It is important to protect your hearing when watching live music. To protect your lungs, you need the best earplugs for concerts. A lot of people prefer to listen to records, and that’s fine. However, live music can move people, especially when played on a noisy stage.

You should be aware that repeated exposure to noise can damage your hearing. This is why hearing care professionals recommend that you wear hearing protection and it is important that you have the best earplugs for your concerts.

There are many devices that can protect your hearing. You will find a wide range of earplugs on the market. This includes hearing protection and headphones. Each product has its own unique features to protect your hearing at different levels. That’s why every product has its price.

Concerto earplugs work effectively because they are small and comfortable. On the other hand, we also have hearing protectors that work well. However, they are large and may not be effective in terms of comfort at concerts.

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Alpine PartyPlugs - Noise cancelling earplugs for concerts, parties and festivals - Reusable hypoallergenic musical earplugs for concerts, parties and festivals - Reusable hypoallergenic musical earplugs ...

Better hearing protection

High precision concert earplugs, 2 pairs of earplugs Hearing protection Sound reduction Musician's earplugs with aluminium housing for use in concerts, ...

Better sound insulation

Etiological research ER20 High precision earplugs (concerts, musicians, airplanes, engines, sensitivity and universal hearing protection) - ...

Etymotic Music Pro Earplugs

Eargrace High Fidelity Earplugs

Earplug Concertina feedback

Because there are many products available, it is not easy to choose the right earplugs for the concert. That’s why we’ve selected the best concert earplugs to effectively protect your hearing. Read more!

#1 – Etymotic Music Pro earplugs – High quality hearing protection

Etiological research ER20 High precision earplugs (concerts, musicians, airplanes, engines, sensitivity and universal hearing protection) - ...

The importance of hearing protection cannot be denied. It’s an important organ of the body, and you can’t influence it just by listening to live music at a loud, high volume.

Etymotic Music Pro earplugs offer two levels of protection. The kit contains a good suitcase, a cleaning kit and a neck cord. The automatic hearing protection fitting mechanism is amazing. We tested these earplugs personally – and we liked every function. That is why the product is at the top of the list.

Etymotic Music Pro earplugs have an electronic circuit that automatically adjusts to the sound level. Interestingly, the sound is free below a certain level. However, when these earplugs detect a high volume, they protect your hearing and balance the volume so you can listen to music without distortion.

Although the price of this product is somewhat high, their intelligence and technology make them the best earplugs for concerts. They fit easily in all types of ear canals.


  • Automatic adjustment of the hearing protection
  • Two-layer protection


#2 – Earplugs 055A 60 pairs – First-class earplugs for fairground visitors

Earplugs 055A, 60 pairs, super soft foam earplugs 34 dB SNR, sound attenuation, with aluminium housing, for use with ...

The Mpow 055A is one of the best concert earplugs on the market. For an affordable price you get 60 pairs that are both hygienic and disposable.

Mpow 055A earplugs provide good protection for your hearing. They are handy, which means you can take them with you in your car and use them in an emergency.

This is a pack of 60 pairs. The product thus offers 32 dB of hearing protection against external noise. Many users say these earplugs are suitable for long-term use.

These earplugs are made of high quality material and can be easily adjusted in the ear canal. For example, they help protect your hearing from loud noises at a concert where you listen to loud music.

The Mpow 055A also protects your ears against excessive wind and water infiltration. In addition, these earplugs can reduce sound volume and prevent hearing loss and noise in the ears – i.e. tinnitus.


  • 60 pairs at an affordable price
  • Disposable and hygienic
  • A high level of hearing protection


#3 – High quality earplugs for the ear gas muscle – High quality earplugs in concert design

 Pride - Show off your true colours with the world's first Rainbow Ear Candlestick.

It offers a universal fit and provides 21 dB of sound insulation. They have a thinner profile and a side flap, which makes them – in contrast to the middle rod – easy to place and remove from the ears.

In addition, Eargasm high-fidelity earplugs are equipped with a small attenuation filter that fits various sizes of chamfered rubber. They have a full body design, which is considered by many users to be the most interesting feature.

In addition, these earplugs are available in a wide range of colours and are designed for use at concerts and music festivals in summer. It has an aluminium housing that protects the earplugs from environmental pollution.

These earplugs are also a bit expensive, but given their design and protection, it can’t hurt to say that they are the best earplugs for a concert.


