Apex Legends is the game everyone’s been waiting for, and it’s crushed the gaming community! Not only with a good GPU, CPU, mouse and keyboard, but also with a good mouse pad you can improve yourself in this game. A good game mouse pad will help you to better control the mouse and to better aim and hit. That’s why we found and tested the best mouse pad for Apex Legends to help you improve in the long run!

Everyone says that a fast CPU and a good GPU can help you get better in games like Apex Legends, but when it comes to shooting, always aim and be accurate. You need a good game mouse for that, but that’s not all. A good game mouse can only give the best if it is used with a good mouse pad.

Not only does it provide a better work surface for your mouse, but it also gives your PC a pleasant overall picture. Nowadays gaming mouse pads are not only available with a high-quality material, rubber backing, etc., but also with RGB backlighting, which makes them even more attractive! That’s why you should invest in a good Apex Legends game mouse pad. Aim better now with a good mouse pad for the game!

Best Mouse Mat for the top of the legend in the test!

Razer Gigantus v2 cloth gaming mouse pad rating (Amazon’s Choice)

Rating of Razer Gigantus v2 cloth mouse pad for games - Best Apex Legends Mouse Pad

Whatever someone says, a good mouse pad is a necessary addition to your arsenal of game accessories. Razer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming components and accessories, offering the highest quality craftsmanship and near-perfect performance.

The Razer Gigantus v2 is a gaming mouse pad specially designed for low-sensitive gaming styles and offers a very large surface area for intense mouse movements, which is very important in Apex Legends. FPS games require much less sensitivity than other games of the genre, and this mouse is perfect for these players. A large mouse pad like this reduces the need to pick up and move the mouse every 2 seconds, which is quite annoying in competitive games like Valorant and Apex Legends.

The Razer Gigantus v2 features a microstructured fabric surface for optimal gaming performance, compatible with all mouse sensors. The surface layer of the fabric allows both quick clearance and control.

Tired of sliding your cheap mouse pad on your desk? The Razer Gigantus v2 also features a non-slip natural foam base that holds the mouse pad in place for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Razer Gigantus v2 gaming mouse pad is available in 4 different sizes – Medium, Large, XXL and 3XL, the largest size is 37.04 x 16.15 x 0.16 inches.

Key features

  • The surface of the tissue is microstructured to facilitate mouse movement.
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber base.
  • Available in 4 different sizes.
  • Optimized for low-sensitive games such as Apex Legends.

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RGB NPET MP02-SP Game Mousepad Review (readers also love it)

NPET MP02-SP RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - The best gaming pad for top online legends!

A good mouse pad is an essential element of FPS games and can greatly improve your gameplay by giving you unlimited mouse movements to get those clicks and incredible kills. The NPET MP02-SP RGB gaming mouse pad can help you achieve this goal for just under $30.

Like its predecessor, this NPET mouse pad features a micro-textured fabric surface to reduce friction, so you can control mouse movement and aim accurately in FPS games. This makes it probably the best Apex Legends mouse pad among many others.

The non-slip rubber mat is another important feature of the NPET gaming mouse pad. It keeps the mouse pad in place even during intense gambling sessions that require fast and powerful mouse movements. The combination of stability and precise mouse control is perfect for any player.

When it comes to gaming, nothing can improve the appearance of your gaming console better than RGB lights, and fortunately this mouse pad of NPET has RGB lights at the edges. RGB lighting supports up to 12 different lighting modes, including a special starry sky effect. The mouse pad offers 9 different static and 3 different dynamic lighting modes from which you can choose the most attractive. Simply press the toggle button to switch between static and dynamic lighting modes.

Key features

  • RGB lighting with 12 different lighting modes to choose from.
  • Non-slip rubber base for a better playing experience.
  • The surface of the microstructure reduces friction and facilitates mouse movements.
  • Thanks to the double-edged knitting, it lasts longer than ordinary mouse pads.
  • USB power supply and plug & play support.

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Blade Hawks RGB Game Mousepads Review (author’s choice)

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - The best mouse pad for Apex Legends!

Have you ever heard of a loudspeaker on a game mouse pad? Never? Well, the RGB Blade Hawks game mouse pad has one, and that’s not all that comes with it. The mouse pad has 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting USB devices such as mouse, keyboard and USB sticks.

