If you play with a normal keyboard, you can’t compete with players who use advanced mechanical keyboards. A high-quality gaming keyboard helps you navigate and press keys with precision.

When you play Fortnite, you have to be very precise to beat your opponents. To be precise, you need a high-end keyboard with quality keys. But how do you find the best keyboard for Fortnite? Let’s take a look at some keyboards designed for professional players who play Fortnite and want something great.

Comparison scheme

Best Game Keyboard for Forthnight Reviews

E-cell Z-88 RGB keyboard for mechanical games

This is one of the best mechanical game boards. It is equipped with brown switches, which are quieter than the blue ones, but which do not reduce productivity. In addition to the N-key, there are 81 anti-access keys that make it possible to operate several keys at the same time.


Unlike other mechanical keyboards, each key is operated by an independent switch. So you can play Fortnite with a quick keyboard response. With exceptional backlighting, there’s no reason not to love this keyboard for playing Fortnite.

This plug-and-play keyboard comes with a keyboard extractor for easy cleaning of the keyboard. With the brown switches you can expect quiet, yet sharp and tactile feedback. The keys are highly responsive and sensitive.

Fortunately, each key is controlled by an independent switch that ensures an accurate response when multiple keys are used while playing.

If you look at the design, you’ll be impressed. The compact keyboard is made of high quality ABS. It has a metal base and is splashproof. Thanks to its non-slip design, you can use it anywhere without having to worry about hanging it up. According to the manufacturer, each key has a force of up to 50 million clicks.

The keyboard has 10 color modes so you’ll never get bored. Use the function keys to access DeepL to access the web browser, volume, multimedia, calculator, e-mail, etc. The keyboard measures 12.2 x 4.84 x 1.4 inches and weighs about 1.6 pounds. A mechanical keyboard, user manual, ejector switch, spare switch and ejector switch are included.

The advantages of

  • Economical without loss of quality
  • Compact design and full functionality
  • Click and haptic return
  • 10 colour backlight modes


  • Work stoppages have been reported on the following occasions

Logitech G413 Mechanical Game Keyboard

The Logitech G413 is probably the best mid-range mechanical keyboard in the price range. It was already introduced in April 2017. Logitech used a Romer-G mechanical switch on the keyboard for efficient illumination and responsiveness. For the data transfer rate and power supply, an optional USB cable is available, which connects a USB throughput port to its own input.


Use the function keys to quickly access the volume, lights, music, games, etc., and use the function keys to adjust the volume. Logitech also made it easy to clean this keyboard. You can easily take the keys out and clean them.

The G413 mechanical gaming keyboard is designed for Fortnite fans. Thanks to the great responsiveness and precision of the keys, you should never lose a game because of this keyboard. This is a wired keyboard with 12 programmable keys.

However, unlike other first-class keyboards, it has no built-in memory. You will also need to purchase the hand rest separately. This plug-and-play keyboard also runs on two AA batteries.

This mechanical keyboard has a high quality backlight. Romer-G switches provide precise illumination across the entire keyboard, making it easy to play late at night. The keyboard measures 17.5 x 1.4 x 5.1 inches and weighs 2.43 pounds.

The advantages of

  • Excellent backlighting with many color options
  • Logitech switches are silent during the races at the end of the hour.
  • Keys that are easy to clean
  • Compact and elegant design
  • No sign of ghosts.


  • The keys are a little dirty.
  • It has no built-in memory

DIERYA DK61E Mechanical keypad

DIERYA DK61E 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, illuminated, wired RGB PBT.... keyboard

DIERYA DK61E 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, illuminated, wired RGB keyboard PBT….

  • CLASSIC COMPACT DESIGN 60% : This mechanical DK61 keyboard has the perfect size and is easy to use…
  • Dierya DK61E DRIVER : Powerful software publishing functions, customization functions…
  • PBT WITH A DOUBLE SHOT: The wear resistance and hardness are much higher than ABS …
  • WATERPROOF CIRCUIT BOARD : Our keyboard card is IPX4 certified, with a…

DIERYA DK61E is a compact keyboard with only 61 keys. To make it interesting, the manufacturer allows you to program each key according to your wishes. The FNX key gives you quick access to music, volume and other media. In addition to the ABS version, it is equipped with a dual PBT keyboard, which has better durability than the ABS keyboard.


This is a unique keyboard designed for both players and machine operators. The powerful DIERYA software makes it easy to customize the keyboard and make changes. Depending on the requirements of your game, you can change the function of each key. A USB-C cable is available for a fast and durable response. Moreover, the reaction time is less than a millisecond.

RGB backlighting gives you an unlimited number of options to adjust the keyboard backlight. You’ll never be bored with the keyboard, because it has impressive backlight functions. It’s an IPX4 certified keyboard, which means you can play while eating, and it’s powered by a waterproof circuit board.

The manufacturer has made this keyboard easy to clean. With additional tools you can easily remove the keys and clean the keyboard.

The product measures 13.31 x 5.51 x 1.89 inches and weighs approximately 1.87 pounds. A mechanical keyboard, key pull-out attachment, USB C cable, user manual, switch ejector and removable switches are included.

The advantages of

  • Each key is programmed to
  • The lining is impenetrable
  • High-quality ABS design with PBT keys
  • C-type USB connection for better responsiveness
  • RGB 16 million light effects


  • It only has 61 keys, that’s the number of keys…


All these keyboards are offered by renowned manufacturers. They can trust their products without thinking. However, each keyboard has its pros and cons.

If you’re looking for a high-quality keyboard that lets you control and print games at the same time, the Logitech G413 is the best choice. Compared to the other two mechanical keyboards, it costs a little more, but is profitable in the long run.

On the other hand, if you have a budget but still need a high quality mechanical keyboard, you can choose between the DIERYA DK61E and Z-88 mechanical keyboards.

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