Anyone who has ever been behind the wheel of a car in a traffic jam will understand the appeal of an engine. Motorcyclists never run into traffic jams; they can carefully make crossings and detours to reach their destination in the shortest possible time without having to take extra time as a buffer. Of course there is one aspect of motorcycling that is also extremely dangerous, but some bikers will tell you that the adrenaline rush you feel when you feel free is part of the whole package. Whether it’s a big classic Harley or a streamlined Super Samurai, an engine is sure to bring a lot of fun to its owner. Of course, motorcyclists take many steps to stay safe. The procedure for obtaining a motorcycle driving licence is much more complicated than obtaining a regular driving licence from the DMV. There is also the right clothing to keep in mind, the different rules you have to follow when you are on the road, and of course a helmet.

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Good cyclists know they have to buy a new helmet every two or three years. Dropping your helmet to the ground once may reduce its effectiveness, and normal wear and tear is something that should be considered and carefully checked. Fortunately, modular motorcycle helmets are no longer that expensive. For a few hundred dollars or even less, you can find a helmet that suits your needs while complementing the aesthetics of your bike. In our tests we have put together the best modular motorcycle helmets for 2020. Read on for your next verified purchase!

Our most popular modular motorcycle helmets for 2020

  1. 1 Assault Inverted Dual Chamber Sun Shield modular full face helmet: HB89 Matt black

The first on our list is a full face helmet with double folding visor from 1Storm Store. Despite the lower price, DOT has been approved so you can be sure it will protect you on the road and in the sun. The double lens design includes a smoked inner lens and a clear outer lens, so you don’t have to compete with the sun on clear days or the clouds on cloudy days. You can wear it as an integral or semi-integral helmet, depending on where you are and how fast you go. Made of a thermoplastic alloy, the body is incredibly light, durable and aerodynamic; you don’t have to worry about high-speed resistance. The helmet also has a UV gloss protection for an extra layer of protection, and the inner lining is removable and washable. You can choose from different sizes to suit your head size and you can choose from a wide range of colours to match your bike and jacket. Like a critic said: I can’t believe this helmet costs so little. I often brag about it. It is robust and comfortable. Highly recommended!

  1. LS2 Helmets Modular Helmets

Slightly more expensive, but certainly not much, is the modular motorcycle helmet from the LS2 Store. It is also DOT approved, and the LS2 also has the fact that this helmet meets the requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Indeed, all LS2 helmets are equipped with dynamic flow ventilation. There are fully adjustable inlets and ventilated EPS which, together with the rear helmet spoiler and exhaust openings, ensure a constant and easy air flow through the helmet. This way you will always stay cool while breathing in fresh air, and you don’t have to worry about wearing it too long. As far as the visor is concerned, all LS2 visors are made of optically correct three-dimensional polycarbonate grade A, an aerospace polymer with a high impact resistance. So the visor protects you while providing maximum clarity and preventing distortion. The helmet is equipped with a quick release strap for comfort and safety, a reinforced chin strap and a neckband for long walks. We’re going to let this evaluation speak for itself: I’ve never written a review in my life, but it saves me !!!!!. While driving at 60 km/h, an idiot decided to change lanes without signalling or paying attention to the stuck front wheel and sent me flying. Without the helmet, I’d have a face only a mother would like!

LS2 Modular Headphone (Gunmetal - Large)

LS2 Modular Headphone (Gunmetal – Large)

  • The DOT approved it. The product complies with FMVSS 218 and also meets the requirements of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
  • All LS2 visors are made of class A bulite polycarbonate with 3D optical correction, a high impact resistant spatial aging polymer that prevents distortion and provides maximum image clarity.
  • Removable and washable comfort lining
  • Reinforced belt with quick-release fastener
  • All LS2 helmets are equipped with a dynamic flow ventilation system. Fully adjustable inlets and the vented EPS system work in conjunction with the rear spoiler and exhaust vents to create a smooth, light airflow that keeps the operator cool and comfortable.
  1. DOT approved modular motorcycle helmet – YEMA YM-926 DOT approved modular motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth sun visor for adults, young men and women.

If you are looking for a helmet with all the safety features and a little bit more, we invite you to consider this one from the YEMA. This helmet is also DOT approved and has fully adjustable inlet and outlet ports to keep you cool, while the aerodynamic, streamlined design reduces wind noise and drag for a comfortable ride. The quick-release strap also works with gloves to ensure a good fit and makes it easy to put on and take off the helmet, whether it’s for a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, etc. The dual lens design includes a smoked inner lens and a clear outer lens to protect you and help you withstand all weather conditions. You can also install a Bluetooth headset in your motorcycle helmet, so you can listen to music without feeling a cramp in your helmet and without putting pressure on your ears and head. A critic pointed out that this helmet has no traction on the road unless you open the opening on top of your head and mouth, and I must say that they keep you cool on a hot day, was 98 today, and while I was walking around, I never broke a sweat. The module has a pleasant and satisfying click that lets you know that it is locked. When the air vents are closed, the ride is surprisingly quiet.

  1. HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Finally, we look at this helmet from HJC Helmets. The futuristic design and color palette make you feel like you’re from the future when you ride your bike with this helmet. The case is made of an advanced polycarbonate composite with an adjustable polycarbonate chin for maximum comfort and protection. It is lightweight but fits perfectly thanks to the advanced CAD technology used in HJC helmets. To put on and take off the helmet or to adjust the field of vision, simply use the chin strap/head guard by loosening it with one button and one hand. The visor itself offers 95% UV protection and has a smoky hue. Several extra visors are available on request. The ventilation system has a full airflow from front to back to dissipate heat and prevent moisture if you live in a room where there is a tendency to get wet. There are notches in the headset so you can easily install a Bluetooth headset. Despite its price, it offers all the protective properties of a helmet at a higher price. We agree with a reviewer who said that I bought this helmet (again) because, in my experience, it is cheap and comfortable. It is DOT approved and offers the same protection as a $600 helmet.

HJC 980-615 IS-MAX II modular motorcycle helmet (matt black, extra large)

  • Improved polycarbonate composite shell with adjustable polycarbonate chin: Superior lightness, fit and comfort thanks to advanced CAD technology
  • Disposable chinstrap/face shield Release
  • Front glass with high optical quality pin lock (HJ-17) : Provides 95% UV protection; QuickSlide system for replacing tool-free lenses; Pinlock insert, sold separately
  • Integrated sun visor at the push of a button (HJ-V5) : 3-position tinted SunShield sunblinds with locking mechanism are quick and easy to install; several SunShield sunblinds are available as an option.
  • Advanced duct ventilation system ACS : The front and rear airflow transports heat and moisture upwards and outwards. Hat size: 7 5/8 – 7 3/4

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