Do you want to start metal detection? After studying many different options, we found that the Fisher F22 metal detector is the ideal choice for beginners.

Of course, there are some other interesting options you may consider, depending on your needs. Before choosing the best, we need to consider the most important factors before buying a new metal detector.

That you’re looking for treasure for

First you have to decide what kind of treasure hunt you want to do. Most inexperienced metal detectors are designed for multipurpose hunting. So, if you intend to look for coins, money, jewelry and relics, they should be suitable. However, if you want to hunt for gold, you probably need a more advanced detector that operates at a higher frequency.

Coin and silver search with an inexperienced metal detector

Where you’re going, treasure hunt

Then you have to consider your hunting ground. Parks, beaches, forests and even your garden are among the best places for metal detection. The ground in your hunting area has a certain degree of mineralization that can disturb the detector.

If you live in an area where the soil is highly mineralized, you need a detector that can withstand such conditions. Some entry-level metal detectors only offer a pre-set floor scale that cannot be adjusted to work with such floors. That’s why you should look for models that offer automatic or manual ground levelling.

If you want to hunt metal objects under water, you need a waterproof metal detector. Most entry-level models are equipped with sealed search coils. However, the control unit is usually not watertight. Walk carefully and use it only for rinsing shallow water.

Starting a waterproof metal detector for hunting treasures in water

Availability of metal detectors

Of course, you also need to take your budget into account before making a purchase decision. Many inexperienced metal detectors offer great detection capabilities at an affordable price. However, if you have a large budget, you can turn to newcomers with more advanced features.

Let us help you find the new metal detector that fits your budget and your needs!

If you are new to metal detection, but you are new to this hobby, a toy metal detector will not work. You need a product that gives you the desired result. Here is our list of the top 10 metal detectors available for beginners today.

1. Fisher F22 Weatherproof metal detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector


The Fisher F22 entry level metal detector offers excellent value for money and is an excellent choice for beginners. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use. This allows you to use it for longer metal detection sessions without unnecessary stress or fatigue.

A special feature of the F22 is the adjustable iron audio, which allows you to adjust the signal volume for iron targets. In this way it is possible to quickly determine whether the target object is an unwanted iron object, such as a bottle cap.

The F22 is equipped with a 9-inch waterproof search coil. So you can use it in all weathers and even in shallow water.  It works on 7.69 kHz and is very suitable for hunting coins. It offers rapid restructuring and a reliable level of discrimination.

Another advantage of the Fisher F22 is its large LCD screen and ease of use. The category identification numbers are displayed on the screen and indicate the type of metal detected. The F22 also offers four audio tones that you can customize to your preferences.

The Fisher F22 metal detector is available at an excellent price and has many interesting features. Although it lacks some of the characteristics of a higher level, such as manual levelling of the ground, it is an excellent starting point for beginners in the field of metal detectors.

The advantages of

  • Light
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Adjustable audio iron
  • Affordable
  • user-friendly handling
  • Large LCD display
  • Rapid reorganisation
  • Multi-tone sound
  • 5-year warranty


2. Garrett ACE 300 Metal detector

Garrett ACE 300 Metal detector


The Garett ACE 300 metal detector is one of the most popular metal detectors for beginners. It combines ease of use and excellent performance in an affordable package.

On the ACE 300, there are 5 preset search modes: Custom, Jewelry, Corners, Relics and Zero Disc (no discrimination). It works with 8 kHz, which can be adjusted. This function may be useful in case of electromagnetic interference.

The search coil is waterproof, so the ACE 300 can be used for metal hunting in shallow water. Like the Fisher F22, it provides a numerical target identification function that helps to identify detected metals.

The ACE 300 is also equipped with a coin checker that tells you how deep you have to dig to reach your treasure. It also beeps 3 times to warn you when targets are detected.

The product comes with three free accessories: Garett ClearSound Easy Stow Headset, ACE Environmental Protection and Research Coil Cover It is made in the United States and has a 2 year warranty.

The Garrett ACE 300 is a light, well designed and robust metal detector. If you are looking for a good balance between price and performance, this is certainly a good option to consider].

The advantages of

  • Workpiece depth display
  • Easy to use
  • 5 predefined search modes
  • Multi-tone sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof search coil


  • Lack of adjustable floor balance
  • No gun.

3. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal detector

Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector IV Tracker


If you are looking for an extremely expensive metal detector that does its job perfectly, then the TK4 Tracker IV bounty hunter is just what you need. It is equipped with a simple analogue target dynamometer that works quite well. It offers three search modes: All metal, noise and discrimination.

The TK4 Tracker IV Bounty Hunter comes with a sealed 8-inch concentric coil that can be used for metal hunting in shallow water. It operates at 6.6 kHz and can detect metal objects the size of a coin to a depth of 6 inches.

This metal detector is very well built and easy to use. It weighs a reasonable 4.2 pounds and is comfortable to hold and rock. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly switch from one search mode to another.

For its price, the TK4 Tracker IV offers everything you need to start your scavenger hunt. However, if you are looking for more advanced features such as destination identification, iron sound or fine tuning, you can search elsewhere. On the other hand, it offers a preset basic balance, which is a good bonus.

The TK4 Tracker IV bounty hunter is an excellent low-cost metal detector for beginners. It’s affordable, easy to use and does the job. No wonder it’s one of the best metal detectors for beginners.

The advantages of

  • Excellent value for money
  • Sealed coil
  • Good depth and sensitivity
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic country balance
  • Sensitivity control


  • No point-to-point mode
  • No additional functions

4. Waterproof Detector Nokta Macro Simplex+ WHP

Waterproof detector Nokta Makro Simplex+ WHP


The Nokta Makro Simplex+ metal detector is a good option if you have a larger budget. It offers a number of pleasant features that make it ideal for novice and advanced treasure hunters.

This metal detector has four search modes: All metal, field, beach and park. You get three tones to distinguish the different metals. Iron Audio is also available, and you can reduce the signal volume on iron targets.

Simplex+ has IP68 water protection and can be submerged to a maximum depth of 3 metres. The metal detector comes with a flashlight, which is useful for hunting in low light. It also offers a vibration signal function, which is a pleasant touch for the hearing impaired.

The product is also light and easy to use. It offers adjustable sensitivity, fine tuning, frequency offset and many other useful functions. You can use automatic ground compensation for all metal, off-road and fleet search modes. In beach mode, however, you can manually balance the ground, which is fine.

The Nokta Makro Simplex+ metal detector comes with wireless headphones. The battery provides up to 12 hours of operation, which should be more than ideal for most hunting sessions. The product has a 2 year warranty and is an excellent metal detector for beginners.

The advantages of

  • IP68 waterproof
  • Light
  • 4 search modes
  • Manual and automatic levelling of the soil
  • Good value for money


  • Battery life may be insufficient for the power source for a long period of time.

5. Metal detector Minelab X-TERRA 305

Metal detector Minelab X-TERRA 305


The Minelab X-TERRA 305 is another detector for beginners. It has a number of characteristics that you should take into account when you are new to the treasure hunt.

The X-TERRA 305 is equipped with Minelab’s exclusive VFLEX technology, which allows you to switch between coils with different frequencies. The metal detector is compatible with 7 kHz and 18.75 kHz coils. The RF coil option can be purchased separately.

With the X-TERRA 305 you have two predefined search modes and three beeps. You also benefit from a noise reduction function, an adjustable target volume and a depth indicator. The product also offers manual adjustment of the balance on the ground, which is rarely the case with beginning metal detectors.

The metal detector has a large, clear LCD display and simple controls. Iron discrimination is one of the best options for beginners. The product is light and easy to use for long hunting sessions.

If you are looking for a high quality entry-level metal detector, be sure to check out the Minelab X-TERRA 305 option. It comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The advantages of

  • Manual adjustment of the floor balance
  • Noise reduction function
  • Compatible with 7 kHz and 18.75 kHz coils
  • Discrimination in the Great Iron Age
  • Depth indicator
  • 3 years warranty


  • The roller supplied as standard is not the best option.

6. Metal detector Teknetics EuroTek PRO

Teknetics EuroTek PRO Metal detector


The Teknetics EuroTek PRO metal detector is most of the right boxes and is offered at an excellent price for beginners. It is equipped with an 8-inch waterproof search coil and can therefore be used in all weather conditions and for treasure hunting in freshwater streams.

EuroTek PRO offers adjustable iron discrimination with 40 different levels. You can also adjust the signal tone when different targets are detected using the Fe tone function (string tone with tone control). The detector is lightweight, well balanced and easy to use.

