You want to buy a new PC game, but you have a budget? We released the best gaming PC for $300! We’ve looked at both a ready-made game console and a custom game console worth less than $300 for you to get it.

Games are a passion for everything, whoever you are. Some of us have a budget for high-end gaming PC’s, and some of us are trying to get the PC’s within budget. Since our budget is limited these days, we have done our best to offer you a PC that will cost you every penny you will invest and a good game PC that can run some old low-budget games without delay!

Now all you need to know is that $300 doesn’t give you the best computer in the world. You will feel a delay when trying to play a modern or low level game. If you are serious and don’t want to be left out in the cold, we recommend a higher budget. If you’re just starting out, you have to do it right. Well, before we waste any more time, let’s start with the reviews!

Best finished game console up to $300

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA91 Desktop overview

Acer Aspire TC-885-UA91 Desktop Review - Best finished gaming PC for $300!

When it comes to affordable gaming computers and laptops, Acer has always delivered impressive products that not only deliver the best performance, but don’t destroy the bank. Out-of-the-box computers are the best option for beginners in the world of technology who want to buy quickly instead of looking for parts to assemble and build a system.

The Acer Aspire TC 885 is one of the latest in the range of affordable gaming PCs and one of the best gaming PCs up to $300. The TC 885 is very similar to its predecessor, the TC-885-ACCFLi3O. The system’s outer housing features a stylish 13.4 x 6.4 x 13.7-inch design with a full black colour scheme and various gold accents on the front panel. The housing is mainly made of steel and plastic parts, which are not of the best quality, but which are durable and resistant. On the front panel is an orange V-shaped LED surrounding the power button, which lights up when the system starts, and just below it is the Acer logo.

You will see a silver line at the top of the triangular LED touching the bottom of the front panel. The computer comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, the latest of all Windows operating systems. The required inputs and outputs are located on the right side, where there is also a vertically placed DVD drive slot, so you can mount CDs and DVDs for installation. The input and output ports on the front panel include a type C USB 3.1 port, a standard USB 3.1 port, an SD card reader and audio ports for headphones and microphones.

If you go to the rear panel, you will find different connections. To connect your computer to your monitor, you have a VGA port and a pair of HDMI ports to configure two monitors. There is also a pair of USB 3.0 ports and two pairs of USB 2.0 ports for connecting USB devices such as the mouse and keyboard. Unfortunately there is no PS/2 port for older devices. An Ethernet connection is also provided to connect the RJ45 connection to the Internet.

For audio systems you have 3 sockets for headphones, speakers and microphone. This computer is equipped with a mouse and keyboard, which are pretty good. On the back we find a couple of gates you can use. Process IO home 2 additional USB 3.1 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 HDMI ports, 1 VGA port to connect the monitor. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth 5.0 serve as additional connectivity options.


  • Processor: Intel Core i3-9100 Processor
  • Memory/RAM : 8 GB DDR4 (2400 MHz)
  • GPU : Intel UHD 630 Integrated Images
  • Storage : 512 GB Solid State Drive
  • The operating system: Windows 10 Home 64 bits
  • Login : Bluetooth 4.1, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi

The performance of the Quad-Core Intel Core i3-9100 processor is flawless, with a clock speed of 3.6 GHz, which can be accelerated to up to 4.0 GHz. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU is not an ideal GPU for gaming, but it is very reliable for simple image and video tasks and will perfectly handle most games with low settings.  The GPU also supports 4K playback at 60 Hz when you connect this PC to a 4K monitor.

The system is equipped with 8GB of DDR4 RAM, which is sufficient for gaming and office work, and allows you to easily perform multitasking tasks. If you plan to upgrade your PC in the future, you’ll also have an additional DIMM slot to install more memory and a PCIe slot to install a powerful dedicated graphics card to improve gaming performance.

For your storage solutions, the TC-885 is equipped with a 512 GB hard drive, which should be sufficient for most. While a conventional hard drive would provide more storage space, a solid-state drive would allow higher boot and download speeds and faster file transfers. Combined with a decent screen, this PC is ideal for productive tasks and everyday use, as well as light and moderate gaming and can be considered the best gaming PC for $500.


  • The powerful Intel Core i3-9100 processor allows you to run programs and files at high speed.
  • The 8GB DDR4 memory makes it possible to perform multiple tasks seamlessly.
  • The Intel UHD 630 graphics processor can easily handle even the latest games.
  • The system has an elegant and stylish design with robust steel and plastic parts.

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Best Game PC built for $300

The best gaming computer for $300.

Here is a list of components for the assembly of our gaming PCs:

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Intel Pentium G4600 Review

Intel Pentium G4600 Review

The processor or CPU supplies power to your game PC. Skipping a good CPU to choose the best GPU is not the right solution if you want the best gaming PC for $300. The GPU is very CPU dependent and if you choose a cheap GPU, it will be difficult for other components, including the graphics card.

