If your older parent is sometimes disoriented or lost, it is useful to use a GPS tracking device to determine his or her location in an emergency. Choosing the best GPS tracker for seniors depends on the features you want, and I’m here to help you.

So read on to find your best choice.

Things to consider before buying a GPS Tracker

Let’s face it, not all GPS trackers on the market deserve your attention. Ideally, you should look for certain minimum skills. At least that’s what I’m looking for:

Real-time monitoring functions

Real-time monitoring is mandatory. You don’t want to know where your seniors were 15 minutes ago; their current location with real-time updates. That’s why you need to choose a GPS tracker that is connected to multiple satellites and that alerts the elderly immediately when they leave the safety zone, drive at a maximum speed or change location.

Emergency button

With an emergency call button in the GPS locator, senior citizens can contact you if they are in trouble. You can press this button to notify the person in charge or the preset contact.

Battery life

The effectiveness of the GPS tracker depends on the battery life. Choose a device that can continue to work according to your loved one’s lifestyle.


The ideal GPS plotter is compact. That way, your old people won’t have any trouble carrying it with them. You can put it in your pocket and leave.


Waterproof trackers are resistant to accidental splashing of water. They can help you and remain functional even when your elderly are in the bathroom.

Easy to use

The tracker shouldn’t have many buttons. Not only would it confuse him, it would destroy his whole purpose. Ideally, it should be able to stay online, to send distress signals in real time and, if necessary, to send distress signals. Find a tracker that requires a minimum of initial configuration and has a maximum of 2 to 3 keys.

Best GPS trackers for seniors: My best selections

I’ve done a lot of research, tried different models, collected feedback. The seniors I will list here are based on my personal opinion and objective research. You’ll probably serve your purpose, believe me!

1. Miniature GPS transmitter in real time to find the direction

Real-time miniature GPS for traffic monitoring

The Tracki GPS 2020 version of the tracker has captured my heart, and I mean it seriously. This GPS tracker, which gives you unlimited distance in real time, certainly meets its purpose of keeping your elderly at hand.

The reason I added the GPS Tracki tracker to this list is because of its size. It is compact and is about 30% the size and weight of other tracks available on the market. So your seniors won’t have any reason not to take it with them wherever they go.

The tracker has a built-in SIM card that allows you to track your position with great accuracy and provides real-time updates.

Also charge the tracker to its maximum and forget to charge it for one month in standby mode and six months in standby mode with an extra battery.

Okay, do you have large rooms? You can even follow the movements of your loved ones in your home, thanks to the internal tracker based on the identification of the router. You can even track the last 100 feet with Bluetooth tracking.

The old tracker also has an SOS panic button. So, if your manager is in trouble, just press the SOS alarm button and you’ll be notified via an application, SMS and email.

But that’s not all, the tracker is guaranteed for life. Wow! You don’t hear that very often.



  • Real time monitoring
  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • lifelong guarantee
  • Immediate notifications


  • Monthly subscription required

2. LandAirSea 54 GPS plotter

LandAirSea 54 GPS plotter

This is another GPS tracker, perfect for the elderly, which I can’t do without adding to this list. So there are several reasons why I want to talk about this great product.

Firstly, the American company LandAirSea has been producing GPS devices since 1994. So you know what you’re doing, and believe me, you’re doing pretty good.

Second, because the company is based in the United States, you can be sure of the quality and services it provides.

Talk about technical aspects: The unit uses 4G LTE cell technology and GPS signals to determine the location accurately. If you have lost your loved ones, simply connect to a web application or the SilverCloud application and receive real-time updates about their whereabouts.

When I look at the GPS systems of older people, I always make sure that the device is waterproof. If your chosen device is not resistant to moisture or water, it simply destroys its entire function. Fortunately, the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker is waterproof and can even work perfectly in the rain and under water.

Another advantage is a light and compact tracker. Then put it in your father’s pocket or bag. You can also attach it to your car with a strong magnet if you often drive alone.



  • The device uses a SIM card to provide global coverage.
  • Can be used in countries such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa.
  • A powerful magnet helps him to attach himself firmly to any object.
  • Offers you accurate satellite imagery
  • With a long battery you don’t have to charge it every day.


A $25 monthly subscription is expensive.

3. Spytec GL300 4G GPS tracker

Spytec GL300 4G GPS tracker

Spytec is here with its recently updated GL300 tracker, which has accurate tracking capabilities. It also offers an impressive battery life of 2.5 weeks. Battery life is the main reason why I included this tracker in this list.

If you look like me, you don’t want to overload your tracker. And a 2.5-week battery life is a no-brainer – just charge twice a month. Okay, great.

It’s only 3 inches high and 0.39 inches thick. So, if your senior has dementia, hide this device in your pocket or bag – which works best for you.

