FPS games like CS : GO is all about accuracy and precision. It doesn’t matter how good a gaming mouse is, if the surface isn’t good, it won’t perform well. Therefore, you need the best CS GO Mousepad to get the best feedback on mouse movements!

Counterattack: Global Offensive is one of the best online multiplayer FPS games on the market and has a huge community. CS 1.6 once ruled the world of FPS games, but CS came later: GO with the best graphics and it has won the hearts of all internet gamers! Everyone wants to get better at the game and trains a lot. But sometimes it’s not the qualifications that hold us back, it’s the machines themselves.

Today’s gaming mice are equipped with sensors that work on all types of surfaces, but they always prefer a good surface, which is why everyone uses a mouse pad. Mouse pads not only provide a good surface, but also add fun to the cake. Gaming mouse pads are now available with RGB backlight, charger, etc. You may not need a charger, but RGB lighting brings your gaming console to life.

In this article we have found and tested some of the best CS gaming mouse pads: Go ahead and finish what you can get. We also chose a budget option that costs no more than $20 and is a very good addition to your arsenal. Okay, let’s start with an exam!

Best Mouse Pad for CS GO on Test!

Cooler Master MP510 Game Mouse Pad Test

The Cooler Master MP510 gaming mouse pad may not have the same brilliant features as the SteelSeries QcK RGB prism dust mouse pad, but it certainly has and offers everything you would expect from a high-end gaming mouse pad or a Cooler Master product.

As a manufacturer of some of the most reliable computer accessories and components, Cooler Master offers the MP510 that guarantees you a flawless victory over your opponents in CS: Go if you’re good enough to match your skills with the bad boy.

The MP150 will undoubtedly be an improvement over your current mouse pad, giving you durability and performance that you won’t get with any cheap mouse pad on the market. Online sports and competitive games are all about accuracy. The MP510 gives you the accuracy and precise tracking you probably need to win games.

With Cooler Master’s exclusive Cordura fabric, the mouse pad offers unparalleled responsiveness and durability, creating the perfect balance of speed and control. Combine it with a waterproof mouse pad and you have the best CS GO gaming mouse pad.

Games are made to be won and lost, you have sweat, tears and energy drinks on your side, but thanks to the waterproof fabric you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Anti-friction stitching on the edges of the mouse pad ensures that the mouse pad will not fray or peel off even after heavy use, making the MP510 one of the most durable mouse pads on this list.

Unfortunately, the Cooler Master MP510 Game Mousepad doesn’t have bright RGB lighting, but it does have the Cooler Master logo on the top right edge that lights up even in the dark. These small changes can drastically change the look of your gaming console.

Thanks to the non-slip rubber base, the mouse pad stays in place even if you move your mouse excessively, giving you the stability and freedom to use your mouse the way you want to. For the convenience of customers, the MP510 gaming mouse pad is available in many sizes, ranging from a small size of 250 mm x 210 mm x 3 mm to an XL size of 900 mm x 400 mm x 3 mm. You can also get a medium (320 mm x 270 mm x 3 mm) or large (450 mm x 350 mm x 3 mm).


  • Anti-fouling stitched edges for longer life and durability
  • Available in 4 different sizes, including S, M, L, XL for all types of offices
  • Made of high quality waterproof Cordura fabric for maximum performance and responsiveness while playing.
  • Features of the non-slip rubber foot
  • Reasonable prices

QcK Dust from steel prism series for RGB prism review (author’s choice)

And here is the best CS GO Game Mousepad, the RGB QcK Prism Cloth Game Mousepad. The SteelSeries QcK mouse pad series has been enhanced with the release of the QcK Prism RGB gaming mouse pad. Known as the OG of gaming mouse pads, the QcK mouse pad series is also one of the best selling in the gaming community.

For a game like CS: GO, or any other FPS game, accuracy is key, and during tournaments you simply cannot sacrifice speed and agility, as this can sabotage all your playing abilities. The quality of the mouse pad is the main factor that determines whether the mouse pad is suitable for the game, and in some cases the size of the mouse pad also comes into play.

That’s why the SteelSeries QcK Prism Fabric RGB Gaming Mousepad is not only made from the highest quality materials, but is also available in a variety of sizes, including Medium (320mm x 270mm x 4mm), XL (900mm x 300mm x 4mm), 3XL (1220mm x 590mm x 4mm), 4XL (1220mm x 762mm x 4mm), and the monstrous 5XL (1600mm x 800mm x 4mm).

To make it easy for your mouse to glide on the mouse pad, the QcK prism is very thin, with a height of only 4mm. Thanks to the large coverage area, you will never lose your freedom of movement while playing CS : EDI. The mouse pad also has stitched edges, which increases the longevity and durability of the product.