  • 21 dB Noise reduction
  • Small damping filter
  • Wide range of colours


#4 – Precision earplugs – Best Music Entertainment Concert Earplugs

High precision concert earplugs, 2 pairs of earplugs Hearing protection Sound reduction Musician's earplugs with aluminium housing for use in concerts, ...

There is a wide selection of earplugs you can find in any online store, but high-precision earplugs, as the name suggests, stand out for several reasons. The most interesting thing everyone notices about these earplugs is their incredible design.

They feature a combination of high quality attenuation filters to ensure sound quality during a live concert without damaging your ears.

So the full spectrum of sound frequencies is something amazing, but at low volume, together with a range of practical accessories such as the connection cable, brush and case, they make the best earplugs for concerts.

They’re also easy to put in the ears. They won’t irritate your hearing. Not only will you enjoy live music, but you can also filter sounds from outside.


  • Great importance
  • Block sound
  • Robust transport case


  • Not suitable for prolonged use

#5 – Earplugs to protect your hearing from reflections – The best earplugs for festivals and concerts

Audio Flare - Green earplugs isolate hearing protection

Although the world of earplugs has not yet reached the level of technological innovation, Flare Audio Hearing is a unique hearing protection designed specifically for concerts, festivals and events.

It not only blocks out the outside sound, but also allows you to listen to music at just the right volume. So it protects your hearing. Inside the foam is a tiny block of aluminium that reduces the noise level.

In the same way, musical details can be heard through bone conduction. We have used this product many times in person – at concerts, festivals and at busy venues. It filters out noise and protects the ears from moisture, noise and other unauthorized persons.

So if you’re looking for something stylish, unique and innovative to protect your hearing, enjoy music, suppress or block external noise and ensure price availability, this is your product. The design is excellent.


  • Universal
  • Robust housing
  • noise suppression


#6 – Alpine music earplugs – High quality party earplugs

Alpine PartyPlugs - Noise cancelling earplugs for concerts, parties and festivals - Reusable hypoallergenic musical earplugs for concerts, parties and festivals - Reusable hypoallergenic musical earplugs ...

Talk about little earplugs: It is not easy to choose high quality earplugs that are easy enough to wear. But with Alpine Music’s earplugs, you don’t have to look everywhere.

These are optimally sized earplugs that are not felt in the ear, but that provide extra protection for the ears by blocking external sounds and noises. Especially this product is made of high quality materials and is specially designed for parties with loud music.

Unlike other earplugs that are too big and too thick, experts recommend Alpine earplugs for concerts because of their slim design, which allows them to be placed correctly in the ear canal.

Earplugs for alpine concerts are made of a branded rubber material that makes them soft and supple. They are therefore suitable for ears of all sizes.

Alpine Music’s earplugs have no specific decibel reduction, but after some time of personal testing and use, we believe they are best suited for noisy applications.

In terms of versatility and price, we recommend this product for anyone who often goes to parties and concerts.


  • Flexibility and smoothness
  • Alpine rubber
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Hearing protection


#7 – Fader V-MODA Custom Metal Earplugs – Universal Concert Earplugs

Custom Metal Earplugs V-MODA Fader - Red

V-MODA is a popular brand, and Faders Tuned Metal earplugs are universal, not only blocking noise, but also allowing the user to listen to appropriate music. It’s one of the brightest products on that list. These plugs are virtually invisible in the ear, which means that not only do you feel comfortable, but you also eliminate outside noise.

The earplugs have a multilayer, multi-stage filter, similar to that of earphones. They are ideal for audiophiles who don’t want to be disturbed by outside noise while enjoying loud live music without damaging their hearing.

V-MODA earplugs are made of high quality aircraft metal, which means the body hears a lot of concerts. It comes with 4 silicone earplugs in different sizes to improve the fit of the ear. Again, the tips of the headphones are like the tips of the headphones.

It has a lacing system that gently fastens the buttons. Most earplugs are designed for pressure. However, V-MODA allows the user to screw or unscrew the cable and allows the user to choose whether or not to connect the cable. The design and mechanism do not damage the ears.


  • Universal earplugs
  • Sound insulation
  • Ensures a sufficient musical level
  • undo the distortion
  • Designed for audiophiles
  • Silicone Tips


Concerto earplugs Purchase guide

There are many earplugs on the market for concerts. However, it is not always easy to choose the right product, because each product has its own unique design, quality and characteristics. In order to select the best earplugs for a concert, several factors have to be taken into account. We’ll talk about her now. Read more!