One of the best features of this tracker is the ability to send a location alert every time the tracker leaves or arrives at a specific location. You can use the Limits function to set a limit in the application, so that the tracker warns you when your elderly people exceed or enter the limit.



  • Provides data and reporting capabilities
  • Makes it possible to set limits
  • Sending location reports
  • 2.5 weeks battery life
  • Compatibility with multiple devices


  • Customer service is not as good as expected.
  • Subscription required.

4. PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

PrimeTracking, a personal GPS tracker

If customer support is as important to you as it is to me, then this GPS tracker from PrimeTracking is just what you need.

PrimeTracking is known for its first-class and timely customer support and is one of the leading providers of video surveillance. This GPS tracker is proof of their reputation.

Covered by 4G LTE technology, the tracker sends you an early warning at least once every 10 seconds. It relies on Google Maps to send the motion reports.

In addition, you can use the tracker to set the geo shutdown signals, so that a target gives an alarm when it is outside a certain area.

Like LandAirSea’s 54 GPS Tracker for humans, this tracking device also has a smartphone application that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also provides a desktop interface for PC and Mac.



  • Excellent customer service
  • Provides real-time updates
  • Equipped with an SOS button


  • Offers location-based services only in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • Subscription required.

5. JioBit GPS tracker

JioBit GPS Tracker

So I know it’s mainly for children, but I don’t understand why it can’t also be used to keep an eye on the elderly. And I have to admit that JioBit is by far the most attractive and easiest tracker I’ve ever met!

It’s a small, grey, tear-resistant device the size of your little finger. You can put it in your grandmother’s hairband or tie it to your grandfather’s belt.

The device uses a combination of mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS satellites to give you the most accurate locations. It is waterproof up to IPX8, weighs only 18 grams and is extremely easy to use. I love this one!



  • Makes it possible to add safe places
  • Provides real-time updates with real-time tracking mode
  • Compact and aesthetic
  • Offers location tracking in over 146 countries.
  • Affordable subscription


  • That doesn’t give you local history.
  • There is no SOS button.

6. Spark Nano 7 4G GPS tracker

GPS Tracker Spark Nano 7 4G

If you’re passionate about strong names, Spark Nano needs your attention. BrickHouse Security’s flagship, a battery-operated GPS tracker, says it provides better coverage of the American news and I think it says it all.

This Alzheimer’s GPS tracker marks all the correct fields for its intended use. It can be processed quickly and easily by providing real-time location updates. It is equipped with a panic button so that your seniors can press it if they tend to wander around and let you know that your help is needed.

It sends speed alerts and keeps you in touch with your loved ones via the smartphone app.

The tracker activates the geodetic protection function, so that every time an elderly person goes through or through the safety fence, he or she is warned. It is small, easy to use and the battery works very long.



  • Sends speed and location alerts to your smartphone.
  • Equipped with an alarm button
  • Application for Android and iPhone Smartphone
  • Update your position in real time within 60 seconds.
  • Good battery performance


  • Offers 4G coverage only in North America and operates only in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
  • The monthly subscription is expensive.

7. Amcrest 4G LTE GPS tracker

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker

So it’s another GPS tracker you can’t go wrong with when your old man suffers from dementia. According to the company, the device gives an update every 5 seconds, so you can be sure that your loved ones are safe.

As expected it is smooth and compact. This means that your senior can get out of his or her pockets and wallet without it being obvious that he or she is being followed. You can receive updates via Internet access or the smartphone application.

The best part is that you can create links and share them with friends and family to keep up with the elderly when you’re busy. Think of those intensive meetings where you can’t just keep an eye on the tracker. Give the link to your friend or family member and they will do it for you. A relief, huh?

Like most other trackers in this list, the device also allows you to create geo-fence zones that warn you when a GPS device is leaving or entering a marked area.

The IPX5 is waterproof and is powered by a 2600 mAh battery, which lasts up to 14 days when fully charged.



Easy access to Android and iOS smartphone app
Long battery
Small and compact
Get updates directly on your phone
Get in one click with SOS


Only works in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

8. Americaloc GL300W Real-Time GPS Tracker

Americaloc GL300W, a real-time GPS plotter

Do you already have enough options to choose from? The next three I’m going to talk about are as amazing as the others on this list.

Speaking of Americaloc GL300W, this GPS tracker is an updated version of the GL300. This version offers greater autonomy and more channel coverage.

The tracker contains almost all functions that the other trackers in this list have. It’s easy to use. You will receive a series of alerts – on driving, speeding, turning the device on and off, entering or leaving the zone, etc. But my favorite warning in this tracker, which other trackers should have, is the warning about battery life and coverage area. You want to know if the tracker’s battery is running low or if your elderly are running out of power, instead of making hasty guesses, right? And yes, Amricaloc’s producers have thought of all this.