What makes the mouse pad unique is a loudspeaker with 3 watts of output power, which frankly doesn’t offer much power or quality, but it’s always good to have something extra. With a very low price, below $35, you can’t ask for a better mouse pad, and this is by far the best Apex Legends mouse pad you can find for this price.

The mouse pad supports Plug & Play, so you don’t need to install any drivers. Connect the mouse pad with a USB cable. The Blade Hawks RGB Game Mouse Pad has a micro-textured surface for precise mouse control, so you can show off your target. Its smooth surface not only allows you to move your mouse smoothly, but it’s also waterproof and leak-proof. With all its features it is an excellent mouse pad for any type of game and has been selected as one of the best Rainbow Six Siege mouse pads!

Key features

  • RGB illumination with 15 modes.
  • Equipped with a 3-watt loudspeaker.
  • It has 3 USB 2.0 ports.
  • Microstructured surface for smooth movement.

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Corsair MM300 Game Mousepad Test

Corsair MM300 Mousepad Review - The best mouse pad from Legends of the Top!

There is probably nothing better than adding a Corsair game product to your game system. Corsair has always been known for making advanced components, and its PC accessories are exceptional in every way.

The Corsair MM300 gaming mouse pad is available in two different sizes – large and medium. The extended size is the largest size available and is approximately 36.6 x 11.8 x 0.1 inches, while the average size is 36.6 x 11.8 x 0.1 inches. This mouse pad from Corsair is not only available in different sizes, but also in different materials – a frost-resistant version and a waterproof version.

The Corsair MM300 Game Mouse Pad promises superior mouse movement control because it features a woven textile surface that ensures superior accuracy in FPS games. The textured surface also reduces friction, allowing you to move your mouse quickly and accurately when needed.

The stitched edges make the mouse pad last much longer than the cheap mouse pads you can get for a dollar or two. Say goodbye to fraying, because the seams give the mouse pad maximum durability.

Another good feature of the mouse pad is that it is optimized for both types of mice – those that use a laser sensor and those that use an optical sensor. To top it off, the base of the MM300 is made of non-slip rubber to keep the mouse pad in place and prevent the mouse from lifting and moving.

Key features

  • Low coefficient of friction with sewn edges for maximum durability.
  • Textured surface of the textile fabric for less friction and smoother movements.
  • It has a non-slip rubber base.
  • Optimized for laser and optical touch mice.

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Quiz Mousepad ReviewQuiz Game

VicTsing Gaming Mouse Pad Review - The best mouse pad for Apex legends!

Later on we will talk about the functioning of the mouse pad and we will look into its characteristics. The first thing you notice on the mouse pad are the RGB lights that frame the edges of the mouse pad. Up to 13 different lighting modes are available, including 5 dynamic and 8 additional static modes.

Unlike other RGB mouse pads, this VicTsing mouse pad also allows you to choose between 2 different brightness levels. So if you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your gaming computer, we highly recommend this mouse pad. In terms of performance, the VicTsing Gaming mouse pad is probably one of the best Apex Legends mouse pads available.

The surface of the microfibre mouse pad is very smooth and super soft to make mouse movements easier and more comfortable. The surface also offers less friction for fast shots in games such as Valorant and Apex Legends.

The mouse pad is powered via USB and does not require driver installation as it is Plug & Play compatible. Like the Corsair mouse pad, it features stitched edges with an anti-fragmentation design for maximum durability and long life.

Under the mouse pad there is a durable rubber base that prevents slipping, preventing unwanted movement during intensive play. The mouse pad fits and stands wherever you hold it.

The mouse pad is 80 cm long and 30 cm wide, leaving enough space for all the movements you want to make with your mouse. FPS games like Apex Legends need big mouse pads, and this mouse pad will help you get there.

Key features

  • Features of sewn edges with a microfibre surface.
  • With a large surface and a non-slip rubber base.
  • RGB illumination with 13 different illumination modes.
  • Plug & Play, no driver installation is required.

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Verdict – What is the best gaming mouse pad for Apex Legends?

The best Apex Legends mouse pad depends on each person and his or her style of play. Some people prefer RGB and some people do not. Although all of the above mouse pads are perfect for all players, our first choice is the RGB Blade Hawks Game Mousepad, which we think is the best Apex Legends Game Mousepad. With unique features such as a 3W speaker and USB ports, the product is worth buying for just under $35. In terms of performance, the microstructured fabric surface also ensures easy and smooth movement of the mouse. We advise you to buy a Blade Hawks mouse pad, but you can also choose from other mouse pads.

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