The QcK gaming mouse pads were already fantastic, but SteelSeries has taken it to the next level and included RGB lighting to enhance the aesthetics of your gaming platform and give it some style. With dynamic 2X RGB LED backlighting, users can access hundreds of advanced lighting profiles and customization options through the SteelSeries Engine software. Settling in has never been easier or more fun.

The RGB lighting is not only beautiful, but also acts as a notification point for all your Discord notifications, games, and an audio viewer that syncs with the music you’re playing. You can now customize lighting templates for chat notifications, volume status, in-game status, and alerts.

Stability is very important when playing CS games: GO, which means the QcK SteelSeries prism fabric RGB gaming mouse pad is equipped with a non-slip silicone rubber pad that completely prevents the mouse pad from moving unnecessarily and accidentally slipping due to excessive mouse movement.

It has a smooth, raised top made from the same microwoven fabric that made the quality of the old QcK series mouse pads. Optimized for all mice, including laser and optical sensor mice, the mouse pad provides accurate point tracking and a comfortable gaming experience, making it perhaps the best mouse pad for CSGO.


  • Available in many different sizes, including size 5XL
  • Beautiful dynamic RGB LED dual-zone lighting that takes your gaming system to the next level.
  • Made of QcK microfiber for smooth mouse movements with maximum control
  • Supplied with a non-slip silicone rubber base and surface optimized for all types of sensors.
  • With stitched edges for maximum durability and wear protection

HyperX Fury S Pro Series Mousepads Review (within budget)

If you are looking for something primarily related to gaming, then HyperX is probably the solution to all your problems. Starting with keyboards, mice and headsets, HyperX offers customers some of the best gaming accessories and peripherals and even internal hardware components.

Honestly, for such a low price, the HyperX Fury S Pro Series Gaming Mousepad is the most economical CS GO Mousepad on this list. The mouse pad has sewn edges for increased durability and reliability. You don’t have to worry about surface chipping or wear from rough use during intense play.

Whether you need speed or precision, the HyperX Fury S Pro Series gaming mouse pad has it all. The top is made from a tightly woven fabric, giving you a great gaming platform that not only feels soft, but also works great for eSports games like CS: EDI. If you want to see more mouse pads for games like Rainbow Six Siege, you’ve found it all in my reviews.

Optimized for laser and optical sensors, you can pair the Fury S Pro with any mouse and get the same great results. The soft fabric surface guarantees that your wrist won’t get injured even after hours of playing, which is a good thing because you never want to develop wrist problems like wrist tunnel.

The mouse pad doesn’t slip on your desk – it’s made from a textured natural rubber cushion that adheres to any surface you place it on. The HyperX Fury S Pro Series Gaming Mousepad is specifically designed for all desktop computers, which is exactly why the mouse pad comes in four different sizes (small, medium, large and extra large), each of which can be easily unfolded for carrying, making it highly portable.

The smallest measures 290 mm x 240 mm, the medium 360 mm x 300 mm, the large 450 mm x 400 mm and the XL measures 900 mm x 420 mm. As for surface options, choose the SPEED edition if speed is your first priority, but if you want something for more precision and accuracy, choose the standard option.

While the original FURY S pro comes in black with the HyperX logo on the bottom, you can also opt for the SPEED edition, which comes in an elegant red and black design. Combine a quality gaming mouse with this kind of surface accuracy and you’ll be well equipped to compete and win tournaments.


  • Sewn edges to prevent wear and delamination of the top.
  • Available in four different sizes for all desktops
  • Available in two different mesh variants, the Standard Edition and the SPEED Edition for optimal accuracy and speed.
  • With a non-slip natural rubber base for maximum stability

Logitech G640 Mouse Pad Review

Whether it’s a gaming keyboard, mouse, or other PC gaming accessory, when it comes from Logitech, it’s always reliable. Logitech, makers of great gaming mice, now introduces the new G640 fabric gaming mouse pad that changes the way you play competitive electronic sports games like CS: EDI.

The G640 gaming mouse pad is very thin and only 3 mm high. You can easily roll it up to put it in your bag and take it to LAN parties or other places, making it very portable.

Low surface friction is essential for FPS games, and most professional gamers use a lower DPI sensitivity when playing games like VALORANT and CS : GO and the mouse pad is specially designed for this purpose.

The surface of the G640 is designed to provide exactly the friction you need to win competitive gaming tournaments, and is optimized for lower DPI settings. However, no matter what others say, overly intricate patterns and textures on the mouse pad can impede movement and speed during play. That’s why the G640 mouse pad uses a fabric surface for stable gaming performance.

The edge-to-edge design of the mouse pad provides near-perfect tracking accuracy, and the clean, simple surface texture ensures comfort every time. Combine a good FPS gaming mouse with this mouse pad, and you’ll only get better sensor accuracy and precision.

No one wants to be interrupted and annoyed when you play your favorite game. For that reason alone, the Logitech G640 has a rubber base that adheres securely to any surface you place it on. The soft fabric also ensures that your wrist is not damaged during long gaming sessions.

