatrical experiences in the comfort of your home, then investing in a suitable AV receiver is a brilliant idea.

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