The best earplug for the concert will block the sound and be comfortable. Concertgoers and audiophiles prefer earplugs that do not put pressure on the ears. We all know that everyone’s ears have a different shape. It is therefore important to try different types of earplugs to find the right one for your ears.


The evaluation of noise reduction is crucial for the effectiveness of earplugs at concerts. The noise reduction factor refers to the number of decibels of the blocked sound. Overall, the highest sound reduction you can see with concert earplugs is 34 DB. The higher the number, the better the concert earplugs work and block the sound.


Make sure you look for materials that do not cause allergic reactions. It is important to choose a product that does not irritate your ears. Many users do not put the foam earplugs properly in their ears, which leads to disappointment and they think the earplugs do not fit in their ears.


Size is another important factor. Choose earplugs that are too big or too small so that they do not fall out or become too tight. Concerto earplugs that are small enough do not attenuate or block the sound perfectly.

Earplugs are available in different sizes: small, large, wide, short, deep and narrow – for the ear canals. Choose the one that suits your ears best. Foam is recommended by experts in this respect. In addition, silicone and sulphur earplugs can be formed in certain sizes and shapes.


The most common material is foam. Polystyrene earplugs are intended for single use. These earplugs are cheaper. Foam earplugs are flexible and cylindrical with one end and narrower. When injected into the ear, it can expand and fill the space in the ear. Slow foam and high density foam are the types of foam earplugs.

On the other hand, silicone earplugs are available in two shapes. You can make soft silicone earplugs that fit your ear canal. Normally they do not block most sounds compared to foam earplugs. However, they are still well suited for use in concerts. You can also use them to sleep and swim.

Another type of material is wax, which can be poured into the ear canals in all sizes and shapes. This makes pressure points impossible. Earplugs don’t come cheap. They are more expensive than silicone and foam earplugs. They are made of natural or synthetic wax and are waterproof, i.e. they do not sweat in the ears. Wax earplugs perfectly block out external sound.

So here are the factors to consider before choosing the best earplugs for a concert. We did not mention the budgetary factor – because it is not significant – especially for this type of product.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Q : Are the earplugs comfortable?

Yeah, earplugs are comfortable in all kinds of situations. Not only are they good for reducing outside noise at concerts and for listening to enough music, but they are also useful for sleeping. Earplugs are the most affordable and easiest way to protect yourself from noise and prevent damage to your ears.

Q : Why do audiophiles use earplugs?

The large amount of external noise and distortion prevents the audiophile from listening to high-quality music at live concerts. When an audiophile wants to hear a singing voice and avoid ambient noise, he uses earplugs. They are also known as in-the-ear hearing aids, which are designed to protect hearing by absorbing ambient noise.

Q : Why should I use foam earplugs?

Foam earplugs are very affordable. It is not only a soft material, but also a porous material that allows music to penetrate the ear while blocking out noise. Keep in mind that this is a good option, but also environmental allergens such as bacteria can accumulate. You also have options with silicone and wax.

Q : Are silicone earplugs better than foam?

Foam earplugs are most suitable for single use. On the other hand, hard silicone earplugs can be reused. Both methods reduce the volume of ambient noise, but the silicone material is less effective than foam. So it depends on your choice. Silicone earplugs are always ideal for concerts.

Q : What is the highest DB for earplugs?

The highest sound level in the database with high quality earplugs – 34 db. High decibels per earplug Noise reduction means more noise is blocked. So much so that the ideal choice is between 20-30 Db.

Q : Can earplugs hurt?

Either way, they’re safe. However, if you choose to use inferior earplugs, they can cause ear infections. This is mainly due to the accumulation of earwax, and the bacteria that develop there can sometimes cause painful infections. Hearing loss is rare.


Earplugs are important to protect your hearing and block out noise. You can wear them not only to block out noise during a live concert, but also while sleeping and swimming or to avoid the noise of a noisy silencer.

In today’s article, we discussed the best earplugs for concertos and highlighted their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. If you have difficulty choosing the best product, we also have a detailed buying guide with the most important factors to consider.

So you can choose the right product for your ears and avoid noise during a live concert with high volume and loud music. Finally, we recommend that you choose the product from a list that best suits your specific needs. Good luck!


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