An LED indicator is also included, which lights up when iron targets are detected. It also offers an immobile mode that allows you to locate a metal target. EuroTek PRO also has an adjustable sensitivity.

The product is delivered unassembled, but can be assembled without much effort. It has a large LED display with easy operation. On the negative side, this model does not use automatic or manual soil levelling.

Teknetics EuroTek PRO is an affordable and inexpensive metal detector that meets your metal detection needs. It has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers.

The advantages of

  • Waterproof search coil
  • Large LED display
  • dotted line
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable iron Fe tone Audio
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • No automatic or manual levelling of the ground

7. Garrett ACE 400Metal detector

No products found.

No products found.

The Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector is an excellent option if you have a larger budget. Like the ACE 300, it has a solid set of features. Everything about the ACE 300 is available here, but the ACE 400 also adds some desired functions.

The product comes with a larger 8.5 x 11 sealed search coil and operates at a higher frequency of 10 kHz. This ensures better sensitivity to small objects and target separation. This also includes Iron Sound, which is not present in the ACE 300.

The ACE 400 comes with a few optional accessories, including a search coil cover, ClearSound earphones and a Garrett ACE rain hood. You will also receive 4 AA batteries in a set. The product is covered by a 2-year warranty.

The Garrett ACE 400 is a good upgrade for the ACE 300 and a good choice if you need extra functionality.

The advantages of

  • The sound of iron
  • Five search modes
  • 10 kHz waterproof search coil
  • Additional accessories are included in the delivery
  • Electronic location
  • Nick discrimination
  • Frequency check function


  • No automatic or manual levelling of the ground
  • Maybe a little more expensive for beginners.

8. RM RICOMAX Professional Metal Detector GC-1037

Professional Metal Detector RM RICOMAX GC-1037


The RM RICOMAX GC-1037 Metal Detector is another available option to consider if you have a limited budget. It has three search modes: Full metal modes, diskette and floodlight. It comes with a 10 inch search coil that is waterproof to IP68.

GC-1037 has a target identification scale from 0 to 99. The information is displayed on a large dimmable LCD screen with adjustable backlight. The product is well constructed and easy to use.

The metal detector comes with a carrying bag, an excavator shovel and an earphone in a box. So with your minimum investment you are ready to go hunting for precious metals.

The GC-1037 offers excellent value for money and is an excellent entry-level model. There is no big learning curve with this model, because it is very easy to use. If you are looking for an inexpensive but high-quality RM RICOMAX GC-1037 metal detector, you should pay attention to this.

The advantages of

  • Waterproof search coil
  • Large LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Function for target identification
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Lack of adjustable floor balance

9. Minelab Vanquish 540 Metal detector

Metal detector Minelab Vanquish 540


If you’re looking for gold, silver and jewelry, the Minelab Vanquish 540 is a powerful metal detector for the job. It is equipped with Minelab’s Multi-IQ technology, which makes it possible to work across a wide range of frequencies.

The Minelab Vanquish 540 is equipped with a waterproof DD 12 x 9 inch coil. It offers four predefined search modes: Relics, coins, jewelry and all metals. You also have the option to add custom search modes with your desired parameters.

The Vanquish 540 also features tone control, iron bias control and an accurate positioning mode. It offers 5 different target tones and 10 levels of volume and sensitivity adjustment. It also offers functions for target identification and 25 distinctive segments. The product is light and easy to use.

If you’re looking for professional performance in an entry-level package, the Minelab Vanquish 540 is hard to beat. It offers excellent value for money if you can afford it.

The advantages of

  • Multi-IQ technology
  • Noise control
  • Waterproof search coil
  • dotted line
  • Management of iron bias
  • Adjustable volume and sensitivity
  • Customizable search profiles


  • Maybe a little pricey for beginners.

10. Land Ranger Bounty Hunter Metal Detector

Metal Detector Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro


The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro is an excellent entry level metal detector with many interesting features. It has seven operation modes, four beeps, target identification, spot mode, depth indicator, manual and automatic ground leveling and variable notches.

The Land Ranger Pro comes with a sealed 11-inch DD search coil. It operates at 7.9 kHz. The detector is well designed and can be used without significant fatigue over a long period of time.