Intel processors have always delivered amazing performance when combined with a decent graphics card. AMD processors are also very useful for budgeting, but they tend to overheat during the intense game. In addition, most Intel processors are also preferred in terms of performance because of their better single-core performance.

We recommend the Intel Pentium G4600 with dual-core processors as a processor. The Pentium G4600 is an entry level processor that should be sufficient for your gaming and performance. The G4600 with 7th generation Lake Kaby architecture is the centrepiece and a frequency of 3.6 GHz. Unfortunately the CPU is locked and cannot be overclocked. However, the processor allows you to run most games at standard clock speed. The processor is compatible with LGA 1151 motherboards. G4600 can compete with i3 6100 in benchmarking and gets along pretty well with games like GTA, Call Of Duty, Witcher 3 and other important games in the top three.

The G4600 also features integrated Intel HD 630 graphics, which frankly doesn’t matter in games. It can certainly handle simple visual tasks and games with low settings and reasonable frame rates. Since we build the best cheap gaming PCs for $300, we don’t rely on embedded graphics. A special graphics card will be the best choice, which we will talk about later.

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Gigabyte B250M-DS3H Overview

Gigabyte B250M-DS3H Magazine - The best gaming PC built for less than $300!

The motherboard is probably the second most important thing after the CPU when it comes to gaming PCs. Since the Pentium G4600 requires an LGA 1151 connector, you need a CPU-compatible card. Since this is a gaming PC, the more RAM the better. That’s why we also need at least 2 DIMM slots that support DDR4 memory.

There are two options, an H110 chipset or a newer B250 chipset. With the latter we have built the best $300 PC for games. The B250 motherboard offers many advantages over the H110 because the price difference between the two cards is small. The H110 only supports RAM speeds up to 2133 Hz, while the B250 supports up to 2400 MHz. In addition, B250 motherboards have a double BIOS and a longer lifespan.

The B250M-DS3H gigabyte is the best choice for this case. We chose this card because it is the cheapest of the latest series of B250 motherboards. The B250M card has many other features and capabilities, including multiple SATA connectors for installing multiple hard drives and M.2 connectors for installing solid-state hard drives, significantly increasing speed and boot time.

The motherboard is available in a full black color palette with some grey accents here and there. The card has four DIMM slots that support up to 64GB of memory, so you can install multiple cards when planning future upgrades, and a PCI-e x16 slot for GPU installation, which we’ll talk about in a moment. There are several fan manifolds to which you can connect fans and install water cooling systems.

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Ballistix Sport LT RAM 4GB DDR4 Revision

Overview of Ballistix Sport LT RAM 4GB DDR4

DDR3 RAM has become obsolete in recent years. So you need high-clock speed DDR4 memory for your gaming needs. Ballistix Sport LT is a large series of RAM modules. For this special mounting we used a 4 GB DDR4 stick with a speed of 2400 MHz. You still have a free DIMM lock in case you want to upgrade it later. You also have the option of overclocking the RAM memory, but this is not necessary because it works well outside the box. To minimize the heating problem, the aluminium heat sink keeps the RAM cool during intensive components.

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ZOTAC GTX 1050 Overhaul

ZOTAC GTX 1050 review - The best gaming computer up to $300!

This is the most important aspect of a gaming PC, GPU or graphics card. The value of a GPU voucher is known to all players when it comes to moveable limits during a game. In all games, the GPU controls the graphics engine, so it is important that you choose a powerful graphics engine.

The ZOTAC GTX 1050 is our best choice of GPU in our best gaming PC for less than $300. Unfortunately, it’s not powerful enough to run all the latest games with ultra settings, but with medium and high settings it gives you a smooth, lag-free game with excellent frame rates.

We did not choose an AMD graphics card because of heating problems and a higher price, while the GTX 1050 fits into our best $300 budget for gaming PCs. With 2 GB of video RAM, graphically demanding games such as Skyrim, League or Legends, Witcher 3 are available for you absolutely uninterrupted on the gaming FPS with GTX 1050.

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EVGA 500 W1 Overview

Overview EVGA 500 W1

For the power supply we used a 500W EVGA 500 W1 power supply unit. The power supply is a complete package and should provide enough power for the entire system and for your graphics card.

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Research Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 GB

Western Digital Caviar Blue 320 GB Overview

For your Western Digital Caviar Blue storage systems with 320 GB storage capacity and 7200 rpm. SSDs are a bit expensive, and although they offer higher data transfer rates and faster downloads, we decided to invest in a decent GPU that would be more beneficial in terms of performance.

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VIVO Smart Micro-ATX Tower Overview

VIVO Smart Micro-ATX Tower Review - The best gaming PC up to $300!

To complete the configuration, the VIVO Smart Micro-ATX Tower integrates the entire system. It looks good, but it adapts perfectly to the airflow and offers the possibility to install up to five 120 mm fans. The airflow is good enough to promote cooling during intensive play. In general, this assembly is an excellent choice if you are considering building your own computer. We have assembled the best parts for your $300 gaming PC, and this PC will surely support most of the latest games currently on the market.

