Paulo Coelho is a popular Brazilian writer who gave us books like the alchemists! He writes artistic and non-artistic novels about self-improvement and psychology. Over the course of his career, the author has given many bestsellers, and people have been impressed by his work. With her stories she gives the reader hope and a new direction. The author is also known for encouraging people to realize their dreams.

The inspiration you find in his books comes from his own life, where he fought with his parents who took him to an orphanage because he didn’t follow the path his parents wanted him to follow and they thought he had lost his mind. He’s suffered a lot, and that’s reflected in his books. But in spite of this enormous struggle, he has conquered everything and has become one of the most popular authors. In the course of his career he has written numerous novels and short stories, for which he has also received numerous prizes.

The road to becoming a writer was not easy for him, he first had to study law against his will and give up his dream of becoming a writer. A year later he dropped out of school and led a hippie life in many countries. Before he became a writer, he also worked as a songwriter, journalist, theatre director and others. His literary career began with the book Hell’s Archives 1982, which failed after the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. He was inspired by it and wrote the Pilgrimage, which became a great success, after which he wrote one of the most popular books, The Alchemist of 1987. As mentioned, he has written numerous books, essays and stories, and has also written a series of television programmes based on the characters in his book.

In this article we have compiled a list of Paulo Coelho’s books so that you can select his next book to read. Consult the book list of Paulo Coelho to find out which book you prefer.

Paulo Coelho books

Books by Paulo Coelho

1. Pilgrimage

best book by Paulo Coelho

This book is considered the first book by Paulo Coelho and was published in 1987. This book is a collection of stories and experiences that Paulo had when he crossed Northern Spain on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The reader will find in this book both an adventure and an awakening experience. The stories are the writer’s true feelings and how he felt when he went on pilgrimage and how he understands the simplicity of nature. This book is really worth reading, so give it a try.

2. Alchemist

Paulo Coelho's books are very good.

A book that needs no introduction! The Alchemist is truly one of Paulo’s most successful books. The book was published in 1988 and was originally written in Portuguese, but because of its popularity it has been translated into many languages. This book of adventure and fantasy follows the path of history when a young shepherd from Andalusia and his journey to the pyramids of Egypt, after having a recurring dream to find the treasure. The book has been read by more than 62 million people worldwide and has become a bestseller in many countries.

3. Stroke

List of books by Paulo Coelho

Ras is the next book by Paulo Coelho, published in 1990. It was also written in Portuguese and then translated into other languages. The story follows the character of a young Irish girl who is very interested in magic and wants to broaden her knowledge in this field. She found a reclusive wizard to teach her how to overcome her fear and a teacher to teach her about magic and the hidden world.

The story continues to tell about the struggle between the two worlds and how everything comes together. In this story about the self-knowledge of the race, the author also adds a religious theme. The book certainly takes you to another world, and the main character is in the book with his fellow human beings.

4. Highest dose

Read books by Paulo Coelho

The Supreme Gift is Paulo Coelho’s fourth book, published in 1991. The book is quite short, and people thought it was more of a short story than a whole novel. The title of the book suggests that we are talking about the highest gift, namely love. The book deals with the Catholic theme, which explains the meaning of love and where it comes from. The book was highly appreciated because it contains a simple concept and explains it with great importance. The story follows the character of Henry Drummond and a letter to the Corinthians.

5. Valkyrie

Books by Paulo Coelho

De Valkyries are Paulo Coelho’s fifth book, published in 1992. Love, mystery and the spiritual genre are beautifully described in this book. There’s a theme in the book We Destroy What We Love. This book tells the story of Paulo and his wife’s journey to Mojave for dessert. There they meet a group of female warriors on a motorcycle through the desert.

6. I sat by the river Piedra and cried.

Book order Paulo Coelho

If you are a poetry lover, you will certainly like this book by Paulo Coelho, published in 1994. The story is about the depth of love. There’s no age of love, and there’s no way to fall in love. In the story there are two young men who were deeply in love, but somehow divorced, and they have been together for ten years. The women today, strong and independent as ever, have learned to bury their feelings and he, the male leader, has become a spiritual man. When they meet again, life will mean more to both of them and they will have to fight together to stay together for the rest of their lives. This romantic love poem is undoubtedly well read.

7. Maktub

List of books by Paulo Coelho

Maktub was also published in 1994, and this book can also change your life. Maktub is an Arabic word that means how it is written. The story follows a young man looking for treasure in Egypt. When he is an adult, he is determined to start a new adventure in life and achieve something. Although he couldn’t find the treasure on his yacht, he did find some mentors. These mentors talk about life and the challenges we face every day. Then the protagonist reveals himself. We recommend this book that will change your life and we invite you to read it for once in your life.

8. Fifth mountain

Paulo Coelho's best books

De Vijfde Berg was published in 1996, and like other books by Paulo Coelho it was originally published in Portuguese under the title O Monte Cinco. The book is based on the story of Elijah, a biblical prophet. He was sent in a corner to the land of Zarephate, but there he became distracted and in love with his widow. He is lost and struggling with his emotions. The book is about self-love and the ability to forgive. This book is also appreciated and loved by many people.

9. Warrior of Light Manual

Books by Paulo Coelho

The Handbook The Warrior of Light in the Next Wool Paulo Coelho, published in 1997. This book is a companion of the alchemist and is also called a bestseller. This book tells us to follow the light within us and always follow our dreams. It also tells us that we accept our failure, and only then can we become real warriors.

10. Veronica decides to die

The best books

Veronica decides to die – it’s another great book to read. The book introduces the main character of Veronika, a 24-year-old Slovenian girl. Veronica, who leads a perfect life, yet decides to commit suicide. But somehow she ends up in an asylum.

It is said that the story is partly based on Paulo’s experiences during his stay in a psychiatric hospital. The book is also adapted for the cinema.

11. The Devil and Miss Prime

The book is in a small village and there is a poor bartender. The story is about magic and the transformation of the main character. In a way, this novel is about good and evil and how a person finds it difficult to make a choice between the two.


We finished Paulo Coelho’s books here, and we hope you found what you were looking for. We hope you enjoyed the article and that you can finally start reading one of his books. Thanks for coming and we made a similar Artie Artie for other authors and book series, so don’t forget to read it too!

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