The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro comes with a 5 year warranty. The product offers a good balance between availability and functionality.

The advantages of

  • 7 search modes
  • Target identification
  • Manual and automatic levelling of the soil
  • Waterproof search coil
  • dotted line


  • Accessories are not included in the scope of delivery.

When evaluating the best metal detectors at entry level, we focused on three important factors: Features, price, ease of use. The above mentioned metal detectors are intended for beginners and are therefore very easy to use and offer excellent value for money. What’s more, they offer many useful features that you’ll appreciate even as a beginner.

Most of these options are also very light and portable. If you’re on a tight budget, we’ve added some very inexpensive options such as the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector.

Metal detector frequency

The operating frequency of the metal detector is the number of times it transmits a signal and receives it every second. Most general purpose entry-level detectors operate at lower frequencies in the 5-10 kHz band.

Metal detector frequency Metal detector frequency

Metal detector Discrimination

Differentiation refers to the detector’s ability to detect and ignore certain types of metal objects, such as bottle caps and buffers. This function is mandatory if you want to avoid multiple frustrating searches.

Depth indicator

Some metal detectors offer a baseline depth indicator that gives you a rough estimate of the depth of your find.

Depth display function for beginning metal detectors

Country Balance

Soil balance refers to the ability of your detector to bypass minerals in the soil. This reduces rattling and increases the detection depth in mineralized zones. The pre-set soil balance, which is common for entry-level detectors, means that the manufacturer has set the soil balance to a level suitable for most operating conditions.

Some entry-level models offer an automatic ground equalization system that automatically adapts to different conditions. The manual floor scale, used in high-tech detectors, allows the user to set the floor scale manually.

How much do metal detectors cost?

The price of metal detectors varies depending on the characteristics they offer. Normally they’re not very expensive. Most entry-level metal detectors only cost a few hundred dollars.

What is a good metal detector for beginners?

The Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector is an excellent option you should consider. It offers an excellent balance between functionality, availability and ease of use.

What is the best metal detector for a beginner?

The Fisher F22 metal detector offers the best value for money. If you are looking for the best metal detector at entry level, the Fisher F22 is for you.

How to use the metal detector as a beginner?

The best way to learn how to use the metal detector is to practice its use. However, please read the user manual before you start. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the functions and settings of the detector and get the best out of it.

It is likely that your metal detector will switch to the default search mode, which is normally All Metals mode. You can switch to other modes using the buttons or buttons on the screen. Once you have set the desired mode, you can start detection.

Most newer metal detectors can be started by simply turning on a machine and sweeping or rotating the device. To do this, move the search role from page to page while systematically covering the search area.

If you tilt the detector, move slowly as moving too fast can lead to missed signals and deep compromises. It takes 2 to 5 seconds to complete the cycle from left to right and vice versa.

It is also important to sweep thoroughly. For optimal depth and coverage, the search coil should not be more than 5 cm above the ground. Also try to keep the search coil parallel to the ground and not lift it at the end of the scan cycle. At the same time, make sure that the search coil does not hit or swing.

To accurately determine the target with the detector, mentally mark the location where the signal is strongest during the scan. You can also get a portable pointer for this. With a little practice and patience you will soon be able to enjoy your useful hobby.

Test metal detector

Testing metal detectors for beginners

It is advisable to test the camera before going to a search page. You can collect a few different metals and bury them at different depths. Check if your sensor can detect an object. Experiment with the detector settings and save the results.

Preparation of the basic set

In addition to your metal detector, you will need a few more tools to find the treasure. These are earphones, gloves, earthmovers and coil plugs. Some metal detectors come with some of these accessories in the box.

You probably want to get a pinprick once you’ve enjoyed the treasure hunt. These relatively inexpensive accessories can save valuable time when removing items. Of course, some metal detectors have this feature, so you may not have to buy them.

Chain box for a metal detector starter Chain box for a metal detector

Be patient

Metal detection is a hobby that rewards patience and endurance. Excavating unnecessary waste is part of the game. However, if you spend time learning the trade and honing your skills, you will enjoy the treasure hunt and eventually find something worthwhile.

An inexperienced treasure hunter plays with his metal detector.

Treasure hunting can really be a useful activity. With a good metal detector at entry level, you can quickly get back on your feet without spending a fortune. If you are looking for such a product, you should absolutely check the options above.

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