There’s no better way to wake up than with a fresh cup of coffee. Whether you drink it with cream, sugar, both, or just black, a cup of hot coffee is the perfect choice at any time of day. It’s really become a ritual for people. Some prefer to go to a local café near their home and order the usual from a bartender who knows their name. Others may want to wait until they are at work and help themselves to a cup from the common room. And some people want to do it from home. Making your own coffee is a great skill and can certainly save you a lot of money in the long run, even though it might be more expensive in the beginning.

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Many people already have simple accessories such as coffee grinders, filters, kettles and French presses. However, none of them brings the satisfaction and taste of a good cup of strong espresso. But with the growing popularity of coffee and improvements in technology, you can now have an espresso machine that you can install at home or in the office to always meet your coffee needs. One might think that these are high-end machines that can only be found in coffee shops and specialty stores, but there are certainly affordable options for home use. We have made our choices for 2020 for the best espresso machine under $200. Read on and get closer to your own cup of handmade espresso!

Our favourite espresso machines under $200 in 2020

  1. Nespresso by De’Longhi Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine, black

Of course, you’ve heard of Nespresso and you’ve probably seen or tasted it. What makes this machine unique is that it is incredibly small without affecting the taste of the coffee. It is elegant and compact and can easily be stored in the kitchen or even on the desk. At the touch of a button, the water reaches the perfect flow temperature in just under 30 seconds and has an energy-saving mode, so you don’t have to worry about turning off the water – it does it all by itself. The control and suction system provides up to 19 bar of pressure, so you can be sure that this small machine has everything you need. The disadvantage is that you become dependent on the coffee pods you have to buy, which is not the most sustainable option. It also prevents you from learning how to make your own espresso. However, if you are looking for comfort, this is the option for you. A reviewer remarked: I love it! It is very easy to use and, in my opinion, makes the best espresso and coffee I have ever had. I was very surprised.


Nespresso Essenza mini espresso machine, black

Nespresso Essenza mini espresso machine, black

  • Performance: Thanks to the one-touch operation and the extraction system with a pressure of up to 19 bar, you can prepare coffee or espresso like a bartender at any time.
  • The size: Discover De’Longhi’s newest and smallest single-use nespresso machine, without having to forego exceptional coffee and espresso moments. This compact espresso machine is easy to transport and has an elegant design and clean, modern lines, making it fit anywhere and saving valuable counter space.
  • Energy-saving coffee maker : At the touch of a button, the water reaches the ideal discharge temperature in less than 30 seconds and the energy-saving mode automatically switches the appliance off after 9 minutes.
  • Free gift: Each espresso machine contains the original Nespresso capsule welcome pack with a range of capsules with unique taste profiles. Input power (W) : 1150
  • Versatility: The cup size is adjustable with two programmable buttons for espresso (1.35 oz) and lungo (5 oz), making the Essenza Mini a great coffee maker for all your needs. Pour ice cream to make your favorite ice coffee drinks.
  1. KRUPS XP3208 Espresso pump 15-BAR and cappuccino machine, 1.5 litres, black

For a manual experience, discover this espresso machine from KRUPS. You can make real espressos and cappuccinos at home. You can switch from one option to the other to obtain the perfect taste, temperature and consistency, while the 15 bar pressure of the Italian pump guarantees the extraction with the best taste without bitterness. This machine is equipped with a steam pipe, an advanced aluminium boiler, filters for two or one cup and an integrated tray for the dosing spoons and the dosing device. It also has a removable 1.5 litre water tank and a cup warmer for an extra professional touch to your home coffee. A reviewer made a comment: I was very impressed with the quality of the coffee machine. I first brewed with her this morning. I am satisfied with the taste and softness of the coffee. Filling was then an easy task and the water line was easy to see.

  1. Espresso machine 3,5 bar 4 cups Espresso machine for making cappuccino with steamed milk and carafe

With this small machine you get everything you expect from a coffee bartender directly into your kitchen. This machine comes with a removable filter, funnel, carafe, spoon and spoon, next to the machine itself, which is equipped with a water tank cover, control knob and power indicator, as well as a removable freezer nozzle and a steam hose. Easy to use with on/off buttons and precise temperature control to make sure you get the flavour you want. The filler allows you to make creamy foam to complement the slats and cappuccinos you can make with this machine. The easy-to-pour glass cup is clearly marked so that you can serve the perfect single or double cup every time. As one reviewer pointed out: This coffeemaker works fine. He makes an excellent cappuccino. Mainly because I prefer a strong espresso and a cappuccino is for me a good balance between milk and espresso. Good looking, but mostly plastic with some stainless steel accents. Easy to use, excellent foaming, good coffee extraction. For the price it is a good car, a nice appearance and especially ….. a good espresso. Hand printed espresso is fun if you have time to enjoy the process and play with your methods.


Espresso machine 3,5 bar 4 cups Espresso machine for making cappuccino with steamed milk and carafe

Espresso machine 3,5 bar 4 cups Espresso machine for making cappuccino with steamed milk and carafe

  • EASY TO USE : One-touch switch and indicator light for easy operation with functional coffee/steam switching and on/off switch. Moreover, precise temperature control can guarantee the best taste.
  • COOKED LIKE A PRO: The powerful 3.5 bar espresso machine produces 1 to 4 cups (240 ml) of espresso and a rich, creamy crema. The easy-to-fill glass cup is clearly marked to serve the perfect amount each time and deliver a truly rich espresso in seconds.
  • HIS FOAM, HIS WAY: An espresso machine with a hand filler produces a creamy foam that complements your cappuccinos and lattes. A velvet espresso makes the morning even more pleasant.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The compact design of the stainless steel coffee makers saves a lot of space, is smaller and lighter. The removable and washable drip catcher catches the coffee drops and keeps the brewing unit clean, which is ideal for home use and cooking.
  • The package contains: 1 steam espresso machine, 1 filter and a funnel, 1 spoon, 1 carafe, 1 instruction manual. If you have any problems or questions regarding the product, please contact our customer service and technical support via email: [email protected]
  1. Espresso coffee machine Cappuccino & Latte Coffee machine with powerful 19 bar espresso pump for making coffee at home, powerful milking, automatic brewing, 1250W

This Jassy espresso machine completes our list. At the touch of a button you can easily prepare single and double espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. It uses a 19 bar high pressure pump to get the most out of your coffee to get the well-brewed espresso of your dreams. If you feel lighter, you can use a professional milk freezer to make your favourite coffee drink. The best thing is that it is very easy to clean. It has a built-in semi-automatic cleaning and descaling function, with a removable grill and steam stirrer for ease of use. As proof of the simplicity and functionality of this machine, a reviewer said that it was possible to prepare a double espresso or a single espresso and the installation was incredibly easy. That’s a solid A in my books.

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