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Building specifications

  • With its 2 GB of graphics, the ZOTAC GTX 1050 offers smooth gameplay and fast, real-time data transfer.
  • The Intel Pentium G4600 processor can handle even the toughest games and tasks perfectly.
  • With the 4GB DDR4 Ballistix Sport LT you can perform multitasking tasks.
  • Additional DIMM and M.2 slots allow for future updates.

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Purchasing guide

The best gaming PC for less than $300!

When it comes to building your own PC or even choosing a pre-assembled PC for your gaming needs, you should check if there are components built in or if you can build the best gaming PC for less than $1,000.


The processor or CPU is the heart of the computer, none of them can work without it, and when it comes to gaming, you need a powerful processor. We recommend that you look for a PC with a processor that has a good clock speed and can be overclocked to get the most out of it. Intel processors are familiar to people who want clean energy for power and other tasks, while gamers generally prefer AMD processors because they offer more power for their games and also have a lower price, although they are known to overheat a little.

There are three things to consider when choosing a processor for a gaming PC: Clock frequency, cache memory and number of cores. In all three cases, the higher the number, the better. If you want to build the best gaming computer, make sure the processor is not locked, so you can overclock it later for even better performance.

Graphics card

As far as the gaming PC is concerned, the graphics card is the most important decision factor. Built-in graphics do not always reduce performance, especially when using Intel processors. All Intel processors come with a proprietary set of integrated graphics called Intel HD graphics technology. Although the graphics are sufficient for your ad, in most cases they won’t be enough to launch new games. If you choose a system with an Intel processor, we recommend that you purchase a special graphics card, because Intel’s built-in graphics are not sufficient for all games. If you choose AMD, it’s best to look for the latest Ryzen series of processors with Vega graphics that work exceptionally well.

The best decision you can make when developing a gaming PC is to invest in a special graphics card. Nvidia and AMD are leading brands. AMD video cards are best if you have a limited budget, but have problems with heating and durability, while Nvidia cards are a bit expensive, but work more efficiently and last longer. Still, both are a good choice.


A less powerful memory leads to bottlenecks and also causes serious delays in the game. It is best to choose DDR4 memory cards with a clock frequency of at least 2400 MHz. 4GB of RAM is enough for the office and other small tasks, and when it comes to games, 8GB of memory is a hot spot. If you want to use 8GB of RAM, installing two 4GB flash drives will result in a significant increase in overall performance. Even the simplest things, such as opening and downloading files, require storage space. A good amount of memory combined with a powerful processor gives you the performance you need.


It is the basis of the whole building and it will decide whether or not you can modernise it in the future. There are many motherboards with different chipsets that are compatible with the processor of your choice. So make sure that your processor does or does not fit in the card socket.

In most cases, buying a newer chipset is the best choice because they support RAM faster and offer other features. We recommend using the card with more than 2 DIMM slots to update the RAM later. A PCIe slot allows you to install the GPU later if you originally opted for a system with integrated graphics. Also look for a motherboard that has many coolers to keep your system cool with good air circulation and heat dissipation.


Memory may not play a big role in games, but the type of memory you use is certainly important. We need to find a balance between speed and storage. Hard drives are the standard storage device in most computers, but the data transfer rate is very low compared to semiconductor drives. The SSD increases the transfer speed and thus the download time of the games several times. The 256GB SSD is our recommendation for the best gaming PC for $300.

Power supply

A power supply or power unit is a component that powers all other components in your assembly. It is important to choose a powerful power supply so that the motherboard and special graphics unit can be powered if you plan to install it. We recommend you to buy a 500W power supply from EVGA or Corsair because they are among the best and cheapest on the market.


Computer enclosures are available in various forms. Depending on the environment in which you want to store your PC, you can get a standard ATX tower, a mini-ITX or an ATX microphone box. On the one hand, appearance is very important for most professional gamers, that’s why the housings of game consoles are equipped with LED backlighting and strips to give your system a unique look. On the other hand, if you have a budget, you can sacrifice your looks to invest in more powerful components.

Even in inexpensive cases, make sure that there are at least two supports for the installation of the fans to ensure good air circulation and ventilation in the system.

Conclusion – Finished or modified?

Every gamer needs a gaming PC that allows them to play instantly. That’s why, for those of you who don’t have a budget, we’ve put together a list of the best PCs that are ready to use and custom-built. The Acer Aspire TC-885-UA91 desktop PC is the best commercial gaming PC up to $300 according to our research to give you all the conditions for most games. Unfortunately the only disadvantage is the GPU. Built-in Intel UHD graphics will not be enough to run the latest games at the available frame rate.

If you want to create your own personal computer, the custom design above is our choice for the Best Gaming PC with a budget below $300 and the Best Gaming PC with a budget below $700. One of the advantages of customisation over prefabricated products is that you have much more freedom. You can focus on the item where you want to spend more money and where you can save it. From the CPU to the integrated GPU, our Custom Build 1 has all the components you need to make the best and most demanding games run smoothly.

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