Socks are an essential part of any cycling kit, and today we’re going to look at some of the best socks you can buy that are worth your money.

Wearing the wrong socks can cause serious blisters and even the occasional injury. So what do you wear when you’re cycling? If you’re like us, you like to look good while riding your bike. That’s why we created this guide to give you some ideas on what to look out for. From comfy lightweight socks, to dressy, stylish options, we’ve tested 6 different pairs of cycling socks in the wild and rated them.

Everyone has a pair of socks they don’t wear any more, because they’re not cool enough. When it comes to cycling socks though, everyone has a different opinion. Some riders think they don’t need to wear them, others wear them religiously, while others wear them only on the final stretch of the ride.

The finest summer cycling socks allow you to cycle in hot weather without having sweaty feet, and they also allow you to make a fashion statement with a splash of color if you’re so inclined.

A decent pair of socks can keep you comfortable for hours on the bike thanks to current wicking materials, and they will dry fast if you get caught in a shower.

Socks are also an excellent gift for the cyclist in your life, as every rider requires them and new pairs are always welcome.

With this in mind, we’ve put six pairs of fashionable socks to the test that won’t break the budget.

According to our professional testers, these are the finest summer cycling socks.

In our test, the following pairs of socks received four or more stars out of five:

  • £10 for Altura Elite
  • £15 for Endura Pro SL II
  • £17 / AU$30 M20 Merino Crew Compression
  • SGX Sockguy: £13 / $15

Socks by Altura Elite

Altura Elite Socks

Socks from Altura Elite. Immediate Media / David Caudery

The least priced socks here (still better value in a triple pack), but due to the fast-drying construction and Meryl Skinlife yarn wicking efficiently, there’s little to distinguish between them and their more expensive rivals in terms of feel and performance.

These socks aren’t the most interesting to look at, but they’re of excellent quality and a reasonable price.

Socks Endura Pro SL II

Endura Pro SL II Socks

Socks by Endura Pro SL II. Immediate Media / David Caudery

Endura’s new Pro SL II socks are made with Meryl’s lightweight Hydrogen yarn, which is intended for softness as well as excellent wicking properties, and have flat seams and snug-fitting cuffs for a compressive, non-slip fit.

After a day of riding, they feel soft and smooth to the touch, tight around the ankles, and remarkably fresh.

Crew Compression Socks M20 Merino

M20 Merino Crew Compression Socks

M20 Merino Crew Compression Socks are made of merino wool. Immediate Media / David Caudery

M20’s left- and right-specific socks are among the most high-tech we’ve seen, with a ‘ergonomic compression system,’ an achilles’ anti-inflammatory band, and a’scientifically developed foot bed.’

They’re the thickest here because to their wool-mix composition, which won’t be to everyone’s taste, but Merino keeps them fresh.

SGX Socks by SockGuy

SockGuy SGX Socks

SGX Socks by SockGuy. Immediate Media / David Caudery

SockGuy’s SGX compression socks, one of hundreds of SGX patterns, may help you channel your inner Lion of Flanders.

The socks’ polypropylene, nylon, and spandex material has practically no seams, and the compression properties are said to help with blood flow. Although I’m not sure what the ‘performance ribbing’ accomplishes, they are excellent warm-weather socks.

Also put to the test

Socks Castelli Pro Mesh 15

Castelli Pro Mesh 15 Socks

Socks Castelli Pro Mesh 15 Immediate Media / David Caudery

The light and airy mesh nylon and elastane socks from Castelli feature a pronounced compressive cuff that holds them securely in place no matter how hard you cycle.

The antibacterial Meryl Skinlife yarn keeps nasties at bay, and these socks are lightweight and breathable, exactly what you want in a summer sock.

6-inch DeFeet Aireator Socks

DeFeet Aireator 6-inch Barnstormer Socks

Aireator 6-inch Barnstormer Socks from DeFeet. Immediate Media / David Caudery

The ‘Barnstormer’ is only one of the Aireator’s many brightly colored patterns, but they’re also environmentally friendly, since they’re constructed of nylon and 39% Coolmax “EcoMade” — or recycled plastic bottles.

DeFeet’s typical durability should be ensured by toughened toes and heels, while the 6-inch ‘Stay-Fast’ cuffs stand up to their name.

Cycling socks are probably one of the most neglected pieces of kit a road cyclist is likely to own, and the worst thing is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a good pair. You can get decent quality mens cycling socks for as little as £20, which is a lot less then you’d expect.. Read more about best cycling waterproof socks and let us know what you think.

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