The tracker enables and supplements real-time monitoring; you can also save the monitoring history for a year, so that you can consult it if necessary. The tracker requires a monthly subscription, like most others.


The advantages of

  • Works in most countries of the world.
  • Long battery life
  • Notification of low battery and short distance
  • Action loans
  • Fast customer service


  • Monthly subscription required

9. Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker

Optimus GPS Tracker

As promised, I’m here with another personal locator for the elderly that won’t disappoint you. This tracking device is known for its precision, real-time and discrete GPS tracking. It comes with a double magnetic case, which is very practical. If your seniors often forget to carry the device with them, you can attach it to any metal part they wear.

The battery has been working for about two weeks. By default, the device delivers an update every minute. However, you can set it for 10 seconds if necessary.

The tracker informs you by SMS and e-mail when something moves or when your elderly person crosses or enters an area.

It is also equipped with an SOS button so that your loved ones can warn you at any time in the event of an emergency. And just like the previous one in this list, the tracker also warns you when the battery is low. All these wonderful qualities will certainly make life easier for you and your seniors!



  • Get real-time updates in case of low battery or motion
  • SOS button to alert you in case of emergency.
  • Set up geofences and receive updates
  • The battery lasts up to two weeks.
  • Optimus magnetic box for easy attachment to car


10. VyncsPro GPS Tracker

VyncsPro GPS Tracker

Here’s one I recommend if you want to get rid of the hassle of a monthly subscription. You do not link this tracker to a monthly fee or contract. You only have to pay the costs for the network connection once.

The tracker comes with all the gadgets of a standard tracker – 60 second GPS update, real-time automatic map update and much more.

You can follow the movements of seniors with your office or smartphone without having to update the ribbon, thanks to the automatic update function. The device comes with an integrated SIM card and a data plan for the year.

Vyncs provides detailed GPS location reports – location by day, last known location display, location on the go, etc. – which can be used to track the location of a vehicle.



  • Works as expected.
  • A good spare battery
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require a subscription or monthly contract.


  • Customer service needs time to contact you

Frequently asked questions about GPS tracking devices

How does a GPS tracker work?

The GPS tracker uses the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network. However, in some cases where GPS coverage is poor, you can use a radio frequency or cellular network. The idea of the GPS tracker is simple. The device sends a signal to satellites in orbit, which transmit this information to a specific computer or smartphone.

How do I use a GPS tracker?

All you have to do is hide the GPS tracker in the pocket or bag of the person you want to follow. You can also place it strategically on the target vehicle.

How much does a GPS tracking device cost?

Most GPS tracking devices require a fixed-price device. You will need to purchase a monthly or annual plan, depending on how often you want to update. Depending on the features you want, the cost of GPS tracking devices starts at $15 and can add up to $500. In addition, the cost of the subscription is about $25 per month.

How we selected the best locators for seniors and elderly

It’s a difficult question, but I’m glad you asked.

So I was looking for the best tracking device for my grandmother, who suffers from dementia, and like most of you, I was overwhelmed by the choices and devices available. So I did a lot of research, discovered what each of them could do, learned how to work, made sure they were easy to use (after all, I didn’t want to bomb my grandmother with something confusing), and came up with a short list of mandatory options.

While I was doing all this work, I was thinking about making my research balanced so that people like me could make informed decisions. That’s why I made this guide to the best GPS trackers for the elderly.

You’ll agree with me that we don’t want to take any risks when it comes to our seniors. So here are some of the features I’ve been concentrating on:

  1. Easy to use – I don’t expect my high school students to learn high tech at this age, and you shouldn’t learn it well either.
  2. Answer – I don’t want the tracker to signal me for hours.
  3. Features – I expect the tracker to have at least an SOS button, smartphone app, geofences and good battery support.
  4. Design – GPS trackers should be small and compact so that my seniors can use them without feeling uncomfortable or anything like that.
  5. Price. – It has to be reasonable, right?


As you can see, the best GPS trackers for the elderly are easy to find. You just need to know what to look for and where to look.

I hope this detailed guide to GPS trackers will help you find the right fit and contribute to the safety of your loved ones.

So, what’s your opinion? Have you forgotten something or would you like to share your opinion about this guide? Please share the following comments with me.

SAY IT SHIT! My name is Mike and I love technology, software and cryptography. I grew up close to my parents, who were in botanical engineering and worked for high-tech start-ups and aerospace companies. They taught me everything I know, from destroying the last phones to playing with drones, writing lines of code and investing in crypto money. I take things apart, put them back together and add them (code). I breathe, I live with the technique, and I can’t wait to teach you more!

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