Best applications for the modern sports enthusiast

This may go without saying, but the best apps are those that can enhance our smartphone experience. This was the common denominator of the Android apps mentioned in the previous Best Android Apps article. Apps like SwiftKey, Spotify and Waze are not only fun and sometimes useful, they really change what we can do with our phones.

In this list, we look at some of his best uses for modern sports fans, with the same idea in mind. If you love sports, here are some of the downloads that can really change and improve your mobile experience.




ESPN’s title as the world’s leading sports broadcaster may seem a little odd. But when it comes to promoting it compared to most other sports journalism media, that’s a fair description. The application covers all major leagues, from European football to the NBA, with incredible detail from around the world. And when we talk about coverage, we don’t just mean points. The application offers up-to-date information, scores and statistics, post-match analysis, highlights and, in many cases, live feeds. Many sports fans may take it for granted, but the ESPN application is an incredibly reliable tool for all sports fans.



Vital signs

With the Livescores application you can keep track of the scores and statistics of all your favorite sporting events. You can watch matches and games as they happen, all in a simple and clear view. Actually, it’s nothing the ESPN app can’t do, but it’s the simplicity that makes the live scores valuable. If you want an ESPN application for the big needs, but aren’t afraid of a no-frills application for basic scores, this is a great option to have on your device. You’re unlikely to know it exists, but your sports enthusiasm would be enhanced by it.




DraftKings was one of the first applications to launch Daily Fantasy Sports on a large scale – for those unfamiliar with it, it allows fans to select fantasy lines for individual days or games, participate in contests and, if successful, win real money. There are other good sites in the Daily Fantasy space, but none can beat DraftKings in terms of the size and variety of games offered. And if that’s not enough, the application is now also positioned as a major player in the field of classic sports betting. With New Jersey opening its doors to gambling, Pennsylvania making betting legal, and other states following suit, mobile sports betting is about to take off among American fans. And it turns out the DraftKings already have one.




The modern sports fan also wants to see the matches live. And to make this possible, many different ticketing applications have come along over the years. Ticketmaster has been around for a while; SeatGeek is probably the hottest new option; one of them, called Gametime, even seems to make people forget about StubHub, according to some. Still, we chose StubHub because it is probably the most practical and pleasant to use. The application makes it easy to follow match schedules, view the seating plan, track teams and secure the best ticket prices. You can also sell tickets if you cannot attend the match for any reason.



On-Line Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is similar to ESPN in many ways without having the same coverage. But he’s trying, and the Bleacher Report Live application is a step in the right direction. This is a relatively new but promising program that offers live video feeds of games from various sports and leagues, including the NCAA and the PGA. You can mark your favorite leagues and teams to stay up to date on upcoming matches, and if live streams aren’t readily available through the app, you can always use it to find out where you might be watching. Ultimately, Bleacher Report Live works because it tends to provide access to some of the rare events that the ESPN application doesn’t cover (although the rapidly growing DAZN application may be a competitor for the same reason).

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