The fabric is so soft that you just roll it up, and when you’re ready to play, just lay it flat and unfold it with no creases. Since the whole mouse pad only weighs about 350 grams, you don’t have to carry it in your backpack.

The mouse pad is only available in the larger size of 460 mm x 400 mm x 3 mm. This gives you enough room to move your mouse to get those great photos in CS: EDI. If you’re also a League of Legends player, you should check out my list of the best mouse pads for League of Legends.


  • With non-slip rubber base for stability during play
  • The top is optimized for low SPF games.
  • Very light and easy to roll up for transport
  • Made of soft fabric for a comfortable playing experience

Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS Review (Amazon’s Choice)

You can only expect quality products from Corsair, and the MM880 gaming mouse pad proves it with its perfect balance of performance and price. With its excellent RGB lighting features and superior accuracy and tracking, the MM800 is not only a beauty, but also a high-performance mouse pad among the other mouse pads on this list. We can say with certainty that this is the best gaming mouse pad for CS GO!

The Mousepad brings everything a professional gamer needs in their gaming arsenal together in one device with beautiful RGB lighting. The micro-textured, low-friction surface provides players with in-game stability by ensuring accurate pixel tracking.

The mouse pad is medium sized and measures approximately 350 mm x 260 mm x 5 mm. It’s probably not the biggest mouse pad on the market, but it gives you plenty of room to move your mouse.

RGB lighting lets you make the most of your gaming platform by adding a touch of elegance. Fifteen individually addressable RGB lighting zones are powered by PWM lighting and can be configured with Corsair iCUE software, allowing you to choose from hundreds of lighting profiles and customize settings.

The MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad also features a built-in USB port that makes it easy to connect the mouse without having to slide another USB port behind the processor housing. Also noteworthy is the low-friction surface, which is optimized for all types of mouse sensors, including laser and optical sensors.

Like most other mouse pads on this list, the Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS Game Mousepad has a non-slip rubber base that holds the mouse pad firmly in place on any surface it is placed on. Personally, I think this mouse pad is the best CS GO mouse pad on this list if you want RGB performance and lighting.


  • Microstructured fabric surface for smooth mouse movement and pixel-precise tracking
  • Equipped with 15 RGB LED lighting zones controlled by Corsair iCUE software.
  • It comes with a non-slip rubber base for added stability while playing.
  • Medium form factor with integrated USB port

Logitech G440 Hard Mouse Pad Review

The Hardcore G440 mouse pad is in the list of the best CS : GO Game Mousepads are Logitech’s second product. It’s already clear enough that a mouse pad with a surface that offers less friction is better for eSports gaming, and the G440 is built specifically for this purpose.

The Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad is not only suitable for low-sensitivity games, but also offers gamers high DPI sensitivity as the low-friction surface makes moving the mouse easier and faster.

Unlike any other mouse pad on this list, the Logitech G440 Hard Game Mouse Pad has a polyethylene surface instead of a cloth surface, so you can move your mouse with minimal effort, giving you the speed you need for FPS gaming.

The G440’s simple, clean and stable surface does not interfere in any way with the mouse sensor and even optimizes the sensor’s response, both optical and laser. More accuracy and precision is always the way to increase the number of wins and losses in SC games: EDI.

Consistency and stability are essential. Logitech knows that’s why the G440 Gaming Mouse Pad has a natural rubber base, so it sits securely on the desktop and doesn’t require any extra wrist or mouse movement.

The multi-layer construction gives the mouse pad a fairly robust and reliable appearance. The G440 consists of three layers, including an upper layer of polypropylene, an intermediate layer of impact-resistant polystyrene and a lower layer of rubber.

Weighing only 329 grams, the mouse pad will easily fit in your backpack, making it a very portable option if you are looking for one. Before you buy this mouse pad, you should know that it only comes in one size and measures approximately 280mm x 340mm x 3mm, which means you will still have plenty of room for mouse movements.


  • Sport: A super-light design with a thickness of only 3 mm.
  • Three-layer construction for maximum durability and performance
  • The low-friction polypropylene surface allows for smooth and uninterrupted movement of the mouse.
  • Features a solid surface optimized for high-sensitivity DPI players

Conclusion – Which CS GO mouse pad is best for gaming?

With the growing number of players playing eSports, competitive games are becoming more relevant and it’s time to upgrade your mouse pad. Before revealing our winner, you might want to check out my selections for the best Fortnite game mouse pads.

Chances are, the best mouse pad for CS GO that suits me may not be the best one for you, so you should always follow your own instincts when buying a mouse pad. All the mouse pads presented in this blog are great, and you should choose the one that suits you best, looks best and meets all your needs. In my opinion, the brilliant RGB backlighting, superior performance combined with the already established reputation of the QcK gaming mouse pads make the SteelSeries RGB gaming mouse pad made of QcK prism fabric my best CS mouse pad: EDI.

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