There isn’t a single strategy that works well for every Magic: The Gathering play style. If you are interested in trying out some new rat decks, you should make an effort to seek out the cards that best suit the type of play you enjoy.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the MTG Rat card archetype, but are you sure you know them well? There are an enormous amount of decks out there featuring the Rat race, but what are the best cards for this style of play?

Here are 10 cards that are great for all Rat decks. If you’re not playing with Rats, you’re doing something wrong. MTG has many different types of decks, so this article will cover all of them. I’ll also list some cards that are specific for each type of deck.. Read more about mtg rat deck 2020 and let us know what you think.

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Rat cards are similar to Goblins, Soldiers, and Elves in that they have a lot of them. However, depending on the kind of deck you’re up against, having the proper Rat for the job may make all the difference. Discover the top 10 greatest Rat cards in MTG by reading on.

The Top 10 Rat Cards

1. The Pestilence

Magic The Gathering - Plague of Vermin - Shadowmoor

Plague of Vermin is a rare black sorcery card that costs 6 colorless mana to cast and 1 extra swamp land. That said, it is unquestionably one of the top ten greatest rat cards in MTG, and for good cause!

When Plague of Vermin is played, each player pays whatever number of life he or she wants. For each life paid, each player places that many 1/1 black Rat creatures into play.

What a rat trap this is!

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Crypt Rats are a kind of rat that lives in caves.

Magic: The Gathering - Crypt Rats - Modern Horizons

Crypt Rats is the number two card on our list of the greatest Rat cards, and it’s a fan favorite.

This rare black Rat creature may only be a 1/1 when it enters the battlefield, but by spending X in black mana alone, you may inflict X damage to each player and creature. 

That’s a fantastic bargain, people! 

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3. Chittering Host / GRAF Rats

Magic The Gathering - GRAF Rats // Chittering Host (091/205) - Eldritch Moon

Graft Rats and Chittering Host are the same card, but you can only cast Graft Rats. Graft Rats enables you to create a grafted Rat that will ultimately merge with Chittering Host.

Other creatures you control get a +1/+0 boost to power and toughness as well as Menace until the end of the turn after a grafted Rat has merged into Chittering Host, a 5/6 Eldrazi Horror with Haste and Menace.

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4. Rats with Typhoid

Magic The Gathering - Typhoid Rats (089/185) - Fate Reforged

Typhoid Rats, a 1/1 Rat creature card in MTG, is another famous Rat card. This common monster attacks the battlefield with deathtouch for a single swamp land.

While Typhoid Rats may not seem to be the most powerful or dangerous card (it isn’t! ), having three or four of them in your Rat deck may make a huge impact. As a result, it is ranked fourth on our list.

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5. Rats in Strongholds

Magic: the Gathering - Stronghold Rats - Future Sight

Stronghold Rats is another famous Rat card in MTG that doesn’t seem to be a huge issue at first look, with 2 colorless mana and 1 extra swamp land. When it does damage to a player, it transforms into a 2/1 Rat with Shadow (which can’t be stopped except by other Shadow creatures) that compels other players to discard.

When playing MTG with Rat decks, keep in mind that strength in numbers is an important component of the overall strategy. You can’t overwhelm your opponents by casting massive creatures that take an eternity to summon. As a result, a 2/1 Shadow Rat is an excellent option for a Rat deck in MTG.

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6. Rats in Septic Tanks

Magic: the Gathering - Septic Rats - Mirrodin Besieged

Another common card in Rat decks is Septic Rats. It isn’t the most spectacular Rat, but it is an important part of any Rat deck. Sceptic Rats gets a +1/+1 to its power and toughness for the turn while the defenders are poisoned.

Given that the card is a 2/2 Rat creature, it provides for an inexpensive creature in the early to mid-game. Sceptic Rats also has Infect, which means that instead of dealing regular damage, it delivers -1/-1 poison counters to players and -1/-1 damage counters to creatures.

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7. The Nezumi’s Patron

Magic: the Gathering - Patron of The Nezumi - Betrayers of Kamigawa

Patron of Nezumi is a 6/6 Legendary Creature – Spirit that requires a hefty 5 colorless mana and 2 swamp lands to activate. Permanents that go into enemy graveyards lose 1 life when this rare block Spirit card enters the battlefield.

What role does the Rat play? Rat Offering is Nezumi’s patron. By sacrificing a Rat card and spending extra mana, you may play it anytime you might play an instant. Isn’t it cool? We thought the same thing!

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Ichor Rats (nine)

Magic: the Gathering - Ichor Rats - Scars of Mirrodin

Ichor Rats are a 2/1 black Rat creature that may be found in any Rat deck. It doesn’t cost much to play, like most of the greatest Rat cards in MTG. It costs 1 colorless and 2 swamp lands in mana.

When attacking players, Ichor Rats delivers damage in the form of poison counters, and when attacking creatures, it deals damage in the form of damage counters. Additionally, when the card enters the battlefield, every player, including you, receives a poison counter.

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9. Rats Chittering

Magic: the Gathering - Chittering Rats - Darksteel

Chitter Rats is the go-to standard Rat card if ever there was one. This 2/2 comes to the board with 1 colorless mana and 2 swamp lands, ready to rip your opponent’s library to pieces.

When you play Chitter Rats, one of your opponents must remove the top card from their deck and put it in their graveyard. Two or three cards these guys in your Rat deck will help give your Rat pack some inexpensive muscle.

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Ravenous Rats (nine)

Magic: the Gathering - Ravenous Rats (106) - Magic 2013

Ravenous Rats is a 1/1 black Rat creature with a 1 colorless and 1 swamp land mana cost. You choose an opponent and they must discard a card from their hand when it reaches the battlefield.

Carrying three or four of these pests, along with others from this list, in your Rat deck helps maintain a constant supply of irritating and helpful pests to disrupt your opponents’ front lines.

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MTG Rat Cards Frequently Asked Questions

In MTG, what are Rat Decks?

Rat Decks in Magic the Gathering are collections of mostly black cards that are classified as Rat monsters. Typically, the decks include a large number of lesser Rats with low power and annoying abilities, as well as a few special Rats with greater power, toughness, and stronger abilities.

In MTG, how do Rat Decks work?

A Rat deck’s primary tactic is to overwhelm the opponent. There are many more sophisticated tactics to attempt, but relying on your Rat deck’s power in numbers is a certain approach to overwhelm your opponents. That implies at least half of your cards should be inexpensive, disposable creatures like 1/1 and 2/2 Rats.

Is Rat Pack a Good MTG Character?

Rat Pack is one of the greatest Rat cards for us since it allows us to produce a large army of rats quickly and form a true “rat pack” to attack or defend against the opponent. It allows you to rapidly, cheaply, and effectively increase your ranks and outnumber your opponents.

Before I start this blog post, I need to quickly thank you for visiting my website, I’m really glad that you’re here. We all know that Magic the Gathering is a great game, but what cards are the best to play with? Well, below is a list of the best Magic the Gathering cards you can use with your MTG Rat deck this year, that is guaranteed to work with any of your MTG Rat decks!. Read more about mtg rat deck modern and let us know what you think.

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